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anonymous: “DID SOMEONE SAY REQUESTS?! (。♥ ∇ ♥。)  I’d love you forever if you drew a sad shiro with tsukiyama and banjou comforting him in their own way? (LOVE your art btw! hhhhhh!)”

omg i know you sent in this request a long time ago…. :”D i loved it and i couldn’t get what i wanted for it! I still have other ideas. Anyways, it’s so cute! thank you! I think they probably know when to give him his space, and when he needs an outing.

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Oh, we can request fanfiction? Can you write something where Harry smokes and Draco does not get enough of him doing that?

HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN IN MY INBOX??? OMG!!! I’m so sorry, I didn’t get a notification for this and I can tell that it’s been here a long time because there’s an ask above it that was a test ask from a friend because they thought their asks weren’t sending and THAT was AGES ago, so I guess when I looked at my inbox to check that, I must have just not seen this sitting below it because there are so many old asks in here that didn’t need to be answered bc I never delete anything… I’m so sorry!! Don’t tell me how long it’s been there… I’m going to live in denial land and pretend that it just popped up and tumblr ALWAYS notifies me because tumblr is SO GOOD and yeah lets pretend this never happened… (sorry. you’ve probably already had someone else write this haha)

The bar was dimly lit, and the lilting notes of the saxophone curled through the air like smoke. Draco didn’t have much choice about where he found employment these days — the mark on his arm assured him of that — but he had chosen this. A dingy Muggle bar in the middle of nowhere; where better for an outcast like himself to hide away from everything he’d ever known?

If nothing else, it was a suitable place to while away the years until his name and all unpleasantries associated with it was finally forgotten. Time had no meaning here. The patrons drank and smoked from the second they walked through the doors to the second they stumbled back outside into the quiet night; whatever other duties and obligations their lives contained did not enter through those doors with them. They came here to forget, and Draco was more than willing to help them on their way.

It was for this reason, perhaps, that the sight of a familiar face made his heart stutter and his chest ache with fear and a disturbing sort of longing.

The moment Potter spotted him at the bar, he froze. He was the only person behind the counter, and so their interaction was both inevitable and mercifully stripped of any meaning beyond a simple transaction. And yet, it was personal — it always was with Potter.

“Malfoy,” Potter said, his eyebrows drawing down in confusion.

Draco barely even noticed the way the light fell alluringly across his face, or the way his cheekbones seemed so much sharper, harsher — more attractive — than they had in school. He barely noticed at all.

“I didn’t expect to find you here.” Potter was still talking, and Draco forced his mind away from Potter’s deep green eyes and back to the present.

Potter was sitting down in front of him at the counter. Small drops of water slid down his leather jacket — it must be raining outside, Draco thought, a touch deliriously. He gave his head a small shake.

“No,” he drawled, doing his best to affect the sneer Potter would no doubt remember him for. “I could say the same for you. Passing through?”

Potter shook his head, a strange little smirk on his features. “Just moved to the area.”

Draco’s eyebrows shot up of their own accord. “You moved here?” He turned to look at the entrance, where the grimy windows did nothing to conceal the wintry, dead street outside. “Of your own free will?”

Potter laughed, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a slim, metal case. “Yes. Signed the contract with my own two hands and everything. Double shot of whiskey, thanks. Neat.”

Draco pulled up a glass and selected — a touch spitefully — top shelf scotch that was no doubt not the price Potter had intended.

Potter took the glass, sipped, and gave an obscene sigh of appreciation. “Just what I needed. Thanks.”

He flipped open the lid to the box, and Draco saw it was filled with several thin, black cigarettes.

No. Draco’s head whipped up to face Potter, and he stared at him in surprise — not cigarettes. Cigars. Potter was smoking cigars.

“Want one?” Potter held out the tin to Draco, who shook his head mutely.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Potter laughed again, and the sound didn’t fit with the filthy counter top or the wailing jazz. It was a sound made for racing on broomsticks above the mountaintops. “Take one. And can I buy you a drink? It brings out the flavour of the whiskey — it would be a shame to have it on its own.”

Draco looked around the bar, but no one was waiting. Slowly, feeling as though he was caught in a dream, he reached out to take the cigar from Potter’s hand. It was the same size as a cigarette, but Draco could already smell the rich aroma that made him think of his father’s locked study door. He poured himself a shot of the same, clinked his glass against Potters, and took a sip.

When Potter flicked the lighter and held it out to him, he felt his heart start to hammer wildly in his chest. Looking anywhere but into those green eyes, he leaned forward into the flame.

Potter pocketed the lighter, inhaled, and blew carefully out, a satisfied smirk on his lips. It had been a while since Draco had been offered a cigar, and he relished the taste of the sweet smoke in his mouth, on his tongue.

“Nice?” Potter asked.

Draco nodded, his eyes dropping to Potter’s lips, unable to keep himself from noticing the way they curled around the cigar, caressing it, before parting to blow gently forward. In an attempt to regain some control over the situation, Draco blew three small smoke rings, smirking as they dissolved against Potter’s face.

When his eyes met Potter’s, the look he found there turned his knees into jelly, and he found himself unable to look away. The smoke drifted around the two of them like fog, and Draco was hit with the inevitable knowledge that whenever he now smelled that uniquely decadent smell he would think of Potter.

Potter lifted his glass and swallowed the remaining liquid in one go, his throat highlighted for a moment in the glow of the broken chandelier.

“I’m afraid I have to go.” His mouth twisted into a regretful grimace. “I was only stopping in.”

Draco pushed himself back up from the counter and took a step back. “Good to see you again.”

Potter grabbed a napkin from the beaten up tin on the edge of the counter and scribbled something on it. Then he handed it to Draco with a hesitant smile.

“That’s my address, if you’re free to come over some time.”

Draco took the slip of paper before his mind had registered what his hands were doing. He swallowed. “Thank you.”

Potter grinned, and something passed between them — something that felt out of place in this crumbling ruin of abandoned dreams. The new light in Potter’s eyes told him that he had felt it too.

With a shy wink, Potter slid some notes across the counter and left.

Auston Matthews #16

Requested by Anon:  Hey!! I love absolutely everything you write!! I was wondering if you could write a Auston Matthews one were he’s sad about his goal drought and the reader comforts him or something like that. ❤️❤️

*Hiii!! OMG This was from such a long time ago! I can’t believe I missed this one. I’m so so sorry and thank you very much. This is very sweet, I guess. I hope you like it! Enjoy. :)*

Word count: 830

Originally posted by mttymrts

The door banging had gotten so normal in your house that when it happened again, a few seconds ago, you didn’t even flinch anymore. The first time Auston banged the door, you almost fell from the couch – it literally sounded like a bomb went off, just imagine the power those massive muscles held. Now, though, you can sleep through the night even if he banged his way down to the living room.

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Why do you Get Jealous // E.D

Requested by: mynameisandyy 

Hi! Can u do an imagine of y/n getting jealous of a fan because she kissed her boyfriend Ethan on the lips. And ethan being cute confronts the fan and fix things with y/n. Thanks ❤️ i love the way you write omg 💗💗😵🔫

A/N: you requested this such a long time ago, I’m so sorry it is coming so late. But It’s here so i hope you like it. thank you so much for requesting.  

Warnings : none 

Pairing: Ethan Dolan 

a/n : also in my last imagine where i wrote it in a different writing style you all seemed to like it since it got more notes than my other ones, so here is another imagine. enjoy lovies  

You always enjoyed going out around Los Angeles with your boyfriend Ethan, but he always gets stopped by fans. And you know it’s not his fault. He just happens to be a famous Youtuber. 

Although you do love the fans and love how happy he gets around them, it would be nice if you guys went out and could enjoy your day without interruptions. 

Honestly Ethan loves his fans, you love his fans, and his fans love you. But sometimes some fans take it to far. Touching him for longer than needed, giving you death glares saying watch this. And it pisses you right off. 

Telling Ethan would be the smartest but he’d just tell you that they are just being friendly. Sounds selfish, but Ethan doesn’t need to be touched or grabbed in ways only you should do. 

Today was just one of the same days as before. You go out with Ethan and fans touch him and death glares and blah blah blah. You get the point, right? 

But one fan in particular really knew what she was doing and she made sure that you were paying attention, I mean how could you not. 

You watch her closely as she runs her fingers down Ethan’s left arm, instantly grabbing his attention. He smiles at her, a look on his face you’ve never seen before. He’s never looked at you like that before…what the fuck

You look down slightly embarrassed, you take a few breaths in calming yourself before looking up. You couldn’t believe your eyes as you vision cleared on the fan and Ethan. Her lips against your boyfriends.

You walked away fast, angry. You couldn’t believe the audacity she had. What a-

“Y/N WAIT!” Ethan calls. As much as you try to pick up your speed he still catches up to you. “Babe listen.” 

“What.” You growl. You voice laced with angry and sadness.

“You know I would never do that to you. She kissed me, I pulled away,” He says softly. “I would never intend to hurt you.”

“I know.” You whisper. “It’s just.”

“It’s just what baby?”

“You looked at her and a way I’ve never seen you look at me.”

“You get jealous to easily. The way you saw it was on an angle, I looked at her as I look at all my fans.” He says giving you a small smile. 

He walked back to the group of girls and you slowly made your way towards them. You watched as Ethan pulled the one fan away and the other girls swarmed around you hugging you. 

The other fan walked away angry and he stood there a few minutes. You walked over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder, running your hand down his arm until your hands were interlocked. 

Today may of been like any other day but one thing is for sure: Ethan is going anywhere. 

Cultural Differences on Pixiv
  • Me: *submits request to Japanese artist*
  • Me: *waiting 1-3 weeks*
  • Japanese artist: Thank you very much for asking instead of just stealing my art!*writes message in perfect English.* Sorry for my bad English! I really love [series mentioned in your template] too! I would be happy to share with someone who is so polite and is a fan of [series mentioned in your template]. *conversation about favorite anime and questions about each other's cultures continues for weeks*
  • Me: *submits request to Chinese artist*
  • Me: *waits 24.0001 hours*
  • Chinese artist: OMG, I'm so sorry for the late reply! Yes. Okay. Agreeable. Thank you! *writes same message in perfect English* Sorry for my bad English!
  • Me: *submits request to Korean artist*
  • Korean artist: *casually writing in perfect English* Hey, what's up? Thanks for the compliment! Sure, share whatever you want man. lol, I thought the picture sucked, but whatever floats your boat. *referring to an image voted into the top 10 global rankings 2 days ago* As long as you don't claim it as your own work, everything is cool. Come back any time if you want to repost more or just chat or whatever. You can use English, btw. lol.

lapidottrash2001  asked:

Hi I'm the anon that requested that holiday one. How about the RFA+v+Saeran and their favorite way to spend time with mc.

A/N: Sorry I took so long on this! I’ve been busy (I was supposed to work on this a few nights ago and I ended up falling asleep cause I felt sick ;~;) Itold404thatI’dsendhersomethinginfiveminutesandIfellasleepinthattimeframesomehow but hERE IT IS!!! Love you guys lots <3 –Admin 626


  • Most people think it’s playing video games with mc
    • bUT YOU’RE WRONG fightme
  • he actually really loves cooking and baking with you!
  • You usally cook dinner while he bakes a dessert!
    • So many giggles and kisses, omg my heart, stop being so cute you two
  • Youtwolooksocuteinapronshonestlygetawayfromme
    • Yoosunng’sfavoriteiswhenyoucookwithjustanapronon*lennyface*
  • YoufeedhimanutritiousdietsohecangofightoffthoseLOLOLmonstersallnight
  • B A K E O F F (of course there is did u expect any less)
    • You two will DESTROY each other
    • heusuallyletsyouwinbecauseyousmilesomuchandohmygodyourehisentireworld
  • Yoosung’s decorating skills are amazing though and you can never beat them
  • One day he actually bakes you cupcakes and decorates them with pokemon faces!!! (Admin626here,Admin404didthisonmybirthdayafewyearsago,shesthebest)
  • There are a few cupcakes that have pokeballs on them but he also put letters on them??
  • Thiswasntmeanttoturnintoaproposalitjusthappened 


  • This boy’s favorite time with you isn’t the frick frack or snuggling??? Omg who knew
  • Obviously he loves acting and you so one day he decideD TO COMBINE IT WOW HE’S A GENIUS exceptnotreally
  • He asks you to read lines from his script for his next role!!!
  • He loves it so much because you’resobadatacting because you’re so cute trying to act!
    • “MC this character is supposed to be sad, that doesn’t mean you roll around the ground sobbing”
    • “I’m trying to sell the role, Zen! You should learn more about acting” smhactorsdontevenknowhowtoact*eyeroll*
    • “MC being angry doesn’t mean you smash things, you’re not Hulk”
  • listen,,,, if ur telling me u wouldn’t use ur role as the romantic love interest to steal KISSES, UR WRONG
  • You never do it by the script though so you can catch him off guard
  • MCplsdontreleasethebeastyoucouldntwalkforliketwodayslasttime


  • Listen,,, surprisingly this little hoe’s favorite thing to do isn’t watching Zen movies?
  • wowbaeheewhatihaveidonetoyOURCHARACTERSOMEONESTOPME
  • She actually loves watching short horror films with you!!!
  • She loves the suspense, it always keeps her on edge
    • AlsotherewasonetimewhereyougotsoscaredyougotuponthesofaandrANACROSSTHECOFFEETABLETOTURNONTHELIGHTS
    • thisactuallyhappenedwithmycousinlastnightLMAO
  • your reactions are what make the entire thing for her tbh
    • you’re so jumpy and your squeals are the funniest thing omg
    • ithasnothingtodowiththefactthatyoucuddleuptoherwhenyou’rescared
  • honestly tho, she points out every plot hole or when someone does something stupid bc that’s Baehee for ya
    • “She just dropped her keys and didn’t go back for them??? She’s gonna get killed, good riddance”
    • baeheeno
  • afterwards she’s not scared at all because she’s this totally rational person and nothing like this fazes her
  • u on the other hand….
    • Well u can’t really sleep for the next few days suckstosuck
  • Unleeessss you crawl into Jaehee’s bed and she spoons you
    • Sleep comes so much more easily when you can feel her warmth pressed against her back
  • andthisiswhyJaeheeshowsyoutheshorthorrorfilmstobeginwith


  • okay this technically isn’t with just MC but bear with me,,,
  • Saturday nights, jaehee closes her shop early and the entire RFA gang hangs out and watches movies projected on the wall <3
    • Imeanyouguysusuallyneveractuallyendupwatchingbutstill
  • The room is dimly lit, super warm atmosphere!
    • Seven is forcibly cuddling up to Saeran
    • Zen is helping Jaehee pour drinks for everyone
    • V’s just sitting there, blind and all
    • Jumin is sitting in the usual armchair, and you’re on his lap snuggled up to him <3
  • There’s so many jokes and laughs and his heart is just so warm
  • He’ll never say it but you guys are his family and he absolutely treasures this time together 


  • Snuggle
  • S N U G G L E
  • S N U G G L E
  • Considering the amount of work he usually has to do, this boy loves nothing more than unwinding down with you and snuggling
    • You’re so warm and you smell like vanilla because you always bake stuff for him <3
  • He’s a switch but after working on a project, he loves being the little spoon
    • Ingeneralhelovesbeingbabiedbyyou
  • Helovesthatyou’realwaystherewhenhe’sdonewithworkbecausehecanjustpickyouupandcarryyoutobed
  • Every time you hug him from behind, he remembers that you’re home and oh my god it feels good to be home
  • Cansomeonejustprotecthislilboyhejustneedslove


  • Omg this little emo cutie right here, lemme tell y’all a little something about him
  • Any time he spends with you is his favorite way to spend time with you!
  • Movies? Definitely
    • Snuggles galore!!!
    • Heloveslisteningtoyousingalongtodisneysongsevenifyoureterrible
    • Hemouthsthewordstothesongscausehestoocooltosing
  • Walks? Oh boy oh boy
    • Hand holding omg, ur hand is so warm
    • And you always talk about your day!!!
    • You’re voice is 12/10 and he could listen to you all day
  • Snuggling? He wont admit to it but ur so soft omg what he is gonna do with himself
    • He loves when your legs are wrapped around him and you’re nuzzling his neck
    • He’s an absolute mess when you play with his hair, you’re going to kill him!
    • He’s a total big spoon and will just roll you over so he can wrap his arms around u and bury his face in ur hair
  • This boy is a cinnamon roll and needs to be protected at all costs


  • You guessed it
  • His favorite activity with u is taking pictures
  • Buuut! He’s not the one taking pictures, you are! (pLOT TWIST BET YOU DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING)
  • He gave you a polaroid camera for your birthday because you think polaroids are so cute!!!
    • You’recuterMC
  • You always take them at big events cause film is so expensive but that doesn’t ruin the fun for you!
    • V’s heart can’t take the smile you get on your face when you see a freshly printed out picture
    • Honestly ur so cute, how are u real
  • The cutest thing is when you write on the polaroids! You take so much to think about something that really captures the moment
  • Youalsostickyourtongueoutwhenyourethinkingandyoulookalildumbbutdamnyou’readorable
  • But he is absolute putty when you hand him a scrapbook album and it’s all about him
    • Hecriesbecausenoonehaseverbeensosweetohim
    • Andyoucrytoobecausethat’ssosad
    • Theresalotofcryingokay
  • Usually though he keeps all the pictures you’ve taken and puts them up on his living room wall <3

lovelyseijurou  asked:

May I request were the GOM are in long distance relationship, and they meet up with their female s/o first time? Thank you! Hope your day has been well ^^

hi, omg, i am so terribly sorry with how delayed this post is. i answered this post about a week ago, but i fell asleep on my bed writing it that it deleted everything when i woke up *cries*. i never got around to finishing it because school started again and so it is finally rest day and i have time to answer and i’m so happy for this thanks love! xxx (i made them meet once or twice bc i don’t rlly believe in ‘never-meeting-relationships’ so hope it’s okay!)

Kuroko Tetsuya: He stood at the entrance of the gates connected to your plane, externally composed, but internally worrying and fidgeting about. He held Nigou in his practice bag, shushing sporadically when he made a shuffling noise or a whine. He hasn’t met you in over six months, the last time being the Winter cup where your school had come to compete. You were the coach’s daughter and manager of the team, and the two of you had bumped into each other outside the stadium after Seirin won against your school. Instead of anger, or discomfort, you had gone up to him, thanked him for a great game and wished to play again together. He fell for your quiet grace, and exchanged emails and phone numbers, developing a closer relationship.

The intercom called out your plane number, and notified the enitre building of the exact time you and the rest of the passengers would be out. He readjusted the straps of his bag, the weight getting heavier and heavier each minute.

“Kuroko-kun!” Your voice reached out and was heard above the crowded people all rejoicing at being with their loved ones or being back home again. Kuroko put his bag down, stretching his arms out in time for you to jump into his arms, holding onto his neck as tightly as possible. He breathed onto your neck, smiling at your obvious excitement patting your hair down.

“Hello, ____-san, it’s been a while. I’ve missed you, a lot.”

Originally posted by maryjosez

Kise Ryouta: He tapped his foot up and down, anxiously waiting for your arrival. He had just come straight from his shoot, blond hair wind blown, with correction make up, and whatnot. He held a bouquet of flowers, although very uncommon in Japan, he had wanted to make you feel loved, since the two of you had been lacking it several days now. You were busy with your own school, and your own job, and the additional fact that you lived in a different country put a damper to his plans, and so endless texting, calling, and facetiming were the norm for the both of you. His blue phone rang, signaling either a message from you, or his manager. It was the latter, which greatly disappointed him, eyes downcast, he picked up the phone,

“I know, I know, we’re on a tight schedule, but I cant miss this day, y'know that mane-cchi san!”

“I understand, Kise-kun, but the producer really needs you here, asap. The next filming is soon and if you don’t make it by 3:00, you’re in big trouble! We’re both in big trouble!”

“She has to be coming out now! Just give us five more minutes! I pro-” He was abruptly cut off by a tapping on his shoulder.

“Hi, Ryouta-kun!” There you were, adorned in comfy clothes, in all your glory, standing before him. He missed his chance to be the first one to go to you, being caught up with his manager. He enveloped you in a hug, letting out a squeal.

“Ah! ____-cchi! I’ve missed you so much!”

Originally posted by abigayle12000

Midorima Shintaro: He pushed up his glasses, sighing at the delay of your plane. It had already been thirty minutes since he got there, and the lucky item for the day was getting heavier and heavier on his back: a big backpack full of mineral rocks. He met you once at a school event, where they took in international students for a month, and was assigned in a group project together. He expected language barriers, of course, but you was a fluent speaker, being of Japanese descent. He disliked you at first, being a bit loud and certainly unappreciative of his lucky items. He was able to get to know you through Takao, when he invited you to practice,and watched you shoot some hoops.

He hasn’t seen you in months now, the last time being the day you had to leave the school, and the day he confessed to you. There was more urging on your part, but he succeeded nonetheless. He noticed you looking around, and pushing up his glasses once more, he quietly walked over to you, a bit of relief and embarrassment glazing over his cheek.

“_____.” Your eyes lit up, hands clasping his forearms, and movng in to hug and kiss your cheek.

“Shintaro, long time no see! It’s been too long; I missed you!” His cheeks were ablaze, though he tentatively set his arms around your waist.

“I-I have missed you, too, nanodayo.”

Originally posted by mrspprincess

Aomine Daiki: He was already running late because of the ‘power nap’ he tried to take which turned into a three hour sleep, only awake since Satsuki was there to remind him with 47 messages your plane would be arriving soon. Still in a basketball jersey and sweat pants, he checked his phone every minute, watching for your message. Sighing angrily, he raced up the stairs of the airport, eyes swimming around, searching for your familiar face.

“You’re late, Daiki.” Foot tapping irritably on the surface of the concrete, arms crossed over your chest, and expression cloudy you stared at your huffing boyfriend. He grinned, scratching the back of his neck, footsteps slowing as he reached over to you. You were still as feisty as he could remember, and he couldn’t help but smirk at when you gave him an earful for being late to their practice game three months ago. Coming from a foreign country to play against one of Japan’s best, you were most excited to see how tough the competition would be for your boys, but first impressions were never your strong point. What started with a roocky start led to something definitely what you weren’t expecting.

“Ah, I fell asleep.” It was your turn to huff out a sigh of indignation.

“It’s been three months and that’s all you say to me?” He languidly stretched his arms towards you, bringing you into a tight grasp, and buried his head into the crook of your neck.

“I’ve missed you so damn much, babe.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his toned waist. Drinking in the sight and feeling of your boyfriend, you let go, kissing him once.

“By the way, Satsuki-chan called. As punishment for being late, we’re going shopping together; all three of us!”

Originally posted by myworld-mysadimperfection

Murasakibara Atsushi: Snacking on his Maiubo, the two feet giant waited impatiently at the restaurant you two promised to meet up at. Since you were aware the purple haired boy wouldn’t be up for waiting at the airport, he might as well wait somewhere he was comfortable at. You raced to the restaurant, already ten minutes late your promised time. Pushing back your hair, your eyes scanned around the room for a tall, hungry purple boy. You spotted him on the table right near the kitchen, lazily talking to someone on the phone. His enormous figure was hunched, chin resting on the white table cover, and eyes half lidded. You gingerly walked over to him, nervousness finally resting in your stomach. You haven’t seen him for so long, it was like you were meeting him for the first time again. He noticed your footsteps, lilac eyes blinking up towards you.

“Aka-chin, I gotta go. _____ -chins finally here.” He promptly hung up, and slowly rose from his chair. Although it had only been ten minutes, every minute seemed like an hour to Murasakibara.

“You’re late, ____-chin.” Your cheeks turn red, as you walk closer towards him.

“Well, I wouldn’t have been late if you agreed to meet up somewhere near the airport.” He shrugged his shoulders, hands itching to touch you and embrace you tightly.

“I like this restaurant. It’s where we met.” You lunged at your boyfriend, burrying your face into his abdomen. Murasakibara could be so sweet without realizing it himself, and you figured you could forgive him for today.

“I missed you, you big giant.” He patted your head, bringing his arms around your figure.

“Me, too, ____-chin. But can we eat first? I’m starving.”  

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Akashi Seijurou: It’s been a few weeks since he was informed you were coming back for another two months. He initially thought to surprise you with him going to your home, but busy scheduling would not allow it, and so Akashi was forced to wait till your summer vacation started in May. Since his started on the end of July, and yours ended early August, he had plenty of time to use to introduce you to Japan and his friends, as well as obtain some time alone with each other. Coming straight from basketball practice, Akashi was still in his school uniform when he arrived at the airport. Practice ran a bit longer than expected, and he would have been late if he returned home to change his appearance. His red locks a bit damp from the shower, he waited patiently for you. You came out, a bit groggy and still jet lagged from the plane, looking for your boyfriend. Red immediately caught your eyes, and you wasted no time in throwing your arms around Akashi’s neck. He caught you by your waist, smiling down at you.

“Hello, _____. I’ve missed you terribly and I apologize for my appearance. We just finished practice.” You smiled, shaking your head in response.

“I don’t care about what you’re wearing Seijurou! I missed you so much; how is everyone? Are they all well?” Caressing your cheek, he answered each question with detail, knowing how much you enjoyed hearing about his friends and teammates. Taking your luggage, the two of you headed out to the elevator, leading to his black car.

“You must be tired, love, I’ll escort you home. We can talk more tomorrow, at this new restaurant that opened near my house. I’ll see you at seven.”

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You Heard Me (Jack Gilinsky)

omg ok so I’ve been like stalking your blog for the last two days and I love everything I’ve seen. I was wondering if I could get an imagine where you’re touching yourself and your bff jack comes over and hears you moaning his name but then gets upset cuz this whole time he thought you liked the other jack so when he hears you he gets really turned on and then you moan his last name and then you can take it from there maybe 😚 please pleaseee and I’m sorry for the long request 😅🙏🏻


Request By: @ayyashslay

Preface: I’m bad at writing graphic stuff, I get a lil’ shy. Sry. 

It was a rare occurrence for you to feel the need to touch yourself. It was a rather taboo subject for you to even think about. However, you were home alone, and like always your thoughts traveled to your best friend Jack Johnson.

You instantly felt your blood pressure spike as images of Jack touching you flooded your mind. Oh god, you wanted that. You wanted to feel his dark hair brushing against your neck as he grinded on top of you, leaving open mouth kisses along your collarbone. 

You shut your door and immediately dive into your crisp clean sheets. You almost felt bad for ruining them, like you soon would, almost. 

The thoughts of Jack entered your mind once more as you slip your lace panties off. You fingers travel down your stomach, over your hips and to the place you need them the most, “Jack,” you mutter in a tone louder than you anticipated, “Ah, yes, Jack.” 

Jack Gilinsky 

I contemplated whether I should at least knock on the door but that thought quickly left my mind when I heard a distant moan within the house. I opened the front door as quietly as I could and proceeded to shut it behind me clicking the lock. Was I really walking into this? 

“Baby,” the voice was all too familiar. Her. I walk towards her room being as quiet as can be to investigate further, “Mm Jack, yeah, oh, yeah.” I stop in my footsteps when I hear the word ‘Jack’ leave her lips. It couldn’t be. I’m hearing things. 

“Jaaack.” No, I’m definitely hearing it. Clear as a bell. I press my ear against the door, feeling betrayed. How dare she moan my friend’s name, how dare she touch herself whilst thinking about him. Of course her and I were just best friends, but my feelings went so much deeper than that and this week of vacation kind of made me feel like she could have felt the same. Obviously not. 

“Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack oh god baby, I’m so close-” I feel my cheeks turn red with anger, “oh Jack-” I feel for the handle and just as I turn it she moans again, “GILINSKY.” 


Here you are. Yourself sweaty and embarrassed, the sheets drenched. Him red and surprised, jittery from the incident that just happened. You wish your life could just end right now. 

“I’m sorry,” you whisper breathlessly, “I-” 

Jack stops you, “it’s okay…I was actually worried it wasn’t me.” 

“Excuse me?” Your tone was more surprised that you anticipated. 

He steps forward, closer to the bed where your naked body lie underneath a single sheet, “you heard me.” 

Does anyone want a pt 2 with the sexy sex? Let me know ! - Bri 

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iKON reaction you stripping for them 🔥

A/n: I’m sorry for not posting omg and I feel like I’m always saying I’m sorry. I am honestly going to try and start writing and taking care of my request on here. I was planning on finishing request a long time ago but then I started writing a series on my new nct/smrookie blog . I got pretty into writing that series and I’m still writing that series but I really need to work on this blog so I’m trying to work on things! I hope the anon that requested this likes it and isn’t mad at me for taking sooooo long! I haven’t done this in a while so I really hope you guys love it :)

*Not my gifs. Credit to the owners*

B.I.: *GIF!!!!!!!!!* Honestly he would be in pure heaven, Hanbin would seriously enjoy you stripping for him. There’s literally nothing else for me to say, he’d just love it!

Originally posted by chocolatechanu

Bobby: He’d be super excited tbh but after awhile he’d calm down and say something like “how are you this sexy?” or something like that. 

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

Jinhwan: Literally gif, he’d be pretty excited! like just look at him in the front SHAKING THEM HIPS DAMN!!! 

Originally posted by pikaemily

Junhoe: Like most of the guys he’d be super into it, JUST LOOK AT THAT WINK! I can totally see him giving his gf/bf that wink while they’re stripping for him. 

Originally posted by junhoenuna

Yunhyeong: I can see him being really nervous and kinda giggly about it. Not that he wouldn’t like it or like seeing you this way, but he may just not know how to express it. He’d probably have a big smile on his face the whole time!

Originally posted by teambgasm

Donghyuk: He would either be SUPER nervous or SUPER into it. He may be a little nervous at first if you brought up the idea, but with each piece of clothing you take off he’d get more and more into it. 

Originally posted by ikon-pls

Chanwoo: This little bby would be SO NERVOUS! Because he’s young I just don’t see him being that into it. 

Originally posted by chanwooyeah

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OMG I just thought of something!!!!! What if Kacchan had a crush on someone just as violent as he is? (I originally thought of Moka Akashiya in her vampire form (really hoping you know Rosario Vampire)) what would he do?

I’m very sorry lovely, that croses a bit too much into requesting for me (and I don’t really remember much about Rosario Vampire, I watched a couple of episodes a looong time ago). I generally can tell you that it would depend on if they can work together or if their stubbornness causes them to clash. If it’s the latter part, I think the relationship wouldn’t really work (at leat not out without a lot of work), if it’s that they can work together, it depends on how well they can keep the balance between abandon and restraint.

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emma u do song translation requests?!? im sorry if not but omg... a long time ago I bought Pusu/Zips' album and it had an interesting song called "human experimentation" sang by sakata and for months ive wanted to know what it means but no ones seemed to have translated it... if i message u the Japanese lyrics could u translate it?? sorry if not but thanks!!

Hi anon! :O Could you send me the lyrics off anon and I can take a look at them and see if I think I can translate them~? Thanks in advance! :D

Spencer Reid | Stay The Night

A/N: for a spencer reid request it is smut so yeah. It’s also kind of bad.

You and the team had just finished a case. It was quite a rough one and you had lost your home keys while chasing the unsub. Spencer had offered for you to stay at his house and you accepted as long he didn’t mind.

In the morning you’d see your landlord and get a new key. Morgan had winked at you before he let you and Reid out in front of his apartment and you had rolled your eyes.

“Thanks again, Spence.” you smiled, as he carried your bag and put it into his bedroom. “Oh, no. I’ll take the couch.” you said, when he laid your bag on his bed.

“You’re my guest, (y/n). I don’t mind sleeping on the couch.” he said, shrugging his shoulders a bit.

“Neither do I.” you laughed, and he smiled softly before walking over to his closet; grabbing a pair of pajama trousers and a grey shirt. “Thanks.” you said, when he handed them to you and you made your way to his bathroom.

You changed quickly and folded your jeans and blouse – laying them with the rest of your stuff.

“You know,” Spencer started, entering his room again and looking down at you. “It’s a large bed, we could f-fit together.” he suggested, his cheeks turning a crimson colour in the dark litted room.

You nodded smiling shyly as the two of you climbed in his king sized bed. He turned off the light on his bedside table while you tried to get comfortable. You two were lying very close to each other in the large bed, but neither seemed to mind.

You weren’t facing him but he was slightly spooning you; your heart rate picked up fast.

“This was a horrible case.” he whispered, making you turn around and face him. You had a sad smile on your face and nodded.

“We did the best we could, Spence.” you sighed. “We still saved those other kids. They have a chance of living their lives happily.”

You reached up and touched his cheek swiftly, making his eyes a bit wider. You furrowed your eyebrows and glanced at lips, noticing he was doing the same. Leaning in your lips touched his gently and you felt him stiffen, so you pulled away.

“Spence, I’m sorry-“ you began, but he cut you off.

“N-no don’t be. It’s j-just I’ve never really – kissed someone before.” he stuttered, and you raised your eyebrows slightly.

“Why not?” you asked, as a sad look crossed his face.

“No one likes me like that.” he sighed. “I’m a nerd, remember?”

“I like you like that.” you said, again his eyes widened a bit. “You’re not a nerd, your smart and that’s an amazing thing, Spence.”

“R-really? You’re not just saying this to make me feel better?” he whispered, looking you in the eye. You smiled and shook your head, leaning in again and kissing him – soon he kissed back.

“I really like you, have for a while now.” you said, and he beamed at you, before wrapping his arms around you and burying his face in your neck – leaving soft kisses on your skin.

A soft moan escaped your lips and Spencer stopped, looking down at you as he rested on his elbows.

“I really like you too, (y/n).” he said, causing a smile to appear on your features. You grabbed the back of his neck and brought your lips to yours once again.

You pushed him back and straddled his hips; not once detaching your lips from his. You felt his erection starting to grow bigger and he gulped.

“If you don’t want to do anything that’s okay.” you said, looking into his brown orbs. “I won’t force you if you’re not ready.”

“N-no, I uh.. want to.” he said, you nodded and grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head. His eyes widened a bit when he saw your naked upper half and you grabbed his hand – leading it to your breast.

“Touch me.” you breathed, and he did, grabbing both your breasts and caressing them. Your head fell back as you grounded your hips into his.

You heard him moan and a smile spread on your features. You looked down again and rolled off of him as he hovered over your body. Quickly all your clothes came off and so did his.

“You want to?” you asked again, and he nodded his head swiftly while pressing his lips to your collarbone as he carefully entered you. He let out a grunt and a hiss, not used to the feeling while you moaned and arched your back.

“Am I doing it alright?” he asked, an anxious look on his face.

You let out a soft laugh and pulled him closer while nodding. “Move, please.” you said, and he did and started up a rhythm. You arched your back even further and moaned at the amazing feeling he was giving you.

The way you moaned and moved beneath Spencer gave him a happy feeling; and knowing he was doing it right. He’d never felt it like this before and you was grunting in pleasure.

“Oh, yes Spence.” you mumbled, incoherent words following after. Your orgasm built up and the two of you came at the same time. Moans and grunt heard throughout the bedroom.

Spencer collapsed onto of you and breathed heavily. “You’re amazing.” you breathed, running your hands through his hair lovingly.

“You’re perfect.”

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OMG, I LOVE REQUESTS!! Okay, so I wrote this stupid Ladybug x Chat Noir headcanon a long time ago where Chat is flirting ("Purrrincess, I was wondering, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?") and Ladybug just looks at him with the perfect poker face ("I don't know, let's test that theory.") and kicks him off the roof.

That sounds awful and terrible for Chat…
I love it

You know he dead

Robbie Kay- Prom (Part Two)

Author: peachyxpan

Warning(s): None

Requested: Yes (lexy2784: “Can i please have part 2 to Robbie Kay prom” and Anonymous: “Omg your imagine “Prom” I remember reading this a long time ago but I always wanted a part 2 😭 pleease”)

Summary: Determined to make up for his mistake, Robbie chases after what he knows is the best thing that had ever happened to him. He makes it his mission not only to get Y/N back, but to give her a night that will be worth remembering.

Words: 1276

Notes: Thank y’all so so much for requesting. I love you.  ❤️

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Mnemoshipping for the lovely thiefprincess! (* ˘⌣˘)◞ ♥ Because it was her birthday (forever ago though lmao sorry for taking so long), I tried to color it nicely~ I hope you like it! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

I kept thinking of Marik’s height when I was thinking about poses because he’s a giant compared to Yami/Yugi. I thought that the height difference would make adorable snuggling so there you go LOL




As I announced not too long ago, we will be interviewing the 1975 on their lollapalooza visit to the beautiful windy city.

Wanna get involved, here’s how:

-There are a couple of slots open for questions!

-I have a couple games in mind, but you can also share your ideas

-Gifts ideas - i wanna to give them something from US. (you and i)
[our ask and submit is open to your request <3]




EASY ENOUGH, RIGHT? Winner will be chosen July 30th at MIDNIGHT




it is also friday so send you all 

so a reeaaaallly long time ago @wiseofathena requested some more Sun and Stars Starco au and I just now got around to it sorry

I’m really proud of how this turned out :D :D :D

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I know you answered a question about BTS reaction to you falling asleep in their sweater and hugging a stuffed animal. Can I get the same question except it's with Block b? I just love your blog.


Sure! I hope you like it, sorry for the long wait! (I’ll have to write it once more…) 

Requests are OPEN! :)

I do not own any gifs

Zico: Coming home from work (since we all know how much time he put into his work) he would be really tired. He would walk up to the bed room and find you in one of his oversized sweaters, hugging the stuffed animal he gave you a couple of months ago, a smile would immediatley appear on his face. 

Kyung: He would wake you up to tell you that he is home. Even though the sight of you peacefully asleep made his heart warm, he loved seeing you awake and being happy that he was home. You on the other hand would not be so happy about someone disturbing your sleep. 

Taeil: Like Kyung, he would wake you up, but by accident. Falling over something (due to his sleeves being too long) making a noise that woke you up. You would not care too much about it though, just telling him to go to sleep. (which he gladly did, we all know how much he likes to sleep)

P.O: This tol and precious human would be a little conflicted, wondering whether or not to wake you up. He decided to take a few pictures of you, finding you so cute. He would proudly show you (and everyone else) how cute you are when you’re sleeping. 

Jaehyo: He would be so tired himself, so he would not pay that much attention to you other than thinking “Is that MY sweater?” before walking over to you and lay down, soon falling asleep. 

B Bomb: He would do everything to avoid you waking up. He would be really quiet and walk over to you, take a picture of you and then go to bed himself. If it was tour he came home from, he would wake you though. He would want to tell you how much he had missed you and then listen to everything you had to tell him. 

U Kwon: Like B Bomb he did not want to wake you up (even if he got home from tour), he would be quiet and walk over to you kissing your forehead and then probably fall asleep himself with a big smile on his face.

So Cancer Just ate too much chocolate...

Cancer: Omg omg *laughs* the cat just jumped into that bean bag!

Gemini: *laughs* yea it just went puff

Scorpio: *laughs*

Aqaurius: Cancer you seem a bit… um… twichy are you okay?

Cancer: *laughs* yea im fine… *smiles widely*

Scorpio: hmm what have you done Cancer?

Cancer: *smiles* nothingggg


Cancer: *giggles*

Virgo: *turns to Cancer* you? you did this?!

Cancer: Noooo why would i!!

Taurus: *runs in with empty chocolate boxes* SOMEONE JUST ATE ALL MY CHOCOLATES! I HAD 15 BOXES!



Cancer: no! Never! you have to catch me first! *runs away*

Virgo: im helping you taurus! *taurus and virgo run after cancer*


Aries: *jumps out of no where wearing a cape?* I SHALL SAVE YOU CANCER!

Libra: *laughing* omg! aries you a hero!

Capricorn: WHO TOOK MY RED SHIRT! *looks at aries*

Aries: oh shit… later cancer! *runs away*

Cancer: YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME! NEVERRRRR! *rips over pisces’ school bag* *starts taking out the books and throwing them at everyone*

Pisces: CANCER! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! *jumps onto cancer*

Gemini: *laughing* omg! *starts recording* this is so going on vines!