omg you can totally tell bye

Got7 Reacting to you being a huge SVT fan


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“That’s cool, just don’t forget about us! Got7 is the bESt group haha no seriously… I mean it really doesn’t matter you know, being a huge fan of seventeen means nothing to me. Totally.”


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“Sure, anything that rocks your boat..”


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(Pretend it’s Jackson getting hyped to SVT lol)

“HOLD UP. YOU LIKE SEVENTEEN TOO?! Have you seen s.coup’s abs?! I wish I had his abs and omg mingyu’s legs..”


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“Well, okay then. You can take your seventeen boys and go. Bye!”


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“Is that so? Sigh.. won’t you still love this Sunshine?”


“omg yASSSSSSS! Let me get my carat bong too! Got17 should totally be a thing.”


*gets excited and shows you a picture of 97 liners*

“You see these people here?! That’s Mingyu, The8, Dk! I’m gonna tell them that you’re a huge fan.”