omg you are the cutest i swear

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Have you ever heard of Doukyuusei? It seems like you'd really like it!

ahaha AAHAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaahhnngg *sobs* lol, you know me so well (?) I forgot the amount of times I watched the OVA!! It has the right formula!! All I want and all I love!!…. 

The handsome popular boy who falls for the shy, unpopular one…

They both love each other so much… they… 

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Their kisses are the cutest kisses I’ve ever seen in any animated show I SWEAR TO GOD!!

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okay… all in all… I Love Doukyuusei so muuch It hurts omg

Friends to Lovers with Mark
  • hello
  • omg i finally get to do this
  • like three people requested this
  • and i understand them all perfectly tbh
  • everyone needs someone as perfect and sweet as this lil angel in their lifes
  • btw i really miss his blonde hair
  • like you know the really blonde ramen hair that he had in my first and last
  • but anyways, i’ll just start writing this for once lmao
  • soooo, 
  • you kiddos probably met in school
  • let’s say that you’re a year younger than him so you didn’t go to the same class than him
  • but you were donghyucks seat partner ;)) yeAh
  • you get along well really fast and in one of the recess he decided to introduce you to all the dreamies
  • and yeah, he was the one who introduced you to our markimoo
  • and when you first saw him you were like damn boii
  • because he’s so handsome??? i mean what¿?
  • you really liked his soft features
  • like his skin is so gorgeous and his skin tone it is too 
  • and did you notice how beautiful his lips are? and he has amazing cheekbones
  • i’m looking at his firetruck teaser pics for inspiration as i write this and omg
  • he’s so handsome??? like?? what??? when¿?
  • his whole face was just so perfect and you just
  • “wow, i love you nose and your hair look really goodd?? do you bleach it often?”
  • what lmao
  • he though that you were really spontaneous and funny and he just adored you since the first second you opened your mouth
  • you on the other hand were already so embarassed jesus christ
  • but he just laughed and both of you started to talk about each others hair the whole time
  • and donghyuck was there like ¿?? what in flirtation
  • is that meme too old for me to use or
  • the dorms were really close to ur home btw and donghyuck would always walk you till like half of your way until he has to change directions
  • and there were only two or three days at week were your class and mark’s would go out of school at the same hour and today was one of those days ;)) wink wonk
  • in the end of that day, in the place where hyuck would normally change his directions and let you go mark decided to accompany you
  • donghyuck wasn’t feeling it so he just left both of you alone and went to the dorms to sleep lmao
  • and from that day mark would always walk you home whenever he cans and omg, every day you get to know each other so much
  • and obvs y’all exchaged numbers too
  • and you would be texting to each other all the time i swear
  • and the members loved you but they were so tired of hearing so much about you coming from mark lmao
  • “y/n you’re an angel but sometimes i really hate you”
  • “what? why?”
  • “because there’s ths guy called m..”
  • he’s so obvious and that made you feel a bit more confident to do little things to be closer to him like idk start skinship and text him first
  • and after like a month and a half after, once he was a 100% sure of his feelings for you and was conviced by his soulmate aka jaehyun, he finally confess
  • “i-i have been liking you for some time now and, i-i just though it was something important that you should know, i understand if you don’t want to keep being friends with me so don’t worry about that”
  • he was so nervous, you have no idea
  • and even if he always was really obvious with his feelings you still felt relieved after hearing his confession
  • but you get really nervous too because you knew that now it was YOU time to confess
  • “i-i like you too mark, and, you never heared this from me but this feelings are here since the very first moment i saw you”
  • his eyes started to shine and his smile was so beautiful and wide and you were internally dying because of how handsome this child is
  • and you started to date that day aw
  • and you get your first kiss the next week
  • he walked you home like he always did and since you started to date it  was a bit more awkward?
  • but he grabbed your hand that day and i swear he never stop smiling in the whole way
  • “guess we are here”
  • “i guess we are”
  • “i-i’m happy that now we’re.. well.. you know.. hehe”
  • jesus christ
  • “yeah, i’m really happy too”
  • a few seconds of silence and awkward giggles happened
  • “okaybyemarkhaveagoodlifeseeyoutomorrowbye”
  • and you just entered to your house lmao
  • your relationship is the cutest thing ever leT ME TELL YOU
  • he’s not jealous or protective or anything like that at all 
  • he trust you with his entire life so he’s always sincere with you and never keeps any secrets from you
  • and he’s also not the clingiest person but he loves it when you start skinship
  • like, he’s not the biggest fan of it either but he’s always down for your soft caresses and your koala hugs you know
  • he would always want to protect you and would always take care of you
  • you would be blessed to have an angel like him by your side tbh
  • okay and the enddd
  • i hope y’all like this <3 it was fun to do lmao
  • byeeeeeeeeeee <3

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hey love <3 can i request a BTS reaction to their girlfriend imitating them in the BST mv (dance) but doing an awful job just to make him annoyed? 💓 (idk if that makes sense 😅😂) thank you & have a nice day

.omg this is so me! - Admin C



“Ah, this seriously the cutest thing you’ve ever done.”

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Rap Monster:

“You dance better than me, jagi!”

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*teasingly* “Omg, you’re so embarrassing! It’s good I love you.”

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*joins you* 

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“You’re too cute I swear.”

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*cheers you on* “Go y/n! Go y/n! Go y/n!”

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“You’re becoming a bigger meme than me.”

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omg this took me so long sorry! Hope you liked it!!<3

Dad!Mark Lee

•he’s so awkward it’s cute
•first of all I think after he’s grown up and lol that shiz, he’ll decide to start a family with you of course
•everything is all planned out
•at least you thought it was
•you were suppose to have only 2 kids but turns out that wasn’t gonna happen
•your first child was a lil boy who was precious af
•a year after that you got preggos with twins
•twin girls to be exact
•so there’s your happy lil family
•you, Mark, your bby boi and the twin girls
•Mark was so reluctant to actually hold them because they were so smol and he was scared he was going to drop them
•after 1 hour of convincing him to hold your bby boy, it was the cutest thing ever
•like the first thing your boy did was smile at Mark and he was like
•'omg did you just see that, my baby smiled at me’
•I swear he was about to faint or something
•by the time your little girls came out Mark was pretty good at holding babies
•you should have filmed his reaction or something
•he had both of them in his arms and he looked like he was in heaven
•now as an actual father, Mark wasn’t that bad
•just please don’t let him cook or feed the babies
•the best he could do is give them the bottle while bouncing one of them on his lap
•he likes to have a big family night where you guys all just sleep together in your room and just cuddle
•you don’t mind, it’s too cute
•taking them all to the studio with him is a must
•while he’s working or something, his kids will have like 40 uncles to choose from
•trusts them with Taeyong the most tho
•and maybe Taeil
•but he’ll know they’re always in good hands
•he would want to teach his kids English as well as Korean so they could be smart like him
•or like Johnny
•is very nice to the kids
•and is totally whipped
•he spoils them too much tbh
•if his little prince wants a new Pokemon you bet he’s gonna get it
•if his little princesses want to give him a makeover then looks like he’s becoming a doll for the day
•leaves all the punishments to you because he’ll probably crack with their puppy eyes
•loves waking up to his children shaking him awake
•they could be in the middle of breaking his back and he’ll still smile and make you wake up so you could make everyone breakfast
•is salty when his little prince’s first word was eomma
•is very satisfied when his youngest’s first word is appa
•is confused when the middle one’s first word was Taetae
•reminds himself to detach her from Taeyong
•likes to take them everywhere with him but can’t so he gets sad
•but then when he’s home, he’ll get attacked by cuddles and it’s all good

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Do you know where I could watch yang nam show with eng sub?


Anonymous said:hello!! if you don’t mind me asking, i was wondering how do you make gifs from vlive videos?? thank you <3

i make them the same way as normal gifs, you can download the videos from here. here is a nice, basic tutorial for how to create gifs

You know that jimin has this different talking manner idk how it is actually but omg i swear he’s the cutest ever !!

yes he is! especially when he kind of pouts when he talks.. so cute



It all started on the 10th of December when my sister ( @the-hotel-california) and I would be going to Taylor’s first Melbourne show of the 1989 Tour. We got our hair down and make up done because we wanted to treat ourselves because we planned a girls day. My hairdresser and make up artists both said to me to make sure I tag them in the photo if I meet Taylor. I was like ‘Okay…that’s sooo not gonna happen but anyway!’ We met so many people from tumblr and the Melbourne Swifties facebook team (made by @shedreamsimpossibledreams) and that made me soooo happy! We were dancing our heart out to Vance Joy (because he’s from Melbourne as well and I fully support his amazing music.) We were having a blast! Then Tay came on and I couldnt really see from my seats, even though I was on the floor, people had signs everywhere blocking our view….smh. But I was going to the next two shows so I didn’t care that much, I let them have their fun. Anyway, we didn’t get loft and I got sooooo many messages of support on tumblr saying ‘Im so upset you didn’t meet her, you deserved to meet her, wish you met her.’ And that made me happy that you guys were so nice to me!!! I wasn’t upset, more upset I couldn’t see Taylor from my view but oh well! 

Then comes December 11, I was getting ready and my boyfriend ( @89taylorswift) was planning to come to my house at 1:30pm. We had shirts made of the ‘best boyfriend ever’ tweet that Taylor made late last year when 1989 came out. We didn’t think she would be doing a loft 89 that night but we just wanted to dress up into something fun anyway. So Nicholas and my Mum were sitting at the dining table and as I usually do I checked my tumblr. I refreshed the page and my IMs came up (which I never usually check) and I see a message from the user @taylorswift!!!! IT WAS TN ASK ME FOR ME AND MY BOYFRIENDS DETAILS AND PHONE NUMBER!!!! I screamed so loud, I have never screamed that loud before. I remember my mum panicking and asking ‘NATALLIYA WHO DIED, IS IT BAD, WHO DIED WHO DIED’ and she was close to tears because she thought someone had passed away (awww mummy.) ‘MUM TAYLOR’S MANAGEMENT TEAM ARE ASKING FOR MY DETAILS!!!!’ My mum started crying and Nicholas was so silent, he was on shock!  

 At 2:00pm, I got a No Caller ID phone call and it was Sierra!!! Calling me all the way from Nashville!!!! She was so lovely and sweet on the phone and told me that Taylor wants to meet “The famous Nat and Nick!” I thanked her a billion times, and she said she has been trying to get a hold of me since 8am Nashville time, and it was currently 9pm in Nashville. She said I would get a pre meet & greet ticket and would have to arrive at the venue at 4:00pm. I quickly got Taylor a present and a card and was so happy i was running down the street yelling “IM MEETING TAYLOR SWIFT.” Then I got a missed call, and it was Sierra saying she had a change of plans and for me to call her back ASAP. It was a No Caller ID so I couldn’t call her back :((((. But then she called my boyfriend and explained that now I may be meeting Taylor right before the show or right after, and people from TN would come collect me right before Vance Joy comes on and to stay seated in my seats. (she also took down my seat numbers and what not.)


I met so many amazing people, gorgeous followers of mine came up to me and asked for photos and it was adorable!! I loved that sooo so much! And Ruby gave me chocolates that said ‘Merry Christmas Nat’ because I got her a Taylor follow and honestly she is so sweet i love her! And @swiftmasofrph was there too! She was so sweet and sent me the manip she made for my birthday! ahhh i met so many gorgeous people!!! Anyway, people kept asking me to go to the TN booth so I can meet people from Tumblr but Vance was coming on soon and I couldn’t risk it. Before Vance got on, I really needed to pee so I was like “Nicholas i gotta go, call me if anything happens.” So i was rushing around the stadium and also met some people from Tumblr and Im so sorry if I looked flustered and looked like I didnt want to talk to you! Because I was stressing so much! Anyway, I got back and no one had came yet. So @89taylorswift and I decided that it wasn’t going to be happening anymore. 

Taylor started playing I Wish you Would, and Nicholas and I were jamming so hard! Then all of a sudden we see a lady coming through the row of our seats, but we thought she was just trying to get to her seats. As she got closer, i moved back so she could fit through but she grabbed me and Nicholas by the shoulder and was like ‘You Nat and Nick?’ and we were like ‘YAAAS!’ and she was like ‘Have you met Taylor before????’ and we were like ‘GOD NO OMG’ and she was like ‘Taylor requested to meet you and come and get you, You’re going to loft 89!’ and she stuck the wristbands on us and I gave her a hug! I was shaking so much my bum cheeks were literally shaking. And Nicholas’ hands were going crazy he, was totally in shock! The lady next to us was telling us congratulations and also a girl I use to go to school with (Amy) was in my row and she said ‘Im so happy for you! Have fun!’

LOFT 89:

 @olivia-oblivious and @swiftlyfindingmyplaceinthisworld  also got loft and it was great cause we had already met before and everyone was all so nice! We were walking back stage and Taylor’s bandmates walked past and saw Liv (she looks so much like Tay) and they were all like ‘wtf Taylor???!!!’ It was soooo funny! And everyone borrowed my perfume because we all didn’t want to smell in front of Taylor (everyone in loft was so so sweet!.) 

We got told that we could only take one picture per group and not to film, and we lined up to meet Taylor in a booth in loft 89. Nicholas and I were 4th in line and I wasn’t shaking at all (I felt like I was dreaming.) TN took my phone and then we walked in. There she is. Standing in a cute fall aesthetic outfit. Grey skin tight sweater, with green tinged pants. She opened her arms and ran to me and said ‘HEY BUDDY! THEY FOUND YOU!’ and at the same time I yelled ‘HEYYYYYY GURRRRRRRRLLLL!’ I gave her such a big hug and felt her spine hahahahahah and I honestly thought she would be soooo much taller but she was only 5 cm taller than me. She had her hands on my shoulders and was like ‘Its so good to finally meet you!’ and then she hugged Nicholas and was like ‘Omgsh hey!!’  “You guys are the cutest!” she said to us. I was like ‘Omsgh thank you so much for wanting to meet me!’ and then she began to say “Omgsh I know you were at the show last night, you cried didn’t you last night?” and I was like “wait…who me??? No?” and she was like “I saw on your blog that you were crying and you were really upset weren’t you?” and I was like ‘Omg NO NO NOT ME, I WAS NOT UPSET!’ and she was like “no I swear you were, or was it someone else? Oh wait no It was people sending you messages saying how they were upset that i didn’t meet you!” (and then she started to gesture like typing on a computer it was so cute) And i was like ‘yeah I know I get a lot of people messaging me that they were upset about it all’ and she was like ‘You know what. You are so nice.’ (I feel like she’s referring to the advice I give my followers.) and I was like ‘You’re so gorgeous’ and she was like ‘So are you dude!’ (she called me dude hahahahahah.) And then she was like “I am really trying to meet as many people on the tour as possible,  I have so many people I want to meet but its been so hard because im so busy and stuff” and I was like ‘don’t worry, i totally understand. It’s not your fault!’ and she was like ‘I look online when I can and try to find people, I have so many people I plan on meeting tomorrow. (which is tonight.)’ and then I said “Oh you must have seen my outfit post so many times, I make Nicholas reblog it” and she said ‘yes yes, I did see it haha, It’s just so hard to find everyone ya know?It was so hard to find you guys last night. Are you coming to anymore shows?’ and I explained I’m going again tomorrow with my sister. Then TN started asking ‘Okay let’s take a picture!’ and she totally ignored them and turned her back towards them being all sassy like *yalll i wanna talk to my fans.* And then I said to her “I just have one thing to say, you have to re-do the entire Speak Now World Tour again” and she was like “THE ENTIRE THING???” and I was like yes “THE WHOLE THING!” and she said “BUT I DONT WANT TOOOOO, i’d have to grow out my hair and get the curls again” and I said to her ‘Curls get the gurls!’ She then told me “I dont even know what Im gonna do next I have no idea!” and I said that she should go ‘indie/folk’ and she was like ‘Omgsh!!!! really??” and then started laughing so hard. And then TN asked to take a picture again, and so she was like “okay, and so she grabbed me and Nicholas” and I was like ‘wait can we do this kind of photo?’ and she was like ‘Oh so good you have something planned!’ so we took the photo. And she went to hug me and thank me and then she saw Nicholas’ shirt and was like “That is amazing, you are both so gorgeous and sweet and look so cute” and then TN started to walk us out, and she then ran up to me to give me another hug goodbye. It was insane. 


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oMG THE WAY YOU DREW LOUIS' FEET IN THE COCO PUFFS DRAWING i swear ill die this is just too cute!!! oh my fudge can you even imagine how cute it would be if harry tickled his wittle feet and louis would giggle his heart out with crinkles near his eyes and the widest smile, i think im gonna die really this is too adorable


Here’s the post!

  • the best waiter to ever exist?????
  • like he isn’t just going to completely disregard you and appear as though he has far better things to do
  • no he’s going to go out of his way to make sure you have the best experience of your  l i f e
  • the restaurant he works at has increased their business so so much since he started working for them
  • like they get so maNY CUSTOMERS
  • lots of them are regulars but some new ones stop by and hope with everything they have that they’ll get him as their waiter
  • he works in a more casual-style place, like it’s not super fancy but it’s certainly not just a random grimy restaurant
  • so he tries to dress relatively nicely!!!!!!
  • think button-up t-shirts (a nice sky blue color) or t-shirts with simple colors!!!!!!
  • has a little apron with a notepad for orders (and lowkey some extra candies for the kids)
  • likes to scribble everything down bc he doesn’t want to mess any orders up and wants to be 100% sure
  • probably internally panics when there’s something wrong with an order
  • it’s never his fault but he feels like it is and he just gets so flustered and apologetic and cute
  • the customers always love him
  • there’s just no way they can’t
  • even the most guarded, cold person will somehow find themselves liking him a lot
  • he’s just always moving and doing something??????
  • like he comes in a little early so he can clean up any messes (and sometimes buys the other staff meals bc he knows that they can get really busy and wouldn’t have time to eat otherwise)
  • is always bubbly and happy and just generally lightens the mood
  • it’s hard to be frustrated and angsty when there’s a literal ray of sunshine around
  • he doesn’t really step into arguments all that often but it’s just his prESENCE
  • like the chef and a waiter could be fighting in the back but ten walks in and the mood just immediately lifts
  • he’s just the best thing that has ever happened to this restaurant
  • and plus it’s where he met you so it really is the best thing
  • you weren’t even at one of his tables??????
  • like you were just out for dinner with one of your friends and everything was normal
  • just a casual night out, nothing terribly special
  • and he was waiting tables and bustling around and generally being a busy little noodle
  • except he watched as a waitress tripped and flung a legit entire bowl of soup into your face as she passed by
  • the noise that came out of his throat was inhuman
  • you were just sitting there, and the bowl fell on the ground and shattered and you were covered in scorching soup and it was generally embarrassing + unpleasant for you
  • and ten
  • being the ultimate waiter
  • rushes over faster than the waitress could
  • and is just like “oh mY GOD OH MY GOD I’M SO SO SORRY COME WITH ME”
  • and you’re like “!!!! no it’s ok i’m ok!!!!!”
  • but it’s too late bc he is pulling you into the back and already has a towel
  • he keeps apologizing and being all flustered and blushy and adorable and you’re like omg omg the waiter is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen?????
  • but anyways he’s helping you get the soup off and he’s partially blushing bc he thinks you’re really cute too and it’s just a giant mess but at least it’s a cute one
  • and once you’re officially clean again he smiles and you swear that he’s more brilliant than anything you’ve ever seen
  • and he’s like “hey dinner is on me!!!!! i’m sorry about this again,,,”
  • and you’re like “no no it’s really ok!!!!!!!”
  • so you part ways and you’re both like damn i should have just asked them out or something why am i like this
  • but you eat dinner with your friend and it’s a good night and just as you’re leaving ten frantically sprints after you and he’s just like “waIT”
  • and you turn and you’re like “????? ye s?”
  • and he grins and he may look kind of confident but unfortunately he’s blushing too hard to pull that off completely but he messes up and he’s just like
  • “can i buy you dinner again?????? together????? a date???????”
  • and he’s just so stuttery and cute and there’s no way that you would ever say no

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So I bumped into Stephan Lang when I was walking around town today. I actually bumped into him and responded with "Sorry Commander Taylor" We held eye contact for two minutes as it dawned on me what I said. I blushed and excused myself before speedy walking away, but I heard his booming laughter behind me


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Im really into any ship with my boy Tony, I just want him to be happy,,,, So if you could recommend me some, Id be really happy!! My romance starved ass needs to be feed

Ooooh ok my favorite (non angst) Tony ones are

“Lost Boy”– punk!Tony with lawyer!Steve. Seriously so cute. A bit of angst but nothing terrible.

“Smitten Kitten”– shifter!au that will SLAY you omg. It’s funny and sweet and lots of feels. Plus Tony is a kitty!shifter which is hilarious

“Letters to Bucky”– Bucky/Tony it’s the most romantic, I swear to god.

“Long Distance”— seriously the cutest shit in the world PLUS it has artwork to go with it! Was a collab between me and my beautiful artist friend.

If you want some serious angst, check out

“IronHawk”– ABO if you’re into that

“Looking at You” – Post CACW SO ANGSTY but so so lovely

“Storms”– this is Thor/tony which is a rare pair, but easily one of my most popular stories. Plus I’m writing the sequel “Frost” right now.

All of these can be found on my Masterlist, I am not on my computer so I can’t link you but I am happy to tag you in it if you haven’t found it yet!!!

Unexplainable Love {Park Jihoon}

Park Jihoon Feat. Wanna One [Ending 1]



Synopsis: Ice cream date with Jihoon, texting with obnoxious people you call friends, and a short adventure in the park🍦

You were on he phone with your best friend, Eunmi, who is Seongwoo’s cousin.

“Can you come over so that we can watch PD101 on crack?” she asks while you slip your feet into your Converse.

You laugh. “You always want to do the weirdest things,” you tell her. “But I can’t, I’m going on a date with Jihoon. Maybe after, if you’re awake when I come by your place.”

“Okay, I’ll be awake for sure. By the way, do you have Woojin’s number?”

“Uh yeah, but your cousin is Ong Seongwoo. Ask him. I have to go so I’m not late, bye!”

“Alright, fine. Bye Y/N! Have fun! Tell Jihoon I say hi!”

“I will! And by the way, don’t watch that Unhelpful Guide to Wanna-One video yet because I haven’t watched it.”

“Uhm, too late.”

Eunmi hangs up so you roll your eyes and happily put your phone in your pocket while thinking about Jihoon. You call out to your parents that you’re going to be out and will be back in a few hours. After you close the door behind you, you make your way to the ice cream shop, nearly skipping in joy because you haven’t seen Jihoon for the longest time.

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Dating Taehyung would Include
  • Cheesy Couple names that will make others roll their eyes
  • -How is my sweet little pancake doing ?
  • - You worked hard  cheese ball 
  • - Sunshine , I’m here  !
  • Cuddles , cuddles , cuddles
  • Even if the boys are around he’d cuddle you 
  • - Get a room
  • - You’re just jealous
  • 8 out 10 of your gallery will be his selca , pictures he sent of a puppy he saw on the street , a cat , a rock , a flower , a tree anything you can think  of
  • - Babe , look at this !
  • - Tae it’s just a rock , stop sending me those 
  • - No but it’s green !
  • - That’s grass 
  • - You keep ruining the fun
  • You’d have no dull moment in your relationship because you guys will always find a way to make things fun 
  • Home dates ? You’ll play castle
  • Arcade dates ? You’ll try every game in there
  • Library dates ? You’ll get kicked out because , you won’t stop giggling  at something he said or did
  • Movie night with the boys ? Then you’ll have to share him with Jimin because well JIMIN & sometimes you just wonder who is he actually dating 
  • -Can I have my boyfriend back ?
  • - You’re funny
  • But since Jimin will often end up tagging along on your dates , you’ll end up being close & the three of you will be such a dope squad
  • When Taehyung has to stay in to practice with the boys , you’ll surprise him once in awhile with  homemade food  for everyone, he’ll just feel so touched & hug you tightly whispering thank you then he’ll start bragging about you
  • - Isn’t my cinnamon roll so thoughtful ?
  • - Don’t you wish someone like them ?
  • - My babe is the best
  • Stopping Yoongi from killing Taehyung because he just won’t shut up
  • - Soekjin do something !
  • - Leave me out of this please
  • Your heart will do a thing when watching him practice
  •  Serious V is a sexy V I’m sorry I sinned
  • You’ll also be so proud
  • Skinship 
  • When you go on a walk he’ll hold your hand
  • If it get too crowded , he’ll make sure to hold you by your waist since he’s afraid that you’ll get lost 
  • However you won’t notice that he’s a blushing mess for having you that close
  • - Don’t wander around , ok ?
  • Back-hugs attacks  because why not 
  • Couple rings
  • Couple Phone case
  • Couple T
  • Kim destruction 
  • -KIM TAEHYUNG , I left for 10 MINUTES ,
  • - I just touched it 
  • Aegyo bombing so you’d forgive
  • Tickling fights
  • Food competitions 
  • - How can you both eat that much ?
  • Playing Video games until your eyes hurts
  • Selcas / Pictures
  • - How can you manage to pull such a face
  • - You can’t do any better
  • -Watch me
  •  Then you’ll see who can make the dorkiest expression
  • and Jimin walks in and give such a look but then join you
  • - Win over this
  • If you never had Candid taken of you then expect a lot of them
  • - Don’t move you look stunning
  • - Omg , wait wait
  • - Why so pretty
  • Pillow talk
  • You’ll really talk about everything & nothing
  • sometimes , you’ll just enjoy each other company
  • Talking about the future
  • Serious Tae  is a sexy Tae
  • Late calls or random snapchats when he is on tour
  • - I miss you
  • - I bought you something ! Can’t wait to give it to you ~
  • - What , what ?
  • - Not gonna tell you , it’s a surprise ~
  • - But Taaaaaaaae
  • - Lol no , enjoy your headache
  • - I hate you
  • - Same
  • Calling you late at night if he is having a hard time & venting his worries
  • - It gonna be alright babe, it’s ok to feel that way
  • - I really don’t know
  • - Kim Taehyung survived worse than this , I believe in you
  • Then he’ll sniffle and cry on the other line & you just want to take the first flight & be my his side
  • - It gonna be alright
  • - I love you (Y/N)
  • - I love you too
  • Nevertheless , Tae is Tae and the sun doesn't hide forever
  • - No
  • - Let’s go buy one when I come back
  • - Taehyung i can’t even leave you alone & come to find everything in its place 
  • - I swear I’ll be good
  • Coming to your apartment , finding him playing with a dog .You’ll just stand there like wth & he’ll give you a smile 
  • Puns
  • Cheesy pickup lines
  • - Does your father work in the air-force ? Because you’re a Bomb
  • Not letting you diet
  • - I need to lose weight ok
  • - My grandma likes us chubby
  • Makes Jin cook for you
  • Jealous V , is a sulky V
  • - Ok but I’m the only one allowed to do that
  • - Wow are you jealous ?
  • - I’m just saying  & I’m cuter anyways
  • Singing to you with that deep ass voice & you just melt on the spot
  • Gentle kissing to passionate making out there is no in between
  • A smooch on the lips when he is busy
  • His smile
  • His loud laugh
  • Eye smile
  • Tae with glasses
  • Did I mention him wearing glasses ?

 why do my fingers keep on typing ? 

Dating Taehyung would Include for Anon ~ Hope you like <3

Admin Pon-

Storms - ShikaTema

Disclaimer: None of the characters mentioned belong to me.

Okay so I couldn’t sleep last night and I heard a lot of rain against my window, and it inspired me to do this.

Subject: Temari is scared of thunder at night so Shikamaru comforts her (feat. Shikadai)

It was so much fun to write, so I hope you enjoy it!

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Thunder had always struck fear in Temari, sending jolts of terror as if she’d been hit by the lightning that often came with it. During the day, whilst she could see the sinister clouds loom over with their dark colours and distant rumbles, she managed to hide her fear from those around her.

However, as darkness fell and the world went to sleep, the ongoing growling of the heavens kept her up and uneasy. Her heart would beat fast against her chest and her eyes would remain open as much as she’d try to sleep - even though she was dog-tired, her mind was wide awake.

She guessed that this unwanted fear stemmed from living in Suna for her childhood, and the sound of thunder signifying a storm was on it’s way. From her home town that would often mean a sandstorm was fast approaching, and sandstorms were nothing but trouble.

Even in the village, away from the endless desert plains, the storm would engulf the houses and choke their inhabitants, and it scared Temari senseless.

As a child, every time a sandstorm blew in, Temari would hide in her bed, her duvet blocking out the sand and the sound, but only just. Her younger brother Kankuro would always stand beside her and shush her, tell her it was fine and that she didn’t need to hide, but she never stopped.

Now, although she was almost twenty-three, the sound still caused her to cover her head with the duvet and dig her nails deep into the pneumatic pillow beneath her head.

She whined, listening to the rain hit her bedroom window hard. “Shut up, please. I just want to sleep,” she whispered.

From behind her she felt her husband’s arms engulf her, gently pulling her closer and burying his face sweetly in her blonde hair. His hot breath and warm bare chest pushed against her back, the heat of his body slowly passing onto her.


“Yeah?” he replied, his voice raspy but awake.

“When do you think this’ll be over?”

Shikamaru didn’t like the pained edge to his wife’s voice. He hated whenever she was in pain or distressed in any way, especially since she’d fallen pregnant. Without even meaning to, he’d grown insanely protective, wanting to accompany her everywhere he could just to make sure she was alright.

This had only started to happen once she’d reached five months and started to really take on her surname’s speciality as her own. She’d complain about at least three things - and often more - daily, just as he did. But it wasn’t the same.

For him, it was a bad habit, but for her it was serious. Shikamaru knew Temari well, well enough to know that she’d only whine about something if it really bothered her.

Something within him had clocked that he needed to stop these things if he could; eradicate all the things that hurt or scared her in the world to the best of his ability.

“I don’t know,” he mumbled, kissing her jaw. “Soon, I imagine…”

Temari let out a giant sigh and moved her hand to rest on top of his as it held the growing bump on her stomach. Her body melted back into his, feeling his thumb caress her skin gently. “I hate being so scared of it,” she complained, “but it just sets me off - I can’t sleep.”

“Yeah, I know,” sighed Shikamaru, placing another kiss on her jaw. “You never used to be able relax, but I’ve managed to get that to happen, haven’t I?”

She groaned. “Relaxing and sleeping are different things, and frankly I prefer the latter…”

Shikamaru let out a chuckle and pulled himself closer to his wife, pressing his body against hers.

“You know, storms used to scare me, too,” he whispered into her ear.

“They did?”

“Yeah, but then I realised something - just after I first asked you out actually. I realised there’d no point in worrying about stuff that’s out of my control.”

Temari turned her head to look at her husband. “I know that already - you say it all the time.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I do, because it’s too. Storms might be a pain, and it might mean it’s hard to sleep for a night, but nothing’s going to hurt us while we’re in here.” Shikamaru looked straight down into the deep teal of her eyes through the darkness and smiled. “I’m here, I’m holding you. You and the baby are always safe with me. Oh, but make sure to cover your head with the duvet - it makes soo much difference.”

With a mischievous grin, Temari leant up and kissed him full on the lips, her eyes closed and her body fully relaxed again. “Don’t take the piss,” she giggled. “I love you, though.”

“I should hope you do,” he chuckled. “But I love you, too, Tem…both of you.”

Tightening his tender grip around Temari’s body, Shikamaru listened to her soft sigh of content. He felt relief soar through his body, and a feeling of pride go with it.

He couldn’t stop a storm, but he could at least try and make her feel safe. And, much to his pleasure, he’d done that tonight.


The violent storm outside growled ever louder as the strong, heavy rain pummelled down against the windows. Echoing through the house was the whisper of wind channeling through pipes and every crack it met. Shivers of damp and cold crept in through every gap in a doorframe, and crawled into each corner of any room it came across. It was the kind of weather one ought to despise, and it was safe to say the Hidden Leaf hadn’t heard a storm this awful in a long time, but - for once - Shikamaru Nara wasn’t complaining.

Although the rattling effects of the wind kept him awake throughout the night, the sound of rain always lulled him into the calmest of moods. He lay back in his bed, his hands behind his head, and stared with eyes full of sleep at the never-changing ceiling above him. There, in the most comfortable of positions, he felt himself drift into the most blissful state he could feel.

The constant tapping didn’t cease, as if some insomniac were at his window with a jet wash hose and an unlimited water supply, but Shikamaru wouldn’t have asked for any different. He loved the sound, and hearing it drum against the roof as well. It was serene to him; strong and sweet and endlessly brilliant, filling his head with the memories of times passed.

Against his neck he felt tiny soft breaths, warm and short - but would you expect any less from an infant? Shikadai snuggled into his father’s body, his face nestling happily into the crook of his neck. Thankful for his mother and father, the little boy was a very heavy sleeper, and it took a real shake to wake him up.

“How he can do that, I don’t know…” whispered his mother as she swirled the wispy black hair gently around her baby son’s head. “He’s only eleven months old - any normal baby would be up and bawling his eyes out by now from the racket outside…”

Shikamaru turned his head slightly, just enough to lock eyes with his wife. She lay next to him on her side, entirely cocooned in the cozy white sheets they’d got from his mother as a wedding gift.

“I’d say he gets it from me but I can’t sleep either,” he mumbled, pecking the top of his sons head gently. “Shit, we’re lucky…”

“Don’t swear in front of him, Shikamaru,” Temari snapped quietly, but the tone of her voice as cutting as if she’d yelled it to the whole village.

“He’s asleep, Tem…”

“I don’t care. It’s a bad habit.”

He stared deeply into the eyes of his wife, which he could only just make out through the cloak of darkness night threw over them. Feeling himself smile at her, he moved his arm to support Shikadai, gently holding his son against his chest. Shikadai’s gentle breaths tickled his skin with the softest touch, causing his father to shiver slightly at the strange sensation.

“Shikadai,” said Shikamaru in a raspy, lethargic tone, “you’re a brilliant little guy, you know that right?”

Temari moved closer to her boys, enveloping her husbands torso with her arm and grazing the top of her son’s head with her lips. “You’re just like your daddy, aren’t you? Sleepy and cute.”

“You hear that Shika? Your mummy thinks we’re cute.” He smirked at her and gently caressed his sons back with his thumb. “Not once has she ever told me that…”

“Let’s go with handsome then, Shikadai,” slurred Temari. She was clearly falling into a light sleep as her eyes kept fluttering closed before flying open again with a sudden burst of new-found energy. But it didn’t last long, and she’d moved on masses from not being able to calm whenever the thunder echoed in the background.

Shikamaru chuckled, leaned towards her and placed a soft kiss on her lips, shortly followed by her forehead. “Get some sleep, Tem,” he smiled. “And if by some strange occurrence Shikadai starts to cry, I’ll look after him. You need to sleep.”

Letting her eyes flutter closed fully this time, Temari nestled her head into the pillow, right by Shikamaru’s shoulder. Her hand held his waist tightly, with a soft touch as she caressed the soft fabric of his black shirt. She slowly ceased her actions, letting out heavier and more exasperated breaths.

“See, Shikadai? Your daddy’s an amazing man…” she mumbled into Shikamaru’s arm. “He’s a gentleman and he cares for us both so deeply, even if he can be a total arse.”

“Hey,” groaned Shikamaru, his voice deep and husky, “no swearing in front of him.”

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Well that’s probably the most descriptive and cutest ShikaTema piece I’ve ever written. Personally I love this, it made me so happy to write and omg I just love it.

I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as me. Maybe I’ll do some more soon.

(Update: “The Wedding Series (The Big Day - LeeTen)” ought to be up tomorrow, by the way.)

anonymous asked:

my crush..... is this really adorable boy I've liked since february and I found out in may that he likes me back! but we're too nervous to make any moves!!help! We talk everyday almost from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep and sometimes he'll send me funny posts saying "this is the goodnight/goodmorning post!" We talk about our pets a lot and he has the cutest dog! Also enjoy getting the hot goss from my friends if they're hanging out and he brings up how cute he thinks I am!

Omg!! What are you too waiting for?? He his obviously into you! If he his too shy to make that move so you should totally go for it! I swear boys find it so attractive when girls make that move and showing some confidence!

simply-saeran  asked:

I would die if you did Zen X MC at the shelter to pick out a dog and his reaction when they have to pass the cats


  • Ordinarily, he doesn’t like to take allergy meds bc “I’m a man, MC, my immune system will deal with this.”
  • Tries to pretend like it doesn’t bother him
  • It bothers him
  • MC secretly has to stash some allergy meds in her bag
  • He doesn’t even have to be near the cats to sneeze
  • As soon as they walk in he starts because “it smells like cats, MC. It’s not my fault.”
  • “We haven’t even seen any animals yet! They’re all behind that wall and in glass cages!”
  • He just insists on getting a dog and getting out of dodge.
  • “Please, MC, can you just hurry?”
  • “This was your idea, Mr. “I’m at work and you need someone to protect you when I’m not home”
  • When he finds out that the dogs are past the cats and they have to go by them to see the dogs
  • oHHHH boy dealbreaker.
  • “Why don’t you go pick out a dog you like and I’ll just stay here?”
  • MC made him go with her.
  • As soon as they opened the door to the shelter part it’s game over
  • Here come’s MC armed with allergy meds and kleenex
  • The animals are behind glass walls, what the heck
  • but he insists on the fact that cats are out to get him and you can’t convince him otherwise.
  • But once you get into the dog area, poof, gone, bye bye allergies
  • MC wants a cute dog like a Yorkie or something
  • Zen insists on getting a guard dog bc he insists on being the cutest in the house
  • but once he sees the pomsky
  • game over
  • Next thing you know he’s on the floor playing with it
  • MC only watches as her grown man of a boyfriend is on the floor letting the dog lick his face
  • she swears he’s more of an adult
  • but, in the end of the day, you end up getting it
  • MC lowkey thinks he’s going to treat it like a legit baby
  • But she has no problem with that bc Dad!Zen is 10/10 the best thing