omg you're so cute and perfect

This is what a blessing looks like. 

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Omg you're awesome i love the way you draw usopp it's so cute and perfect 😻 I love your stories of one piece they're the combination of creativity and funny Pd: I don't speak english very well so i sorry if there are words or letters out of context (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

Also, thanks! 

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ok ok 1) i HaVE to have a recap' of the sexuality of each sign (it's for science) 2) i relate to scorp to a spiritual level that's so cliché shiit 3) i ship aries and cancer so freakin much 4) LotZ is so perfect i can't 5) you're perfect

1) aries: gay | taurus: bi | gem: pan | nye: undetermined | cancer: gay | leo: tragically straight | virgo: demisexual/romantic | libra: straight | scorpio: bi | sagittarius: pan | capricorn: bi | aquarius: ace/aro | pisces: straight

2) lol yay I’m so glad you like him

3) hmm they would be super cute together….

4) omg thank you


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Percy braiding Annabeth's hair

  • Annabeth loves it when he does her hair: it’s super relaxing
  • He’s actually really, really, good at doing really intricate braids 
  • He uses his knowledge of sailing ropes and knots to come up with some cool styles
  • When Annabeth tells him there’s a thing called a fishtail braid he Youtubes it and practices on Sally until he’s got it perfect, and then surprises Annabeth by doing it perfectly for her on the first try
  • “I’m just that good, Chase. It’s got fish in the name, of course I’m going to be epic at it.”
    “You’ve been watching Youtube tutorials again, haven’t you?”
    “…They suggested you wear this with a flower crown.”
  • But he fails epically at just doing a normal, boring, three-strand plait

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Hey, it's Kaylee (@marauder--harder) here and I am pretty sick rn (lol i got dysentery in Egypt) so was wondering if you had any Remus headcanons you'd like to share? Literally anything; domestic life, taking care of you when you're sick, how he is as a boyfriend, perfect dates, how he'd be around your parents. I just really need some Remus love rn. Thanks so much Cait! Much love, xoxo.

Omg babe!!!! I hope you feel better soon!! Maybe this will help, I tried to cover the whole ground <3

  • Remus would honestly be a great boyfriend because he’s got that mischievous side to him but he’s always really respectful 
  • So many cute dates omg like he’d save up for nice ones but you’d also go on really simple ones where you just window shop, or find some nice trails to hike on, or people-watch in Diagon Alley while eating Crackerjack and Chocolate Frogs (I need this in my life)
  • He’d always be on the lookout for ways he can help out with cooking, shopping, etc.
  • Remus Lupin makes a MEAN blueberry pie just FYI. it’s to die for and he’s known for it among your friends and this is totally canon 
  • He’s all for both of you pulling your weight in your relationship but when it comes to chores he can be a little lazy and you have to ask him to do things twice because he sometimes just forgets or accidentally takes a nap for seven hours (honestly same tho)
  • Nothing I repeat n o t h i n g makes him happier than when he comes home and sees you reading and wearing one of his huge sweaters
  • On the flip side sometimes you come home super late from Order missions but on those nights he always waits up for you to make sure you get back okay
  • Even if it’s 2am HE WILL BE AWAKE and probably eating a bowl of cereal in the kitchen in his pajamas looking sleepy but so??? cute????
  • Big hugs all the time, Remus Lupin is an A+++ hugger
  • And if anyone knows what it’s like to feel sick af it’s him, so whenever you’re laid up in bed with something he makes you soup or whatever you want, makes sure there’s always tissues or a hot water bottle available, and is 1453463% down to give you a shoulder massage
  • In turn after full moons you take care of him in any way he needs (didn’t mean for that to sound sexual but oops here we are)
  • You’re each others’ Healers and you’ll do anything for each other at all times but especially if the other isn’t feeling well
  • And you know he’s the one and he knows you’re the one because you’ve literally seen each other at your worst and it only made your love grow stronger (my fucking hEART HELP)
  • He’d be really, really nervous to meet your parents though even though he’s brought flowers and wine and rehearsed what he’s going to say a million times
  • When you get dinner with them at a fancy restaurant he carries himself so well, says all the right things, and your parents love him 
  • And you know under all that confidence he’s shaking like a leaf, but never shows it
  • When you get home you assure him they loved him even before they all met and now they only love him more 
  • But still not as much as you do <3

Cait :) 

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God you're honestly so cool. multilingual, super cute but also handsome af, so friendly and open. So kind and a good supportive brother. Like not gonna lie, I'm hella jealous, but I'm focusing that jealousy to improve myself lol. I'm approaching life with "What would Carlos do?" attitude from here on forth.

Omg aaah :’O you’re too sweet. i dont think im the perfect role model tbh or see myself as greatly as that.. but omg i’m honoured and aa thank you, i really appreciate it that i’m somehow inspiring you in a good way but yeah omg!

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Ok, this isn't exactly on the list but... bellarke + "you're drunk" "maybe, but your freckles are still cute"

I tweaked the prompt a little. This is so soft and fluffy omg it’s almost too much even for me. 


It’s Clarke’s turn to take Bellamy home.

The task isn’t a huge burden. She enjoys leaving parties early and Bellamy lives close to her and she likes taking care of people, and she’s mildly in love with him so really, it fits all the criteria of a perfect task for her.

“Come on, Bell. Time to go.”

He slants his eyes down and she assumes he’s trying to look suggestive but he only manages to look half-asleep. “You’re taking me home, Princess?”

“I’m fucking trying to.”

He holds his hand out, as if he were a proper lad waiting to be helped into his chariot, and Clarke rolls her eyes before kicking at his foot. He scoffs and stands, wobbling like a baby deer. “Chivalry really is dead.”

Outside, its snowing, just light little flakes of powdery white. Luckily, they don’t have far to walk but it’s still freezing out. Clarke bundles up her coat and wraps her scarf around her neck, pulls on her gloves, momentarily forgetting about Bellamy while she gets herself together.

After she’s tugged on her knit hat with the little penguins on it, she looks up to find Bellamy watching her, his mouth ticked up in a grin.  

“Shut up. I’m cold!”

He scrunches his nose at her. “You’ve got snowflake freckles.”

“So do you.” She rubs at her face, which does nothing but melt the cold snow into her skin, making her shiver. Bellamy steps over, more solid on his feet now, probably sobering up from the cold.

“Here,” he wipes the rest of the snowflakes off her cheeks, lingering by the side of her mouth where one lone freckle rests. Then she does the same for him, gently swiping at his lower lashes where a few flakes have caught.

“Better.” She traces the apple of his cheek down to his jaw, runs her nail through the stubble on his chin. “When are you going to shave this off so I can see all your freckles?”  

“You like my freckles more than my beard?”

Clarke lets her eyes roam over his face, touches his forehead with soft fingers, curls his hair around his ear and caresses the side of his neck. He’s got freckles there, too. “They’re cute.”

With a laugh, he shakes his head, drops his head a little to nudge his forehead against her temple. “I thought you’d like the beard.”

“I do. You’re cute. You’re cute either way.” She pinches his shoulder. “Don’t be so dramatic.”  

He wraps his arm around her waist and she doesn’t hesitate to step right into him and let him cuddle her up. It’s warm there, surrounded by him. She could stay like that forever.

“Are you drunk?”

“Not really. Are you?”

“Yes, but not enough that I don’t know exactly what the hell I’m doing right now.”

“What the hell are you doing?” Clarke asks, a little cheeky.

His laugh is warm and easy and he kisses her hair. “If you have to ask, I’m not doing a very good job.”

“Maybe I’m just bad at this game. Give me another clue.”

He kisses her forehead.

“Gimme another.”

He bites his lip on a smile before kissing her on the nose.

“One more.”

He kisses her eyelids when they flutter shut and then trails his mouth along the curve of her face, kissing the little freckle by the edge of her mouth before touching his mouth to hers, soft and hesitant until Clarke pushes back, opens her mouth and licks at his bottom lip. He slips his tongue into her mouth and cups the back of her neck, blunt nails scraping the sensitive skin there and Clarke doesn’t shiver from the cold this time.

When he pulls back, his nose is red and he blinks his eyes open a few times, like he’s waking from a dream. “You get it, now, Princess?”  

“Yea, I got it, Bellamy. Now take me the fuck home.”

“You’re supposed to be taking me home.”

“Take me to a bed. I don’t care where it is.”

He ducks in for another kiss, and then he walks her to his place and he helps keep her warm all night.  

Okay… I’M DEAD !! Look how cute Atsuya is in this poster ! Just look at him. He loves so much ice cream. And the way Shirou is looking at him… Omg… My babies are too BEAUTIFUL together !! 😭😭 You can’t know how happy I’m with this poster. This is way too adorable, and I’m so happy there’s one like that ‘cause this shows how close they’re. I need it. Sorry dad. No choice. 

Come on Cas, it’s just prom, not the end of the world

This is my second amazing commission from linneart, it’s the last one for now but definitely looking forward to working with her again if I ever need another commission ;)

It’s the same idea as my first one, this time it’s them from ‘Free to Be You and Me’, which is season five where they were actually dealing with the end of the world. Get it? Anyways, the only thing world ending in that high school is probably not getting a date for prom. I am so happy that I got my two perfect and amazing commissions from such a talented artist and cool person. Thanks!

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I just see your charms and OMG IT'S SO CUTE !!!!!!!!! THOSE LITTLE BABIES SO CUTE SO SMOL !!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Please, tell me that you deliver those perfect little things in France ;-; My French heart desperatly need those cute babies...(By the way, you're great, I love your art, keep going gorgeous ! <3)

Thank you!!! 

I have good news and bad news for you.. the bad news is the charms I got today were for people who pre-ordered them back in April.   The good news is I might sell them again this summer!     I do ship to France but the shipping will probably be expensive 

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Positive story time! I'm the anon who asked for masculine positivity, I talked about these insecurities with my boyfriend and he said "Dude, stop being so paranoid, ok? You're my fucking prince charming, I love it when you treat me like a princess and you're perfect just the way you are" i probably have the silliest smile in my face right now

OMG yes!!! I’m all for that cuteness!! - Matthew

shingeki-no-murasakikyojin submitted:

Because I was never able to forget that ‘awkward braces midorima’ tag. (This was very fun to draw hahaha.)

(Also, I love your blog so much! I check it daily, and it always brighten up my day. I love KNB so much, and it has taken over my life. I am now part of my college’s basketball team. I can never be free.)

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can you do a "you're mine and i don't share" with Tom Holland X reader where the reader is jealous of zendaya

tom holland + this prompt list

warning: none ??

word count: 437

note: zendaya is actual perfection im so ??? (also, is it just me who thinks she’d be so cute with harrison?? omg)

Y/N thought being in Atlanta with her boyfriend, Tom would be amazing, and it was, until she met some of his co-stars. Well, one in particular. Zendaya. It wasn’t that Zendaya wasn’t nice to Y/N or anything like that, it was just that she had formed a very close relationship with Tom. 

Y/N wasn’t usually one to get jealous, she was used to people crushing/flirting with her boyfriend. I mean, he was Spider-Man. But this time was different. This time he was flirting back, well, at least that’s what Y/N thought. Zendaya was just so beautiful, and so funny and kind. She had Y/N doubting her whole relationship with Tom. 

“Tom, quick! Pass the ball!” Zendaya shouts from across the pool, Tom does as instructed, passing the ball to her in time to avoid the tackle from Harrison. She catches it perfectly, throwing it straight into the basket. “This isn’t fair! It’s two against one!” Harrison whines. “Too bad, buddy.” Tom says, giving his best friend a pat on the back before swimming over to hi-five Zendaya. 

“Y/N! There you are! Come be on my team!” Harrison shouts as Y/N finally joins her friends. She shakes her head and takes a seat on a sun lounger close to the pool. “I’m good here, thanks Harrison.” He pouts at her before carrying on with the game. 

Y/N sat and watched her boyfriend flirt with his co-star, slowly and slowly getting more upset. Tom finally took a break from the game, joining Y/N on the sun lounger next to hers. “You okay, babe?” She nodded her head, not looking at him. “You sure? You don’t seem okay?” Tom asked, leaning closer to his girlfriend. “I’m fine.” She snapped at him. He promptly stood up, grabbing her hand and leading her inside. 

“Tell me what’s wrong.” He says, more of a demand than a question. She huffed at him and folded her arms across her chest. “You’re mine, and I don’t share.” She whispered, finally looking him in the eye. Tom furrowed his eyebrows to her. “Where’s that come from? I’m confused.” Y/N sighed, looking at the floor again.

“You’ve been flirting with Zendaya since you met her, and I’m starting to think you prefer her to me.” She finally admits. Tom sighs, pulling her into a hug immediately. “Don’t be silly, Y/N. Zendaya is just my co-star, just a friend. But you, my love, are my amazing, beautiful, intelligent girlfriend whom I love so much. Please never think like that.” She smiles up to Tom, before he places a soft kiss on her forehead. “I love you too, Spider-boy.” 

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Okay so I originally followed you because of your sheith fanarts (which I absolutely love by the way, oh my god) but I somehow never realized that you did pjo work? Let alone jasico like???? I'm so excited omg! Your art is so good and your Nico and Jason are so so perfect I'm gonna cry wow wow wow but yeah... Keep up the good work, you're amazing! <3

Oh my lord. I mean, I’m trying so hard not to get emotional or anything when jason and nico are mentioned but from this Greek Hall of Fame alone… 

HAHHAHAHHA I think that speaks a lot lmao They’re so cute and adorable! So thank you! jasico is my life :((( 

Larry Chat | Harry and Louis are elounor shippers
  • Louis : OMG HARRY
  • Harry : What?
  • Harry : Are you okay, Louis?
  • Harry : I SHIP YOU TOO
  • Louis : HEY HARRY
  • Harry : WHAT
  • Louis : Do you know what I really ship?
  • Harry : Me and you?
  • Louis : You when you kiss me