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Stoplight artist of the week!
Bahja Rodriguez, 19
This former member of OMG is a vocal power house! Her EP It Gets Better reached #6 on the iTunes R&B chart. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Follow her on Twitter & IG @ bahjarodriquez and watch her videos on Vevo @ bahjarodriquez and she’s on Tumblr @heyimbahja
I hope you all love her music as much as I do!
Fav tracks: Jealous Type, Next One

Yall irritating. Yall keep saying “leave 1996 and 1997 kids out of this” most of the people in that video was born during those years. And this era was for black middle schoolers during 2010-2013. So of course most of you wouldn’t know who they are. Just shut up and leave it alone.