omg you two stop being so adorable

BTOB: dating Minhyuk would include

•  so you’d probably have that vibe of ‘wow I don’t think we could ever be more than friends’
•  bc he tells you everything so it’s kinda weird if you started to date and already knew all his habits and go-to pickup lines and favorite kinds of foods
•  but then again you noticed how his mood changed when you tell him you have a date
•  or when other people get too close to you
•  or when he couldn’t take it anymore so he just kissed you one night and walked off bc he thought you’d never talk to him again
•  but little did he know!!!!! that you loved that boy more than anything
•  and everything fell into place when you felt his kiss linger on your parted lips, and that it just never felt right to be with someone else
•  so after fixing everything with each other and stopped being petty, it would bring you two even closer when you could freely kiss him whenever you wanted or told him that you loved him out of the blue
•  not that he won’t do the same, he’s always surprising you with affection
•  and it’s the CUTEST
•  yall are just like those adorable and awkward couple in kindergarten where he has to ask before kissing your cheek
•  omg he’ll put little flowers in your hair and call you a fairy
•  and asking for coloring books when you’re at cute restaurants
•  and like he’d ask his mom on what type of things he should purchase for your birthday bc he wants it to be special
•  “??? we’ve literally been best friends like our whole lives and you always get me the same thing”
•  *sliding a candy ring on your finger* “y/n, will you marry me?”
•  going on dates in the middle of the night bc nothing feels better than being pressed up next to you when the cold wind blows
•  though he’s terrified of scary movies, he’ll sit through the pain and watch
•  tries his hardest not to flinch but like……’re really torturing him
•  after the movie he’ll try to act all cool and unaffected
•  “I’ll always protect you, you have nothing to be scared of when you’re w/ me ;)))”
•  probably gets scared of pigeons when he’s on his way to bring you coffee in the morning
•  “Why do you look so shook??” “uhhh someone tried to mug me on my way over lol”
•  long cuddle sessions bc he can never get enough
•  the way he mumbles your name against your lips between kisses whooooo good shit
•  like he’s always scared to go further so he’d stop himself before it’s too late
•  “you always make me act like a hormonal teenage boy jfc”
•  has a huge smile on his face when he feeds you bc yes bae stay healthy you eat that meat!!!!
•  you better not ask him to go on scary amusement park rides bc he’ll be crying in your lap for hours
•  he’s always sly and trying to get some kisses
•  “I have a boo-boo on my lips, y/n :((” “I’m thirsty can I please have a kiss” “did you know kissing is more sanitary than holding hands………”
•  likes biting your shoulders a lot probably idk don’t ask
•  will come out of his comfort zone and cook something other than Ramen when wanting to impress you
•  he’ll wear a suit and everything and you’re like oooooo that’s all mine
•  this fool likes doing parkour around the house
•  *swoops in the living room* “PARKOUR” “You’re not spiderman jfc gimme my sandwich back!!!”
•  ahhh Minhyuk 💙

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- Why don’t we stop pretending that I’m brilliant and you’re simple, for one moment?


                  Wow, I just don’t quite believe it myself, that we actually hit this big for all these years we have been around here. It has been a hella big rollercoaster, and I appreciate everyone who still bears with us even through hard and good times. It feels great that we’re so welcomed around here and that most of you all like the portrayal of my dork here. It has now been around 8 years ( 10 in general ) since I made Natsu and sure has it been A LONG RIDE for both him as me, good times, bad times, even times when I felt of giving up. But we had the support, we were seen, and that’s what made me stay and work on him. I have always loved Natsu to bits, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have seen it through my squeals and posts about him here hehe.

I actually never believed we would reach this far, but well we did, and I’m happy for all the followers we have and still receive too!! As below there may be URL’s added, but if yours isn’t there, then don’t feel bad, WE LOVE YOU ALL GUYS, I SWEAR. And I really hope you all will stick around with us many more years forward !! :)

@starsfates  — Lanih, you really have got me feel so much better lately, and you really makes me smile a lot, I still can’t believe we had met before without knowing it and now when we are now here, many years later together like this, I just can’t stop thank the God for letting the fate bring us together. I’m glad that Lucy enjoys my Natsu as much as I enjoy you as my friend too. — I want you to know that you always has my back, and always my helping hand if you need it. You’re my Lucy, and I’m your silly Natsu, but together we’re a hella good team ♡  I love you girl

@angelic-sorano  — TJ ! My cookie crumble ! I’m so glad we have met and that you’re my friend for sure! You have so many ideas I can’t stop laugh and smile when I see you telling us all about them, you’re a good friend, and I never will regret being it either with you, keep on rocking girl

@ancientbled  — Aleea  Omg, Of course, you deserve to be talked about here too because damn you sure was a good support when I needed comfort, and I’m glad we’re friends, as much as I just adore our BROTP. I still can’t wait for more interact with you and never feel worried to send me an ask or two, or just talking with each other in OOC. I love you

@monarchus  — JEEEEENNYY ♡ Thank you for being there for me when I needed it, I just love our BROTP, and it just brings a smile upon my lips each time you talk about it with me too. I’ll always be here for you so don’t worry about coming to me when you need someone to talk to because you was there for me.

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                                          THANK YOU !! ♡

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I have a four year old daughter who's scared of storms, and I tried to make her feel better by saying that thunder was just Cliff playing bass. It turned into a history lesson. My husband was a little impressed by our girl bonding being jumping around to For Whom The Bell Tolls. Just thought you'd enjoy the story.

OMG parenting goals right here folks, that is adorable! 💕💕

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Okay so I know that a lot of people have been saying this too. But oh well I'm saying it too because my feels are through the roof after watching your video. You're so smol and cuuuuute like I can seriously imagine you with Jimin like acting weird and cute together. Like he nuzzles his face into your neck and you're just blushing and you two are just all smol and adorable AND OMFG I NEED TO STOP 😭❤️❤️

OMG GIRL DO YOU WANNA KILL ME? yOU Made me imagine it and I can’t get it out of my head now AND I’M CRYING 😭 thank you so much for watching the video and for being such a sweetheart 💛👭

So me and my girlfriend sat and waited for the bus on a bench, she then gave me a kiss on the cheek as a couple walked by and the guy in this couple just stopped dead in his tracks. Since we’ve gotten sorta used to people being homophobic gits we didn’t really care… But what this guy did was just adorable!

Guy: I LOVE YOU *and kisses his hands*

His annoyed girlfriend: OMG Can you please just not stop every two seconds!?

Guy: But these two girls are kissing and being adorable!

His annoyed girlfriend: Who cares!?

Guy: But love is love!

This sort of gave me hope in humanity again!