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So this imagine will a cute but sad one with Lip. But well I should be doing assignments cause well this is my last year of schooling but well who wants to be up at 9:30 on a Tuesday night doing assignments when you could write imagines.

Warning: Sad things.

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You and Lip have been best friends for longer than you two have been dating which you two have been a couple since well 12th grade which was 4 years ago. You two have also been best friends since well as long as you can remember, you see baby photos of you two a lot, your parents love Lip, he as changed a lot. Fiona loves the influence you have on him and his drinking habits, when he was first going downhill with it, you managed to bring him back up. You swear sometimes the Gallagher’s are sick of seeing you cause you’re always over with Lip doing either fucking or fucked up things, maybe lovey things here and there.

Yeah you two have had your fair share of bumps but tbh what friends haven’t. You believed that Lip wasn’t only your best friend but he was you soul mate, your significant other, and if that belief isn’t correct well then you don’t know what life is really. Lip has seen you at your worst and at your best, when you’ve cried a thousand tears and when you’ve smiled brighter than the sun. He knows you better than anyone else, no one can replace him, even if they tried. But today, it was a bit off, something wasn’t right not with your relationship of course but with well you. You woke up, just not you, your parents even asked what was wrong and you couldn’t tell them,

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How they would kiss (BTS)

You gave me a lot of free reign with this anon, so I did this as how they would kiss in general. I really hope you like this! xx

Jin’s kisses would the sweetest, most gentle kisses ever. He’d be so tender, softly holding your head in place as he moved his lips against yours. And omg, those lips. I can’t imagine a lot of rough making out with Jin very often; his kisses would be more sweet pecks that turn deeper and deeper during a cuddling session. I think Jin would be a very confident, tender kisser, and would always be focused on you.

I think Suga would be a very slow, steady kisser. He’d pull you into him deeply, taking care to memorize every part of your face with his eyes and touch. He’d trace over your lips, cheeks, nose with his fingertips before slowly meeting your lips with his own. There would be some tongue, but most everything about it would still be slow and meaningful. I think Suga would want you to be hyper aware of everything that was going on, and his slow, steady pace would definitely accomplish that.

J-Hope is so fun, and he has so much love to give. I think his kisses would be fast, he’d be a very messy kisser. He wouldn’t be able to keep his lips on yours for long, so expect a lot of cheek, nose, and forehead kisses during your make out sessions. I think J-Hope would definitely leave behind some evidence on your neck, but he’d always be a little sheepish about it later on. There would be lots of tongue and teeth, and your kisses would turn into a heated make out session very quickly.

Rap Monster:
Rap Monster likes to pretend that he knows what he’s doing a lot of the time, especially when it comes to you, so I see him as being an overly confident kisser. He’d always try new moves to “woo” you, but most would just turn into knocked foreheads and blushing. He’d try to pretend like he knew exactly what he was doing, but you’d most always be secretly leading him the whole time. All in all, RapMon would be incredibly sensitive, and forehead kisses are one of his favorite things, especially while cuddling you in bed.

Jimin would be a very shy, giddy kisser. I expect lots of giggles in between kisses from this cutie, and a ton of nose kisses. He’s constantly be smiling and blushing against your lips, every time you pulled his lips against yours. He wouldn’t be able to contain his joy at being able to kiss you, no matter if the two of you had been together all day or if he hadn’t seen you in a week. Jimin would hold you by the waist tightly, pressing you closer to him as he deepened the kiss. The build up to making out would be pretty slow with Jimin, but every second would be worth it.

V is such a little ray of sunshine; everything that the two of you do together would be so fun and joyful. Even holding hands with him would be exciting, for you and him; he’d act like that small show of affection was the greatest thing on earth. So kissing him would turn him into an absolute giddy mess. He’d be such a giggly, fun kisser, and he’d always want to be touching you. Basically, it would seem like V never stopped kissing you. He’d make silly faces in between pecks on your lips, and once the kisses turned deeper, he wouldn’t be able to remove his lips from your skin. Kissing V would be such an experience, and definitely one that you’d want to experience again and again.

Oh, my little maknae. Jungkook would love to kiss you and try new things, and therefore I think he’d be a very over eager, loud kisser. He’s not necessarily messy, but I can definitely see a lot of tongue and maybe a few bumped noses until he finds his rhythm. You’d both still be trying to explore your relationship, and Jungkook always says practice makes perfect; and he’d always be up for practicing with you. He’d love to thread his fingers through your hair when he’s kissing you, tilting your head up to make your mouth more easily accessible for his tall frame, and he’d absolutely love with you reach up and tug on the strands of hair at the base of his neck, causing soft moans to echo into your mouth.


a soft headcanon from a soft stan like me ;) (lol jk soft from me is rare) 

also someone pls tell me if i am using the term headcanon right bc i just don’t kNOWW

genre : [ hogwarts!au ] ; [ f ] 

  • so like, obvi wonwoo is a slytherin
  • slytherins have a bad rep and all but rly he’s there bc he is very watchful and quiet and always listening; therefore v knowledgable but he doesn’t like to flaunt his intelligence; he’d rather keep things to himself
  • so you’re not rly sure why wonwoo has such a bad rep
  • he is v handsome like w o w but everyone is afraid of him?? even the other slytherins

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bts member : jungkook x reader

Genre: angst /smut

rated mature :  but not in all the chapters

summary : if you want to and if you don’t want to, things are bound to happen and you broke the rules and run away only to find your self in a lion’s Den , jungkook a man who has every thing; power wealth and fame all together to burn your heart and existence if you moved away, in a land full of horses what could happen between both of you ,two young persons who meant to share the same dream  !

one | two | three | four |five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten [ eleven | twelve 

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“i love you too ” you let out softly looking into jungkook eyes lips still swollen , you felt your heart pounding hard as you looked into his eyes jungkook slowly

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#70: Omg, this is my favorite song. Dance with me! - SETH ROLLINS

Thanks to the anon who requested this one! I hope you like it! xxx

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You were standing at the bar talking to Bayley and Sasha with a drink in your hand.

“So how are things with Seth going?” Bayley asked.

“We’re really good! He asked me to move in!” You said with an excited smile.

“What? Oh my gosh! That’s so great!” Bayley said as she hugged you excitedly.

“Where are you guys going to live? Cause you’re from (you’re hometown), right?” Sasha asked.

“Yeah, I am. I’ll be going to Davenport. He has to be there because of the wrestling school. So I’m going to move in with him.”

“Do you think there’s one of these in your future?” Sasha asked as she held her left hand showing off her wedding ring.

Your lips curved into a smile at the thought of Seth putting a ring on your finger. But you knew you were months, probably more like years before you could expect a ring on your finger.

You opened your mouth to say something when you felt a pair of arms wrap around you from behind and a scruffy chin rest in the dip of your shoulder. You could smell the scent of alcohol on his breath as he leaned in to press a sloppy kiss to your lips.

Omg, this is my favorite song. Dance with me!” Seth said as he tried without success to pull you towards the dance floor.

“Seth,” you giggled at how drunk he clearly was, “How much have you had to drink?”

“Not that much. C’mon. Dance with me!”

“I’m not dancing,” you said as you stepped out of his arms.

“Please! C’mon babe!” He said as he tried once again to pull you towards the dance floor.

“Oh come on, Y/n. What’s one dance going to hurt?” Sasha said.

“See! Listen to Sasha! Dance with me!” He said.

You rolled your eyes and sighed, knowing that Seth would get what he wanted in the end. He was an adorable drunk, but also a persistent one when he had something he wanted.

“Fine.” You sighed. “Let’s go.”

Jealous Jun Scenario

Group: Seventeen 
Scenario: Jealous Jun
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2238
Description: Jun takes mc out to a music festival. Jun and mc both like each other but neither have confessed. Jun get’s super jealous at the music festival and some cute things happen after. 

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You weren’t exactly his yet but that didn’t mean that he didn’t really like you and that he didn’t get jealous. In fact he got jealous, quite a lot but tended not to show it as much. You were his person whether you knew it or not. Perhaps you were just a bit oblivious to his feelings for you but it didn’t mean they were going to go away. If you were being really honest you liked him as well, a lot.

It was just a matter of who was going to confess first.

Jun had asked you to come and hangout with him today at the park where a small music festival was going on. Was it a date? Well, it kind of felt like it.

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Trooper Cloud and Zack don't know each other yet, but they meet on a mission when they're getting ready in a common washroom at an off base like Junon. Zack starts humming Don't Stop Believing and Cloud joins in. It ends with them belting out the lyrics and doing air guitars. Zack re tells this tale to his boyfriends who are confused, but Sephiroth is now curious.


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and Zack:

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And just like that – best friends for life.  (And soon boyfriends, it looks like.)

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Did you see the 19 days update😀


i like how we solved who is taller!!! reminds me of all the back to back measuring we did in high school 

‘jian yi why are you puckering your lips’ omg zhan how r u still this dumb