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ok so i started seriously working out like two days ago after like trying for a week and then going three without doing anything, and i'm starting to notice new stretch marks and i'm v sad. plus my uncle joked about the backs of my thighs and my butt from the time we went to the beach and he said something about how it looked like "three dogs fighting for some food" when i was walking away, and i seriously sat on the floor and wanted to cry. i'm not sure why i'm typing this out but i'm v upset🙃

(pt.2, same anon w the uncle and stretch marks) but at the same time my body shape is weird, like my friends make me feel bad for saying that i feel self conscious because they say i’m too skinny to be, but i’m really not the thinnest and idk this is my only place to turn i’m sorry ;-;

don’t apologise

you know what, everyone has stretch marks, and your uncle sounds like a douchebag

you’re allowed to feel self-conscious, but please do not feel like you’re not normal. stretch marks, ‘weird’ body shapes - no matter your size - it’s just a part of being who you are.

make sure to take it steady where it comes to working out - don’t push too hard too fast or you’ll get discouraged

you’re beautiful, and i love you a lot

History of Québec:

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Omg,tumblr you douche. i'll send it from mobile since this seems to work. Sleep-over with tsukki,oikawa,kuroo,bokuto,noya and their crush. Would it be planned or not?would they attempt to flirt? I hope you'll get it this time :(

finally got this ask. damn you tumblr for keeping me away from such cute ask.

Tsukishima it would be both unplanned and unexpected. They probably decided to hang out and then a downpour of rain/storm would happen and the trains would stop because it was too much water everywhere and the weather broadcasting warned people to go outside. So they had to stay the night. Tsukishima wouldn’t try to flirt at all.

Oikawa would so not be planned. At least not for the crush part. Oikawa would “accidentally” lose track of time so that it would be late so they were have to stay over. He’d flirt of course but not step over any boundaries. He would let them borrow some of his clothes, and together they would watch some more movies until 2 AM where both of them fell asleep. 

Kuroo invited them over for a study session since a big test were coming up. His crush agreed and after studying for hours both of them accidentally fell asleep and when they both woke up it was way too late for them to go home. So they stayed the night and Kuroo being Kuroo, flirted of course and teased. He was considerate though and didn’t step over any lines.  

Nishinoya and Bokuto would both have planned it. They’d be the one to suggest it and would actually plan for it for a while. Both Bokuto and Nishinoya would half flirt half not. Because it was their first sleep over at their place and none of them didn’t want to make their crush uncomfortable. They would play games and laugh at memes and just have a really great time.

Bokuto: Hey ‘__’ I think you’re hOOOT *shot*