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Please excuse the amateur smut but I thought I'd try to give you what you want, so here's some quick and dirty pool table j2: Jensen doesn't waste any time. As soon as their friend goes out for a cigarette, he puts down his beer and unzips his pants. Jared turns around to Jensen's lips on his, pushing him back against the pool table. "Jay, wha-" "Shh, we gotta do this quick." He's hard and hot and needs inside Jared now. The jeans are too confining and far from the softness of Jared's ass.

He gets Jared’s pants down, grabbing at the flesh hungrily as he pants against him and pulls at Jensen’s green flannel shirt. “Fuck, Jay, okay-” Jensen turns him around so Jared leans over the pool table, legs spread so Jensen can take his place between his thighs. He spits on his hand to ease his way in but Jared is begging him please, please hurry.

He’s inside with a grunt, grabbing Jared’s hip bones with wet fingers and he feels so hot and tight. His friend could come back in a minute but he doesn’t care with Jared pushing back against him, knocking the pool balls off the table from grabbing at the fabric. He’s breathless, whining, “More, Jay, please.” Jensen kisses the sweaty, hot flesh of his neck. He grips the long hair in his fingers possessively as he pumps into his big boy. “Been thinking about this all night.”

He’s been so frustrated, trying not to stare at Jared’s perky ass, and now he’s so close, so… “Damn it, yes, J-jay-” Jared comes in his jeans before Jensen does, the way he likes so he can keep going, keep fucking his boy until finally he can’t take any more and fills his ass, bursting with needy moans against Jared’s shirt. He can hear footsteps outside and he pulls out quickly, zipping himself out as Jared turns around to fix himself.

He wipes his brow as their friend comes in, looking at the balls on the ground in confusion as Jared picks them up with a laugh. “I miss anything?” ///Anywayyyy I hope you enjoyed *runs offff*

13/100 moments in which Uee gives me all the feels