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taeyong x reader

word count: 1.8k (omg this is so long) 

genre: a smutty fluff (thats what it’s supposed to be but it turned out differently)(also i really hate the ending, i’m sorry maybe i can make a part two?)

theme: college

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anonymous asked:

hello there! i somehow managed to trap my character into smoking marijuana and idek know how lmaoo but do you have any writing tips on high to play a character while high on marijuana? thank you!

oH MY GOOSE ! I feel like I’ve waited my entire life for a question like this to happen. Homie, my homie. I have so many tips for you !! I’m gonna tell you everything i know, keep in mind i’m not like an expert but i have smoked for a while and i consider myself pretty knowledgeable but still, this is just my experience. pls forgive me if this doesn’t make too much sense sometimes it’s just hard to put an experience into words ya know ?


there are two major strains of weed indica & sativa - there are also hybrids which is just a mix of the two. the kind of weed you’re smoking will 112% affect your high. indica’s tend to be more relaxing, they’re a total body high where as sativas are uplifting they’re more of a cerebral high they’re great for being creative ! most people tend to smoke indica’s at night and sativa’s during the day - me included. ( if you wanna know more about different strains & how they grow as well as their effects and benefits watch this video 


  • alright listen when you’re playing a character that’s on a cerebral high you got know that there’s a lot of shit happening in your mind - whenever i smoke sativas i start thinking about every single thing i need to do and i write little to do lists for myself and notes for sober me. these are times when i can draw and write for hours on hours and not get bored of it. 
  • you don’t always feel a high in your body but your thoughts will wander all over the place, listening to music is 100 thousand times better and colors look so beautiful. that math homework you didn’t get before suddenly makes sense & you know exactly what you should write about for your english assignment. 
  • you feel a body high but it’s not as intense as with indica it’s more like a light buzzing the only way i can think to describe it is like you know when you put like a speaker on your chest and you feel the vibration it’s like that but it’s your own personal tune. 
  • a lot of times when i smoke sativa i think of really deep fake rational questions like can a vampire get high, i finally understand why that one friend i didn’t understand did this one thing they did, just random connections of things clicking in my mind. 
  • i also tend to just blurt out the first thing that comes through my mind without really thinking about it.  
  • munnnchies !! they’re apart of any high tbh the need to feed becomes very intense. 


  • india highs are different in the sense that they’re an entire body high. i always feel sort of in a fog when i smoke indicas but my body feels so good like i don’t usually have any aches and pains - so so good if you’re on your period omg take a bath and smoke some indica then curl up with a heating pad & nap yas its amaze. 
  • keep in mind indicas are downers so they make you a bit more lazy and sometimes - depends on the person they can make you very very sleepy 
  • i don’t usually talk as much during these high in fact it’s kind of hard for me to focus on what’s happening long enough to respond to a convo even if i wanted to 
  • if i ever get anxious on weed it’s usually an indica, i tend to feel uneasy in a new situation or if i’m around people i don’t know too well so i defs wouldn’t recommend putting your muse in a social setting if they’re smoking indica especially not for the first time. i mean unless you want them to feel like a super awkward turtle, like the entire world is coming after them and that evERYONE knows that they’re high bc clearly it’s written on their forehead. 
  • can’t forget the munchies man, even as i’m laying in bed barely keeping my eyes open i’ll be stuffing an oreo in my mouth. 


there are a couple ways to smoke either you can roll roll a joint or a blunt ( you’d use papers for joints they’re legit just thin pieces of paper & swishers or backwoods or any other tobacco/cigar type wrap you use for blunts ) you can smoke out of a pipe of some sort ( pipes are legit what you’re thinking they are they’re tubes with a little bowl piece to burn the weed and another where you inhale - pipes can be made into cute little designs i had an adorable elephant pipe his name was fredrickson #ripfreddy. there are also bongs which are long tubular pipes ( not for beginners but you can google pics of how they work ) if you’re a real pro you can make a pipe or a bong outta anything really starbursts, apples, soda bottles, pens - damn near anything. there’s also vaping, sometimes you buy a big vape machine or a small pen and smoke straight thc. there are also dabs which is smoking tbh in it’s oil form but that’s for another post. hit me back if you wanna know about dabs i’ll explain it to ya ! 


good question ! if you don’t wanna smoke or if your lungs aren’t too hot or whatever the case may be don’t worry homie you can still be a bonafide stoner. that’s what edibles are for ! edibles are just what they sound like it’s edible marijuana, aka cookies, cakes, brownies, suckers, caramels, rice crispy treats you name it ! if you can bake it, you can put weed in it. all you do is bake the cannabis until it’s dry and crumbly and then mix in water oil and butter and voilA you’ve got canabutter. you can use this butter to bake legit anything you want but it’s usually very strong. like half a brownie will knock you on your ass. edibles are not for beginners although some people think it’s funny to sneak an unsuspecting babe an edible. 


  • straight up edibles are not really like weed, they are but they’re not because they’re much, much, much more intense 
  • everything seems like such an amazing idea, adventures are usually a musT - pokemon go is an edible’s best friend i tell ya oH and puppies. play with a puppy when hella high it’ll change your life
  • honestly whenever i eat an edible i feel like i’m walking on a cloud legit nothing could ever get me down i’m so happy i could practically be funsine bear 
  • foOD IS MY BEST FRIEND. EDIBLES MAKE ME SO. HUNGRY. i get munchies whenever i smoke but an edible ? oh no if i’ve had one of those i can clear my entire fridge of food i feel famished 
  • i’m usually only super hype and up for about 4 hour as soon as i start to come down i come to a screeching halt *crying as i lay down in the sand* i wanna take a nap, im gonna take a nap right here. 
  • depending on how strong the edible is and how many i ate - dude if they’re hella good you cant even taste the weed and eat wAY too many and you go to sleep and wake up high it’s terrible but amazing. 


lucky for your bae marijuana’s come down is pretty chill most of the time i just get very, very sleepy and sometimes you just gotta give into the sleep and when you wake up sometimes i’ll feel refreshed and so ready to tackle the day/night sometimes not so much. if i smoked a lot before i go to bed i’ll wake up very groggy and almost hungover. like bright lights suck ass and my brain takes a million and one years to finally start up. 

annnd yeah holy moly…….. this got hella long but yeah that’s all that’s coming to mind rn i hope this helps you out sugarbooger and if you have anymore questions hit me up i could talk about this all day. 

anonymous asked:

Angelanon here. I meant like mc is angel who has to be on earth for some reason and so she doesnt need to eat which makes rfa(+v&saeran) worried but like positive emotions give her everything she needs and then she just shows/tells that shes angel

Thank you for your request! This is a weird one lol

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • He’s been so worried about you…You don’t even eat his omelet!
  • The only time you were looking like you were sick was when he was in his mother’s house, and he didn’t see you since I don’t know… Two days?
  • But after a little kiss…You suddenly got better?
  • He thinks this is weird.
  • Pretty weeeeird.
  • So he confronts you about it, and you’re tired of hiding it.
  • “Yoosung..I know this is weird, but…I’m…I’m an angel”
  • He opens his mouth 
  • Well…He believes it…
  • Yoosung always fell for a prank that Seven make…So this is quite normal.
  • And now he’ll hug you even more than he has done before!
  • He doesn’t want you to be bad ;(
  • And he’ll keep your secret!
  • Omg, he’s feeling so important right now


  • He’s very worried about you…
  • He knows… Sometimes he drinks or smoke, but he’ll stop…
  • But you’re not even eating, he’s eating!
  • You don’t seem that you’re sick, but he needs to make you eat…!
  • When he goes to you and hugs you, he doesn’t feel you weaker…Actually…STRONGER!
  • Maybe you heal as fast as he does?
  • But this is too fast…
  • But Zen will not give up!
  • Until the day you tell him that you’re an angel and everything
  • “Oh baby, i’m an angel too! We both have good lookings!”
  • He laughs and hugs you
  • “I have sure you’re hiding the fact that you’re eating from me!Must be junk food! Nooo ~~~ I’ll not see what you’re eating, but i’ll hug you every day as a reward!”
  • He kisses your forehead “I have to go now baby…See you later!”
  • And with that…He’s gone to rehearsals.
  • You could prove to him that you’re an actual angel? Yes.
  • But that’s no need for that, he’ll stop and give you love.
  • And Zen might think this is too strange…It’s better that way!


  • Ok, she hasn’t been so healthy, sometimes she overworks, sometimes she buys takeouts, she knows it.
  • But you…You just worry her.
  • And she’ll confront you, multiple times, but she’ll accept your excuse.
  • But not today, she’s really insisting.
  • You tell.
  • She froze, and laugh, saying that you should stop.
  • You prove to her…Showing your wings.
  • She froze again.
  • And you explain about the love and affection.
  • “…Just…You eat and i’ll take care of myself too…”
  • She walks away, she’s shocked.
  • She can’t believe it, she’ll believe this was all a dream…
  • Why she’s been like that? She believes that angels are real, it’s her religion…
  • But she’ll ignore that you’re an angel.
  • But every time she prays, she’ll pray with you, and believe that you’re her guardian angel.


  • Ok, he’ll not stop lecturing you about food.
  • He believes that a proper diet leads to a proper life.
  • He thinks it’s so weird how you never seem sick because of it!
  • But in a fight, you reveal the truth, you tell him about you being an angel, you reveal about how you need affection not food to survive.
  • This is too much for him to process.
  • He’s a logical guy.
  • Stop with this conversation.
  • You know showing proves to him only will get him worse.
  • He’ll start to question everything he knows, and this is not good.
  • He’ll make a deal, he’ll not talk about food again, but if he sees you sick, you’ll eat.
  • And you’ll go to him on all his trips, you know, you need affection and affection is a thing that he wants to give.
  • Even not believing you…Jumin  thinks you’re not of this world.
  • You’re too perfect.


  • He cannot lose you okay? So you have to eat.
  • And when he discuss with you, he’s so grumpy and angry that he’ll not talk to you.
  • So you get sick, and when he sees you, he feels bad for making you feel like that
  • Then he comes to you saying how sorry he was, kissing you, and you’re suddenly good…
  • He finds it weird.
  • Very weird.
  • So in another fight, you’re tired of holding this back, so you tell.
  • You tell everything to him.
  • He just can’t believe…But he smiles and kisses you.
  • He’ll not talk about you being an angel 
  • Sometimes he says “You fell on earth? Because you’re an angel”
  • He’ll not say anything about it.
  • You feel like he’s not taking you seriously.
  • But he believes in angels.
  • And you were like one.
  • You save his life, you bring light and joy.
  • If he was praying all along for angels like you…He’s willing to pray so much to thank god for giving him the best thing in his life…
  • You.


  • He can’t see that you’re not eating.
  • But every time he’ll eat, he knows that you’re not eating because he never listens to you say how hungry you’re or something.
  • You never talk about that, he never listens to you eating something, making something to eat.
  • Never!
  • When he confronts you, you can’t keep this hidden from him.
  • You tell everything.
  • He smiles, understanding, hugging you.
  • You don’t know why…Why he accepts this so… So easily.
  • V believe that angels are bright, happy, blessed.
  • You’re this to him.
  • You’re the best thing in his life.
  • And he already thought you were an angel before you said anything.
  • And he feels blessed, that you have chosen him to be your human.


  • He is always screaming with you, saying that you should eat!
  • He’s worried, this is the way he can show it.
  • Not even ice cream, you’re going to eat, OMG!
  • So you need to stop those fights, you’re tired of hearing those screams.
  • And tired of running to him to hug him and feel better…
  • When you tell, he laughs, saying that was not funny
  • “You learn that from who? Saeyoung?”
  • You seem serious.
  • He’ll run before you could even prove.
  • Don’t talk about this again.
  • He’ll not talk about food again.
  • He’ll say he doesn’t believe it and he doesn’t want to talk about it.
  • But every day he cuddles…Maybe he believes you? That’s why?
  • You felt like he wants to show affection…Maybe he doesn’t want you to feel bad.
  • Saeran believes one thing…That you make him happy.
  • Make him want to live.
  • You made his dark life be bright…
  • If this is what angels do…
  • You’re his angel then.

I Like Your Eyes

Word Count: 5,578

Warnings: mentions of alcohol. blowjob and handjob (like is that even a warning)

Summary: “You don’t even know me.” “But I want to.” Suddenly Phil’s hand is on Dan’s chest, his fingers splayed out as far as they can go. It’s settled right over his heart and they’re both looking at the contact. He’s sure Phil can feel the pounding of his heart by the small smile on his face. “Do you want to know me, Dan?”

A/N: this was so hard to write omg, i’m so sorry I just wanted to make it rly good ya feel? I hope I succeeded ok, proceed thx for reading & enjoy xx

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anonymous asked:

my mum found out i smoke n yeh ik its bad for me but like it helps w my anxiety n she keeps calling me a dissapointment and stuff n idk what to do

:((( i’m sry to hear that omg !! so yeah obviously smoking isn’t good for you, but you’re not an idiot, you know that. your mum is really handling this the wrong way, smoking genuinely doesn’t make you a disappointment at all. it doesn’t change who you are, it doesn’t suddenly make you a bad person. try not to believe everything she says in anger, okay? she really shouldn’t be calling you names over it, she should be actively trying to help you and that’s ultimately what it comes down to. like i can understand her not being happy about it, but she needs to understand why you turned to smoking and how to help you with your anxiety in a healthier way. it’s obviously all pretty raw right now but in time she’s going to come to terms with it, and maybe then you can approach her about it and tell her you need to see someone for your anxiety. i’m not going to tell you to quit smoking or anything bc it’s not my place, but just try to keep your health in the back of your mind and make the conscious effort to cut down a little if that’s possible :) i promise that this is not a hopeless situation and you and your mum are going to come to some sort of agreement or compromise once she stops acting so unproductively, she just needs to get it out of her system. it’s really not okay for her to be calling you names and treating you like shit over it, but i get that some parents are just like that and combating it can make it worse :/ that’s not to say you should just take it, but both you and your mum are in stressful circumstances rn and i do think eventually it’ll all calm down. i’ll leave a few links that might be able to help you when you’re feeling anxious, check them out if you want to. you’re going to be alright, just give your mum some time and don’t even entertain the idea of believing the bullshit she’s calling you. that’s not you, and just because she’s saying it doesn’t mean it’s true. i’m always here if you need to do, just hmu!!

anonymous asked:

Telling Dylan you have asthma so you can't be around him when he smokes, or in his car for very long?

omg this is gr8 (obviously asthma isn’t great but it’s a good topic)
-so when you two started dating dylan was really really concerned with making sure you didn’t see the darker sides of him or the things he thought you wouldn’t like
-this included smoking bc he knew it was a bad habit
-but once he chilled out a little he thought it would be fine to light one up around you every once in a while
-you really wanted him to like you so you didn’t say anything at first
-but when he asked you to go out to the smokers pit with him for the first time you knew you had to be honest
-so you told him you had asthma
-& that it was difficult to breathe around him when he was smoking
-& that car rides home with him were painful sometimes but you didn’t say anything bc you thought he’d be annoyed
-he’d feel so fucking bad and apologize a million times
-he’d tell you he honestly didn’t think he could quit but that he’d never light one up around you again

Here she is. Luminescence. 

But she prefers Lumie. 

She has the sweetness of Moonlight, but the temper of Lucid. 

She gets the mark on her cheek when she’s mad.

Lumie gets frustrated when people tease her to come from an incest relationship, causing at least 2 casualties, give or take. 

She acts cheerful and innocent most of the time, but really you should be running as far as you can… 

Lumie is bisexual.



Well anyway, I want to give some credit to @glitzerstift for supporting me on making her. 

But why wasn’t there Moocid kids before? I am ashamed of all of you. 


  • Moonlight- @reyindee
  • Lucid- @inashibe
  • Lumie- Me (@mkitkat)

Calum ha been looking so sad lately and it makes me feel sad. Like he’s drinking and smoking more and he doesn’t seem as happy as he used to be and honestly I just wanna be there for him ya know? Like I literally just want to give him a really big long hug and tell him that it’ll all be okay. I want him to vent and like be able to talk to me ya know? it’ll probably never happen because he doesn’t even know that I exist but it would be really nice if he even saw this. I just want him to know that he’s not alone and that there are so many people out there that love and care for him. Just wanna make sure he’s okay. I swear if I ever get to meet 5sos I’m going to treat them like I’m their mother omg I’d be like “Okay are you guys getting enough to eat? Are you sad? Is something making you upset? Do you wanna talk about it? Like I’d be THAT person lmfao. But yeah. And also I would just like to throw it out there that even though smoking isn’t good for you Calum is allowed to do whatever the hell he wants too.