omg you guys stahp

Leaks to Episode 3

Sooo silly ole hangry me went to reddit and started lurking as usual and Tadah… I saw the detailed leak on Episode 3. I was kinda excited and ventured further and well it seems like a frosty first meeting.

OMG you guys( to Jon n Dany) stahp… Stahp it! Get together you idiots…. what the fuck is this shit??? Ain’t nobody got time for lameass squabbles… and bringing up the past (side eyeing 😑😑the Usurper’s dogs comment) 😑😑

I got no time for a slow burn romance. I waited too damned fucking long. Just kiss you idiots!!! No need to play hard to get…this isn’t The Rules. The Others are coming…time is of the essence…and GRRM is getting itchy trigger fingers to kill off characters….