omg you are sooo cute

  • Beca and Chloe: *finish singing Titanium*
  • Me: OMG!!! That was amazing! You guys are sooo cute. *claps hands* You two are perfect for each other.
  • Beca: *looks down then hastily looks to the ceiling* *clears her throat*
  • Chloe: *looks down* Oh, yeah, I'm pretty confident about all this. *waving her hands over her body*
  • Beca: Yeah, you should be. *small smile*
  • Me: *smiling so widely that it doesn't even look human* *with wide eyes*
  • Tommy: *walks in*
  • Me: You son of a $@!!#!$. GO AWAY!! go, shoo. *throws pillow at tv* You ruined it!!! *glares at tv*

adastar24  asked:

The outfit you had on for Jasper Gala Pride OMG that was sooo cute on your and pretty as well. You get a 👍thumbs and 🖐slap it hi lol lol

thank you! it was my first time wearing a suit so i wasn’t sure if i could pull it off or not.

anonymous asked:

is that you in the picture of the two girls kissing? If so, which one are you?? sooo cute btw omg (: I think it's so cute that you and your wife have tumblrs together!!

aah yes it is!! I’m the blonde (: yea so this blog used to be called kissmeinthefall but after a while we wanted a change, so then it was themorninglight516 and now it’s when-sky-met-ground!

When I first discovered witchcraft, I wanted a separate blog just for witchy things, but we follow a lesbian blog on our main and they reblogged our picture from like 5 years ago!! 

thanks for asking 😊

Bangtan’s Reaction to Finding Out You’re Seventeen TRASH;

I totally did not do this because I’m becoming Minghao and Woozi trash.


*Sees you squealing over Seungkwan* “So you like ‘em young huh?” 


*Showing him a picture of Woozi* “I can see why you like him.”


*Teasing you* “OMG! I love them too! OMG!”


“He’s not better looking than me right?”


“Aw, that’s a cute song.” He squeals with you. “But I know a cuter one, let me show you.” *Puts on Just One Day M/V* “Omg, sooo cute!” He squeals again.


“But Bangtan’s still your favorite right?”


*Shrugs as you squeal over Minghao* “I don’t care, I’m still your favorite maknae.” *Actually cares tho*

*No gifs are mine, all credit to their owners*