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Chrollo’s eyes would widen when he saw you fight, completely taken aback. How could his adorable, weak looking s/o be the same bad ass killing all of these mafia dogs? Was he looking right? He blinked a few times to make sure the face he saw was yours. And sure enough, it was. Chrollo just stood there for a moment, taking it all in before realizing you had finished. You smiled up at him, blood still slightly splattered on your face. By then, he’d come to terms of your strength, and smiled at you as well, taking out a handkerchief and wiping your face gently. “Well done, (y/n).” He said, and kissed your forehead. “Just because you’re strong though, doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop protecting you.”


Que Hallelujah music playing in the background. Hisoka’s eyes sparkled as he watched you fighting, though very impressed, didn’t look as such. Slowly, his slightly opened lips turned into a lusty, huge grin, while his eyes narrowed in a dangerous manner. How come he had never realized before just how strong you were? Were you holding back? You much have been. Either way, you had his attention. When you had finished your fight with the Hunter, Hisoka noticed you hadn’t even broke a sweat. He was getting more and more excited as he watched your movements. It was as though he’d fallen in love all over again.


Killua’s eyes widened and his previous frown turned into a straight line as he say you give the man, who was just a moment ago threatening to rape the women trapped in his arms, a right jab in the jaw, actually breaking it. How the hell—Killua began to think, however you weren’t done. When you wrapped your arm around the man’s throat and jumped so your heels had sharply met with the middle of his spine–to which a loud crack sound was heard—Killua was simply too shocked to react. However, after realizing what you did after being woken up by the loud taps of the previously trapped women’s heels, he shook his head. “W-what was… That?” He asked, though still a bit confused, secretly thought it was super cool.


Illumi defiantly looked as if he was unimpressed, aside from the unenthusiastic ‘woooh’ and quiet clapping hands. His father was right on telling him not to judge a book my its cover. “Way to go (y/n). Good job.” He said, again so unenthusiastically, it sounded a bit like sarcasm. When you finally finished with your fight and returned to where he was standing, he looked you up and down before crossing his arms. “You’re so thin and weak looking. I really am surprised you are so strong.” He tilted his head, now more curious on how you trained to get so strong.

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I’m back in the US, everything is weird

1. I was thinking after I woke up today about how everything is weird but on the other hand you do know you can trust the tap water and then remembered I watched Dr. Strangelove on the plane and actually the tap water is, of course, a commie plot

2. There are electricians working on the house next door and overhearing Spanish instead of Arabic conversations is breaking my brain

3. These electricians are SO SOFTBRO AND ADORABLE??? DIRECT QUOTE:

Guy 1: Who’s the man with the master plan?
Guy 2: YOU ARE
Guy 1: No, you are, but I learned from you.
Guy 2: Aw, come on
Guy 1: No, it’s the only thing that makes sense


4. I got so lucky though, because as it turns out my dad flew into Washington (for reasons unrelated to me) and landed, like, right when I did? So we met up and had dinner and it was a way, way better welcoming back than I had any reason to expect. 

5. I can’t believe I have to take this proficiency test at 9 AM TOMORROW, this is a farce, studying is the last thing I want to do, I need to tattoo FACE GOD AND JOG BACKWARDS INTO HELL on the inside of my eyelids


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I like a really cute guy who moved here from Korea a while ago. He's super sweet, very shy and quiet(a lot like me). He doesn't talk much but when he does, it's very thoughtful or nice or makes a joke even funnier. I've had a crush since he got here, but this school year I eat lunch with him and a ton of other friends. I'm able to notice all these things like how he looks when he's judging or his face lighting up when he laughs or he likes really cute lil Asian things a lot.*sigh* he's great <3

*dreamy sigh* omg he sounds so cute. I know someone kinda like him and yeah they’re pretty adorable. since you guys eat lunch a lot, maybe try to get to know him more? try to get his number or something? best of luck!~ ^^

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