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speaking of lovechilds erhm children? which ones are your favorites?

I’m so sorry for answering this just now!! omg i’m so so so sorry!! *cries* 


My fave lovechildren are

  • Ereri = Yuichiro Hyakuya (no surprise there lmao)

  • Gureshin = Shusaku Iwasaki

  • BokuAka = Semi Eita

  • KageHina = Small Giant

  • MakoHaru = Oreki Houtarou

  • SouRin = Tomoya Matsunaga

  • MikaYuu = Nazuna Nito and Sakuma Ritsu (don’t ask me why, i just thought they’d make really cute lovechildren for them tbh ^^;;)

  • KaZe = Ayumi Otosaka (do ya’ll know how much time i spent looking for a character with brown hair and purple eyes?!?!)

  • Sheith = Eru Chitanda and Yuuzan Yoshida

Plance = Onodera Kosaki


That’s pretty much it.

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Hi! Love your blog, your recommendations give me so much happiness. I was wondering if you could compile a list of School/college AU, especially with lots of pining between victor and yuuri <3 that would be amazing!

I love this AU! Thanks for requesting this, everyone! 

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High School AU

gays on ink: an epic love story by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 5.6k
Yuuri looks up from where he’s wringing his hands together in his lap, nervous, heart beating way too fast, and looks at his 73 copyrighted Victor Nikiforov posters, and the framed picture by his bed, and the copies of Victor’s artwork that he’s got lying on his nightstand. “Maybe it would be better to go somewhere else,” he chokes out, a bit strangled. Awesome highschool AU!

Viktor Nikiforov: Life Coach™ by greengoblin1, Teen, 18k (WIP)
Yuuri was comfortable in his second year of high school, until he agrees to an arrangement from a new (annoyingly attractive) transfer student. Whoever gave Viktor Nikiforov the idea of becoming a Life Coach™ has a lot to answer for. Thumbs up!

Rhythm of Love by caneeljoy, Teen, 43k
Yuuri Katsuki is your average loner American high schooler. Yuuri tries desperately to keep his parents from knowing about his budding dance career, and to keep Viktor from knowing about his massive crush on him. LOVE!

The Accidental Confession by SpillAllTheTea, Gen, 1.9k
A short High School AU where Victor and Yuuri have to work together on a school project. Cute one shot!

Ice skating hearts by April4444Key, Teen, 12k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuri has spent his entire high school career flying under the radar but all that changes when a new Russian exchange student comes to town and decides to help him revive the school’s discontinued ice skating club. Definetly recommend!

The Eye Of Bliss by treasures and trinkets (hookedswan), Gen, 633 words
In a world where your eye color changes to match your soulmate’s hair color, Yuuri Katsuki meets the Russian exchange student Viktor Nikiforov, (who constantly dyes his hair.) Cute one shot!

Then you should have put a ring on it by ObsidianAbyss, Teen,  15k
Recently, it’s become a trend for students to exchange rings with their significant others. Although Yuuri is very much single and uninterested, he wears a pretty ring that mostly goes unnoticed by his peers. That is until Victor Nikiforov starts wearing an exact copy of Yuuri’s ring and flaunts it around. OMG SO GOOD!

A wager most simple by astralelegies, Teen, 7.1k
“Victor Nikiforov checks his perfect hair in the reflection on the microwave while he’s heating up his lunch,” Yuuri scoffs. “There’s no way he and I are even close to being in the same league.”  I’M SOBBING THIS IS SO GOOD

star fire and silver by elesssar, Gen, 38k
Not the stars in the sky, but the stars on the stage – or: in a high school production of Romeo & Juliet, Yuuri Katsuki is cast as Juliet. His long-time crush and the golden boy of the theatre department Viktor Nikiforov is cast as Romeo. The problem is, Yuuri can’t tell if Viktor’s flirtatiousness is just method acting, or if it might be something more. High school theatre AU!!!!!!!!!!! Love!!!!

A Typical Schoolday by racing_cupido, Not Rated, 1.3k
Yuuri reflects on his new life in Russia and just has one of his typical school days. Very cute!

Surprises From A Cute Dancer by SugarRose22, Teen, 2.6k
Viktor Nikiforov is captain of the St. Petersburg High School football team. Viktor is always one to surprise people, but what happens when he gets surprised instead? Dancer!Yuuri and football player!Victor… cAN YOU HEAR MY SCREAMS OMGOMG

The Secret Lives of Catholic School Boys series by
violetlolitapop, Teen, 35k (4 works)
A series of Victuuri short works of them in high school! Rec’d by @cajuncherrybee!


Contains : enemies to lovers, writer!jungkook, reader being kind of a bitch ?, angst, SMUT !

Group :

Member :
Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Words : + 8,3k

Summary : After a highschool reunion where you got to see your old classmates in your hometown, a storm forces you to stop at the motel. You’re already wet and pretty pissed by the situation, but it gets worse when there’s only one room left for you, and your old enemie, Jeon Jungkook.

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A/N : guess who’s back ! a huge thank you to fairyflosseung for proofreading this, also the address is totally random, i have no idea if it’s real and where it is omg

“There’s no fucking way, no fucking way.”, you repeated, angrily running your hand in your wet hair. 

“I’m sorry, Miss. But that’s the only solution.”, quietly said the girl behind the counter, nervously biting her lip. And in another situation, you would probably feel so bad about making her so anxious but your anger was blinding you from feeling anything else than pure rage. Rubbing under your eyes to wipe away any mascara running down your face, you leaned on the counter, hands flat on the cold wood as you tried to stop them from trembling so much.

“Are you sure ?”, you asked, desperate eyes looking behind the rather young girl. She was wearing a blue button up, nothing indicating her name, her hair up in a tight ponytail. Maybe it was the fact that you were slightly screaming at her or the fact that it was already late, but she looked completely taken back by the situation. You sighed as you saw that they were only one key left hanging on the brown board, ready to ask her if she could find any other solution, but she spoke before you. 

“There’s nothing I can do, Miss.” 

You looked at her once again, desperate eyes silently begging her. 

“Fucking move already.”, a voice said, and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes as you immediately knew who the voice belonged to. You felt a rough hand push your shoulder, the force making you move a few steps to the side as the man took your place in front of the girl. An outraged gasp left your lips as you looked up, rage bubbling in your stomach, your jaw tight.

“I’ll take the room.”, he said, and you hated how his voice immediately changed, from an arrogant tone spitting poison to a sweet voice that he would use to get what he wanted. 

Pausing his credit card on the counter, the girl turned around to grab the black key before you started speaking again. 

“What the fuck, I’m sleeping in the last room.”, you spitted, quickly finding your wallet, slapping a few bills on the wood.

The blonde turned around, holding the key in her small hand, her eyes going from the man offering her a sweet smile and you, desperate eyes and gritted teeth.

“I’m not sleeping in my car.”, quietly said Jungkook, finally looking at you. Hair flat on his forehead, a few droplets falling on the floor, his clothes were as soaked as yours, his shirt tight against his body, sticking to the curves of his torso.

Looking at him, you asked yourself how miserable you looked, your dress wet with the rain, makeup running down your face, hair surely waving with the water. 
“I’m not sleeping in my car either.”, you breathed, looking at him up and down, before giving a look at the window. Water beating the glass, leaving the blurry image of the storm going on outside, the few trees outside arching their branches under the strong wind.

You really couldn’t sleep in your car, it was too dangerous. The wind and rain were only growing stronger, the water gathering in the small parking lot. If you didn’t want to sleep in the centre of this mess, you had to take the room. 

“If that’s the only solution.”, you breathed, giving up. You really didn’t want to sleep in the same room as Jungkook, but you had to. The man rolled his eyes, sliding his card towards the girl. 

“You’re paying for half of it.”, he indicated before quickly taping his password on the machine. 

“What a gentleman.”, you said, your eyes throwing daggers at him as you gave the girl the rest of the money for the room. 

“Because you thought that I would let you sleep in the room that I fully payed for ? I know it’s the apocalypse outside but I’m not an angel, even if I look like one.”, he said, the smile you hated so much stretching his lips. And god knew that if you could, you would take your car and find another motel, if only you could.


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omg pls do mermaid¡bts i love your writing so much

i have one!!! yoongi’s got deleted tho,,,,but im in the mood to write some namjoon since it was his bday!!! 
find others: hoseok 

  • is a deep sea mermaid,,,,,,literally he has the ability to come up for air like all other mermaids but he doesn’t see the point in it 
  • has silver underlying his gills and in the darkness of the water, you can see flashes of them like little sparks
  • his ribs are marked with pretty scales and his jaw is accented by the same glittery effect  
  • keeps his hair clipped to the side with pins his mother made for him out of corals 
  • enjoys swimming among sunken ships and reading any of the old parchments or books he finds
  • the pages get ruined in the water though,,,,,and he absolutely despises seeing a good book ruined
  • which is why it’s the only reason he e v e r comes up to land
  • he’s got this one spot - secluded by rocks and shallow pools of ocean water
  • where he’ll emerge and lay on the beach, the tide tickling his tail when it comes in, reading whatever he’s found among wrecks or that has been dropped from boats
  • and you,,,,,,,know namjoon. 
  • how? you’ve seen him, numerous times
  • and at first you couldn’t believe your eyes,,,,,,,,,you’d thought a large dolphin or something had washed up on shore
  • but to your amazement it was a person,,,,,,,well,,,,,,,,,a mermaid
  • perched on the other end of the rocks,  you’d wanted to take a photo, call out, do anything to prove that it was real,,,,,,,,
  • but for some reason you couldn’t do any of that - because when the mermaid turned his face to the side
  • you were frozen,,,,,,,
  • a sharp jaw, only made more handsome by the silvery textures on his skin
  • you had almost stopped breathing when you saw him, and then - there was the book
  • on the sand, was a wet-wrinkled book. but the mermaid was eagerly turning it’s soaked pages
  • you wondered quietly to yourself,,,wouldn’t a wet book be impossible to read. wouldn’t the ink be bloated? pages torn out?
  • the mermaid didn’t stay long, he hid the book behind one of the smaller rocks and disappeared with the incoming wave
  • not being able to help yourself,,,you’d rushed down to the spot you’d just seen him in, taking the book out between the wedged rocks and gasping,,,,,,
  • it was a book you knew,,,,,,a book you loved
  • in fact,,,,,,you had a copy of it back home.
  • without a second thought, you rushed back to your house. pulling the book off the shelf and grabbing some rope with you and a plastic bag
  • strategically, you tied the rope and the bag around the rocks, safely placing your copy within the bag so if a tide came over it - it would still be dry
  • and with that,,,,,every day,,,,,,you came to watch the spot and waited
  • and the mermaid,,,,,,,showed up
  • namjoon was perplexed by the bag hanging on the rope, but even more so where the book he’d hidden away had gone. for a while,,,he didn’t think to look in the bag
  • but when he’d stuck his hand in - he was surprised to feel the hard cover of a book
  • pulling it out, it was the same book he’d been reading - but this one was in better condition
  • the words weren’t smeared, pages weren’t missing, he didn’t have to handle it with the utmost care in case something would tear or the back of the book would break
  • he was,,,,,,in love,,,,,,,,,,
  • the weight of the book, the beautiful cover drawing, the thick ink
  • it was amazing,,,,,,,,,,,,,he was sure he’d been blessed
  • when suddenly he looked up and there you were
  • perched on the same rock as where the bag had been tied
  • “you can borrow my copy, it’s a limited edition.”
  • namjoon’s shoulders slightly twitched,,,,redness crawling up into his cheeks by your sudden appearance
  • and by the fact that you were smiling down at him,,,,,,,in a way he wasn’t used to be smiled at
  • “how far along are you?”
  • still silent, namjoon’s hand gripped the book slightly
  • “,,,,,,,chapter 6,,,,,,,,”
  • clapping your hands you exclaimed that that’s one of the best ones! excitedly you asked who was namjoon’s favorite character and what did he make of the drama in chapter 4
  • namjoon,,,,,,,still shocked by your arrival didn’t answer either of those questions but went 
  • “are you a human?”
  • “yep!”
  • you introduced yourself and namjoon barely stuttered out his
  • “i didn’t know mermaids liked reading, but i assume you guys have books of your own?”
  • namjoon shook his head
  • “mermaids upkeep an oral tradition of story telling, books can’t survive in water,,,,,,”
  • you tilted your head,,,,,,saying that that was true - so what then was namjoon’s favorite mermaid story
  • he hesitated,,,mumbling that humans weren’t supposed to know and that he’d spent too much time at land - his trip back would take long and would alert his friends
  • you nodded in understatement, namjoon lifting the book back toward you
  • “oh no, im letting you borrow it!! also here-” 
  • you shuffled around in your pocket, pulling out a slightly bent bookmark
  • “this helps you keep your page, like this.”
  • you took the book, putting the mark on where namjoon had been keeping his finger
  • dropping it back in the bag with a smile you went
  • “you can keep it in the bag, safe from the water. whenever you’re done just let me know and ill bring you another one.”
  • his eyes light up,,,,,,,,,,, “another book?”
  • “yeah, i have tons!!! i even have more from this author!!”
  • namjoon’s eyes were now shining, looking upon you like you had just told him the best news of his life
  • the tide was coming in high,,,,and the sky was turning dark
  • and namjoon said again he had to go
  • but before disappearing into the water, he pulled the coral clip from his hair
  • bangs falling into his face, but he pushed them back with one hand
  • “here, a trade”
  • he dropped the coral into your hand and you looked at it
  • “i can’t take this, im letting you borrow my book it’s noth-”
  • but namjoon’s cheeks burnt red again
  • “n-no,,,,you can borrow it,,,,,,,while i borrow the book. that way it’s fair.”
  • you weren’t so sure, but namjoon sounded almost like he was pleading so with a shrug you smiled and thank him
  • clipping it right into your hair you giggled and went “does it look cute?”
  • namjoon’s blush was really seeping into his skin now
  • “yes,,,,,,” 
  • giggling again you thanked him, waving as the tide came closer to take him away
  • “ill see you again!”
  • you shouted, just before namjoon was gone in the waves
  • as he swam deeper and deeper into the water he smiled to himself, ill see you again too 
Got7: dating Mark would include

•  he’d have met you though a mutual friend and been in love ever since
•  he probably thought you had feelings for your friend so he never really said anything
•  working up the courage to tell you how he felt was hella hard but he’s like…I can’t think about anything or anyone else jfc
•  he’d want to spend every moment with you and gets hella excited if you text or even call
•  legit this boy would drop everything he was doing for you and yall weren’t even dating yet
•  he’d fess up eventually one night, where you both were sitting a little too close and staring at each other for too long to not be more than friends
•  he’ll find a best friend in you and not just a partner
•  will tell you everything that’s been going on in his mind and is always asking for your thoughts
•  ideal dates with him would be to get away from the rest of the boys and have some alone time cuddling on your couch
•  wants to go to the grocery store at like 2 in the morning just bc he ran out of his favorite snack
•  and ofc dragging you with him
•  bc what’s more romantic than freezing your butt off as you’re shuffling inside the store hand in hand?
•  but it’s all good since he’ll give you hella cuddles and aegyo
•  always having a bad day when he doesn’t wake up next to you or doesn’t hear your voice first thing in the morning
•  mornings with him are so fun aww like he’d wake up extra early sometimes to make your favorite breakfast
•  and puts on cheerful music so you’d wake up and dance with him in the kitchen while the bacon is burning
•  he’s so cuddly whenever you’re around
•  like he won’t be able to stop himself from running into your arms and staying there for hours, just enjoying your warm breath on his neck
•  visibly cringes when you call him cute “I’m a man”
•  butterfly kisses
•  forehead kisses
•  every sort of kisses bc he’s a tease
•  rolling your eyes whenever the members tease you about your lovey dovey relationship
•  you laughing at his boyish Californian accent
•  and then he proceeds to exaggerate it to make you laugh even more
•  omg he knows how much you love his smile and it drives you crazy
•  jamming to music in his car as you’re driving to the beach
•  he’s like a little kid once he reaches the water
•  and even if you’re not swimming, he’ll still find a way to get your hair and clothes wet lmao
•  wants to take selfies with you 25/8 for no reason, he just wants to stare at your pretty face next to his and smile about it
•  things can get pretty rough for him sometimes
•  but he knows he’s got you so life seems a little simpler with you around
•  “I love you, Tuan”
•  “I love you more, dork”
•  pls keep him with you forever 💚

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Omg I love your writing !!! Could you please write a soulmate fic where the characters only see the world in black and white until they meet their soulmate. The events of the first episode are the same except it jughead that was new to riverdale not veronica. Archie introduces his friend jughead to the gang and bettys world is changed forever :) please if you could :)))

I love this! Thank you so much!

Running her fingers over the soft cashmere cardigan she was holding, Betty frowned. Suddenly a hand was on her shoulder,

“It’s yellow, it’s really pretty and it matches your hair. Yellow is happy.” Veronica said softly, helping Betty put her arms through the sleeves.

Giving Ronnie a weak smile

“Maybe I should go with something of a different color, I’m not feeling too happy today.”

Veronica frowned as Betty walked towards the table.

She felt for her best friend, she couldn’t imagine having to still live life without color. It was such a sad way to live.

Suddenly the reason for the color in her life was standing in front of her, ducking to meet her eyes.

“What’s got you frowning darling?”

Archie Andrews, love of her life and her soulmate.

“I just wish Betty would find her soulmate ya know? , she deserves to see your bright red hair, and how sparkly green her eyes are. it makes me so upset that she may never be able to see color.”

His hand went to squeeze hers.

“She will Ronnie, give it time, not everyone can be as lucky as us.”

“Hey lovebirds. Lunch is getting cold and I’m surely not sharing my creme brûlée.” Cheryl blossom shouted from her place at the table.

The couple walked over and sat down, Archie resting his hand on Betty’s shoulder, she was his best friend too and it sucked, but she would find her soulmate, she just had to be patient.

Betty picked up an apple in her hands, frowning she reached across to Cheryl, gently tapping her hand her blue eyes turning to hers.

“What’s up B?”

“It’s bad isn’t it? The apple. It’s bad? I can’t tell.”

Cheryl grabbed the apple turning it over, frowning as she saw the brown, rotted piece.

“Imbeciles I swear to god. Here take mine, I didn’t even want it.” Cheryl squeezed her hand smiling gently.

Cheryl had found her soulmate in dilton doiley, the two complete opposites made a beautiful couple and it always made her happy too see them together.

Suddenly Archie was jumping up, holding his phone up with the biggest grin she had ever seen.

“I’ll be right back guys, and I’m bringing a friend.” He practically tripped over himself as he jumped the table.

Betty scanned the courtyard, there were flowers and they smelt beautiful, Veronica had told her they looked even better.

Sometimes Kevin would tell her, her eyes matched the soft grass she was constantly running her fingers through.

Kevin and Joaquin met at the movies and were inseparable since. Now Kevin wore much more intricate sweaters, she knew they had patterns but she wished she could see the colors.

“I’m back and look what the cat dragged in! Jughead jones meet the gang.”

Turning to smile at the new comer, Betty was instantly shoved back by the bright light hitting her eyes.

After steadying herself she opened her eyes.

It was so beautiful she could cry.

Quickly glancing around. She took in everything, the sky, the grass, the dark black almost purple of her best friends hair. When her eyes landed on Archie, she couldn’t help the giggle that came from her mouth. His hair was the oddest color she had ever seen.

Everyone was staring at her confused, and Archie reached up to scratch his neck, looking embarrassed as Betty nearly collapsed in a fit of giggles while staring at him

“What’s so funny?”

She couldn’t manage to even get a word out, she couldn’t stop laughing.

Suddenly a voice beside her broke the spell

“I think she’s laughing at that mop of color on top of your head, you call that hair?”
Jughead joked, his expression dazed as he turned to stare deep into her eyes.

They hardly heard the gasps of their friends behind them.

Jughead reached a hand out to grab a piece of her silky hair.

“It’s the color of the sun.” He said looking up and smiling

She giggled

“I guess it is, you wear a lot of black.”

“I used to, I guess I’ll have to incorporate more colors into my wardrobe.” His fingers went to rest on her waist.“I’ve been waiting for you, I’m sad to say my imagination failed me. What did I do to deserve the most beautiful soulmate in the world?”

She blushed bright pink.

“I like that color too.” His hand stroked her cheek.

Suddenly her eyes caught on to his, and wow if she thought the sky was beautiful, his eyes were from another world.

“Blue, I love blue.” She whispered their faces inches away.

“How convenient, I happen to love green.”

Suddenly his lips were on hers, and she couldn’t help but think.


My Father Was Like You

Request: “Omg thanks can you do one where Teddy meets a loner Gryffindor girl that disappears every now and then and then find out that she’s a werewolf and like he feels that it’s some kind of “sign” from his father. Pretty pretty please, I so love your writing 💕”

Pairing: Edward “Teddy” Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 1848

Warnings: None

A/n: I literally know -67826% about this character so I hope I portrayed him alright :) thank god 4 the harry potter wiki

“Why do I do this to myself.” Teddy spoke to himself, running up the Grand staircase. His hair transformed into a darker shade of blue as he puffed up the stairs, taking two at a time. He was head boy, but that didn’t mean he didn’t accidentally sleep in once in a while. As he whizzed through the corridor he had almost made it to his Potions class, only to stop abruptly at the door. He was still, trying to pick up the hurried voices that were echoing through the empty hallways. He followed them, knowing he was getting nearer, as the voices went from a hushed echo to a loud whisper. He recognised the Headmistresses’ voice, but the other was unfamiliar. He had his back against the wall, not daring to peer down the hallway, in case he would get caught.

“We will take care of you, no need to worry.”

“But Professor, what if I hurt someone? I don’t want to put anyone at risk.”

“My girl, we have a hefty supply of Wolfsbane potion, and I will watch over you in my office, with the door locked and guarded.”

Teddy had to prevent himself from audibly gasping with shock. Wolfsbane potion? But that was only used by…

“You must prepare for the full moon this coming week. Don’t miss a day, make sure of it. It’s your responsibility to take a potion every day of the week.” Headmistress McGonagall instructed.

His suspicions were proved true by that final sentence, and he pulled himself away from the scene after it was revealed. He had heard stories about how his father attended Hogwarts, being aided by Dumbledore during full moons. And now there was another werewolf student that was being hidden.

A student at Hogwarts was infected with Lycanthropy.

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Key: tbh I think he wouldn’t initiate it, but he low (high) key loves it when you grab his hand in public or when you kiss his cheek when there’s people around. He loves showing you off but he’s always unsure of how to approach…the situation. Like he gets this panicked look in his eye when he sees you talking to someone else but doesn’t know what to do. Will always settle on hugging you from behind and kissing your cheek/forehead. Usually will have his arm on your shoulder when walking. 

 Minho: looks innocent but will tease the hell outta you in public. Like he’ll pretend he’s whispering something interesting in your ear but really he’s begging you to go home in a really deep voice. Always has his hand somewhere on your leg or thigh when he’s sitting next you. When there’s a lot of people around, he takes this opportunity to whisper *ahem* inappropriate things in your ear. Will also make the excuse that there’s too many people around, he just has to whisper it in your ear. If you haven’t gotten the point, he loves whispering stuff and just being physically close in general.

 Jonghyun: (omg bias time) I see him always trying to flirt with you in public. He’ll see a pretty dress in a store and he’d ask you to try it on for him because “Jagi, you’ll look so breathtaking in this, please try it on?” Always needs to touch you somewhere. Not sexually (sometimes) but just the reassurance that you’re there, and also to make sure no one gets the wrong idea that you’re single. Loves playing with your hair when you’re talking to people and not paying attention to him. Not a lot of kisses on the lips, especially when you’re around close friends. But you can be sure he’s always kissing your cheek/forehead and pressing little kisses on your knuckles.

 Taemin: always has a goofy smile when you reach for his hand. Like Key, very unlikely to initiate kisses/hand holding. Unless he’s feeling extra cuddly or hasn’t seen you in a while. Will actually squeal if you put your head on his shoulder if you’re out in public. It might not seem like a big deal to you bc you do it all the time when you’re alone, but this feels really intimate and you bet your butt he’s blushing and tightening his grip around you. Cheek kisses are a must. 

 Onew: doesn’t care who’s watching, he’ll grab you and kiss you whenever he feels like it. He feels as though it shouldn’t matter because he loves showing affection to you and “it’s not that big of a deal.” Always playing with your fingers when you’re talking to someone else. Actual puppy when you’re not paying attention to him. Also likes whispering in your ear (not like Minho tho yikes that lil pervert) even when there aren’t many people around. He just likes it when you shiver every time he does it. Will cuddle anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

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Boyfriend Series; Joshua/Jisoo

- hong jisoo is the definition of gentleman
- for your first date, jisoo takes you out for a picnic at the park and the basket is filled with delicious food the other members probably helped him make
- the date goes amazingly well because the food is great and jisoo is so easy to talk to
- but then it starts raining
- neither of you checked the weather that day so now here you both are, standing under a tree and waiting for the rain to pass
- but it doesn’t look like the rain will be stopping anytime soon and jisoo apologizes nonstop for not double-checking everything
- you assure him that you’re not upset at all but seeing how he still kind of is, you grin “well how about this? there’s a convenience store right across the street. last one there buys the umbrella!!”
- and before jisoo could say anything, you start running towards the store and you’re both pushing each other out of the way to get there first
- but at some point, you both just find yourselves laughing and holding each other under the rain
- and that’s when you both share your first kiss
- he may have been suave and cool the entire time but when he got back to the dorm, he was all red in the face
- but no he’s not sick at all, he’s just embarrassed because of how cliché your first kiss was LOL but let’s be real, he probably replayed it over and over in his head before going to bed
- i cannot emphasize enough how much of a gentleman jisoo is
- he holds doors for you
- he walks closest to the curb
- he pays for your dates
- he gives you his jacket when you’re cold
- he carries things for you
- do you see where i’m going with this
- plays the guitar for you whenever you ask him to, and he knows how to play all your favorite songs
- also does pin drops to try to impress you
- he gets flustered really easily like once you kissed him on the cheek because he did something really sweet and his whole face just heated up
- when you asked him if he was all right, he gave you a really long answer…… by mixing up all five languages he knows
- so you heard fragments of korean, english, japanese, chinese and spanish and you were like what
- he was really shy when you guys first started holding hands but now that he’s used to it, he holds your hand whenever he can
- the type to cry while watching sad movies with you
- panics a lot
- like when you’re sad, he just runs around like WHAT DO I DO???
- jisoo’s a big worrier but it just shows how much he cares for you
- “are you sure you’re not hungry?” “aren’t you cold?” “is this enough?” “is this okay?” “are—”
- jisoo loves taking pictures with you but not as much as taking pictures OF you, his favorite ones are candid shots
- whenever you guys go out shopping or even something as simple as walking around the city, everyone admires you two because you guys make such a beautiful couple??
- everyone also thinks he’s so cool and amazing omg who is this model
- like jisoo’s holding your hand while the other’s casually in his pocket, his skin is glowy under the bright sun, and his hair is blowing in the wind
- everyone’s like where can i get my own hong jisoo??
- stays up late watching dramas with you
- you’re pretty sure his eye smiles are going to be the death of you
- spoils you A LOT and you feel so guilty so you spoil him too and then he feels guilty and it’s an endless cycle of guilt
- jisoo doesn’t get jealous very often but when he does
- may the person rest in pieces
- he may be smiling and all but there’s death in his eyes like he probably killed the person with 89374 different anime attack combinations in his mind
- speaking of anime, he loves telling you about his favorite anime, movies and characters and he just looks so happy while talking about them like his eyes are sparkling and his voice is loud and excited
- you once showed up after seventeen’s dance practice to see him and you were wearing his sweater and when he saw you he nearly died
- like jeonghan, hoshi and seungkwan had to calm him down because he was so flustered
- the other members still tease him about it to this day
- jisoo always thinks about you before he thinks about himself
- always tries extra hard to look nice if he knows he’s going to see you that day
- he loves lazy days where he’s sitting on the couch and you’re sitting between his legs and he has his arms wrapped around you while his head is resting on your shoulder
- you have matching bracelets and whenever he’s nervous before a concert, he looks down at it and thinks of you and he knows he’ll be fine
- he always cups one of your cheeks and stares into your eyes before leaning in and slowly kissing you on the lips
- jisoo considers the words “i love you” really powerful so he’d only say if he truly does mean it
- but now as you’re both watching the sunset after having a picnic at the park
- jisoo takes your hand in his and whispers the words “i love you”
- your mouth falls open in shock for a second before slowly turning into a smile as you whisper
- “i love you too, jisoo”

falling for you pt.1 | jimin

Originally posted by jiminarmy

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Fluff/Angst + highschool au

Word Count: 3.2k

Summary: Kim Yejin, a normal teenage girl, found out she has to live with two other teenage boys who come from across the world and go to school with them. 

Yejin’s P.O.V.

Italics = Korean

“Are you serious?!” I yelled, feeling myself getting annoyed as my dad told me the news. Minutes ago, my dad had surprised me with news that 2 exchange students were coming from South Korea.

My dad smiled sheepishly,“Sorry kiddo, I already promised my friend back in Busan that I’d take care of them.”

Sighing I asked, my brain still not able to process what was going on,“When are they coming?”

Looking at me, he said as he glanced down at his watch,“Hmmm maybe in 4 more hours, and we’re leaving in 30 minutes to go pick them up at the airport.”

“WHAT!” I yelled, throwing my hands up in the air. Two boys from another country are coming to stay at my house and go to school with me and I didn’t even know about it till now and they’re going to be here in 4 hours?!?!

“DAD!!!” I groaned as I ran to my room, cleaning everything in sight as I rushed to get ready. Running to the bathroom, I quickly took a shower, washing my hair and drying it twice as fast as I usually do. Putting on some basic makeup, I ran over to my closet in my towel flipping through my clothes, as if I literally had nothing to wear.

Finally slipping on some comfortable jeans and a jacket, I rushed back to the living room, panting,“ I’m ready.”

Looking up from his phone, he smiled and said,“ Alright then let’s go.”


During the entire car ride to the airport, I bombarded my dad with questions about them, just to be answered with a bunch of “I don’t knows” or “Just ask them”.

Glaring at him, I exclaimed,“ So we’re literally inviting two random boys to our house?!”

My dad shook his head and chuckled,“Okay okay. All I know is that they’re names are Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook and that they’re both students of a music and arts high school and they’re both from Busan with very limited knowledge of english-”

Jeon Jungkook & Park Jimin. 

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Vocal Unit Hybrid AU

A/N: Ok so this one’s some short bursts of headcannons on how Seventeen’s vocal unit would be if they’re hybrid imo. Shoutout to the Anon who asked for the hybrid au! I’ve been thinking about this AU for a while, too. If you want a fic/buletpoint fic for this, please let me know! Also I didn’t do it for a specific member like the usual fic bc you didn’t give me any specification so ^^ I just want to hear what you guys think before writing a fic for this. Man, I love me some hybrid AUs. I hope you all enjoy!

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  • You know that bougie ass cat with the long white coat and whose food is probably more expensive than your week’s worth of groceries?
  • Yeah that’s Jeonghan
  • Is so picky with which shampoo he uses oml
  • Knows he’s pretty
  • Reeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy loves it when you brush his hair with that special cat brush (cat people, y’all know which brush I’m talking about)
  • 99% just naps around tbh, especially on that spot near the window with the most sunlight
  • Likes to push your stuff off the table out of spite
  • “Don’t you dare, Jeonghan. Don’t you dare.”
  • You can see the ‘f*** you’ in his eyes before he pushed your things off the table
  • Will distract you from what you’re initially doing just to get a good rub
  • He’s that hybrid that looked really nice and angelic at first but you know that s*** is just an act lmao
  • But he loves your attention alright
  • Like, if you seem very too infested or intimate with other hybrids, he’d get pretty jealous
  • Proceeds to give you a haughty look and a silent treatment that could last for days
  • And it’s the cutest thing tbh, it’s so easy to rile him up
  • But ofc you do it in moderation bc man, can he hold a grudge
  • But despite all that, he’s pretty receptive and would immediately know when you’re feeling upset
  • The type who wouldn’t say anything but hold you close as you cry into his shirt
  • Is a really loving hybrid despite his attitude


  • Joshua is a cat hybrid, just like Jeonghan
  • But unlike Jeonghan, he’s an actual angel
  • Joshua is a domestic cat hybrid, of a tortoisehell cat
  • Likes to watch you as he sits on the counter as you fret around the house
  • He also likes to steal you food (playfully, anyway) whenever you’re not looking
  • Loves waking you up by carding his fingers through your hair and saying good morning in this really soft tone
  • Omg imagine waking up to Joshua
  • You like to think the sweet way he always wakes you up is because he’s so restless during the night
  • The times you share air bed with him, he either steals all the cover or pushes you off the bed
  • Loves to take up space on the bed, too
  • But it’s all well bc he always apologize by making you breakfast the next morning
  • Loves to sidle up next to you as you read or do your work and just watch you do your thing
  • Loves to take you by surprise when he plant tiny pecks on your face when you least expect it
  • Refuses to let you wash the dishes after you cook for the both of you
  • Really loves quiet Sunday mornings when you don’t need to go to work and just lay in bed all day
  • The day you introduce him to anime was the day his life began oml
  • Couldn’t stop watching One Piece lmao
  • A habit he inherited from his cat DNA was he loves to lay on the living room carpet and take a nap as the shine shone through it
  • Also goes bats*** crazy when you tried aa catnip room fragrance lmao
  • He couldn’t stop purring through out the day


  • smol but spicy
  • Has tiny brown ears that would sometimes be hidden underneath his hair
  • While his eyes are clear and beautiful, it always seem to judge and calculate your every move lmao
  • His nose twitches if he finds a smell particularly strong
  • He sneezed once and you swear it was the death of you
  • His tail is pretty long and super strong
  • Would wag upwards and downwards annoyedly if you tease him lol
  • Loves to sleep and play music with the guitar you bought him for his birthday
  • But his favorite activity with you is going out for a swim swim
  • Otter!Jihoon loves to swim
  • Especially if it’s a lake
  • You try to take him out to the nearest lake, which is hundreds of miles away, as often as you could
  • It has become a monthly routine for you now
  • Looks really grateful as he swims about near the water’s edges while he chases minnows around
  • You don’t mind the long drives back and forth between the city and the lake town because Woozi seems the happiest in his element
  • The calmest you’ve seen him is when he’s asleep or when he’s eating lmao
  • Speaking of food, however small he is compared to most hybrids, Woozi seemed to have an endless appetite
  • You went and bought him a burger set one day and now he’s totally hooked
  • But you couldn’t help but submit to his wishes because overtime you buy him one, he would have the cutest smile on his face and his dimples would appear ugh
  • He totally knows you think he’s cute and he’s totally using it to his advantage


  • Ok don’t be weirded out but I can’t help imagining Seokmin as a horse hybrid
  • Ok but horse hybrids don’t have a tail so their only distinctive feature is their horse ears
  • And they neighs sometimes
  • Which in DK’s case is whenever he laughs hard
  • Which is often because he loves to laugh
  • So you can say he neighs often?? Is that weird???
  • I love confusing myself
  • Another distinct horse thing he got was that he loves going on a run
  • He runs every morning seven days a week
  • Used to beg and drags you to run with him but gave up after seeing that you wouldn’t even budge lmao
  • Can and will finish an entire week’s worth of food after his runs if you don’t control him
  • Definitely more independent than some types of hybrids but he still loves his hugs
  • Loves giving you piggyback (or can you call it horseback?) rides around the apartment
  • Your apartment is always full of laughter with DK around
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re on the more quite and introverted side of the spectrum, he will make you sing during the weekly karaoke nights in your apartment
  • Loves singing off-key, which leads to more laughter
  • Which means more neighs


  • Seungkwan is a parrot hybrid
  • Oh gosh, sometimes you wonder how Seungkwan caught your eyes in the first place
  • But then he’d smile and it would in turn make you smile, too and then you remember
  • Parrot!Seungkwan sometimes doesn’t seem to shut up but it’s impossible for you to get mad at him bc you know he just wanna see you happy
  • Loves to dance funnily to the music you play on the speaker lol
  • One day you figured to bring him to a karaoke place to actually use his endless energy for a purpose
  • And oh my god??? You were blown away
  • You always ask him to sing everyday now
  • Which he doesn’t mind complying to
  • And now he can’t stop singing lmao
  • Bird hybrids are particularly unique bc they have wings
  • Seungkwan’s wings are really beautiful
  • They’re pristin(e) ayee white with yellow coloring its tips
  • It makes him look even more like the angel he is
  • Also, Seungkwan’s hair tips seems to be yellow like his wings, too
  • Loves to sing off-key to wake you up and although you always wake up annoyed, you wouldn’t have it other way
  • Loves validation and literally loves it when you shower him with praise
  • Despite being really rumbuctious and full of humor most of the times, he’s pretty sensitive to your mood changes
  • Likes to cover you with his wing as you lean on his side when you’re feeling upset and it would feel like a little save haven shared only between you and him
More bitter soulmate AUs

because not everyone will be the hugs and kisses type

  • ‘The timer on my wrist just got to 00:00:00 but I don’t want it to so I’m just gonna cover it up with my sleeve/a bracelet/etc’ AU
  • ‘I can feel your emotional distress but I won’t admit that we’re soulmates so I’ll just ask if you’re okay and act casually concerned’ AU
  • ‘I just thought of a joke and you laughed. Please never read my mind again, my thoughts are private’ AU
  • ‘You just said the words tattooed on my body but I’m gonna pretend that’s not what it says and just laugh at your jokes/listen to your dog story/etc instead’ AU
  • ‘My hair turned rainbow this morning and omg you dyed yours rainbow this morning? Just stop, please’ AU
  • ‘Everything switched to coloured from black and white as I touched you and wow the flowers/trees/sky is/are so pretty but I’m gonna pretend it still looks grey to me and marvel at it outside/away from here’ AU
  • ‘Ouch! Did you just touch that hot plate? Wait, I’m soulmates with you? No thanks’ AU
  • ‘My neighbour introducing themself is what it says on my body but I literally hate them’ AU
  • ‘I think I can taste that food you’re eating and it’s horrible, please leave me alone’ AU
Amazing - Part 2

Summary: Jensen and the reader do not get along. After months of driving each other crazy, what happens when Jensen has finally had enough?

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 3,430

Part 1

“What’s up, shorty!” You hear when you pick up your phone.

“Shut up, Jared. I’m not that short!”

“Ok. We can call you vertically challenged if that makes you feel better.” He says makes you both chuckle.

“I hate you.” 

“Soooo. Watcha gonna be?” He asks playfully.

“I need more information.” 

“For my party, Y/N! Don’t play dumb.”

“Yeah, I’m not dressing up.”

“What?! There’s no way you’ll be allowed in if you don’t have a costume.”

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"Fuck me!" and seokjin please!!! OMG fuck I love angry seokjin I want him in me RN

“fuck me”

pairing: seokjin x reader
genre: smut
wordcount: 382
a/n:  i’m sorry this took forever to write and also turned pretty kinky lmao

Originally posted by eatjin

With rough veneer pressing into your back and gentle hands, although cunning in nature, sliding up your body, it is all too tempting to edge him on further. His eyes are already bleeding into the color of spilled ink holding an unwritten promise of so much to come.

Fingers tangle in the delicate hairs of his nape, slightly tugging while gauging his reaction, carefully testing the waters. You can feel the tension he emits, a slow burn of frustration and chagrin boiling under his skin, making him ignite a lust for control that he easily exceeds onto you, always so willing under his demanding touch, always so ready to let him free his tormenting demons.

And when his thumb idly presses against your plush bottom lip, you do not hesitate to open up for him, tonge coming to wrap around the digit in an all too suggestive way that has him growling under his breath while never even daring to break eye contact.

His gaze never leaves you, although flickers to your pink lips at times, watching you with clandestine interest as you try to please him. Yet, even with his searching eyes, he misses the glint of mischief that sparked inside of you, the spark that will ignite a scorching heat of teasing and taunting until his placid demeanour crumbles into nothing but ashes.

“Fuck me.” There is no denying your faux innocent as the words roll from the tongue, muffled around his thumb still in your mouth, yet still easily coherent. “Sir.”

It is the last world that flip his switch as his hand comes to rest around your throat, effectively catching your breath in hindrance for more jeering remarks. His lips curl into a cruel sneer as he looks down at you with feigned disdain that does not manage to hide his fervor.

“Say that again, would you, sugar?”

Abandoning your throat he rather opts to grip your hip bones, tips digging into your skin with too much force. While you can finally breath again, it does not feel less like a threat and a promise alike and you know, the second you repeat yourself, you have handed over all control and cannot even hope for mercy as he takes you to his liking.

“I said, fuck me, sir.”

170331 Ravi Twitter Reply Compilation

T/N: Anything italicized was originally in English!

Look good on you~ 💜
Ravi: Thank U~

I’ll try dyeing my hair purple like purple Ravi💕
Ravi: ㄱㄱㄱ

u look gOOD BOY
Ravi: Thank u~

AhㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠI really like purple thoughㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠOppa, you contacted your hair purple, and it’s so great I think I’ll smash the schoolㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠAh I really love purple Ravi🙆
Ravi: I contacted you? Is this slang I don’t know..?ㅜ
T/N: They seem to have mistakenly typed “contacted” instead of “dyed”.

KyaaaahKyaaa~~~~ There is no color that doesn’t suit youㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I wonder if it’s my mistake that I see pink in betweenㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ It’s pretty and coolㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Ravi: It is two-toned~🙌

ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠHow long has it been since you had black hairㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠIs your hair okay?
Ravi: It’s strong^^👍

Omg…..Amazing…..A comeback is really approaching huhㅜㅜㅜㅜNow it feels real….ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠSo handsomeㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Ravi: thump thump
T/N: This is the sound of a heartbeat.

Wah seriously omg, I can’t say it without saying omg
Ravi: Heoh It’s baby Jaehwanieㅠ
T/N: I assume that at the time the person’s profile pic was of baby Ken.

Hyuk-maniac Ravi-oppa, your hair color now is the same as Hyuk’s was for On and On! It’s pretty💜💜💜

Ravi: He must have copied my hair color in advance because he looks up to me! That guy, seriously. I like you too^^🤗

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i'm getting my hair dyed (full mermaid hair) and i'm getting my colors based off the day and night art. it's gonna be light blues and oranges and yellows on top and dark blues and purples on the bottom!