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Silent [M]

Request: Hoseok smut where you’re in the dorm and have to be quiet omg I’m dead at the thought. pls 👏🏼

A/n: I dedicate this to @chokemejimin / @the95liner for reaching 20k. and I also would like to dedicate this to all my Hobi babes. there are too many of you to tag haha

Genre: SMUT, Dom!Hoseok, breath play

Words: 2.6kish

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You moaned as your back sank into the mattress. Your tired body welcomed the softness with open arms, grateful that Hoseok had convince you to buy a mattress cover. You pulled his sweatshirt over your face and breathed in the comfort. If you couldn’t be near him, at least you could smell him.

The two of you hadn’t spend a lot of time together as he has spent every waking hour in the practice studio preparing for his comeback and you were swamped with trying to balance school and your waitressing job. You missed him, more than you wanted to admit. Most nights you spent playing phone tag, hoping that both of you would be awake at the same time.

Like clockwork, your phone went off. You reached for your phone only to see his name flash across the screen and you smiled.

Hoseok 2:35 AM: Come over

Hoseok 2:35 AM: I need you

Hoseok 2:36 AM: Now

You shot up in bed as your read his messages, a growing panic rising in your chest. “Shit” you muttered as your dropped your phone as soon as you pressed the call button. When you held the phone to your ear all you could hear was deep breathing.

“Hoseok? What’s wrong?” You asked worriedly.

But he kept breathing. “Hoseok?” You called again.

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You took off your sweater and opened your closet trying to find something comfortable to wear. You had your jeans and bra on while searching for a shirt.

Meanwhile your friend Isaac had let himself in at your house and was headed upstairs to you. He found your bedroom door open and was just about to step inside when he glanced over the room to find you not fully dressed. He froze at the sight, not knowing what to do or what to say even though he could only see your back since you had your back towards him.
Suddenly you noticed a shadow behind you at the bedroom door  and slowly looked over your shoulder to find Isaac standing there with wide eyes.

“Omg! Isaac what the hell?!” You cried as you turned around to face him, giving him a view of your front now.

“Sorry! Sorry. I..” He stopped mid sentence, looking at your body up and down but then focusing only on your breast.

“Huh.” He added as he raised an eyebrow while admiring the view.

“Isaac!” You snapped as his eyes slowly trailed up to meet yours.

You quickly grabbed a black V-neck shirt and put it on. Your face was red like a tomato out of embarrassment.

“Right sorry.” Isaac mumbled as he turned around.

“Seriously? You’re turning around when I’m already dressed?” He turned to face you again.

“Uh right. Look I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to..-” As Isaac was trying to find the right words to say, you cut him off.

“It’s okay just, don’t talk about it.  I don’t want it to be more awkward than it already is.” You said shyly and he nodded.

You went back to your closet to shut the door.  You could feel Isaac’s eyes on you the entire time.

“What?” You said a little irritated as you turned to face him.

“You’re hot.”

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PB&J fic

Birthday Wish

Pairings: Jack/Bitty/Kent

Rating: Mature

Summary: coda fic to Que Je Suis, Mon Amour-  Stuck with a lower body injury, all Bitty wants for his birthday is his boyfriends home from their roadie


Bitty’s always been a light sleeper. Playing in NCAA sports, and then in the NHL, it’s like a constant barrage of frat-boys doing stupid shit like drawing dicks on your face and filling your hand with whipped cream. Not all the time, but enough of the time, and Bitty’s learnt not to become the subject of online, social media ridicule—even if PR insists it makes the players seem more “human.”

Bitty’s got a bit of a reputation now anyway, being the boyfriend of Jack Zimmermann and Kent Parson, but that doesn’t always protect him.

All the same, tonight’s different. Because he’s emotionally wrung out and exhausted. He’s still in pain from the bad check, the ankle surgery not enough to take him out of the playoffs completely—probably, but enough that he’s on the last of his bed rest still, for his lower body injury for at least the next week or two. And he’s definitely out of this roadie.

His boys are meant to be home Sunday, game last night—they won thank God, meaning both Kent and Jack will be in decent moods. Saturday they had an early skate, press, and Sunday the flight home.

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if we make it out alive. b.b

Type: imagine

Featuring: steve, t’challa, rhodey

A/N: this is like 1.2k words and it sucks omg

Warnings: none?

Part Two

Bucky’s tee-shirt hung from your small frame as you walked through the small apartment. You yawned for the second time since you’ve gotten up, your eyes met with the small leather book that Bucky had on the counter. “Buck?” you called out, you sighed loudly when you didn’t get a response. You put on a pair of leggings walking into the small bathroom. You washed your face and went to the bathroom; turning on the shower you adjusted the tempter. Once you were in, your body relaxed from the warmth of the water.

The both of you haven’t had warm water in so long that you were ready for the freezing cold water that you had gotten use to. You sighed loudly, grabbing the shampoo and rinsing your long oily hair out. Once you had put in conditioner, you heard a loud bang. You quickly rinsed, throwing on the same shirt and leggings from before, you walked into the living area.

A man, you had known to be as Captain America, was standing in the shared room. Your eyebrows knitted together and you reached for your backpack, grabbing one of your throwing knives. Captain turned around smoothly and looked at you, his shield moving up to protect you. “Who are you?” he asked, “I’m a friend of Bucky’s.” you responded, “Where’s Bucky then?” his shield moving down, just a bit. “He went out to get groceries I suppose, why? What do you want with him?” Captain looked confused at your words, “The German police want something to do with him, I’m here to protect him.” Captain reassured. You noticed his eyes glance back behind you. Your head turned and you were met with Bucky’s blue eyes. “Oh my God, Buck!” you breathed out, wrapping your arms around his neck, his arms went to your waist as he hugged you. “Hi, doll.” He whispered, “Where were you?” you asked, pulling from the hug to stroke his cheek, “I went to get some fruit.” He whispered, his eyes went to meet Steve’s.

“Do you know me?” Captain asked while Bucky tensed against your body before he spoke out. “You’re Steve. I read about you in a museum.” Captain, who is now Steve’s, eyes narrowed. “You’re nervous. You have every right to be, but you’re lying.” You knew he was lying, Bucky talked about past memories all the time, and he would talk about the ones with Steve every time he could.

“I wasn’t in Vienna. I don’t do that anymore.” Bucky reassured him, your head tilted to look at Bucky, his arms still tightly wrapped around you. “Well, the people who think you dead are coming for you. They’re not planning on taking you alive.” Steve told the two of you. You wiggled slightly until Bucky let go. You grabbed your shoes and slipped them on before grabbing your hair and putting it up in a bun. You rushed to the bathroom and grabbed a couple pairs of socks and leggings. You took a razor and one of the guns, checking the rounds and making sure it was on safety, you put it in-between your body and the leggings; as you rushed you couldn’t process their conversation. You ran to grab the bag from the floor, where Bucky had dropped them. You shoved them in the bag and went over to Buck.

“You pulled me out of the river, why?” Steve asked but you knew. You already knew the reason for it; you looked up at Bucky waiting for his response. “I don’t know.” Bucky grabbed my hand as Steve stepped forward. “Yes you do,” The window crashed as something flew in. Bucky grabbed you and shielded you with his body as Captain covered it with his shield. He let you go as people swung through the windows, you kicked one of the men that came after you, and he flew back but quickly recovering before running after you. You swung at the man, to only come in contact with his helmet. Bucky threw a table towards the doorway to block anyone from coming in, you took out the man watching as Bucky kneeled over Steve, punching a hole in the floor and grabbing his bag. “Buck, stop! You’re going to kill someone.” Steve said loudly, “I’m not going to kill anyone.” Bucky said in a low voice before throwing the bag out, he grabbed yours before grabbing your small hand in yours.

You both fought off the police, working as a tag team. “You know if we make it out alive, I’ll have to propose.” He said as he lifted you so you could take out the man coming at the two of you. Once he was out, you turned and smiled. “That you will.” You said. Bucky grabbed the railing as he smiled, ripping it off the wall. He grabbed your waist before swinging the two of you down it. You held onto him as tight as you could and hid your face. You both got to a window, looking at him with worry in your eyes he mouthed ‘On three. One. Two. Three.” He ran off the side of your complex and landed on the other side of the building. You did the same but had a bit of trouble reaching the rest of it. Bucky grabbed your hand and pulled you up.

“Thanks, Buck.” You whispered, he nodded, and you both grabbed your bags and started running. You looked behind you and noticed a man in a black catsuit running at the two of you. It tackled down Buck, which worried you. You grabbed your knives before running over to the two. You kicked off the man and fought him once he recovered. Bucky soon grabbed your waist and ran with you, to the end of the building. He jumped down, with you in his arms. The both of you looked up to see the man sliding down the wall. “What the actual fuck?” you cursed once you saw it. Buck looked at you before jumping again.

Once you landed you started running again. His fingers were intertwined in yours and you squeezed his hand. He looked at you before he let go, letting you run on your own. He grabbed a motorcycle and pushed the man; it went in the air and flipped around. He grabbed your hand push put you on before he rushed out. You watched the cars rushing after you with their sirens roaring, you noticed that a man was in the air and that the man-cat was hanging from him. Bucky got you guys outside before the man-cat got a hold of the motorcycle. Bucky’s arm scraped against the concrete before it happened again; instead, you guys were flung off. Bucky wrapped his arms around you as you hid your face into his neck. “I’m scared!” you whispered in his ear, he didn’t respond, he just nodded.

The two of you heard the sirens get closer and he lifted you up, your heart was pounding and you could feel it in your fingertips. Men with guns loaded from the cars, pointing the dangerous objects at the two of you. Cap was in front of the two of you, you didn’t know when he got there, but he was there.

“Stand down. Now. Congratulations, Captain. You’re a criminal. Your Highness.” A man in a black suit said, your eyes looked around as your hands went up in the air, a couple men came and grabbed your hands pushing them roughly behind your back. You looked at Buck as they did the same to him. “If we make it out alive, you owe me a wedding.” You smiled at him, he rolled his eyes. “I know.”

Before- Glenn Rhee

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do a Glenn x reader where they reunite at Alexandra? (They were engaged before the apocalypse but got separated)”

Word count:

 fyi this is an au where maggie and glenn never got together (which is a fucking crime omg)


The gates opened slowly. The clacking of metal against concrete and sharp squeal of the doorway drew your attention. You felt your hair whip against your face as you turned your body to the front of Alexandra. Your line of sight adjusted on the small but growing slit between the wall and the door. 

It opened up onto a group of people. They were dirty and obviously tired. Their faces held awestruck and bewilderment as they took in the reality of Alexandra’s luxuries. Kids ran around, free of weapons and fear. 

One face looked familiar to you. A face you’d tried to forget, but couldn’t. It was a face you loved, and used to wake up to almost every morning. It couldn’t be him, it just couldn’t. He hadn’t been near Washington, to begin with. 

But it was him. Glenn Rhee, also known as the man of your dreams. Your fiancé. 

He noticed you too, throughout the small crowd his eyes trained on your figure. With similar thought processes, you both began sporting toward one another. It wasn’t even a choice. You had to touch him, smell him, love him again– not that you’d ever stopped. 

The hug was bone-crushing. But the smile on your face never faltered as tears began streaming down your face. The love of your life, your high school sweetheart, your future husband was here. Alive and touching you. You could feel his warm skin against yours. 

You never wanted to let go. 

Kylo Ren smut

Warnings: Dom Kylo ? , Dirty talk , spanking , teasing

A/N: This is the first time I wrote smut and I hope it turned out kinda readable.
I tried my best and I hope you guys like it.

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> requested by lovely nonnie <

You stepped out of the shower while you dried your face with a towel before you wrapped it around your body. You wanted to check your face in the mirror but it was all steamed up.
„You look good Y/N , just as beautiful as you did when I left the base,“ a well known voice said. Kylo stood in the door frame , visibly pleased to see you like this.
„Kylo , you‘re back ! Good to see you alive and healthy but I thought you‘ll be on the mission for much longer ?“
He walked over to you and stroked his fingers over your neck.
„We were able to end the negotiations a little earlier. Besides that‘s not the way how to welcome your Commander and boyfriend after such a long time.“
You shivered under his touch. „No , don‘t get me wrong here ! I‘m really happy to see you , I missed you so much you won‘t believe but I‘m surprised because I din‘t expect you until next week.“
He towered over your small frame as he pulled you closer to him to get a better view of your cleavage.
„I missed you too but I don‘t get rid of the feeling you forgot all our rules while I was gone ,“  he said while he laid his hands on your hips.
„Kylo I -“ before you were able to end your sentence he gave you a strong slap on the ass. You jumped up and a moan left your lips.
„You should know what I like to hear but it seems as if you don‘t even remember the simplest rules so I guess we have to catch up.“
„Forgive me Commander… I didn‘t but-“ he gave you another slap , stronger than the first one.
I don‘t want to hear any back talk ! If you address me wrong I‘ll spank you , understood ? Count them and if you tell me the right amount when I‘m done with you I‘ll reward you but before you get anything from me you have to beg.“
He threw you over his shoulder and walked out of the bathroom over to his bed.
„I yearned so long for your lovely scent and your body Y/N. Now beg for me like the good girl you are.“
He placed you gentle on his bed and you felt the desire to tease him. He deserved it because he left you for such a long time.
„If you want me so bad then why don‘t you beg for me instead ?“ you smiled while you spread your legs a bit.
Kylo felt his bulge grow in his pants and he wanted to fuck you immediately to show you where your place is. He flipped you over and pulled your hips up as he placed himself behind you. He tossed your towel aside with a loud growl.
„Don‘t you dare to think you‘re in charge because I left the base for a few
weeks ! I‘ll make you beg for me and my cock like never before. I think you don‘t even know how much you missed me.“
He gave you a few more spanks until your butt cheeks were covered in hand prints , you cried out with each slap in satisfacation and pain.
Kylo was really pleased with himself and the way he marked your butt. He loved to hear you whine and whimper in pain. He always felt more powerful to see you like this.
„Are you willing to beg now ?“
He rubbed your red cheeks with his gloved hands , the cold leather felt really soothing on your burning cheeks.
„Y-yes Commander … please…“ you whimpered.
„That‘s what I thought ,“ he pushed your head with his left hand into the mattress while he placed his other hand on your hips.
„sadly that‘s not enough if you want to get fucked. Try again , I know you can beg better for me and my cock.“
„Ahh… please Commander , I need you to fuck me now , I want to feel you inside me so bad , please , you feel so good and I need it so bad…“
„That‘s way better .“ He placed his right hand on your entrance and rubbed it gently with his palm before he plunged one finger into you.
„You‘re so wet already,“ he grinned victorious as he added another finger. His thrusts were gentle and careful at first but he got more rough when you started to buck your hips against his hand. He slowed his pace after a few more thrusts to take better care of your clit. He used his thumb to rub your nub in slow circles , your heart pounded faster and you felt a burning heat in your belly. Kylo felt how you tensed up around his fingers and your moans turned into panting. You were almost at your high when Kylo pulled his fingers out and stopped to rub you clit.
„Wha… C-commander go on , please !!“ you whined in protest. You tried to squirm out of his grip to reach your climax yourself but he gave you once again a spank and flipped you over. He spread your legs and leaned down to pull you into a rough kiss while he grinded with his bulge against your dripping wet cunt. He bit your lower lip and left some bruises there while he caressed the skin of your lower stomach with his fingertips to build up more tension. He wanted you to beg again for him. You squirmed and whined under him but he didn‘t care , he wanted to hear your voice.
„You don‘t look very happy Y/N. If you tell me what‘s wrong I could help you but only if you ask nicely.”
„C-commander please , I need you… I feel so empty , release me and fill me up already !“
„I don‘t like your commanding tone Y/N , who taught you to talk like this ?
I guess I have to fuck some manners into you then.“
He pulled down his trousers to reveal his throbbing cock.
„Look what you do to me Y/N. But which man could stand this beautiful view of you ? Legs wide spreaded and your cunt soaking wet , just for me while you beg and cry like you‘re going to die if I won‘t fuck you immediately.”
You bucked your hips , seeking for friction until he rubbed his aching cock a few times up and down your folds till he slowly pushed in. He started to thrust into you very slow to stretch you a bit before he gave you his full length while he bit and sucked at your neck , leaving some hickeys. You moaned in pleasure and your hands drifted down his back as Kylo left a rail of bite marks all over your neck and part of your collar bones. „Faster Commander !“
He finally sped up and pounded deeper into you. You couldn‘t help but claw your hands into his back , leaving some red scratches.
„Fuck Y/N ,“ he panted.
You felt a warm , tingling sensation forming in your stomach as you tensed up and clenched around his throbbing cock. Your breath became shallow and Kylo sensed you were close again. He thrusted into you as fast as he could until your orgasm washed over you.
„Thank you Commander … come for me too,“ you murmured.
His hips trembled and his thrusts became sloppier as he finally spurted into you. He rode his orgasm out with a few more thrusts. He pulled out and nuzzled his head into your neck. „I missed this so much Y/N.“
He stayed like this for a few seconds to catch his breath until he straightened up.
„And now… tell me the amount of spanks I gave you.“
It took you a short time to collect your thoughts. „Sixteen ? …“
„Good , good. As I said you‘ll get something for the correct answer.“
He left a trail of kisses all over your body until he reached your thighs.
„Spread your legs and lift them up a bit.“
You hesitated for a moment but then you followed his order. He took off his gloves and caressed your inner thighs with his hands.
You gasped in sensation when Kylos tongue met your hot , wet core. He licked a line from your cunt to your clit till the started to suck on it. You threw your head back in pleasure as his tongue got faster. When your hips started to tremble he knew you were close to reach your climax again so he kept his pace. Your orgasm came fast and Kylo did his best not to waste a single drop of you juices. Your whole body  shivered in sheer pleasure. Kylo crawled up to you and pulled you into his strong arms. „You did very well Y/N.“

nightowlss  asked:

I'm here with some more? Possibly something super cute with Gladio and a sick reader? (I'm sick and it's horrible, so I'd love some Gladio love right about now~) Please and thank you~

OMG HI!!! I hope you’re feeling better already, sorry it took so long I’ve been really busy with school and extracurriculars! But if you aren’t feeling better yet I hope Gladio makes you feel better!

“Hey sweetheart, goodmorning!” Gladio says from beside you, his face buried in between the pages of a book but was illuminated by the sun’s rays peeking through the curtains.

Your body felt warm, a migraine started to form behind your temples, you shut your eyes trying to block out the awful sensation. “Something the matter, (Y/N)?” Gladio asks as he puts his book down on his chest and lays a hand on your forehead “You’re burning up!”

You lean into his cool hand “I’ll be fine, just cuddle with me” you mumble. Gladio sighs, puts his book on the table beside him then scoots down the bed and puts his arms around you.

You wake up to a delicious smell wafting from the kitchen, the sun was burning high up in the sky but the curtains blocked the harsh light from getting into your apartment. The migraine in your head disappeared but the fever was still there, just a tad bit lower. “Goodmorning sunshine! I made you some soup.” Funny thing about Gladio is that even when he’s trying to be sweet, he still sounds like he’s making fun of you.

You eat a spoonful of the orange creamy substance “This is actually pretty good! What is this?” You didn’t know that Gladio had it in him to cook this fine meal because you usually just see him eating cup noodles.

“It’s Creamy Bisque, I called Iggy up and told him that you were sick, he said he had just the ‘recipeh’ for you.” He tried to imitate Iggy’s gesture only to look like a complete idiot, he blushed slightly once he realized what he’d done.

“Well thank you, I really appreciate the gesture. It’s really…. thoughtful.” Gladio’s cheeks turn a darker shade of red as you say this, not knowing how to react. He’s never had a relationship that was this serious, he never had time to have one because of his duties to the crown, but you were different. To him, you were like a breath of fresh air.

“Okay now, stop distracting me from what’s important.”

“Huh? More duties to the crown?”

“No, you getting a bath!” He says hoisting you up onto his shoulder

“Hey! Sick people don’t get baths! We get warm soup and lots of hugs from our significant others!” You shout over your shoulder but Gladio wasn’t having it, the way he treated you, no one would think that you were actually sick.

He plops you down on the toilet and starts to remove your clothes, once he was done, he held out his hand and helped you into the tub that he fixed for you, it smelled of lavender and was filled to the brim with bubbles that sploshed over to the side once you got in. You grin at him with snot falling from your nostril and he can’t help but laugh at how childish you looked, he wipes your nose with a paper towel and shoots it in the bin.

“Call me when you’re done, okay?” You give him a nod and he makes his way out of the bathroom leaving the door slightly ajar.

A knock on the door wakes you up followed by footsteps “Fell asleep again huh?” He laughs as he drains your bath “Wash yourself up now, there’s still some soup left over from awhile ago and I cooked you some fish.” He opens the shower and you yelp as the cold water hits your skin, he holds out his hand and helps you get on your feet, letting go once he was satisfied that you could without falling over.

“Hey! Don’t watch me shower!” You pout feeling a bit insecure that he was still in the room

“Six, I’m your boyfriend, it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked! I was the one who undressed you awhile ago, remember?”

“Yeah, but I’m shy”

“You’re impossible.” He says making his way towards you, giving you a bunch of chaste kisses that he deepened, you lean into him and just as he puts his hand on your thigh, you protest.

“Nosiree! We keep this up, you’re gonna end up getting sick too. Now shoo!” You say waving your hands at him. He exits the room scratching his head, unsure if he’s amused by you or frustrated by you, maybe both? But at least one thing’s for sure though, he was definitely in love with you.

Mine Pt.1

Vampire Yoongi AU 

Destiny is planned by the soul long before the bodies meet.

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3

A/N : I’m finally reposting this after changing the format. Hope you enjooy 

Originally posted by lets-fly-away-bts

You were heading home after a long, draining day at your boring office job. You had to sit with a fake smile plastered on your face all day and just thinking about it made your mouth hurt. You answered complaints, that you couldn’t care less about. Some people would curse you out over nothing, throw all their anger at you, while other would be straight up perverts. Each phone call was more upsetting than the last.

The sun disappeared slowly for the sky to be greeted with light darkness. It was getting late and cold. You rubbed your hands together to create friction for the much needed heat then brought them up to your reddened cheeks sighing at the warm contact. You stopped in front of your apartment building, the thought of having a warm cup of coffee while watching the evening shows was very tempting but you still didn’t want to be alone. At least, out here, there were always people coming and going, so you never felt alone. You didn’t know any of them but their mere presence was comforting. Having had the worst day at work, ever since you started out there, going back to an empty apartment wasn’t exactly the first thing you fantasized about.

You, eventually, decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood. A decision you should have avoided at all cost … Maybe – You be the judge of that -.

You adjusted your coat, burying your face into the large scarf covering your neck and started walking again. The winter breeze still, somehow, making its way through the heavy clothing and sent chills down your spine. You shivered in place as a strong wind went by messing up your hair and sending it flying everywhere. “Ugh ..” you whispered in frustration trying to tidy yourself up when another one hit you harder. Your scarf flew right off your shoulders landing a few feets away from you, you sighed again kicking the ground at your luck and finally deciding this was a bad idea. You turned to grab the piece of clothing when a pale hand beat you to it. You had no idea where he came from as there was almost no one there just a second ago. You looked up at the man, a sadistic wide grin on his face as he stared down at you hunched where the scarf once was.

You have encountered a great deal of scary, even terrifying things in your life but his smile was, by far, the scariest of them all. You eyes traveled to meet his only to fall back from shock. “ What … are you?” you stuttered causing his to shrug. His eyes were as red as blood the black iris swimming in a sea of crimson, his pupil dilated at the sight of, a very frightened, you. You crawled back just enough to make distance between the two of you then swiftly picking yourself off the ground in one motion. You stumbled back, your first instinct was to get away, as fast as you could but for a split second you hesitated. That short instance was more than enough for him to get closer, at a non-human speed, entangling his long, slim fingers in your hair while his face leaned towards yours. His stare was so captivating, so mesmerizing you froze in place. Your heart was beating at a rate you thought would make it explode, you were sure that from this close distance he could hear it and by the dark smirk stealthily curling up on the corner of his mouth, he could definitely sense it. He breathed against your exposed neck, sending shivers down your body from the vibrations of his voice more than the actual sound.

“Run.” He whispered, his smirk widening into an amused smile as he stepped back his hands behind him “As fast as you can. I’ll give you a 10 seconds start.” It was more of an order than a simple statement and you didn’t need anymore to get moving.

You sprung back towards the building cursing yourself internally, your hands looking through your bag randomly for your phone, the keys, anything that would be of help right now but your trembling limbs failing to grab hold of anything. You could hear him from behind counting, his voice getting louder and louder as you stepped further. You were running the fastest you had ever run in your life, but the road only seemed to be getting longer, and you slower.

“Seven … Eight ….” He kept counting, like it was some sick game, you weren’t going to stick around to see the end. “Nine …” His smiled disappeared and was replaced by a cold frown as you reached the front door the the apartment building. “Fuck.” you cursed as you heard him reach ten, pressing the elevator’s buttons frantically. He stood in place even after having said ten, as if he was giving you more time or just enjoying the chase. “You shouldn’t play with your food.” he mumbled before taking a slow first step.

Just when you thought your heart couldn’t beat any faster, it surprised you. It was as if it lurched out of your chest and now becoming a lump in your throat, stopping all air from going in or out of your lungs.

The doors opened and you jumped in not wasting one second.

You pressed your floor’s number like your life depended on it … well … it did. Soon after, you found yourself in front of your apartment door, keys in hand but unable to unlock the door. You stopped, taking in a deep breath to calm your nerves, obviously it didn’t help, so you just tried again this time successfully finding the keyhole.

However, it was too late, you saw something dark moving in the corner of your eye and you hurriedly unlocked the door going in and closing the door behind you and locking it. Remembering when your mom complained about the lack of security and you becoming annoyed at her for being so naggy.

A loud knock on the iron door sent you back in fear towards the kitchen to grab the first knife you could reach. “No, baby girl, that’s not a very good idea.” The rough voice spoke again echoing in your mind, again so captivating you froze.

“W-why are you doing this to me?” You stuttered turning back to face whoever, or whatever, it was.

“Hm … Why ? That’s a good question.” He stepped closer and you stepped back, this continued until your back was left flat against the counter unable to go any further. You met his eyes again, they seemed to have gotten darker not like the vivid bloody look they had to them earlier, they became more of a winey color glistening against the faint kitchen light. You were waiting for an answer, an excuse, a miracle but he just kept moving towards you, his eyes scanning you like a predator.

“It’s sweet how you actually thought you stood a chance, or even had the choice. Sweet … just like that smell of yours.” He ran a finger behind your ear and down your neck only stopping at your collarbone pushing the fabric from your cold skin.

Your put your hands on his chest pushing him back but he was stronger, much stronger than you, and didn’t budge so you settled for a scream.  It was barely audible and your voice cracked in the middle leaving you breathless. You tried taking another breath to try screaming a second time but his eyes snapped back at you.

“Don’t you dare make a sound.” his words piercing your ears like a blade. You couldn’t help but submit to his order as you muffled back the scream. You looked up at him, finally making out some of his features under the light. He had dark green hair.

The chaos in your mind grew even noisier some memories of items of the same color making their way into it, your prom date’s tie, that summer dress your mom made you wear, for a moment you forgot his present almost entirely, until his hands found you again. One gently on your waist while the other tightening around the back of your neck brushing your hair away from your shoulder and gripping it.

“Focus on me, who cares about my hair.” He whispers in your ear and your eyes shot open How did he know? Your mind went silent except for that one question repeating itself. He brushed his lips gently against the soft skin of your earlobe making you flinch.

“That’s better, it was getting annoying… all those memories.” He continued as if he knew the impact his voice had on you.

“Please … Please.” You pleaded not knowing what else to do at this point as he had you trapped with his body.

“Shhsh … don’t ruin the moment.” His calmness was making you even more scared, the nonchalant tone in his voice adding to his psychotic aura. He brought a hand to your mouth covering it gently, surprising you as you thought he would be a lot rougher. He lowered his head to your shoulder leaving pecks as he trailed his way to the middle of your neck. You tightened your jaw turning away from him and squirming around desperate to break free.

A sharp pain shot through your body and your eyes came to a close as you grunted against his hand. Your groan muffled by it. He had dug his fangs deep into your neck and you could feel the blood leaving your body in a slow steady movement. A warm excess of the liquid escaping his mouth and trailing down your clothes and you found yourself trying to concentrate on it to forget the piercing pain he was making you feel. An audible moan left his mouth as he deepened the bite sucking harder and more passionately, his hand tightening around your mouth.

“S-Stop … Please” You managed to let out a soundless plead reaching his ears, you knew he heard you as his eyebrows furrowed in dispute. You didn’t last long enough to see what his decision was as you blacked out collapsing against him.

BTS Reaction to: You bein’ this cute lil’ cherub with cute lil’ moans.

>:} Bts and Bigbang reaction to you having cute moans and being a chubby little cutie and to you being simular to a cat

BIG BANG is on this post.

Rap Monster:
Daddy mode activated as soon as the smallest moan reached his ears. Kidding. Kind of. Depending on the type of moan and the situation really, if you were stretching out and let out a cute little moan; he’d find it super cute but if you moaned in any form of sexual context, intentional or not, he’d be very… intrigued. Almost baffled by it, how can it work as cute and sexy? HOW?! 

Originally posted by namjoonsgurl

He would find these little cat mannerisms of yours to be so cute, from your body shape  and sweet face to the tiny sounds you’d make now and then. Like anytime you did anything, like yawn; he’d be like: “omg so cute. How do they do it?”

Originally posted by vminv

He would be very happy whenever you’d let out a cute little moan. He wouldn’t show it much outwardly but it just was almost too cute for him. He would be caught staring a lot, you’d ask if something was wrong, he would deny everything. He’d highkey lowkey sneak photos of you and send them to the other members with cat ears added into the photo. Everyone is surprised at his actions, everyone is also very jealous.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

My girlfriend is the cutest!!!” He would feel the need to announce this to the whole world, like he treated your little moans and you cat features like a fucking blessing from God or something. Every time you let out a cute moan, he ‘inwardly’ freaks out. (It’s pretty outward too.)

Originally posted by troiskims

He would just stare at you and just wonder “how.” He had chubby cheeks and he was so insecure about it and you had chubbiness too but he’d just be like: HOW DO YOU MAKE IT LOOK SO GOOD?! Honestly, you’d help a lot with boosting his confidence because he’d see you being confident when you had chubby features and you’d encourage him to be the same way, eventually, you wore off on him. Everyone notices, you get a text from the members saying thanks, because you really made him realize something tons of people have been trying to tell him. But you did it. 

Originally posted by bwipsul

He always thought you were the cutest person ever but one of the other members actually ended up bringing up your similarity to a cat to him and boy, was he ever floored about this. Like he came up to you and was all, “(Y/N)! Did you know! You’re like a cat! A really cute fluffy little cat!” 

Originally posted by fy-taekook

Embarrassed Kookie. Why were you so similar to a cat, why were you so damn cute? How is he supposed to handle this kind of thing?! You’d wonder what was up and eventually, after A LOT some prying and teasing, he just blurted out: “You’re just too cute and I don’t know how to handle it!”  Now you’re the blushing one.

Originally posted by jibeom

If a dude ever says “what’s wrong? On your period?”, I do wonder what he would do if you stuck your hand into your knickers and brought out your fingers all bloody and went “OMG YOU’RE RIGHT!”

If they freak out at a mention of it (except when they’re being derogatory about your personality), imagine the looks on their wee faces if you went “SIMBA!” and reached for their forehead…

What your partner loves most about you :)

Aries: Your sense of style.

Taurus: Eyes eyes eyes

Gemini: Your voice that makes icebergs melt.

Cancer: Your hugs that they never want to end.

Leo: Your loaded confidence.

Virgo: Your fab baby-butt soft skin. // Your model body.

Libra: Your beautiful smile omg.

Scorpio: Your flowing, princess hair.

Sagittarius: How loyal you are.

Capricorn: Your jokes that’ll make them cry from laughter.

Aquarius: Your romantic poems.

Pisces: Your goddess face that will make anyone who looks at it pregnant. 

Your partner will also love everything else about you excessively because you are all amazing people :) 

Your child has a nightmare

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Zayn: “Baby?” He coos flicking on the lights to your daughters bedroom. His expression softens as he witnesses five year old Layla curled up in her blankets with tears streaming down her face. “Did you have a bad dream?” His soothing voice whispers as he makes his way over to her twin sized bed, squeezing his larger body next to her smaller one. She nods, cries turning into light sniffles when a sudden wave of safeness washes over her. He frowns kissing the top of her head, “Then how about I lay with you until you fall asleep again, yeah? I won’t let anything hurt you.” He promises taking her frail body into his grip and she nods, but it wasn’t long until the both of them had fallen into a peaceful sleep through out the whole night, his promise never broken.

Liam: “Mummy, I’m scared.” A little voice gently coos bringing you out of your sleep. You look down only to be face to face with your four year old son, Tanner. He had the look of fear in his eyes, his stuffed monkey clutched tightly against his frail chest. “Whats wrong baby?” You whisper rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. “I had a bad dream.” He explains causing you to smile at his vulnerability. You reach down and lift him up onto the bed to where both you and Liam lay. “You alright bud?” Liam’s tired voice suddenly asks, his chocolate brown eyes still closed. All of the commotion must’ve woken him up. The little boy nods snuggling his body closer to Liam, making him chuckle lightly before pressing a soft and gentle kiss onto his forehead.

Niall: “Sweetheart, whats wrong?” His raspy accent slurs out when six year old Cassidy snuggles into his side. He sighs in content pulling up the soft blanket over the both of them. “I had a really bad dream, daddy.” She whispers suddenly, triggering Niall to frown. “What about, baby?” He asks running his fingers through her long blonde hair. She just shrugs creating a sudden chuckle to vibrate his chest. “Okay, well you can sleep here with me and Mummy for the night, how about that?” He offers with a grin on his face, and she nods in agreement. He smiles down at her before placing a sweet kiss onto her head, and one on your lips. Niall was always so determined to make his family feel safe, especially if it was his little girl.

Louis: “Elliot?” You whisper as soon as the bedroom door closes. Both you and Louis were wide awake watching some movie playing on the flatscreen, but everything was interrupted when your four year old walked through the door in tears. His little feet hurry their way towards the two of you, Louis reaching down to pick him up. “Whats wrong, buddy? Did you have a nightmare or something?” Louis asks pressing a soft kiss onto his temple. Elliot nods and drys his tears with the back of his hand. “Aw baby.” You coo taking him from Louis and setting him between the two of you. He instantly cuddles into your warmth and you place a gentle kiss onto his head, “You can sleep with mummy and daddy tonight, okay?” You coo before he drifts off once again.

Harry: “Why are you upset, love?” His raspy voice asks when he cracks open the door reveling four year old Emma’s bedroom. He sighs when the little girl runs over to him with tears streaming down her face. “Whats wrong boo? A nightmare?” He asks almost positive that this was the cause for her to be so upset at almost two in the morning. She nods her head and instantly Emma was in Harry’s strong arms as he carried her back over to her abandoned twin sized bed. He sets her down, himself soon following behind. “Why don’t we watch some TV just to take your mind off of it, huh?” He coos lightly into her ear before turning on the little pink television. She nods and he chuckles lightly to himself, “Alright, baby lets see whats on TV then, yeah?”

pregnancy preference next week? 

Sam Winchester-Too young Part 2

Title: Too young Part 2

Request:Too Young was the cutest one shot! Please do a part 2 or something but literally omg, I LOVED IT!!!!

Pairings: Sam Winchester x sister reader, Dean Winchester x sister reader

Word count:1115

Links:Too young




You ran as fast as you could, but sometimes that wasn’t enough. Where were Sam and Dean, where were your big brothers to come rescue you? He gained on you, his speed only increasing more and more as you fearfully ran.
Tears trekked down your pale face, all the colour drained from your small, baby complexion and now leaving you hopelessly vulnerable to him. He grabbed at your leg, your tiny body slamming to the floor as you screamed bloody murder.

His slender fingertips tightened around your calf, a burning sensation flooding up your spine and into your heart. He yanked you up by your matted hair, locks of hair curled around his nimble fingertips as his cold breath ran down your shoulder.

You screamed and kicked, suddenly frozen with fear as he twisted his face around to see you.


You frowned at his new voice, a familiar soft one that sounded more like he was reaching out to you instead of trying to kill you.

‘’Baby? Wake up’’

‘’Wake up’’

You shot up with a quick gasp, the new reality causing your tiny frame to tremble at the darkness that surrounded you. You began weeping, sobbing and crying out for your brothers.

‘’Hey, hey. Shh, you’re alright’’Sam whispered, his worried eyes meeting yours as he leaned over you. You balled your fists up into tiny balls, rubbing them against your sore eyes.

You felt Sam’s large, warm hands being placed under your arms, picking you up and bringing you to his heated chest, his muscular body cupping you into his safety.
Sam rubbed your back with his calloused hand, rubbing soothing circles as he lightly bounced you up and down.

‘’Shh, alright. I know, baby girl, I know’’He soothed, sympathising with your pain. His warm lips pressed into the crown of your head, more signs of comfort being pressed towards you but did not sooth your cries.

‘’Hey. hey’’Sam frowned, pushing you slightly back so he could see you when he noticed you hadn’t stopped crying. He observed you, his eyes roaming over your tear stained face to your shaking body. He sighed, huffing out a breath as his lips curled down into a concerned frown.

He cupped the back of your head, cushioning it with his large hand as he pushed you back towards his chest and began to bounce again. Sam grew more anxious, worried about what had you so worked up and worried that Dean would wake up when he clearly needed sleep.

‘’I’ve got you, you’re okay. I promise’’He sighed, resting his chin on top of your head. You blinked, taking in your surroundings and scent of your brothers plaid shirt, realising you were actually in the most safest place in the world. Sam’s arms.

With a few more quiet sobs and hiccups, you finally calmed down, grasping his shirt up in your enclosed fist. Sam pulled back so he could see you, sitting down on the bed with you in his lap.

‘’Okay. You okay now?’’He asked softly, his hand smoothing down your stray hairs. You nodded, sniffling loudly as you looked up at him with big glassy eyes. ‘’You wanna talk to me? Tell me what that was about?’’He asked, not pushing you but showing you that he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

You shrugged shyly, looking down with pursed lips as you held in more cries. Sam let out a soft breath, licking his dry lip as he nodded.

‘’Okay, well how about we talk about it tomorrow and I’ll stay with you tonight?’’He suggested, giving you a kind smile. You nodded, happy with the decision and crawled into bed where Sam pulled you into his warm embrace.


The morning came as quick as the night did, the safety of your older brothers arms becoming a quick comforter for your and nursing you into a peaceful slumber. The body next to you shuffled about, rustling sheets curling together as you stirred.  

‘’Hey, come up.’’

You groaned, whimpering out pathetically as you turned over. Another shake from the same hand made you grumble, your unhappy eyes prying themselves open. 

‘’Wakey, wakey, Princess’’Sam chuckled, amusement deep in his dark orbs as he hovered over you. He leaned down, brown locks tickling your face as he pressed a kiss into your hair, gripping the hem of the covers. 

‘’No, bubby’’You whined, gripping the covers as if your life depended on it. Sam just chuckled, ripping them off you and tossing them in the corner. Sam placed his hands underneath your arms, ready to haul you up before he froze half way. 

He frowned, thick brows knitting together in worry as his eyelids narrowed in suspicion. 

‘’Bubby?’’You whispered, confused to why he was giving you such strange looks. 

‘’Baby, wha-…’’He trailed off, soft hand gripping your calf. You looked up, bewildered at his worry and concern. ‘’DEAN!’’His voice rose, his jaw clenching as he stood up. 

Dean came barging in, hair slicked up in different directions, toothbrush hanging out the corner of his mouth and toothpaste dribbling down his uncut stubble. A gun was held firmly between his calloused hands, fear painted across his face. 

He sighed when he realised no danger was around, following Sam’s eyes before his own dropped. 

‘’What the hell’’he muttered, gently picking up your calf and kneeling down to examine it. 

‘’(y/n), how did this happen?’’Sam asked, his mouth hanging open in shock. You kept quiet, glancing at the hand shaped bruise on your calf. You sunk back, nervously tugging your calf out of Dean’s grip and curling in on yourself, merging into a tiny ball. 

‘’(Y/n)’’Dean warned, his voice stern yet full of worry as they flashed each other a look. 

‘’If you’re hiding something that can get you hurt, you need to tell us now’’Sam sighed, stepping closer to you. 

‘’The bad man from my dreams did it’’You whispered, shrinking in fear. Sam and Dean exchanged looks, the two of them lost for words as they stumbled through their vocabulary to search for one to fit the subject. 

‘’Wh-the dream last night, there was a bad man?’’Sam asked confused, Dean’s face moulding into a slightly startled one. 

‘’Why wasn’t I aware of this?’’He frowned, slightly angered. 

‘’You were asleep’’Sam shrugged off quickly, turning his focus back on you. ‘’Honey, did you get a good look at him?’’Sam asked, ‘’I mean, maybe you fell or something?’’

‘’Yeah, Sam. She fell and got a hand print’’Dean scoffed, rolling his eyes at Sam’s naive. 

‘’Shut up, Dean’’Sam grumbled, turning back to you. 

‘’We’re going to fix this, okay’’He smiled as you gave him a forced smile back. 

Teasing Andy

Anonymous said:
Omg teasing jinxx was amazing please do one of andy

I gotcha covered ;)


“Andy!” you screamed, knowing full well that you were waking the beast, but you didn’t care. You were thirsty and his bear grip on you was freaking annoying. You had managed to contort yourself into a strange position the night before and it was starting to hurt. The lower part of your body was turned towards him while your upper body faced the ceiling. You heard him groan and knew your mission had been accomplished. You started to try and pull his arms off of you, but he held fast.

“Why the hell did you wake me up?” he asked in his bear voice and you smiled, but continued to try to get out of his arms.

“So I could give you a blowjob, why do you think I woke you up, Mr. Deathgrip?”

“I’m not letting you get up. There were a billion nicer ways to wake me up,” he told you reaching for his phone. “Especially at five thirty in the morning. Why are you even awake?” He questioned and you wiggles his his arms

“Andy my back hurts really bad, at least loosen up enough for me to not be a pretzel,” you pleaded and he sighed, releasing his grip on you just enough for you to move to face him, then tightening it back immediately.

“You’re getting so clingy,” you told him, kissing his collarbone, since you were level with it. He chuckled and kissed your forehead.

“Well I have to be, or you’ll run off without another word, and I have a problem,” he smirked down at you and pulled your body against his hips, showing you his “problem.” You suddenly got an amazing idea and smirked up at him evilly.

“Oh, that is a problem, isn’t it?” You giggled and kissed along his neck softly. “Well I’ll tell you what, if you let me be on top I’ll fix that problem for you, and you don’t even have to do anything,” you promised and he grinned at that idea.

“Do whatever you want,” he assured you and you smiled, rolling him into his back and climbing on top of him.

You kissed him and before things got too heavy you managed to pin his arms above his head. He looked at you with a sort of heated gaze and you just grinned wickedly.

“Do you know what I just realized, Andy?” you asked him, giddy from your own wit.

“What?” He asked huskily, and you giggled, kissing his neck.

“I’m not that kind of thirsty.”

Before he could even register what you’d said you were flying out the door heading for the kitchen so you could have your glass of water.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled after you, frustrated and you giggled knowing there would be repercussions later, but it was too funny. You could just imagine the look on his face.

“You’re not getting off for this!” He yelled at you and you giggled, taking a sip of the water in your hands before telling back at him.

“Neither are you!”

He growled and you heard him get up.

“Fuck” you giggled, before going off and looking for a place to hide.

THE SIGNS AND HOW I SEE THEM ( by aquarius ;) )
  • Aries: They may act a bit shy around people they're not accustomed to, but around people they know closely, they're basically throwing a party there. All of them are attractive af
  • Taurus: All the Taurus' at my school have curvy bodies/muscular ones and nice smiles and eyes. They also laugh at everything, and have nice humour.
  • Gemini: GEMINI OMG YES. THEY'RE SO LOUD; do NOT trust them with your crush because they can be huge flirts and try to hint at your crush that you like them. Geminis are also really sweet people that will help you with everything too
  • Cancer: Most Cancers I know are extroverted and funny, but some can be bothersome and clingy
  • Leo: They're the popular ones. They don't rub their popularity in peoples' faces, and they're pretty chill too
  • Virgo: They have a mysterious aura around them, but around friends they're really loud and rowdy, losing the mysterious fog
  • Libra: Libras are always chill. They always have that one person they like in a class as a friend and will always laugh at their jokes. They may not admit it, but they do have secret friends that they go to to laugh and brighten up their day
  • Scorpio: SCORPIOOOOOOOOOOO.Half my friends and my closest friends and best friends are Scorpios. They're really sweet people, and if you're close enough, they'll literally annihilate everyone that's been annoying you. Scorpios are little cinnamon buns that are tough on the outside
  • Sagittarius: YAAAAAAAAAAS SAGITTARIUSDSSSSSSSSS. Sagittarius is also part of my friends, close ones, and best. Sagittarius is weird, fun, and crazy all in one. They always have a cool idea and can be really philosophical at times if they want serious conversations
  • Capricorn: oml. All the Capricorns at my school have beautiful eyes and different hair colors. The Capricorns always have friends they really like and always have "eye language" with you when bs shows up
  • Aquarius: AQUARIUSSSSSSSSSSSS. Aquarius is a sign that is rowdy and high. Being an Aquarius myself, everyone asks if I'm high, and they even askk all my other Aquarius friends. Aquarius will be serious with you when they sense it, and can lighten up the mood if your body language speaks to them to do it. They can be a bit detached, so it may also be a good idea to leave them alone in that mood, or else they may ignore you for a few days. They also seem to be friends with everyone at the school
  • Pisces: AWWWWWWWW. All the Pisces' people at my school have innocence all over them. They can be loud and sweet at times, and other times they can be Regina George. Pisces is definitely a sign that has innocence and wisdom in one.
KBTBB HC - The guys realizing they’re in love with MC

@thehigherthebun Request: The moment each bidder realizes they’ve fallen for MC? I just had to ask, you are my writing/headcannon idol and inspiration on tumblr! Thank you! :)

Omg I’m someone’s idol?!?! I feel so freaking special!! <3 I’d be delighted to do this for you :) Hope you enjoy


The two of you were laying in bed one night, each of you reading your body individually. He was deep in his detective novel when he felt something rest on his shoulder. He lowered his gaze to see that you had fallen asleep while reading, your own book fallen to the bed and your chest rising and falling with your deep breathing. A small smile came to his face, and he lowered his own book, adjusting himself so that you could rest more peacefully on him. He’d probably never admit it to you, but you looked absolutely stunning even in your sleep, the way your face seemed so angelic in such a state. When he adjusted himself lower, he felt you smile against his shoulder, and whisper his name. Your voice was slurred with sleep, but there was a happy tone to it, one that had Soryu staring at you with amazement for a moment. How was it that even when you were asleep, you managed to bring goosebumps to his skin with the simplest of effort. His smile deepened though, finally realizing that the reason he always seemed to see the stars in your eyes, was because he’d fallen so hard for you that you were his sky. His everything. Gently he leaned forward and placed a kiss on your forehead. 


The two of you were seated across from one another at a dining table. You had assisted him with a heist, and as it was the wee hours of the morning and the both of you were starved, you sat in a little diner just around the corner that happened to still be open. Once your food arrived, you chowed down like there was no tomorrow. You barely even registered that there was indeed a fork and knife sitting mere inches away, grabbing your food and simply shoving it in. Baba was almost amazed at first, he too was just as hungry, but seeing you so unrestrained make him chuckle. He loved that you were more comfortable around him now, that you could be yourself. You stopped then, hearing him laugh. Realizing how crazily you’d just consumed your food, you swallowed and too laughed. He smiled, watching you laugh. It was then, seeing you like this, that made him realize just how deeply in love with you he was. Wanting nothing more than to see you just as content and comfortable with him for the rest of your life. 


You were spending the day with Ota in his studio, watching him paint. It only remained silent for a few moments before it seemed you had decided to finger paint. On Ota. You dipped your finger into one of the canisters, coating your finger in the thick liquid, and brushed it against his cheek. Ota turned to you then, and immediately dipped his own finger into the canister and rubbed it onto your nose. As payback. An all out war began then, the two of you grabbing separate canisters of paint and rubbing it against one another. Once the paint ran out however, the two of you looked at each other. You laughed then, and gave him a smile, the two of you completely covered in paint. The truth was that as he looked at you, smiling at him like that, seeing the absolute joy and wonder on your face, it caused his heart to swell. And he realized he wanted to see that look on your face as many times as he possibly could. In fact, it instantly became a new goal of his. To find as many ways in his lifetime to bring you joy, just so he could see that smile again. That was when he knew he was in love with you.


Eisuke had come home late one night after a particularly long conference he’d had. He entered the room as quietly as he possibly could, knowing you’d likely gone to bed hours ago. But when he walked in, he saw a single lamp on and you sitting at the table, your body slumped forward against the table. Fast asleep. He realized you’d probably tried to wait up for him, but had fallen asleep in the process. A smile crossed his face as he slowly walked forward towards your sleeping face, squatting down next to you so he could look up at you. You looked so beautifully peaceful that Eisuke himself felt at ease. He reached up and ran a hand through your hair, smiling more when you slightly stirred at his touch, a smile of your own reflecting on your face in your sleep. His heart skipped a beat, and for just a moment he felt like a young boy again. Giddy with joy and love. It dawned on him in that moment just how precious you were to him, how he wouldn’t be able to go on without you in his life.


It was snowing one day and the two of you were walking home, hand in hand. It had started to snow harder, large snowflakes coming down and scattering across the ground. You stopped in your tracks suddenly, letting go of his hand and walking towards a large mound of snow. He called after you, wondering if something was the matter. But you turned then, collecting some snow in your hand. You giggled as you decided to then throw a snowball at him, immersing the two of you into a snowball fight. He couldn’t help but laugh along with you, the two of you playing in the snow. You paused to reload your snowball ammunition, and it was then that Mamoru saw the look on your face. The smile that glowed on your face, and making him smile even more. You looked so happy, doing even such a small thing with him, and it was then that he realized how hard he’d fallen for you. Feeling more than anything a sense of joy he wasn’t sure he’d ever felt before meeting you. And it was then that he knew he would never be able to be apart from you, as you had become the very definition of his joy.