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Title: Lost in Translation (fem! reader x Bucky)

Summary: Reader’s boyfriend Bucky tries to teach Russian, a language that is foreign and beautiful to reader. He tries to tell her how he feels in Russian, only for sneaky Natasha to find out about it.

Word Count: 1134

A/N: Omg Bucky my heart. I love him so much k bye I HOPE YOU ENJOY <3

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anonymous asked:

i see you talk about your mutuals a lot. I was just wondering what exactly mutuals were, seeing as i'm an uneducated idiot. sorry to have bothered you I love your blog so much thank you bye *scuttles away nervously*

Omg no you totally haven’t bothered me! Please don’t apologise for asking questions, it’s the best way to learn <3

Mutuals are when you both follow each other! It’s a fun way to make new friends; you can tell when someone is a mutual with you as any of their activity appears blue (so when they like/reply/comment on something you’ve posted!)