omg you are literally perfect

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I would give you a massaaaage! You don’t get mad when I drink too much and fall asleep on you during a movie too!!


The most attractive member of the Suicide Squad is definitely Harley Quinn. I don’t think The Joker has eyes for anyone else except Harley. The other girls are cute, but Harley’s just got that special something.
—  Jared Leto (x)

Johnny Depp and Joe Perry at Studio 1480 (Johnny’s music studio in his house) during the recording of Hollywood Vampires’ self-titled debut album

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okay...i know i'm a day late but i just watched the episode & i have so many feelings. everything about it was great. i really love how klaus has changed but he's not this completely diff. person - i love all of his diff. relationships klayley, klope, klelijah, but most of all klarcel. i've missed klarcel scenes so much. now that marcel has said that he loves klaus and can't hate him, i need klaus to call marcel his son (present tense) and then all of them take a family photo

First of all, no you’re not late. Second of all, literally same about eVERYTHING YOU’RE SAYING OMG THAT EPISODE WAS PERFECT! Klaus is amazing! His relationships are incredible!!!! KLARCEL!!!!!!!!!1 And yes please more family pictures pleasE.

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I'm the Dom yoonseok anon 💋 that caption was everything omg it's so perfect thank you so much!! It literally gave me goosebumps from the filth lol 😏

Good! I’m so happy darling😊😊 filth is always beautiful and I try to do it well. Goosebumps are always a good sign 😏💕💕

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I LOVE U AND UR SIGGY??? but seriously you put so much love and care into him and I always love reading your threads and headcanons because wowie????

    tell me!! | always accepting!!

LAYLA WO W I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!! this world could use more ppl like you bc you’re literal perfection………. omg i’m?? flustered!! i never think people would actually read those, but it makes my heart soar!! thank you so much for liking siggy & roleplaying with him!!

Taylor Caniff Imagine for anon

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“Boys, this is Y/N.” Bart pushed you forward a little, making you face some of the most attractive boys you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Bart had already introduced them.

“Hello.” You said, waving. You blushed, realizing that your accent had slipped out. You were from Ireland, Bart had contacted you through your viral YouTube account to get you to participate in the Magcon Tour over the summer. You were so excited, it was a great cause and all the boys were hilarious.

“Do you have an accent?” The boy with the bandana, Taylor asked you. He was really cute, and tall. You nodded, “Yeah. I’m from Ireland.”

“Zayum, a foreign girl.” Cameron winked, making you blush. Mahogany rolled her eyes from beside you, linking your arm with hers.

“Let her be guys, she’s been here for ten minutes.” She told the boys, and then turned to you, “We’ll be rooming together. we have a free day tomorrow, do you wanna go shopping?”

“I’d love to!” You cheered, and a few of the boys giggled at your accent again.


“Wakey wakey Mahogany!” You ruffled her curly hair, and she groaned, turning into her pillow even more.

“Get your arse out of bed!” You giggled, taking her covers off and throwing them to the other side of the bed, out of her reach.

“Arse?” She grumbled, sitting up. You sat on the bed, “Oh sorry. I guess I meant to say ass.

“Your accent is so cute! I’m surprised one of the guys haven’t fallen in love with you yet.” Mahogany joked, getting out of bed.

“What do you mean?” You asked, curious. You didn’t like any of the boys like that. Well, maybe Taylor. He was really sweet to you, and when you went to hang out with the boys last night, he was sweet and funny and even jumped in front of you when Nash tried to smack-cam you.

“I mean, you’re gorgeous, funny, and you find it easy to talk to guys. Not to mention your accent. I would have suspected at least one of the guys to start to like you.” Mahogany explained, flipping her hair around and finding something to wear.

“Really?” You asked, a little surprised.   

“Mhm.” Mahogany nodded, “You got a little crushy crush on anyone?” She teased, pulling out some shorts and a t-shirt.

You blushed, not wanting to admit that you liked Taylor. “Guess.”

“Taylor.” Was the only word she said, and you dropped your mouth open, “How did you guess that so quickly?”

“Honey, I’m a genius. I can smell love in the air like a freaking police dog, I shipped it from the start.” Mahogany told you. Wow. She really is a genius, you were thankful you had befriended her.

“He’s just really cute.” You added, fiddling your thumbs, starting to get dressed yourself.  “And sweet, and funny, and tall, and hot, and his-”

“Alright sweet cheeks don’t overwhelm yourself.” Mahogany laughed, and a blush formed on your face.

“I’ll set you up, it’s obvious he likes you too.” Your friend turned to you, “You guys would be cute.”

“Really? How is it obvious he likes me too?” You asked, brushing your hair and applying a minimum amount of makeup. You grabbed your purse, making sue you had your wallet and your phone.

“He got smacked for you, he definitely wants you. Normally, that kid would duck and cover if Nash tried to smack him with baby powder.” Mahogany laughed, and she slung her purse around her shoulder, “You ready to go down and get breakfast?”

You laughed too, thanking her for the advice.

“Yep.” You popped the ‘p’, answering her previous question, and you guys left the room to go downstairs.

The breakfast area was loaded with amazing American foods that you had yet to try. Your eyes wandered over the food counters, putting a little bit of everything onto your plate. Mahogany pointed out where the boys were sitting, and you both made your way over to the large table.

“Morning.” Mahogany smiled to all of them.

A chorus of “Hi” and “good morning” floated over you, as you sat down beside Matt, with Mahogany on your other side and Taylor across from you.

“Hey Y/N!” Carter called out, swallowing a bite of waffles. You looked at him.

“Irish to kiss you!” He joked, and the table broke out into cheesy and sarcastic laughter at his bad joke.

You rolled your eyes and laughed, “I’ve never heard that one before.”

“Hey Carter that was Taylor’s line!” Jack J. whacked Carter jokingly, and you turned pink, as Taylor did as well.

“Yeah Caniff don’t you have somethin’ to say to Y/N?” Shawn nudged Taylor’s shoulder, wiggling his eyebrows. You didn’t say anything, what could you say? You just sat there with a blush and an amused look plastered on your face.

Taylor didn’t say anything, he only picked up a strawberry and flung it in Jack J’s face. Jack J laughed, throwing a few grapes back.

You squealed, ducking away from the pre-food fight.

“Hey!” Bart said form the head of the table, “Cut it out boys, you’re going to get us kicked out.”

“Poop.” Aaron sighed, putting his apple down. Everyone slumped back in their chairs and was silent.

“Well,” Mahogany clapped her hands together, “You boys have fun. Y/N and I are off to go shopping.”

“Why?” Nash asked, wiping his hands up. You looked over to Taylor, to see him already looking at you. He winked at you suddenly, and you blushed, winking back.

“Because,” Mahogany slung an arm around you shoulder, startling you, “We need clothes for the event tomorrow. So if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be off.” She smiled, blowing kisses to each of the boys. You waved, and followed Mahogany out the door, and into the thick summer sunshine.

“Irish to kiss you?” You giggled, putting your phone in your back pocket. Mahogany laughed, clapping her hands.

“That was awful. Did you see Taylor blush?” She asked, and you nodded, “I did. Why did he not say anything when the boys teased him?”

“Probably because he was embarrassed.” Mahogany shrugged, as we walked across the street to find the mall.

“Why would he be embarrassed? It’s just me.” You pointed out, skipping a little. It was so warm outside, beautiful weather for shopping. The only thing that was making you nervous was Taylor.

“Exactly. It’s just you. He really must like you Y/N.” Mahogany nudged your shoulder, and you said nothing. You just blushed and walked on, the visions of Taylor admitting his feelings to your flashing through your mind.

“We’re back!” You announced, going into Nash, Cam, Matt and Taylor’s hotel room. Yours was right next door, and you both wanted to hang out with anyone before dinner.

“Yay!” Cameron cheered, looking up form his phone, “Whadya get whadya get?” He asked like an excited child. You giggled, sitting on the bed that Taylor was sitting on. You felt Taylor’s eyes on you as you put your purse and phone on the bedside table.

You set your bags down, sighing as you went through them, “I got a new dress, some shoes, and-”

“Oh girl try on the dress!” Matt clapped, and Taylor agreed with him, “Yeah Y/N let us see!”

“If you don’t I’ll actually smack-cam you without Taylor to protect you.” Nash narrowed his eyes at the two of you, and you hopped right up.

“I think I’m going to try on the dress now.” You smiled nervously, Nash smack-camming you being last on your wish list. You took the turquoise lace skater dress into the  bathroom, and stripped out of your original clothes.

You put the dress on, looking in the mirror. You were in love with this dress, and you hoped that Mahogany was right and that the boys would love it too. You ruffled your long hair, and sighed before opening the door.

You stepped out shyly, your eyes met with Taylor’s. His eyes widened, and he choked on his water. Was that bad? You looked away and Mahogany squealed, “Omg girl! It’s literally perfect for you! Oh my gosh you look so cute!” She shrieked, running up and giving you a hug.

“Zayum girl.” Nash winked at you, and you waved him off, “Oh stop. I blush.” You fanned your face dramatically.

“And it goes great with your accent!” Matt blurted out, and everyone stopped talking and looked at him. You silently shook your head, and went to sit on the bed again.

“I don’t know Y/N your bae is being quiet.” Cam joked, throwing a pillow at Taylor’s face.

You turned your head, to see Mahogany whispering in Taylor’s ear. What were they talking about?

“I can’t just do that!” Taylor exclaimed, not caring about whispering anymore. “Why not?” Mahogany questioned, “Everyone knows you want to. Heck I’m not surprised if she knows you want to.” Mahogany put her hands on her hips and cocked an eyebrow up.

“Grow some balls.” She added, and Taylor sighed. Who were they talking about? You felt nerves build up in your stomach in the thought that they might be talking about you.

Taylor looked at you, grabbing your hand and pulling you out on the balcony. Mahogany clapped loudly, and Nash screamed, “Get it Caniff!”

Taylor closed the balcony door, and the blinds so the group couldn’t spy on you.

“Taylor, what’s going-”

Taylor didn’t say anything, he just came up real close to your face, holding it in his hands. He looked deeply into your eyes for a moment, before leaning in and kissing your lips softly.

Your eyes widened, shocked. But after a moment, you realized how right it felt. How amazing Taylor’s felt around your cheeks, how good of a kisser he was. You leaned into his touch, stumbling a little. You kissed him back with same amount of passion.

Once you broke away, you took a deep breath. You both were gasping for air. Taylor let go of your face, but stayed with his chest pressed against you.

“Sorry.” He breathed, catching his breath, “I just had to do that.”

“Do it again.” You replied breathlessly, grabbing Taylor by the bandana and pulling his lips to yours. You wrapped your arms lazily around his neck as you kissed, and you only broke away for more air.

“Wanna use that line on me again?” You giggled, and Taylor laughed a perfect laugh. He shook his head, kissing your cheek. You wrapped your arms around his toned middle, and he wrapped his arms around your shoulders.

“I can tell this will be a great summer.” He stated, pulling away from you a little but, but still hugging you. You smiled, a little blush gracing your cheeks. “I couldn’t agree more.”

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i want niall to be fucked so badly. i want him to be held down, licked out until he's crying, dick red and aching against his thigh. i want harry to talk dirty to him, leaving rough marks everywhere he knows that makes niall moan. i want harry to call him a slut and come down his throat before tying his hands to the headboard and fucking him relentlessly, hands never brushing niall's cock. i want him to pull out and come on niall's cheeks, rosy and wet and perfect. i want niall to beg harry to

touch his dick, whimpering and shaking beneath him and i want harry to smooth over every inch of skin with kisses except for his crotch, harry getting hard all over again and leaving niall hopeless on the bed to writhe while he digs in the closet. then i want harry to come back with a monster dildo and suggest niall take them both at the same time and to get him to agree, i want him to take the head of niall’s dick between his thumb and forefinger and squeeze just slightly, niall practically

screaming out a yes from being touched. i want harry to grin at him and kiss him and tell him he loves him before ruining him, slicking up the huge vibrating dildo and his own bare cock, burying it in niall’s ass and using the dildo to tease his hole. i want niall shuddering and moving his hips, trying to get friction for his dick before sobbing as harry starts to slide it in. i want niall to come untouched completely on the first thrust bc he’s so full and practically pass out from the pleasure

come pumping from his cock until he’s screaming. harry thrusting in, knowing he’s not even to the good part until he turns on the vibrator and niall starts moaning , actual tears slipping from his eyes out of sensitivity and the need to come again suddenly. he’s split open, harry mumbling what a good boy he is in his ear, fucking him hard and slow and ruining every type of other sex for niall bc THIS is how he wants to be wrecked for the rest of his life.

Ozzy's opinion of the signs:

Aries: You’re lil babies. It’s okay. You don’t have to pretend around me. I love you and will take care of you forever.

Taurus: JUST FUCKING MARRY ME ALREADY, jeez. I love you so much I can’t even.

Gemini: You guys are hilarious and great conversationalists and OMG just talk to me forever please. But I can’t handle you in romantic relationships. My Scorpio Venus can’t deal. But You guys are

Cancer: THE BEST HUGGERS EVER. My favorite people to go to when I’m sad. I will take care of you forever too. Literally forever. You’re perfect.

Leo: Omg you guys are so sweet and adorable and sassy and just YES. Be best friends with me.

Virgo: I seem to always make friends with you guys because idk. I just love all of you. Also I want you to know its okay to not be perfect all the time. Also I connect with your impeccable sarcasm on a spiritual level; you’re hilarious ilysm.

Libra: Don’t even try to assert dominance over me. I am the Queen Libra, I am the Cardinal of Cardinals. Come at me. But also hi, I love you, friends. Let’s fuck shit up, then charm our way out of trouble.

Scorpio: ALSO MARRY ME. Please. And be my best friend forever. Just please. I’m begging you. I love you so much. I’ve never had deeper, or better conversations with anyone else. #pleasebemine

Sagittarius: MY PARTNERS IN CRIME, MY MAIN SQUEEZES, literally yes. Just all the yes. My twin flames. I’ve never met one of you that I don’t just click with and its amazing and you’re all perf.

Capricorn: It’s up to us to take care of everyone. I gotcho backs. Y'all are hella motivational too and I need it. Just thank you for existing, I love you. Also marry me.

Aquarius: Please just always hang out with me. We can prepare for the zombie apocalypse and get abducted by aliens together. And straight up, no one else tolerates my obsession with conspiracy theories. My absolute faves. P.S. Marry me.

Pisces: You guys confuse me so much but please keep being friends with me for all of eternity. You’re lil babies and I will protect you and take care of you forever just please let me love you.


How the Gloucester Stole Christmas

“Every York down in Yorkshire loved Christmas a lot

But the Gloucester, who lived just North of Yorkshire DID NOT.”

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hi juby-himesama (c:) just wanted to say that you and your sister are literally perfect in outbreak company

omg thank you!

I just want to point out that my sister probably enjoyed her fujoshi scenes a little too much. She came home so excited like “OKAY SO I HAD TO EXPLAIN BL TO A CLASS AND I DONT KNOW HOW I DID BUT IT WAS WILD IN THAT BOOTH”

My favorite part was basically trying not to crack up at Kano the entire time. Seriously, when Tyler yelled “oh. my. anime.” I lost it.

Anyway, Gen was on coffee, I was on donuts, a good time was had during those recording sessions.

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aw I’m glad you liked it that much! 8’) thanks a lot!

Anon:I saw your GamJane with Jane grabbing Gamzeee while in trickster mode, and the first though that came to me was, “They’re gonna frick.”

Anon:You know, its weird. I actually kinda like that ship. GamJane. Although I don’t ship it 100%.

same here haha I’m not sure if I ship it either but I like it in a weird way

Anon:Hmm. I could have sworn you’ve done a few Roxy x Jane arts. Or maybe I confused you with someone else… :/

I actually did, they’re on my janeroxy tag uvu

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Omg wtf how do you even? Your drawings are literal perfection and your Korra and your Asami are so cute, fuck me. Dude like wtf you got mad skills bro. You make this teenage boy giddy with you beautiful art. Idek how to explain it but like I wanna see every single fucking thing you've drawn.

Hahah aw man thank you so SO much! <3 It’s just a lot of practice!

Idk about seeing everything; I’ve got some crazy funky sketchbooks where I still ask myself ‘Sam, where is that person’s arm going? Does that look right? Nope, hell no, that is not how a foot bends’ lol So you’re mostly seeing the doodles that turned out alright. xD 

(This is a super cropped corner from a TxZ piece I made for Patreon!) 

Thanks again!

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hi hi hi omg ok "the marks you made" is the definition of literal perfection would it be ok if I used it for a solo in a dance recital at my dance school it fits every idea of a solo I've ever had ever omg