omg you're 20 years old

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OMG you're so fucking gross lol..... You're actually supporting a 20 something year old guy being in a relationship with a young impressionable female.... That's really gross lmao why don't u want to protect young females from dangerous predatory older guys

I support Lydia’s relationship with Parrish because of many reasons, and that includes the fact that Lydia Martin isn’t an ‘impressionable’ female. She’s more mature, strong and wise than half the fucking fandom, including you it seems.

Parrish is not predatory. If he were predatory, he would be attempting to control Lydia’s actions, he would be constantly the one seeking her out, telling her to spend time with him and he would essentially abuse and victimise her.

Parrish has never done ANYTHING bad to Lydia. So if you’re going to use a term, at least understand what it means before making a fool of yourself.

IF Lydia were naive, impressionable and weak in the sense that she couldn’t stand up for herself (and especially if Parrish were manipulative) I would 100% be against the relationship, however that is NOT the case.

So either A) we haven’t been watching the same show or B) You just need to grow up.

Either way, nice attempt at trolling.

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