omg you are so dumb


matching icons w/ ur bff cuz why not ( for perfectly-wasted-youthhh & cptnalbertalexander !!)

let me tell you, i helped a lady the other day with finding the order number for an old order so she could return it. took me like 15 minutes to get everything figured out (which was nbd because i had gotten everything done that i needed to get done, so i was literally doing nothing). She asked me who she could talk to to tell them how helpful i’d been and about how much i had gone out of my way to help her out and i seriously almost started giggling like an idiot.

all this time i’ve worked customer service, and this is the first time i have ever had a customer say that to me.

Back in June when I was flying to Florida, we took a really odd route and we had two 4 hour flights and I HATE planes. I had a real panic attack, like I was shaking in between my cousin and grandmother, my hands felt cold, I was severely lightheaded, my face felt numb, my breathing was uneven and I think my heart rate was around 160 BPM. This was so odd it was usually never this bad ever and that freaked me out even more.

So anyways my grandma was like “Shelby just listen to music or something and breathe and try to calm down” and she gave me my ear buds and I pressed shuffle on my phone and Can’t Help Falling in Love, the original obviously, came on, and omg I felt like everything just stopped, I felt so much better? And within minutes I was asleep and I didn’t wake up until we landed.

On the flights home I immediately turned on the song and it didn’t happen again. I love that song I really do.


Me: well honestly I’m not really sure you see I’ve struggled with who I am and who I want to be for many years and I just feel like I can never really be the person I want to be because my lack of self esteem really gets in my way and if you asked me do you like yourself I’d say well I’m not sure exactly and it’s just been really hard you know?

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ohh that sucks honestly I would either unfollow or tell them to stop if they were a close friend lmao like.. animal abuse and blood are such basic triggers when people don’t tag them I’m like bye lmaoo

Yeah if it happens again i’ll probably unfollow, this is the first time they’ve done this tho, so i’ll add a bunch of things to my blacklist and hope they don’t do it again ? or that my black list works ? because I rlly like their posts damn it

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ok I've just found your blog and flicked through it (Ive just started working out to lose weight, and I'm also a horsey person!) some of these anons are so stupid, like do they not understand some people are naturally slender?? they're so dumb. you look amazing.

Omg love u already come off anon so I can follow fellow horse xo

❛     THE CASTLE’S LORD   can be quite   rough—   HARSH   as i may  be,  i don’t much    APPROVE    of the way he   treats   you.   then again,   it’s   STUPID   to talk  out of turn.     ❜


so i was tagged by this cutie diggitydamnsebastianstan  ♥ here is your “man flesh” you expected hahaha

i am steve rogers trash honestly also i hide my apps on another page so i can see my beautiful wallpaper

whoever i tag, you dont have to do this, especially if youve already done this, but honestly i wanna know what you guys have as your lockscreens bc im trash ; so i tag you guys cause i see you in my activity a lot haha: arkenstvnevalahmorghulisanakinsbutt ; fatedsamygxritte ; crowleyshalo