omg you are literally perfect

The most attractive member of the Suicide Squad is definitely Harley Quinn. I don’t think The Joker has eyes for anyone else except Harley. The other girls are cute, but Harley’s just got that special something.
—  Jared Leto (x)

Johnny Depp and Joe Perry at Studio 1480 (Johnny’s music studio in his house) during the recording of Hollywood Vampires’ self-titled debut album

Ozzy's opinion of the signs:

Aries: You’re lil babies. It’s okay. You don’t have to pretend around me. I love you and will take care of you forever.

Taurus: JUST FUCKING MARRY ME ALREADY, jeez. I love you so much I can’t even.

Gemini: You guys are hilarious and great conversationalists and OMG just talk to me forever please. But I can’t handle you in romantic relationships. My Scorpio Venus can’t deal. But You guys are

Cancer: THE BEST HUGGERS EVER. My favorite people to go to when I’m sad. I will take care of you forever too. Literally forever. You’re perfect.

Leo: Omg you guys are so sweet and adorable and sassy and just YES. Be best friends with me.

Virgo: I seem to always make friends with you guys because idk. I just love all of you. Also I want you to know its okay to not be perfect all the time. Also I connect with your impeccable sarcasm on a spiritual level; you’re hilarious ilysm.

Libra: Don’t even try to assert dominance over me. I am the Queen Libra, I am the Cardinal of Cardinals. Come at me. But also hi, I love you, friends. Let’s fuck shit up, then charm our way out of trouble.

Scorpio: ALSO MARRY ME. Please. And be my best friend forever. Just please. I’m begging you. I love you so much. I’ve never had deeper, or better conversations with anyone else. #pleasebemine

Sagittarius: MY PARTNERS IN CRIME, MY MAIN SQUEEZES, literally yes. Just all the yes. My twin flames. I’ve never met one of you that I don’t just click with and its amazing and you’re all perf.

Capricorn: It’s up to us to take care of everyone. I gotcho backs. Y'all are hella motivational too and I need it. Just thank you for existing, I love you. Also marry me.

Aquarius: Please just always hang out with me. We can prepare for the zombie apocalypse and get abducted by aliens together. And straight up, no one else tolerates my obsession with conspiracy theories. My absolute faves. P.S. Marry me.

Pisces: You guys confuse me so much but please keep being friends with me for all of eternity. You’re lil babies and I will protect you and take care of you forever just please let me love you.