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Okay but Abby feeding little Alex an apple for the first time. Clexa starts crying at how adorable Alex sounds biting the apple slice and Abby's just like 😊😊. Lexa records it and shows it to Alex when she's a little older and looks at her moms like "wtf you guys cry at every single thing we do" 😂😂😂

Seriously how many times have I written “Lexa sobs” on this blog omg

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will solace in 2a?? omg it would look adorable also imagine nico judging him but low key thinking how cute he looks

This was one of the most popular requests~ 

Here you guys go!

I’m actually surprised at how well he pulls off the jacket

I’m still taking requests !

***Edit: the requests are officially closed. So thanks for sending me requests, I had a lot of fun drawing them.


Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Epilogue ❤️

A/N: Here it is you guys! The Epilogue! *cries historically* I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who’ve stuck with this story! It’s my first series and y'all are hella awesome for all the positivity!! 😭❤ Pls excuse any misspelling! And most of all, enjoy! - Delilah ❤


“Ms. Y/L/N,” Friday chimed. “Mr. Barnes requests your presence in his room.”

You couldn’t stop the grin that spread on your face. Bucky and you were an official couple now, and you couldn’t help but feel as though the world was twice the better place than before. You’d never say it out loud, but you were falling for him. And you were falling hard.

Giving Friday a subtle okay, you made your way down the corridors to Bucky’s room. As you walked, the memories of your drunken endeavors replayed in your mind. In some weird way, you had Tony to thank. If he hadn’t have stumbled upon Let’s Pretend, you and Bucky wouldn’t be in the very happy relationship that you were currently in.

Opening the door, you were met with the sight of your boyfriend on his bed, the laptop once again on his lap. He grinned at the sight of you and patted the empty space on the bed beside him. He looked so handsome it was almost painful.

“What’s up?” You ask, sliding into the space and throwing an arm over his middle. You rested your head on his shoulder and looked at the glowing screen.

“The fans are going psychotic over the videos,” he says, peering down at you with a smile. And he was right. The video had been posted two days ago and the entire site was losing their minds. The three videos were released at the same time, but of course, the real one was the highest in views.

The fans were literally divided. The first half argued that the first video was real because of the subliminal messages (even though there were none). The other half believed that the third video was real, based on the fact that instead of the usual background, the video took place in a swimming pool; thankfully they were wrong as well.

Now the third half, those were the smart ones. Instead of looking at the whole plot, they noticed small details. Like how Bucky’s hair was shorter the last time he wore the 40’s uniform. Why would he have longer hair? Why couldn’t one of the girls shapeshift him with short hair?

Another huge giveaway was your tattoo on your hip. You hadn’t told anyone that you had it, even your close friends didn’t know. So when the fans caught a glimpse of the small heart on your hip, it raised some eyebrows.

But despite all of the solid evidence, the fans were certain it was real, not because of the physicality, but the chemistry. You and Bucky were in love and it only made sense that your first time would be rather passionate. In the previous videos, it was mostly sexual playfulness between your characters. But when they saw the way your eyes stared into Bucky’s with pure passion and the way he made you orgasm so hard that you cried, they instantly knew.

The comment section was an adorable war zone.

“@NuggetQueenxx no it’s the first vid! Her hair is darker!!”

“U guyz r hella dumb. It’s totes vid #3. Bucky’s dick is bigger!”

“Guys trust me, I’m THE Y/N expert! It’s the second video.”

“It’s the second vid y'all! Look @ how he kisses her! They never kiss!!!!”

“@WhiskeyxPrincess I SAID THE SAME THING OMG!”

“It’s definitely the third one. Bucky’s arm looks shinier!”

“Nah the first one is real. My friend knows them! (;“

“@Bucky-Owns-This-Azz LIAR!”

You and Bucky continued scrolling through the comments, giggling like children at the crazed fans. As much as you wanted to, you couldn’t reach out to them. If word got out that The Winter Soldier and Y/N Y/L/N had a sextape, no one would take the Avengers seriously anymore.

Not to mention, your family would be extremely disappointed in you. And Tony would be there cackling like a crow through all of it.

You felt Bucky press a tender kiss onto your forehead.

“At least we look hot,” he says cheekily, making you both erupt in laughter.


A week later, Bucky’s in Tony’s lab getting his usual repairs for his arm. Everything was going great, until Tony brought up his beloved missing camera that he had mysteriously stumbled upon in his old room.

Bucky nearly fell off the chair. He must’ve forgotten it after moving out of his room. You both decided that he should keep the camera, as he’d be suspected less. Everyone always suspected you when it came down to missing stuff and you never knew why.

“Maybe you left it there?” Bucky murmured. He needed to stay calm. Maybe he hadn’t seen it yet, and all Bucky need to do was sneak back in there later and delete it. Problem solved! No need to lose his head ye-

“I found a rather interesting video on there,” Tony says with a smirk as he tinkered with the super soldier’s arm. “Care to elaborate on that?”

Oh God, Y/N was going to murder him.

“I don’t know what your talking about,” Bucky meant for it to be a plain statement, but instead it came out like a question. A very squeaky question.

It’s as if life had a personal vendetta against him. Of all the people to need assistance from Tony, Steve walked in, broken iPhone in hand with a small sheepish smile. This was the fourth time cracking his screen.

“Speak of the devil,” Tony smirked. “Bucky here was just telling me about the ol’ war days.”

Steve cocked his head to the side curiously and eyed his best friend. “Oh really? You’re memories are getting better, Buck.” He pats his friend on the shoulder and pulls up one of the metal stools.

“Yeah! He was telling me about the time you got shot up and the nearest hospital was like….ten years away, haha!”

Oh no….

Steve followed Tony’s laugh with his own. “You’re gonna have to be more specific about that,” he says. “It’s happened more than I can count.”

Tony let out a cackle, clapping his hands together. Bucky was never going to get out of this. Why did life hate him so much? This is not what he had in mind when it came to karma. Death by humiliation sounded like an inane way to go.

“Well, from this particular story, a LOT happened after that, if you catch my drift.” The black haired man said with a wink. Bucky covered his face with his hands in shame.

Steve, being the pure angel he was, was completely oblivious to the innuendo. He stared at his friend, trying to recall the many near death experiences that ended in anything peculiar. But alas, he found none.

“I’m not following,” Steve admitted after a pregnant pause. Bucky let out a sigh of despair.

“You know what,” Tony says, walking to his toolbox and digging around. “I think this’ll help refresh your memory a bit.” In his hand, was THE camera that Bucky and Y/N used for the video.

“YOU KNOW WHAT,” Bucky exclaimed as he stood from the chair and began to drag Steve away. “I FORGOT WE HAD TRAINING!”

Steve wiggled in his friend’s grasp, grabbing onto various things in an attempt to make him stop. What had gotten into his friend?

“What the hell is going on?” You say, crossing your arms over your chest.

The three men freeze, staring at you with wide eyes. Tony didn’t plan on having this conversation with you present, but now he had no choice. He might’ve been a egotistical little shit, but he was certainly not a whimp.

You narrowed your eyes at him.

Okay, maybe he was a little bit.

“Tony was just trying to show me this video Bucky made for me, but he won’t let me see.” Steve replied, straightening himself up.

Your eyes widened when you saw the camera in Tony’s hand. “It’s really nothing, Steve!” You tried your best to convince him. “Like, really. Nothing.”

“Oh, it’s definitely SOMETHING.” Tony chimed in.

You shot Bucky a panicked glance, trying to fight the urge to cry. You just KNEW Tony would do something with it. He might go as far as posting it on the Stark Industries website, because that’s right up his alley.

The sound of metal being crushed broke you from your trance. Bucky had grabbed the camera from Tony’s hand and slammed it into the floor, shattering it into a million tiny pieces.

“WHAT THE FUCK, BARNES!” He shouted, his face turning an angry scarlet.

Without another word, Bucky had scooped you up and threw you over his shoulder, running as fast as he could out of the lab. The last thing you heard was Tony’s angry swears and threats.

Impressively, Bucky didn’t let you down until you both were in the safety of your shared room with the door locked. He set you on the bed gently before plopping beside you with a satisfied sigh.

You turned to him and gave him a small smack on his behind, making him jump. He frowned, turning his head and looking at you.

“I told you like ten times to pack the camera!” You pouted, narrowing your eyes at your boyfriend.

“I’m sorry, doll,” he sighed, propping himself up on his elbow. “You know how forgetful I can be.”

You roll your eyes playfully and run your hands through his hair. He leaned into your touch, putting softly.

“You know,” you say. “We could always make videos on our phones. No one will find those.”

His eyes flew open in surprise, making you laugh.

“You promise?” He asks adorably.



Steve and Natasha stared at the purple fluorescent background of Let’ Their eyes trailed over video after video of the pair. But what caught their attention the most was a certain video in particular.

“Captain America Gets A Fourth of July Blowjob By Black Widow!”

The thumbnail was a picture of Natasha with her finger on her lips in a shushing motion. She was dressed in only a bikini with little American flags printed on them, the top was a few sizes too small and barely covered her nipples. She was kneeling seductively in front of a semi nude Steve, who was wearing only the same white cotton briefs from before.

And dare she say it, they looked hot.

The blond took her silence as a sign of discomfort, to which he let out a small cough, gaining her attention.

“I-I’m sorry if this is too weird,” he says, reaching for the laptop, only to be stopped by Nat.

She grabs the collar of his shirt and pulls him closer, ghosting her lips against his.

“You’ve got two minutes, Cap. When get back here I want you on your hands and knees. Got it?” She asks, her eyes burning with desire.

Steve’s eyes widened at her sudden dominance before nodding, his erection already forming a tent in his gray sweatpants.

“Yes, Mistress.”

FIN. ❤

Tag List of Super Cool People That Are Awesome!!

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I don’t believe I’ve seen it around so here is the girls’ side of the hot springs scene in the P3 live action. Enjoy!

i had totally forgotten about this until recently, but when i was younger and it was still in print my family was subscribed to american shonen jump while the impel down/marineford/post-war arcs were going down in op

and i just rediscovered the issues that have the asl flashback in them and i???  found this hilarious and adorable page talking about ace and how he and luffy are alike???  it was hard to get a good pic but i thought you guys might want to see it omg

also i can’t stop laughing at the bit that says “you can’t choose your brother” like….y’all…ace DID choose his brothers that’s kinda the whole point

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Headcannons for dating Zack Taylor (from the reboot pls) bc I just rlly love him a lot!! Thank you!

Ohhh you aren’t the only one! He’s so perfect! I think I might fight you over him… but here you go! Hope they meet your expectations! Xoxo

(I made the reader the white ranger)

Originally posted by casailes

•He met you the same time as everyone at the mines 

•He flirted with all the girls at the beginning which really annoyed all of you, but eventually he just focused on you

•During practice you two were always paired together because Jason and Billy worked together, and so did Trini and Kimberly. 

      -It took a bit of work but soon you two were excellent at fighting each other, and when fighting the creatures of Rita’s army- you worked as a great team. 

•The team always called you guys exact opposites, Zack was always willing to run head first at anything, while you were more cautious and analytical  

      -When you morphed for the first time- Zack into his Black ranger suit and you into your white suit, the two of you burst out laughing- looks like the team had been right 

•He’s overly protective, like… anyone who might hurt you should watch out, and  

      -During fights, he’s willing to do anything just to stay by your side.  

•So much PDA, but I mean… it’s Zack so you don’t mind. 

       -He almost always has some form of physical contact between to two of you, especially at school 

•He asks you to go meet his mom, “I want the two most important women in my life to meet.”

      -his mom adores you, and even Though Zack has to translate, you still love spending time with the both of them 

•He’s high key super romantic? Like you would never guess but between all the cheesy pick up lines and the ass-kicking he’s sooo sweet. He brings you roses or candy if your feeling down and just always knows what to say

       -for your birthday he planned this adorable moonlight picnic at the mines above the lake and you guys just sit and talk all night long

•He’s a nerd omg, ask him about superheroes or classic movies and he’s got about 40 random facts about each 

       -and then “You know who my favorite superhero of all is?” And he  leans super close and look you fully in the eye “me!” And then he starts laughing so hard cause he thinks this is great and you just roll your eyes slowly grinning at how adorable he is

•Zack is a great listener, like no matter what you want to talk about he’s ready to listen 

•You just love and support one another  and are always there whenever you are needed 

(Feel free to add onto it!)

So.. I watched Rogue One and yeah here's how it went.

I had my phone on throughout and I kept pausing the movie to write down what I felt and I’m posting the original note so no edits (you can feel my feels if you know what I mean)

•Alright but how beautiful are these names? Jyn? Cassian? Galen?
•K-2SO is already my favorite character
•Diego Luna looks like a lil baby, he’s so small and adorable
•"I’m taking them to imprison them in prison"
• lmao this blind guy I love him
•"Are you kidding me? I’m blind"
•OMG DARTH VADER so nice to see a familiar face or err mask
•"Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director" AHAHAHAH shit well played
•"I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to" lmao I love this guy
•I paused the movie and my mom asked if I was watching Jurassic Park bc of the scenery
•AHHH R2D2 AND C3PO I’m so happy
•BAZE???? N O
•Okay my bad cassian is alive BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS DEAD SHIT
•I was wrong. He died again. Everyone is dead
•Oh shit! This is the prequel to A New Hope! My mind is blown. Just like everyone in this movie.
•Ah feels good to hear that theme song.

Also can I say, thank you to everyone in the Star Wars fandom for welcoming me with open arms and being so nice on the previous post.

May the force be with you.

Since this reaction will be quite short compared to my other ones, i’ll do an exception and do all of the members for this one. Also i’m assuming that the members only like you and you aren’t their girlfriend (if i’m wrong, please correct me so i can do it again!). 

And thank you so much, it really means a lot! ^^

The boys watching their crush waking up in the morning on TV

Shownu; He would be quiet while watching the TV screen, focusing on the cameras that are entering your girl group’s dorm. They would start to play loud music and sirens to wake you and the girls up, and once the camera focused on your frowning, confused face, Shownu’s face would lift up with a huge smile, thinking about how cute you looked. 

Jooheon; I feel like he would be yelling at the members to shut up when your group’s reality show came on, and he’d be concentrating on the TV with his tongue poking out, super excited to see you. He’d burst into laughter when the crew would wake you up, and he’d see you sitting up with a hoodie over your head, eyes squinted while looking around still half asleep. He would find it hilarious, and he’d boast to the members, saying, “Look! Look how cute she is!” while pointing at the TV. 

Wonho; Wonho would be watching the TV screen with a smile on his face, and his heart would pound in his chest when he saw you rub your eyes cutely and pull the covers over your head while the filming crew tried to wake you up. He would find you super adorable and he would be fanboying inside, wishing he was there to wake you up in person. 

Minhyuk; Omg, Minhyuk would be so loud and excited to see you. He’d be watching you on the screen with his mouth open, laughing and giggling when he saw you grumpily getting out off bed, a plushie that you sleep with still under your arm. “Guys, look how pretty she is with no make up! I’m so in love with her, oh my God..” 

Hyungwon; He’d be the quietest one, occasionally hitting someone (probably Minhyuk) so they would shut up while he watched you. He would fall for you even more when he saw you wake up and stretch, and when you figured out the situation, he’d smile, watching you giggle and bow to the camera, thinking about how sweet and cute you were.

Kihyun; Kihyun would be really into the show lol, he would sit on the floor in front of the TV screen, watching you as you slept peacefully cuddled up to one of the other girls from your group, thinking you were absolutely adorable. He’d grin from ear to ear when you woke up, and his heart would sink when he saw you nuzzling into the other girl, hiding your face from the camera. Pretty sure he’d be super jealous of the other girl and would wish you were cuddling up to him instead. “Wah.. So cute..

I.M; 100% the members would be teasing him when you were on the TV, and poor Changkyun couldn’t do anything about it since he’s the youngest, he couldn’t even smack them lmao. He’d blush a little bit as the members kept on teasing him about his crush on you, yet he’d ignore them because his eyes would be focused on you, yawning and stretching as you sat up on the bed, spaced out and half asleep, he’d fall for you even more after seeing you like this. 


Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to a call from your parents saying they had a break in, and that they had managed to handcuff the intruder at gunpoint (something that was legal where you live) and that the police were on their way. You quickly drive over to check on them, only to find a very flustered Doctor handcuffed on the dining room chair. He gets incredibly happy to see you, and reveals that the TARDIS had accidentally given him your old address instead of your current one.

“Oh hello!”
“Doc?! What are you doing here?”
“Well I was trying to surprise you for Christmas but… wrong house I suppose.”
“Yeah- you supposed correctly!”
(Parental Unit #1) “You know him?!”
“Yes, unfortunately. This giddy idiot is the Doctor.”


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Remus with a chubby girlfriend please? Headcanons or a fic, I don't mind ❤❤

Remus loves having a chubby girlfriend omg.

He’s the most cuddly person you’ll ever meet, and he absolutely adores how soft and warm your body is to cuddle.

If you don’t think he lies on the sofa in the evening and rests his head on your belly with his arms around your waist, you’re not just wrong, you’re stupid.


Remus is a pretty skinny guy, and he loves wearing your big cosy jumpers and he looks adorable in them.

And Merlin have mercy on anyone who tries to make you feel bad for your weight.

I’m not talking about what Remus will do. I’m just pointing out that he probably won’t try and hold you back, and that person will end up dead.

Remus knows the power of a boss ass witch, and isn’t up for defending anyone who provokes your wrath.


Please give Remus a chubby girlfriend

For me

so boku dake ga inai machi ep 10 might’ve, like, happened, but at least these exist:

my new icon

kenya is precious protect him

but seriously look at this child

alternatively, this child is 29 and he’s yelling about superheroes

look at how horrified he is

kenya omg you will never not amuse me omg

precious child kazu shows up

nakanishi aya for this win guys adorable very adorable

who is this kid he’s cute

what are these children i love them

(hope this makes up for the end of the ep)

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are you still doing au headcanons? because mckirk au with jim as a fireman and bones is a paramedic pretty please. (p.s: i adore your writing, omg)

Part 1 | Part 2

  • The first time Bones stops by the firestation it’s because someone’s unwell, and it’s honestly the most chaotic place he’s ever seen. Literally, there’s a ridiculously handsome guy twirling around the pole like he’s some top class stripper, and two other guys are just laughing at how ridiculous it looks. “Jesus Jim, go do what you’re paid for,” Chief Fireman Pike calls out to him, before apologizing to Bones. “He’s our best fireman, he’s just… weird.” “Okay.” Bones says, in lieu of a better answer. Pike guides him to a back room where a guy is sitting with a pack of ice against his eye. “Tell me what happened.”
  • A big fire breaks out, and the ambulance arrives shortly after the firemen. Bones watches them work, admiring their bravery. They’re entering a building that’s literally on fire, coming out with survivors. Bones checks them all out carefully before he sends them off to the hospital for more treatment. By the time the fire’s put out, it’s close to midnight. Bones is about to leave when he catches Jim, his face covered in ash and his right arm looks incredibly bruised. “Hey,” Bones says, approaching him. “Want me to take a look at that?” Jim looks at his own arm, grimacing lightly. “Nah, doc. It’s fine.” “It doesn’t look fine. Tell me what happened.” Jim looks tired, like he just wants to be anywhere else but here, and that’s understandable. “Just some elevator incident. My arm got stuck trying to pull out a few people. It’s fine. We saved lives, that’s important.”
  • It turns out, Jim’s incredibly reckless as a fireman. Sure, he’s the gentleman who saves cats from trees, who helps old ladies cross the street, and who is generally just such a good person. But ever since Bones has been transferred to Brooklyn, he’s sent to the fire department there at least once a week because of some stupid reckless shit Jim’s pulled. And he’ll sit with him, despite the whole “I’m fine, doc., I don’t need to be patched up”. Bones will tell him to shut up, and he patches him up. 
  • “Ouch. Ow-Bones!” “For the last time, just sit still! It doesn’t have to hurt so much,” Bones says as Jim tries to yank his head away. There’s a nasty cut just above his eyebrow that needs stitches, and Jim’s just constantly making Bones’ life hell here. “I swear you’re doing this on purpose,” Jim grits out through his teeth. “I’ll stop doing it on purpose when you stop getting hurt,” Bones counters. He leans in real close to Jim’s face, eyes trained on the wound he’s stitching up, and he can feel Jim’s eyes burning on him. “You smell good,” Jim finally says, and Bones just. He’s speechless for a few seconds. “Thanks?” Bones says, a little hesitantly, before adding: “You dance real good on that pole.” Jim bursts out laughing, the cutest laugh in the world, and it results in Bones having to stitch him up all over again. 
  • And Jim’s just incredibly strong. Bones watches him carry a full grown man in his arms when he exits a burning building, maybe adrenaline has something to do with that, but it’s really impressive. Bones tends to the guy Jim saves and Jim’s doing great. Honestly, Bones pays most attention to his favorite fireman saving people, and he looks so great with grey stained cheeks, toned biceps and his otherwise perfect hair now a dirty blond, but fuck, it’s a look that works well on him. 
  • When they’re mostly done, Bones sits inside the ambulance, and the doors are open and he’s watching the firemen wrap up their stuff. Bones is watching Jim, and the fireman catches Bones staring, and he walks over. Bones notices a limp in his walk. “You okay?” he asks as Jim sits down next to him. “No, doc., I think I need a checkin-up,” Jim says, and Bones frowns because since when does Jim ask for something? “Tell me what’s wrong.” Bones says, and Jim grabs his hand and places it on his leg. “It hurts.” “There?” “Little higher… little higher. Little higher.” Jim says, and Bones catches Jim’s smug grin as Bones’ hand slides up over Jim’s leg, inching closer to Jim’s thighs as he follows his instructions. “Are you-” Bones starts, and he frowns, “Are you kidding me?” “C’mon, doc, I’m serious.” Jim says, even though he’s laughing. He lifts up his arm and points at this little spot there that’s barely even noticeable. “See this? No one’s ever looked into that spot on my arm. What if it’s something serious? Maybe you should go back to my place so you can give me a full exam.” Bones rolls his eyes. “No,” he says, even though it’s definitely a yes. Jim looks insulted. “Take your stethoscope and listen to your own heart, surely it’s telling you to go out with me.” “Jim, no.” “I wish I was your coronary artery so I could be wrapped around your heart.” “Stop.” “I’m a sperm donor-” “JESUS” Bones bursts out laughing, and Jim’s laughing too, and he’s fairly sure it’s because both of them are exhausted. Jim leans in and pushing him back until Bones is just lying on the floor of the ambulance, and he leans over him so he can kiss him, faint taste of smoke on Jim’s lips. Jim runs a hand through Bones’ hair, realizing an ambulance probably isn’t the best place to continue this, so he pulls away with a smirk and he’s just like: “So, want to go and play doctor at my place?” Bones groans because Jim’s lines are just terrible, but he’s definitely going to Jim’s place tonight.

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Could I have Tsukii and Nishinoya, what they're Snapchats would be between them and they're s/o like what they would send each other, if they put anything on their story what would it be If its easier headcannon please!

Omg, I love when you guys send me asks about what their social media would be like! It’s my absolute favourite!! <3

Tsukishima Kei:

  • He hardly ever uses his snapchat, but when he does they are actually really nice pictures. Unfortunately they are all of you captured at a bad angle. Classic Tsukki.
  • When you scroll through his story, it usually ends up with him roasting people and capturing people during their stupidest moments. You honestly die laughing when listening to him comment at how idiotic humanity has become. 100% gold.
  • You force him to use the snapchat filters with you. He honestly looks adorable with the dog filter, but even more so with the flower crown. It’s your new lockscreen.
  • You constantly steal his phone to record him, and you always zoom in on his face when he’s got a resting bitch face. Literally iconic.
  • He’ll snap you random selfies on occasion and you just???? Like why doesn’t he takes pictures of himself more often? He looks hot af.

Nishinoya Yu:

  • This boy would be the one to try and snap you a nude, but almost accidentally post it on his story. Almost ruined his life in one fatal move. RIP.
  • He snapchats you constantly to the point where it’s almost overwhelming, but you forgive him because he’s just so cute.
  • Will snap you about anything and everything, especially when he and Tanaka are fooling around during practice. He always has the baldie record him doing a cool move or a nice block.
  • Tries out every single filter and sends it to you. Well, at least you have a large selection of selfies to make as your home screen to choose from.
  • His story is always long af because he snapchats anything that fucking breathes. But it’s always funny because he adds commentary to go along with it.
  • Always takes pictures and videos of you because look at my cute girlfriend/boyfriend everyone!!!
When you’re on your period and cuddle with Seungkwan

Thank you so much for requesting this adorable scenario! I’m sorry you had to wait so long to get this >< Anyway, I hope you like this~

let’s sometimes talk about how many times i’ve died while writing your guys’ requests i cannot with these adorable cute fluffy requests omg i’m gonna cry y’all make me so happy ;-; AND LET’S ALSO TALK ABOUT HOW ADORABLE SEUNGKWAN LOOKS IN THAT GIF I DIE EVERY TIME I SEE IT, SAVE ME

Words: 1540

Fluff with extra sugar and ice cream on top

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by shiroisaku

Seungkwan’s POV

I looked at ______’s peaceful expression with a slight smile. “It has only been like an hour though…” I whispered, still smiling and paused the video that was playing on the laptop’s screen.

Our plan had been perfect. _______ would come over to the dorm and we’d have a fun date night filled with snacks and our favorite anime. I rarely got days off and when I did, I usually went to visit my family instead of spending time with her which broke my heart a little. Me being an idol wasn’t exactly good for our relationship. Still, she - being the angel she was - always told me with a smile to go visit my family and that she was okay. She made it seem like she was okay with the little time we got to spend together but I sometimes wondered if she was hurt and just pretended to be okay for my sake.

Anyway, our perfect plans for the two days I had gotten off from all practice and schedules had been crushed when she had arrived at the dorm, looking like she was going to start crying at any second.

“Are you okay?” I asked her after letting her inside.

“My period started yesterday…” she mumbled in low spirits, avoiding my gaze.

“Are you feeling unwell?” I asked, worried.

“A little.”

And what happened after that? I - being the amazing, caring boyfriend I am - took care of her like a baby, ensured that she was feeling comfortable and let her pour out her feelings. We cooked and ate together while talking about this and that.

Now, after a few hours, we were lying down on my bed. We had watched two episodes of the anime we were supposed to re-watch during the weekend - it was our favorite anime to watch together - but she was now sound asleep so I paused the episode that was playing on the screen. After pausing it, I let my head fall on the pillow I was holding and looked at her. She was cute when she was awake but man, she was absolutely adorable when she was asleep. Who cares if there was a little bit of drool on the side of her mouth?

When I was around her I found myself smiling subconsciously all the time. I never noticed that I was smiling until she pointed it out. “You’re smiling again” she’d say, smiling too.

She flinched suddenly and lifted her head, looking around.

“Are you okay?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Oh, sorry,” she rubbed her eyes. “Did I fall asleep?”

I nodded and she let out a sigh.

“I’m sorry…”

I groaned and put my arms around her, pulling her closer with a frown. “Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault you’re tired.”

She looked at me with sleepy eyes and rested her head against my chest after wrapping her arms around me.

“Do you have cramps?” I asked while playing with her messy hair. We had been dating long enough for me to know that she had cramps during her period.

“They aren’t too intense,” she said quietly. “It’s a little painful though.”

I pouted. “My poor _____,” I whined and she lifted her head to look at me. “Mother nature should be ashamed of herself for making you go through this every month.”

“I know, right,” she pouted too.

“Does cuddling with the one and only Boo Seungkwan make you feel better?” I asked and she chuckled.

“Just being with you makes me feel better,” she said and rested her head against my chest again.

“Oh my god,” I lifted my hand to my mouth, overreacting in an attempt to make her laugh. “Is this a dream or what? Did the mighty ______ just say that to me? Oh my gosh I think I’m going to blush, oh my,” I kept going and could hear her chuckle quietly. “What? Is this not enough to make you laugh or are you just holding it in to test me?” I asked.

“You’re not funny at all,” she said, trying to sound serious but kept chuckling.

“Oh, yeah?” I asked and started tickling her sides.

She laughed loudly and I eventually found myself hovering over her figure, both laughing uncontrollably. I looked at her carefree expression and seeing her like that made me so happy that I can’t even explain it with words. I was just… happy.

“Oh, no,” she suddenly stopped and froze.

“What?” I asked, a little worried.

“Seungkwan, please get off,” she said slowly and I immediately did so.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you or-“ I stopped when she stood up from the bed, revealing a red stain on the sheets.

“Oh my god…” she frowned and looked like she was going to start crying. “I can’t believe I leaked…  I’m so sorry Seungkwan, I-“

“Hyung,” I heard a familiar voice from the door and we both turned our heads to look at the person who was standing there.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to go hang out with your friends,” I said and Chan just stared at the sheets that had the red stain on them.

“Hi,” he greeted her, slightly awkward.

“Long time no see,” she said and forced a smile, completely frozen to place.

“I, umm…” Chan forced himself to look at me. “I’m sorry for disturbing you two. I’ll just go to my room and stay there for the rest of the day. You’ll find me there…” he said and was gone in the blink of an eye.

Right after the door closed, _____ turned to look at me. “This is not something that would traumatize him, right?” she asked me.

“He’s like a year younger than me,” I said, amused. “He’s not a baby. I’m pretty sure he can handle seeing a little bit of blood.”

“Yeah, but he’s still innocent and all,” she said.

“And I’m not?”

“No, you’re innocent too but like…” she explained. “You know what periods are and stuff. He probably thought we were doing something shady like performing some kind of a ritual to summon demons or something oh my god he’s going to be scarred for life I-“

“Shh,” I shushed her, holding back the laugh that was threatening to come out. “You’re overreacting. He probably knows what periods are, okay? He’s not dumb. Besides, it’s just a little blood, who cares?”

She stared at me quietly for a few seconds before her expression changed completely. “I’m so embarrassed!” she let out a cry and stomped her feet on the floor. “This is so embarrassing!”

I chuckled and got up from the bed to go to her side. “Calm down.”

“Can I hide in some dark cave for the rest of my life?” she asked me with an expression that told me she wasn’t kidding.

“No,” I smiled and pecked her lips gently after wrapping my arms around her.

“Why not? Please have mercy on me, I don’t think I’ll be able to cope with this overwhelming amount of embarrassment.”

“Because I need you here with me,” I said with a smile and pressed a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose.


“No, don’t say anything,” I gave her a look. “Let’s just clean up and continue cuddling after cleaning. This kind of things happen, don’t worry about it too much,” I smiled.

She was quiet for a bit. “I’m so lucky to have you,” she said.

“I know, right? What would you do without your mighty boyfriend?” I joked but she didn’t laugh or smile. Instead, her eyes were teary. “Aww, don’t cry,” I said and hugged her.

She ended up crying for a bit and kept hugging her until she calmed down. Then I loosened my arms around her and wiped her wet cheeks with my thumbs before cupping her face and kissing her lips. “I feel the same,” I said quietly after pulling away. I rested my forehead against her forehead and we looked at each other. “I’m lucky to have you in my life.”

She let out a quiet hum and I smiled a little. “Now let’s get you and my bed cleaned up. I’ll give you my most comfortable pair of pants. While you get yourself cleaned and change your pants, I’ll take care of this mess right here,” I said and pointed at my bed.

She nodded and seeing a small smile on her lips made me feel relieved. I gave her a pair of comfortable pants and changed the sheets of my bed. Luckily the blood was only on the sheets and not on the mattress. After she came back from the bathroom and I had changed the sheets, we got back into bed and cuddled for the rest of the day while watching anime and eating ice cream. I found myself staring at her more than the anime that was playing on the laptop’s screen. At one point she noticed it and turned her head to look at me. Her lips curved into a cute smile.

“You’re smiling again,” she said and nudged me before looking at the screen again.

My smile only widened. “I know.”

Roan preference

How you two hug:
He wouldn’t hug you in the eyes of the polis people, only if he hasn’t seen you in a long time. He’d wrap one arm around your waist and the other around your shoulders. And put his head into your shoulder and you’d bury your head in his chest aw
How he protects you:
If he sees a guy talking to you he’s by your side in seconds. He’d stand behind you with a predatory look to the poor guy while casually lifting his clothes to reveal his knife. The guy would excuse him self and he’d watch you stand confused before leaning forward and nibbling on your ear before huskily whispering “guess he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on” oMG
He would adore your lips and normally he’d stare at them for a few seconds before smashing your lips together with a growl. He’d probably place his hands on the small of your back.
How he plays with you: (I’m not sure if you meant sexually or playfully so I’ll do both okay)
He would carefully pull your hair back off your neck and press soft kisses sometimes. Other times he’d growl and tug your hair back. And he’d suck on your throat.
He would tickle you whenever it was a rough day. Of course…you can’t tell anyone about that ;)

anonymous asked:

You guys are actually adorable and precious I'm so sorry I had to put that out there you just radiate with warmth. Hmm how aBout RFA + V reacting to an mc that sees/makes costume/ *coughs* cosplays a lil notthatiknowanyonelikethathaha please and thank you! Sorry if you don't have time!

A/N: oh no my cold and hard persona, it’s been shattered already (kidding but omg you’re sooo sweet and adorable as well thankyouthankyouthankyou), sorry if this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for!  ~Admin 404


               -He’d love it if you cosplayed!

               -Everyone always told him that dressing up was a “kids” thing, so when he finds out you cosplay

               -He’d be over the moon


               -Probably joins a sewing club so he learns how he can help you out

               -It doesn’t matter which character you dress as, he’ll always blush a little because you’re just. so. cUTE

               -S E L F I E S


               - “MC, can you help me make one of my LOLOL character?!”


               - The guys an actor, he’s used to costumes

               -Probably wouldn’t join you since he’s in them all the time for plays

               -He’d sit and admire how much work you put into it though

               -He’s seen how stressed out the designers are when they make outfits for the shows he’s in

               -Will do anything and everything he can to help de-stress you because of this

               -If you make a small mistake in the costume, you best not get sad

               -‘Cause this guy will 100% spend all the time you need to explain how it just gives it flair

               -“Now it’s completely unique to you! No one else can have the exact some one! It’s special just like you are, princess”


               -“Why can’t you just dress up as yourself?”

               - Because that’s no fun, Jaehee

               -She’d slowly come around and learn to love it though

               -She’d see how your face lights up every time you finish a piece for that costume you’ve been working on for weEKS

               -When you try it on for the first time, she gets just as excited as you

               -Always smiling to herself when you really get into the character (Hello, you’re like her personal Zen now)

               -If you’re not home, she tries on a few of your wigs to test out different hairstyles

               -“Maybe I should dye my hair blue… or pink? Wait, doesn’t MC have one that’s green?”


               -“MC, please put on these cat ears.”

               -Doesn’t understand why you insist on making these costumes yourself

               -He can pay designers to do it for you? What if you prick yourself with the needle? whAT IF-

               -“Jumin, I’ve been doing it for years, I’ll be okay!”

               -He definitely won’t join in, but loves seeing you in these..interesting costumes

               -Doesn’t know any of the characters you’re trying to portray (Jumin, you liar)

               -The type to secretly have a Tokyo Mew Mew kind of costume made for you

               - the caT EARS MC, THE CAT EARS!!

               -He loves when Elizabeth the Third starts to mess with your string and seeing how you pout at her


               -COSPLAY POWER COUPLE

               -500% WILL STEAL YOUR COSPLAY

               -“Hey Saeyoung, have you seen my- nevermind I see that you’ve decided to put it on”

               -Always matches cosplays with you

               -Just can’t contain his excitement when you suggest making a couples costume

               - “MC, you should try my maid costume on wink wonk

               -If you wear any revealing cosplay though, you can bet his face will match his hair

               -That is, until he goes and puts on another revealing one of yours and tries to seduce you


               -“If it makes you happy, then by all means, please continue”

               -Loves seeing how happy and bubbly you get when you finish a project

               -Always the first one to ask to see it when it’s done

               -If he doesn’t know who you’re trying to be, he’ll sit and listen to you explain no matter how long it takes

               -Offers to take professional pictures of your cosplay

               - V, no, this is just my hobby not my job, please

               -I mean, unless it IS your job then by all means accEPT HIS OFFER THIS SUNSHINE WILL CAPTURE EXACTLY HOW AMAZING YOU ARE

               -Candid photos of your progress on the costume because he thinks your determined face is the cutest

(I know you didn’t ask for Saeran but he’s my faVOURITE I PHYSICALLY CANNOT BRING MYSELF TO LEAVE HIM OUT I’M S O R R Y)



               -Who the fuck are you trying to be??

               -Poor baby wouldn’t understand until you explain it

               -“So you’re acting but for free?”

               -“Can’t you just…buy the costume? Wouldn’t that be easier?”

               -You know this kid can help you with your eyeliner though, just gotta give him the puppy dog face

               -He’ll crack a smile every now and then when you’re extremely excited, just because seeing you bounce around amuses him

               -Doesn’t know who you’re dressed as, and doesn’t care, all he knows is that you look cute and he likes it

               -“I’m not putting that costume on I don’t care how many times you ask”

My Loft 89 Experience!

Hey guys! I was invited to Loft 89 in Greensboro, NC on October 21st, 2015!!!The I’ve been asked by a lot of people if I’d post my loft 89 story, so here you go:)

I went with my friend Sydney and her sister Olivia to the show and we all loved Clean, so we wanted our costumes to be based off of that song. We went with the line “the butterflies turned to dust” and dressed up like butterflies. We make wings out of cardboard, painted them, and wrapped them in lights. We wore bright neon pink shirts and silver metallic mini skirts with clean lyrics as well. The day of the concert, I left school early and got ready at Sydney’s. We got to the coliseum around 4:30. Once we got there we waited in line to get in for a while then after about an hour we got in the arena. We immediately bolted to the Taylor Nation booth, and even though we were some of the first people there, we still had to wait over an hour in line. When we got up to take our picture, I asked Allison from TN if she could give my letter to Taylor and she said yes:) Then we took our picture and I saw Allison look at us and then she started texting someone on her phone and then she looked back at us and smiled… I’m still not sure if this has anything to do with us getting into loft but you never know;) After that we went straight to our seats (Section 125, row 3) and started cracking our glowsticks (we bought around 70 at the dollar store) and Vance started soon after. He was amazing! I’ve been a fan of his music for a while now so it was pretty cool to hear him sing live. Then after Vance, Taylor came on! I honestly think I started crying BEFORE Taylor even came on stage lol! We literally danced the entire night away, and sang at the top of our lungs. We had no cares in the world, the only thing that mattered in that moment was Taylor. It was about half way through the show, during Bad Blood, when Sydney felt someone tap on her shoulder and as soon as I turned around and saw Andrea (and Erica behind her) I immediately started sobbing. Before she said a word, I ran to her and hugged her and cried into her shoulder. She was like “Hey guys!!!” And we screamed and Sydney asked if she remembered us from past concerts and she’s said she didn’t! I was like “we’ve been to every show in Greensboro since Fearless! And we met you last year!” And she goes “Really?! And you’ve never been to the T-Party?!” And we go “NO!!!” And she says “Or Club Red?!” And we’re like “NO!!!!” And Andrea says “WELL HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO TO LOFT 89?!” And me and Sydney lost it!!! Erica passed me the Loft pass and Andrea put bands on me, Sydney, and Olivia (none of the moms in Loft had bands). The rest of the show was INCREDIBLE, but knowing we were gonna meet Taylor mad it EVEN BETTER! After that, the show went by super quick, and before we knew it, the show was over. After the show, we all had to meet in section 114. Everyone there was super nice! Literally everyone was talking like we were all old friends! Then Erica and Allison came and passed around iPads (for us to give them our personal information) and went over the basic rules for Loft. That was about 20 minutes, and then it was time to go backstage! We walked back and we went into this room and there was this room set up and I immediately knew it was Loft! We were all in tears at that point, it was all so magical. The inside of Loft is different than I thought it would look, it was a lot smaller. It was so cute! There was a photo booth we took pictures in, couches, pizza, cookies, drinks, and a TV. Also, the music was amazingggg in there. The rule was we were allowed to take as many pictures as we want until Taylor got in, no videos, and once Taylor got in, we got one picture per group with her. We spend about 20 minutes talking with other groups, taking pics, and (for some people) eating. (I was WAYYYY to excited to eat)! Then Andrea walked in and talked to our group first. She was so sweet! She has this motherly love, and she treats everyone so kindly. We talked about the show, Taylor, and about past shows and then took a picture with her. Before she left, I asked her if it’s crazy seeing tens out thousands of people who all adore your daughter and want to meet her more that anything in the world. She said “The way I see it, Taylor wants to meet all of YOU GUYS more than anything else in the world. That’s why we do this all, that’s the whole reason behind this, is because she loves you guys so much”. I thought that was THE SWEETEST THING. Then as Andrea walked around we talked to Erica about working for Taylor Nation. I was extremelyyyy jealous of her job (who isn’t?!) and I asked her how she got it. She said she worked for a local arena in her early 20s and Taylor performed there often. They became pretty close, and as soon as they needed someone to help with Club Red, she took the job right away. She said it’s absolutely exhausting having her job, but it’s all worth it. Erica also said its gonna be sad when the tour ends because the crew had all been a family for the past 6 months (we were all like awwwww). She told us some of the staff had been there since fearless! Then she got a call saying Taylor’s coming!!! She told us all to put our phones away and get in our groups then one minute later… MY SUNSHINE AKA TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT WALKED IN THE ROOM!!!! SHE WAS WEARING THIS DRESS THAT WAS GORGEOUS AND FIT HER PERFECTLY AND SHE WORE THESE BLACK FLATS AND SHE LOOKED LIKE A LITTLE BARBIE DOLL SHE WAS SO PERFECT AND ADORABLE! SHE SMELLED LIKE THE WOODS IN A GREAT WAY AND SHE WAS SO SOFT AND OMG SHE WAS JUST SO PERFECT:) She was like “HI YOU GUYS!!!” And we all started freaking out! She made her way to the first group and NOBODY could take their eyes off of Taylor! She literally was the most beautiful person you’ll ever see. It was really neat to hear some of the conversations with Taylor and how much interest she took in her fans. She made her way through the groups and eventually she got to us!!! She was like “HEY GUYSSS HOW ARE YOU?!” and hugged each of us. She looked at us and said “Look at you guys, you look so cute!” and she looked at me and goes “You’re so tall and beautiful!!!”. I, of course, was absolutely DEAD at that point! Then we talked about how we’ve been to all her shows in Greensboro and she goes “Oh my God you guys must’ve been so little!” and she turns to Sydney’s mom and says “Thank you so much for bringing them to all my shows, it means so much to me”. Then we talked about how we were going to have Olive Garden but the wait was too long and then we had a whole conversation about Olive Garden;) Taylor’s like “The wait’s always so long! It’s crazy!”. Then she goes, “So you guys haven’t eaten in like 100 hours!!!!! You should go have some food, it’s really good! If you’re too nervous now though, you should get some later!”, so of course, after she left, we got food;) I mean if Taylor Swift tells you to get food, you get food!!!! Then we started talking about her cut on her finger. She was like “It hurts SOOOO bad! I should’ve gotten stitches but I had a show the next night and I didn’t want it to hurt more!”. Then she told us how she got the cut. She was trying to open olive oil with a new knife (BAD IDEA TAYLOR BE CAREFUL WITH KNIVES) and it cut her finger in a really deep like crescent shape (OWWWWW!). Then I asked her if I could give her my Tumblr and she said sure! Then (brace yourself for more adorableness) she pulls out her sharpie, I told her my URL, and she wrote it down on her bandaid! When I told her I was dibblesthepegacorn she giggled in the cutest little way! Then she asked if we wanted her to sign anything and I had her sign my Loft pass, and Sydney, Olivia, and their mom got their tickets signed. When Olivia told Taylor her name she goes “I HAVE A CAT NAMED OLIVIA! THATS SO COOL!” then we talked about the cats for a bit! Then she goes “Let’s take a picture!!!!”. Even though there’s only one picture allowed per group, Taylor suggested we get 2, on with just us girls and one with us and their mom. I Immediately ran to Taylor’s right because I knew she’d lay her head on mine! We took 2 pictures and were all kinda hugging in both. Then as she was about to leave I told her about the letter I wrote for her and I asked her if TN would give it to her and she said “Absolutely. They’re really great about that stuff”. Then she hugged me goodbye again and I told her I love her she said she loves me too (ANAJJSBSJSHOSUXBEB)!!!! Then she was like “BYE GUYS!!!” and everyone yelled bye and then she like pranced out of the room in the most adorable way!!! After that we had like 2 minutes to get our stuff and head out. It was the most magical, insane night and I’ll never, EVER, forget it. Taylor, thank you so much for everything you do for your fans. It was a life changing experience and I’ll never be able to repay you for that♡ Thank you so much for everything Taylor!

@ampharos98: Ive been noticing a trend on ur blog lately and i want in (ive always kind of thought of you of my big sister, which is kinda cool bc my actual sister is your age too, and i feel like this is totally something you’d say and i swear im going to go study after i submit this)

TK!!!!!!!!  OMG OMG TK this is super freaking cute i’m dying HELP ME ;A;
jdkflsa; ya’ll are drawing my headphones like whatklejdslkajfka i wish i could draw so i could do the same for you guys
AS ALWAYS tk draws with such a cute, colorful style omg LOOK HOW BRIGHT AND ADORABLE JFKDLS;A CRAP.  also wow i’m super fond of green lineart like?!??!
ALSO THIS IS KINDA TOO REAL OKAY i really do hope you’re studying now missy
BUT SERIOUSLY TJKLA;J THANK YOU ;A; oh gosh I can’t stop blushing and grinning you guyssssssss
also I spot your nike shorts fdjkls;a /BLESS/