omg yes baby give it to me


3. lmao theo the next spider-man??
6. cody christian is gorgeous & theo is just a fucking sweetheart
9. BRETT!! “incredibly hot brett with the eight-pack abs” -mason
10. mason is such a cutie omg pls protec
11. lydia and parrish giving me those !! vibes again and idk how to feel
12. *malia trying to guess a password* “gun… lots of guns…”
13. badass *flashing my hellhound eyes at you* parrish i’m living for it
14. IM NOT OKAY pt. 2
16. brett as a brunette !!
19. “i had a guy on the inside, you’re standing on him.” -chris talking to scott & malia about backup
24. put that fucking gun down and aim it at my heart instead nOT PARRISH
26. lydia is being triggered so harshly
27. malia & scott pls relationship together
29. fucking hell
30. who the fresh hell asked for Gerard to be back

Welcome to the world little ones- Grayson Dolan

Author: raeswritings

Pairing: Grayson x reader

Requested: Yes

Request: can u plssss do the fluffiest grayson imagine i love fluffy gray omg

Warnings: Nothing but fluff

A/N: I hope I did you justice anon! Thanks to @dolansanonymous for helping me out and giving me ideas. I love ya!

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Being pregnant was never easy. All the mood swings. The weird late night cravings. The back pain. The aching feet. Being pregnant was even harder when your baby was going to be here any day now. But your husband made it bearable. Always getting you whatever you needed, making whatever you craved and dealt with your crazy mood swings.

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Sherbet | Alfie Solomons

This is a follow on from ‘Biscuit | Alfie Solomons’






“What about ‘im, pet?”

“Look at him.”

“I am, yeah.”

“No, you’ve got your eyes closed. Look at him, Alf.”

You’d been sat up in bed for a good thirty minutes whilst Alfie snored beside you. His arm flopped over your lap and Biscuit lay across both of your legs. His head rested between them as he looked up to you. He was sad and every time he sighed you swore to God he broke your heart.


He eventually started to move with a grumble as he turned to sit up beside you. His hand wiped at his face trying to brush away sleep before he folded his arms across his chest.

“Right, I’m looking at ‘im, yeah?”

When Alfie spoke Biscuit turned his head ever so slightly, the folds of skin around his eyes lifted and creased at his forehead.

“Something’s the matter, Alf.”

You turned to look up to Alfie and even he looked a little concerned as you both sat in silence for a long moment.

“I know what it is, pet. Obvious, ain’t it?”

“Is it?”

“Yeah, it is, right. Lovesick, ain’t he?”

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Yoongi as kindergarten teacher.

Okay so everybody tease me about this, but I can see Yoongi being so so so good with babies, he probably is the biggest goofball ever.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

  • let just imagine him with a lot of tattoos and his hair always in a pastel color bc why not
  • I picture him with a L O T of tattoos about animations in general
  • he just love art and expressing it on his skin
  • probably has a tattoo of pacman and the ghosts
  • you know, that classic one
  • but his don’t have colors, it’s just the contour
  • you know that tattoo of a butterfly on his hand from a photoshoot? yes that one
  • but it is on his right wrist
  • shook everybody when summer came and he showed up his tattoos
  • let the babies pet his hair
  • his hair is the one in fire era (i love this hair omg fight me)
  • probably best friends with teacher Hoseok and teacher Jooheon
  • or teachers Hobi and honey, as you wish
  • always getting judged by the parents
  • doesn’t give a single f*ck about it
  • “you don’t have to like me, your kid already do”
  • salty when people doubt about his capability of teaching bc of his looks
  • goes from “i will murder you” to “I’m your sunshine” when he see his students
  • secretly call the class his babies
  • greets them with his gummy smile and hugs every singles one of them
  • the ones who are comfortable with hugs, obviously
  • he never want his students to feel pressure to do something they don’t want to
  • not the most energetic teacher but is the most encouraging one
  • claps his hands like a stupid seal when he see one of his babies students are facing his fear of the playground
  • the best at styling the hair of the babies
  • secretly knows how to make 5 types of braids
  • “no, i didn’t do this”
  • “maybe was another teacher”
  • give candies to the babies after they finished their lunch
  • always nap with them after the lunch
  • sings or tell a story to make the ones who are still awake to sleep faster
  • wakes up 15 minutes after the begin of playtime with somehow 4 babies all over him
  • embrace them all with his heart melting
  • threaten to beat Hoseok one time he recorded Yoongi napping cuddled with 3 babies at the same time
  • sometimes he use makeup to tell them stories
  • one time he even put a wig
  • the babies got so !!!!! like they have the best teacher ever
  • absolutely loved when he made an edible paint
  • the babies are all painting their faces, some of them painting his tattoos or his face
  • he giving up and starting to painting the babies too
  • then they discovered they can actually eat that paint
  • all of them licking paint from the others faces
  • Yoongi just laughing in a corner
  • then the most playful baby come running and lick his face
  • it’s war
  • then he remember he has to clean all the kids
  • almost cry with regret
  • look around to see even the shy baby is playing and giggling
  • never mind, the mess is worth it
  • he just love his babies so much bc they don’t judge him by his looks
  • they have embraced him with so much love and sunshine and warm feelings and giggles
  • w o w
  • he can’t picture himself elsewhere than here, with his babies
  • probably cry asf seeing them all growing up
  • tbh the babies will never forget him
  • how could they?
  • Yoongi was the best teacher they could have asked for

request: hey uh do hc (connorxreader) where he’s kind of obsessed with the reader that is Zoe’s best friend(some phantom of the opera vibes)

hey babie !! its mod kali here!! ok so believe it or not i’ve seen phantom of the opera ??? i rlly don’t remember much of what happened bc it was forever and a half ago but i’m gonna try my hardest on this headcannon for u nonnie!! also i tried to keep this gender neutral but lemme know if i slipped up anywhere!


request something here

  • ok so connor knows you because you’re almost always at the murphy household, you’re zoe’s best friend and larry and cynthia adore you
  • at first connor was annoyed by you bc you’re friends with zoe and anything related with his family annoys him lmaoaooa
  • but one day he was in the kitchen getting milk something to drink and you come downstairs looking for something to drink as well and you and connor get to talking
  • he see’s that you’re super down to earth and almost instantly falls in love
  • “woah! did you paint your nails yourself? they look so good! i wish i could paint my non-dom hand that well! mine always come out looking like shit, see?” n you show him your non-dom hand and the design on your nails isn’t as clean as the other hands and you’re giggling like crazy and he’s like “this is the person im gunna marry.”
  • this is where his obsession with you starts
  • you’re really the only person he ever goes out of his way to be nice to?
  • one time he saw you in school and you looked like you were about the start BAWLING and so he goes up to you and asks whats wrong and you’re like “i spilled my coffee ALL over my shirt and i don’t have anything else to wear ugh”
  • so he takes off his hoodie and is like “you can wear this if you want idk you don’t have to if you dont wanna”
  • blushy flushy baby aw aw aw
  • scratching the back of his head cause he’s embarrassed
  • and you’re looking at him like with wide eyes cause you remember one time zoe said he wouldn’t take that damn hoodie off for the life of him
  • so you take it from him and put it on over your stained shirt and its super big on you and connor is like Fuck
  • you kiss him on the cheek as a thanks and he almost busts one on the spot
  • lmao
  • his obsession becomes more and more extreme as the days go on
  • looking out for you in the hallways becomes waiting by the bathrooms across from your locker to make sure no one comes up to you and bothers you becomes learning your class schedule so he can be there to make sure you get from class to class ok
  • he starts asking zoe about you to and he tries to be nonchalant about it but zoe gets Sus
  • “is (y/n) doing ok? idk they looked down when i saw them outside of math”
  • “connor you don’t even have class on that side of the school why were you even over there.”
  • “uh.”
  • when you don’t show up to school he FREAKS
  • texts zoe in a panic asking where you are and if you’re okay and if someone got to you or maybe you got in a fight oh my god what if you got in a fight he’ll fucking kill whoever touched you and now suddenly he’s hyperventilating?
  • “is (y/n) ok? they’re not here 2day.”
  • “ya they’re fine just woke up late and decided to stay home lol y”
  • “jst wondering. didn’t see them.”
  • “do u want their # ??? lmfao so u can text them instead of me”
  • “…ya.”
  • now he has you’re number he’s WILDIN
  • texts you himself because what if zoe was lying to him out of spite? that sounds like something she’d do she’s always trying to mess with him what if she lied and you’re actually in trouble and she just didn’t want him to know? oh my god oh my god and now he’s hyperventilating AGAIn  
  • poor baby
  • “u ok? u weren’t here 2day. its connor btw!”
  • “aaaa omg yes i’m fine! i just overslept and missed my bus 😭 thank u for checking up on me 😚"
  • that kissy face emoni just necked him into his next life
  • you guys start texting a lot more often and it makes him so happy!!!!
  • he gets so nervous whenever he see’s your name pop up on his screen but he also can’t help himself from smiling
  • you thought he was nervous when he was texting you? imagine in person.
  • you text him in the morning asking if he’ll give you a ride to school cause you’re running late and he says yes OBVS but he is NERVOUS
  • he pulls up to your house and you come outside and if he wasn’t already sitting his knees would have buckled because you’re really just the most beautiful thing he’s ever laid his damn eyes on
  • he lets you pick the music off his phone for the car ride aw
  • gets nervous because his screen is shattered and he doesn’t want you to cut yourself aw aw aw
  • he gets sooooo protective over you its fucking crazy
  • one time when he was Watching You from the bathrooms to make sure you were ok some guys came up to you and started making passes at you
  • you keep telling them to stop but they will not leave you alone
  • connor walks over there and yanks one of them backwards by his collar and is like “she said to leave her alone. get lost before i move you myself.”
  • the guys say some not so nice things about connor but leave anyway
  • you grab onto his arm and you’ve got tears in your eyes and you’re thanking him
  • blushy flushy boy part 2
  • he just wants to protect you and be around you at all times ok :(
  • hes a good boy
  • love him

anonymous asked:

i like to think dragon would approve of lawlu. (meanwhile garp is absolutely horrified and calls his son just to yell at him for leading luffy into law's arms)

dragon would be silently approving from afar like give ‘em hell you two

ahahaha yes omg just the revolutionary base starts to get a shitload of dendenmushi calls all of a sudden and they’re all from garp freaking out

omg sabo finding out and going into meltdown because he’s not there to protect his baby brother from the big scary surgeon ahahaha

c-jay321  asked:

Omg the thought of Tensei and Fuyumi getting married and Todoroki and Iida becoming bros gives me feels ;A; Thank you again for creating another beautiful concept!


@clymacs and @thecoolandspicyotaku are also to be blamed for fuyusei bc of our sharing of headcanons !!  :D

anonymous asked:

Headcanons with Sana being in labour and all of the boys are at the hospital and they're like "can we do anything for you Sana" and she's like "just shut the fuck up Mikael" please ?😁

  • okay but when sana’s contractions are coming she and yousef call elias and their parents and elias obviously calls the boys and they immediately rush over to the emergency and they run to the first nurse they see and they are like where is sana ??? how is the baby are they alright ??? 
    • and the poor nurse is like no one came in under the name sana bakkoush and the boys completely freak out turns out 
    • sana and yousef had to stop because sana wanted some kiwi and yousef can’t say no to sana because he isn’t the one about the give birth
  • sana is completely chill until she isn’t like she thought she could handle it the pain you know everything
    • she couldn’t 
  • like everything pissed her off like, it bugged her so much and she is really hungry but she doesn’t want to eat at the same time so she is just in a  really bad mood
    • adam breathing : annoying
    • mikael asking if she needs something : more annoying
    • mutta smiling : even more annoying
  • okay but yousef has the biggest grin on his face because he is so excited to meet his kid and sana is not having it ???
    •  why can he be here smiling while i feel like i’m dying 
    • but at the same time she can’t hate him because that is the smile she fell for
  • sana end it bruising yousefs bones when she was squeezing his hand let’s say it was a good thing they were in hospital
  • when they first held their child sana and yousef couldn’t stop crying because wow we really did that and there is so much love right there
  • and they still can’t believe they are parents now but they were so excited to start that chapter in their life
  • when elias held the baby he just got so quiet because it wasn’t just his best friend’s kid but also his baby sister’s kid and that made just so much sense to him
    • all the nurse fell for him after seeing elias smile so lovingly at the baby
    • he ended up going home with 15 numbers from really pretty nurses
  • adam was really scared of holding the baby because “what if i break it” and mikael is like “bro i got you”
  • the girls arrived after the baby was born and there were so many tears from” you guys really did that” to  “omg they are so cute” to “i want one too” “i’m stealing this one” and the amount of smiles was amazing
  • when they are all examinating the baby’s face and they are “YES IT HAS SANAS NOSE” yousef : “what is wrong with my nose” “nothing, but have you seen sana’s nose it is so cute” “……true”
  • yousef ended kicking them all out “because sana needs to rest”
    • “chris and eva please give back my baby”
    • “so close” “no you weren’t, sana would have killed me if something went wrong when she was sleeping

anonymous asked:

Same Alien Anon. Yeah, it gives that kind of Japanese feeling, haha. I mean yeah Cartman was the first one but Clyde looks like "Omg what no no stop dont put that tentacle there" and it was so cute! (⌒_⌒;) Can I ask why the aliens did that to Clyde? Was somekind of reproduction experiment? Or just bc yes? (i just discovered I like tentacle!yaoi lol I don't event feel ashamed of it)

yeah i drew Clyde because i love seeing he cry XD i love cry-baby Clyde. he is so cuuute. (this pic posted on twitter few days ago)

and you asked me why. actually i considered about it after finished that drawing. instead setting satellite(?) into his butts, reproduction experiment is a nice reason enough for yaoi. don’t feel any ashamed. me too lol

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I wish you would write a fic where Obi-Wan is the first person to know Padmé is pregnant. Literally the first, before even Padmé.

It’s funny because the reason Anakin found out kinda late in canon is because him and Obi-Wan have been out in the Outer Rim on various campaigns that keep rolling into one another so for this to work you’d have to fiddle with some other things first. Like, for instance, why Obi-Wan is apart from Anakin - so I guess I’d start that fic with some explanation for why they’re apart. Maybe its something that Palpatine did or maybe it’s something as simple as Obi-Wan being a few inches to the right at the wrong moment and having to go back to Coruscant for medical reasons.

So, in that case, he comes back to Coruscant early and stops by to see Padme, because he wants to check in, see how she’s doing, maybe update her on how Anakin’s doing, stuff like that. (And, yes, Anakin may have been very embarrassing convincing in getting him to make sure Padme was okay when he came back.)


So he’s just mentally like *angry face emoji*. And I feel like this might actually be something I’d write as a crack-taken-kinda-seriously fic. Obi-Wan would be like “I cannot possibly return back to the front lines, I have to…water my plants.” And the council is just like “omg, Kenobi wants to TAKE A BREAK?? Yes we are ALL OVER THIS PLAN, THIS IS A GREAT PLAN!!”

And then Obi-Wan is just like “oh, I’m going to just shadow Senator Amidala, for her safety since she’s so important to the war effort, and also coincidently gets free drinks from the Senate when she’s at her office.” And he’s still ike *angry face emoji* at the whole pregnant thing. Meanwhile, Padme is pleased that her friend is back home and able to visit with her so much, especially since Obi-Wan has so many stories about Ani and she is always there for embarrassing stories about Ani’s youth. *Happy face emoji*

And then he manages to get a comm call out to Anakin, through like seven different encrypted, secure lines and is immediately like YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE, YOU ARE GROUNDED! I DON’T CARE THAT YOU’RE TWENTY-THREE AND NO I’M NOT TELLING YOU WHY YOU’RE GROUNDED, YOU JUST ARE! And Anakin is just *confused emoji face*

And then Padme figures out she’s pregnant and Obi-Wan is just like FINALLY, OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG TO FIGURE THAT OUT? And Padme is like I’M PREGNANT!!!?? A BABY WITH ANAKIN??!!! And then she’s like ANI’S STILL ON THE FRONT AND HE DOESN’T KNOW!! *dismayed face emoji*

And then the Chancellor gets kidnapped and Anakin comes back, saves the Chancellor, and comes back to the news that he’s going to be a daddy! And Obi-Wan is like SURELY THIS WILL BE WHEN I GET TO OFFICIALLY KNOW ABOUT THE AFFAIR!! THEY WILL TELL ME ABOUT THE AFFAIR NOW!!

And Padme is like “Obi-Wan has been so helpful since he’s been back and he’ll totally help us! We’re super good friends and he’s missed you so much!” And Anakin’s like I’VE MISSED HIM SO MUCH, I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH, I WANT CUDDLES and this means I can tell Obi-Wan everything???

And then they surprise him by going “Obi-Wan, we’re married and expecting a baby!” And Obi-Wan is like WHAT?? I THOUGHT YOU WERE JUST HAVING AN AFFAIR

And Anakin is like *outraged face emoji* I WOULD NEVER HAVE SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE, WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR??




And Anakin is like O.O! And Padme is like FINISH THAT SENTENCE, I DARE YOU!!!

And that would be the fic.

Preference 15: “Can I hold your hand?”

This was requested by anon and based off of @itisjustmeandmyimagination‘s Writing Prompts! Check it out here. 


“Can I hold your hand?” 

You suddenly spoke out so Connor can grab your attention. He was practically hanging out with the boys without any kind of attention to you. You didn’t say it like you were angry, but you kind of said it with a cute little voice that always gets him. “Oh baby…” he breathes out as he came closer to you. He grabs your left hand as he brings it up and kisses it. “M’sorry about that.” “No it’s okay. I get it.” you smiled, and he returned the favor. You swore you heard some aww’s coming from the boys. 


You and Brad were long term friends from now. You first met in third grade while your friendship started. Anything, anything, you can tell to Brad. Secrets, truths, feelings, you can even rant around him and he doesn’t blame you. You needed some kind of release of emotions. Today, you and Brad were out to eat some lunch. While walking to the restaurant, you suddenly asked, “Can I hold your hand?” You mentally slapped yourself. You and Brad never had this kind of situation before. Brad stopped walking and looked at you. You can’t read the expression in his face right now. “I-I’m sorry. I di-didn’t mean to–” He held your hand. Your face suddenly heat up and you probably had a blush on your face by now. “It’s okay, Y/N. Doesn’t hurt to hold people’s hand anyway? Yeah?” 


Sunday afternoon, perfect time to do absolutely nothing with your loved ones. Well, Tristan, perhaps.

Both of you were like this every time, actually. Lazily laying down on the bed, phones straight up your faces while no noise is being made. Some people may thing that this is very ridiculous and strange, but some might think that it’s cute; that we like each other’s company even without talking and no awkwardness, and I agree.

“Can I hold your hand, babe?” he suddenly said while looking away from his phone towards me. I laughed while he raised his hand up for me to grab it. “Mkay.” You mumbled while grabbing his hand tightly, and him bringing it up to his lips to kiss it. “I love how you suddenly spoke…” you said. He nodded while smiling, “Well I’ve just seen a very old picture of you and your ex on twitter and I kinda got jealous—“
“Yeah, okay, whatever. And I’ve just needed to remind you that your mine.” You blushed immediately. “Your mine, okay?” he said seriously this time while looking straight into your eyes. You smiled, “Of course, baby. I’m yours.”


Fans. Fans everywhere.

See, dating a famous artist is both a good, and bad thing. Good thing is that you’ll learn so much secretive things that their fans doesn’t know, and you’ll learn many things about his career. And the bad thing is, well, this.

You and James went to a little dinner at a restaurant but suddenly a fan saw both of you inside and decided to post it on twitter, so of course, they hunted your car. You gotta say, you love their fans. And you loved how they support you and James’ relationship and not receiving hate. You love how they support the band and their passion towards them…but they need to chill (I am so sorry guys xD). They were all hurdled up outside the car and desperately waiting for us, probably, to come out. They all had their phones out, recording or ready to take flashing pictures. “You ready?” James said while smiling, as if he was excited to play a game. You sighed playfully, “Yep.”

Before James opens the restaurant door, and before they all started to scream, you pulled his arm back and him abruptly stopping. “Yes, baby?” he whispered with his eyebrows furrowed. “What’s wrong?” You hesitantly replied, “C-can I hold your hand?” You softly said, sure that James would melt like putty in your hands. He tilted his head to the left slightly and smiled, giving you his hand. You immediately grabbed it. “Of course babe. You’re safe with me.”


Sorry if i posted this verrryyy late! Our wifi sucks this week :/ But here ya go! Sorry for the wait (that rhymes omg im gonna stop) xx 

kuno-chan  asked:

It gives me great joy to know that Feyre not only never sleeps with Tamlin, but to be honest it's clear she's completely shown him that her loyalty is to Rhys. I just really hope people start realizing that he's not her master and they love each other. I mean, that could be good or bad considering his position. Also, I really hope after these books we get some domestic feysand. I really, REALLY want some feysand parenting. Smol feysand bat babies trying to use their wings okay ;A;

OMG YES YES YES TO ALL OF THIS don’t worry all feysand feels will be given and there will be domestic/family feels when the truth comes out of who feyre really loves

No reblogs/screenshots

EXO reaction: Their first date

@love-rxsier requested:

“Hi sweetie, could i ask for a exo reactions on their first date????”

A/N: heyy! yes, of couse<3 thank you so much for requesting! And i’ll probably edit this tomorrow again bcadnjsdf


He’d try to act all collected and mature in front of you…you’ll instantly know he’s faking it though, it’ll be so forced oh my god. If you by any chance mention this to him he’d blush so hard can you imagine that? precious bunny and try to act more natural, but if you don’t say a thing… he most probably will end up messing up something and giving up, explaining that he was so nervous and just trying to act like he wasn’t, you two would laugh it off and keep going with the date, it’ll be ten times better since he finally is being his dorky and adorable self with you.

“Okay, Y/N I’m sorry, I’m not this serious I swear, but you make me so nervous…alright, let’s start over again then haha, thank you for understanding*blushes*”

Originally posted by mayfifolle


I think he would be really calm, honestly. Like, making cute jokes, complimenting you, opening doors for you, maybe taking your hand to see you blushing and bc he was dying to ofc. But overall he would make the date so adorable you’ll want to live in that moment forever, seems like everything would work perfectly for him.

“Y/N stop blushing you look too cute…well, now you’re blushing harder this is too much for my heart, i can’t take this anymore *winks and hides behind his hands*”

Originally posted by xiundeer

(ignore that cute pumpk-sehun, i meant sehun)


I doubt Yixing wouldn’t do anything weird, by accident or not. But apart from that he would be so cute, that date would honestly be adorable. You two would probably have a picnic or something and he would be so worried that you won’t like it when you actually loved it. Lots of giggles, eye contact, blushing. whats better than a smiling yixing under the damn sunlight, an actual angel omg.

“Don’t you feel frustrated knowing that you can’t grab dogs butt? they don’t have butt cheeks…Why?”

Originally posted by ygyixing


Oh no, here he comes lmao jk i love u bacon. So, he would be very smooth. I mean, compliments everywhere, pointing out your blush everytime(the whole date tbh), trying to start the skinship thing and never end it. You two would be laughing the whole time, honestly. And let me tell you this, he won’t shut up. Don’t get me wrong, if you start talking he would listen but if you don’t then he’s going to fill that silence with weird stories of himself, probably. His full attention on you.

So, yeah we set that car on fire, but we were dru…no, no, don’t stop. What were you saying? Keep going *sweet smile here*”

Originally posted by baeksilisk


I can see Jongdae trying to make you laugh most part of the date. You’ll laugh at pretty much everything he said, even if it wasn’t funny, you didn’t want him to feel akward and he was just so cute. Now, if you wanted to stop joking for a bit, start an actual conversation and ask things he would most probably get all nervous and start blushing and smiling because, wow, now what is he supposed to do? Why are you asking so much? Should he be honest? or maybe make it a bit dramatic?

“Yeah he was so scared, i had to do everyth…well, yes, maybe he helped a bit but… i just screamed, happy?”

Originally posted by gardaenia


So, this giant puppy don’t be biased, don’t be biased, don- So sweet omg, to begin with, he will be a blushing mess, then he’ll get smoother and go a bit like Baek, making you laugh and complimenting you every now and then. Skinship is happening. He’ll go first with holding your hand and then maybe hug you by your shoulders, if he doesn’t think you’re unconfortable with the contact.

“You’re so cute, i have to show everybody you’re in a date with me. Give me your hand, Y/N.”

Originally posted by prince-chanyeol


AWKWARD. Omg this baby, he would have been thinking about the date the whole night! What to say, what to do, everything… but the moment he saw you smiling at him it vanished and now he’s blushing and can’t even look at you in the eye. You’ll have to give him a little time to say what he thought about and have an actual conversacion.

“Mhm, i agree Y/N. Yes, I am paying attention, why wouldn’t i? I know I’m too quiet, this is a bit embarrassing but… I’m a bit nervous.”

Originally posted by jonginssoo

(the cutest penguin out there i’m telling you)


Another shy baby. He would try to keep up with the conversation though. Maybe stuttering a bit, and blushing a bit too much, but hey he’s trying. He’ll probably want to hold your hand, but won’t do it or at least he’ll hesitate a lot, he’s just too shy. If you saw him hesitating and you are the one that holds his hand…oh well, that’s the most intense shade of red you’ll ever see in your life, believe me.

“I love dogs too, they’re so cu- wha-what are y-you doing? N-no it’s fine I just, I-nothing, dogs are cute.”

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Now this guy… he’ll tease the hell out of you just to cover his nervous self. But if you take that out, the date would be very fun, you two would probably do some sort of activity together(videogames, bowling, etc), so you know, you two can bet something and of course this smooth motherf- guy would ask you for a kiss. You will blush, hard. And there goes his ego again, but he’ll just smile at you.

“I mean, it’s okay if you don’t want to but…i knew you would agree, try not to make it to obvious when you lose, though.”

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Late, again omg i’m useless i’m sorry :(

Thank you so much for the request and please keep sending, these are so fun to write! (◠﹏◠✿)

I apologize for my bad grammar, english is not my first language and i’m really trying so i’m sorry!!


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So like I saw this video of a kitten sneezing, and it was super cute. Anyway what if Ritchie sneezed like that in front of the club and they just all started joking about it. Imagine his little glasses getting all messed up omg. Sorry if this sounds weird just that these kids remind me of the ones I used teach at Church and I had a boy who sneezes like that and my heart melted omggg -🍍-


My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x23 "Lian Yu"

Last thoughts of the season, dearies. Can’t believe it, but here we are. I liked this season finale. At lot. It’s not better than season 2 finale, like someone said, but pretty good. Even with that cliffhanger, for me it didn’t take points of it, not really. Much better than season 3 and 4 finales, that’s for sure.

Now my thoughts of it in detail. Let’s do this…

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[DIAMOND LIFE PODCASTS] Episode 1: Neighbours
  • [SUN 8/10/2017]
  • [2147PM SGT]
  • Wooed: Okay, so we were talking about shipping us with members of Seventeen the other day and somehow Scooped thinks I’d be compatible with Mingyu?
  • Scooped: I don’t know man, I just feel like your personality matches the best with him. Meanwhile, I don’t really see Coups and I getting along all that well.
  • Wooed: Dude, you’re like the mom of our group, and he’s the dad of Seventeen. You’d match perfectly
  • Hoshit: You’d both compete to see who can take care of each other better.
  • Wooed: You’d both compete to see who wakes up earlier to make breakfast for the other.
  • Scooped: And we end up sleeping for an hour per night. I’ll be like, “Hey, babe, what are you doing at 3AM in the morning?” and he replies, “Making breakfast.”
  • Scooped: Alright, I’ll make lunch at 3AM.
  • Wooed: Then Mingyu pops his head into your window and declares, “I’M MAKING DINNER :D” And you both go, “WTF Mingyu.”
  • Hoshit: And you both make enough food to last the entire week.
  • Jihooned: Guys, I leave to bathe and this happens.
  • Wooed: I’ll end up dragging Mingyu by the ear back into his apartment. GOD SCOOPED IMAGINE IF WE BOTH ENDED UP AS NEIGHBOURS THO. Mingyu and Coups would be chaotic, yelling at each other through their windows.
  • Wooed: “WHATCHU COOKIN’ THERE.” “PANCAKES.” “CAN I HAVE SOME.” “SURE.” All at like five freaking AM.
  • Hoshit: Dude, what if we all end up living on the same apartment floor.
  • Jihooned: Oh god, please no.
  • Wooed: One day, Mingyu gets the cold and it spreads throughout the floor because you all came over for dinner. I don’t get sick because I’d most probably be used to being around Kim Mingew already
  • Scooped: Or everyone just starves because Mingyu wouldn't be able to cook
  • Hoshit: Wait, who am I supposed to be married to in this scenario?
  • Wooed: I’m with Mingyu, Scooped is with Seungchul, you’re probably with Soonyoung.
  • Jihooned: I’ll take Seokmin then
  • Wooed: Seokmin starts every morning with an “ACHIM EUN MoOOOoOoOOOO~~~” and everyone in the whole floor jerks awake.
  • Scooped: Seungcheol screams at him to shut up.
  • Jihooned: The two of us will be the most childish shits
  • Wooed: Seokmin the type to do toilet paper pranks though. Mingyu sees him and be like, “Uh, what are you doing at my house?” Seokmin replies, “I’m… TP-ing it.” “Can I join you?” “Mingyu… this is your house…”
  • Scooped: Will Coups be the kinky one to leave early at our gatherings?
  • Jihooned: Scooped why.
  • Hoshit: Soonyoung and I will leave early too… to play Jenga
  • Wooed: I’LL LEAVE LAST BECAUSE YOU ASSES WOULD PROBABLY HAVE GATHERED AT MY PLACE FOR FOOD AND MINGYU AND I WILL CLEAN UP LIKE THE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE WE ARE. But it’s okay if it means cuddle sessions at the couch when we’re too tired to move. “Should we bathe?” “Nah.”
  • Hoshit: DIRTY.
  • Wooed: Not as dirty as what Coups is doing next door HOOOOOooOOOoOOoOOO *blaring airhorns effect*
  • Hoshit: I want some bread.
  • Wooed: OMG. Baking days with Seokmin though can you imagine!!!
  • Jihooned: YAaAaAAAAAsSSS
  • Wooed: Mingyu goes over and they hole themselves in the kitchen for like hours on end. The two of us stand there just being like, “Uh… can we help?
  • Wooed: Mingyu says, “Jihooned, yes. Wooed, stay the hell out of the kitchen. You’ll burn it down.” “Yes sir.”
  • Jihooned: Omg, also, DOGS. YES. DOGS.
  • Hoshit: Y'all we can all get a different breed of dog each? So that we can kinda own 5 dogs.
  • Wooed: I WANT A HUSKY.
  • Jihooned: I want corgis and shibas, and Seok can have his maltese
  • Scooped: Why do I feel like Coups and I will hardly mix around with you guys?
  • Wooed: Probably because Coups’ completely done with our shit. It’s okay, I’ll get Mingyu to yell at you through the balcony. Like, “HOYYYYYYYYYYY”
  • Jihooned: Holy shit I read that in his voice.
  • Scooped: ME TOO WTF.
  • Wooed: If all else fails, Mingyu’s body is definitely long enough to stretch across two apartments.
  • Hoshit: Soonyoung and I will dance our way into your house. We’ll jump from the balcony.
  • Jihooned: Please don’t jump. At least not you, Hoshit, you will trip.
  • Scooped: I can literally see them climbing through all the balconies like, “Sorry Seokmin, coming through!”
  • Wooed: Then at 5AM in the morning, Mingyu and I will go, “ESS COoOOoOOOOOuUuPS”
  • Wooed: Please put this convo on hold I need to go down for a meeting.
  • Wooed: I REPEAT. WE ARE NOT DONE TALKING ABOUT THIS. But before I start, can I just say how Mingyu and I will be the BEST birthday party planners of the group? We’ll like, keep notes of every person’s birthday including our kids if we have any. AND WE’LL THROW ALL THE SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTIES. We’ll invite Hansol so he doesn’t feel left out of the February 18th Squad
  • (Hoshit, Seokmin and Hansol share the same birthday)
  • Jihooned: Yeah, because Hoshit obviously will not be able to remember any of our birthdays.
  • Wooed: Imagine Mingyu and I making a huge fuss over Soonyoung’s kid’s first birthday because IT’S A FIRST BIRTHDAY WE NEED A CEREMONY. WHAT DO WE DO.
  • Hoshit: Dude, just buy a cake.
  • Wooed: *Narrows eyes* What kind of parent are you.
  • Hoshit: We can even have one balloon. One is enough, right? To be honest I’ll just give my child money. If we take into account inflation they’d be richer in the future.
  • Wooed: Your kid would just end up spending more time with their Uncle Mingyu and me. He’d be godfather to all of the kids, and I guess that makes me their godmum too?
  • Jihooned: God, have fun taking care of our kids then.
  • Hoshit: I’d be the chillest mom dude.
  • Scooped: Coups and I will just be doling out red packets to all of the kids. “Here you go”, “One for you”, “You get one too.”
  • (in Chinese customs, the elders would give red packets containing money to children during special occasions like New Year and birthdays WHICH IS A GREAT ALTERNATIVE IF YOU’RE LAZY TO GO OUT AND ACTUALLY BUY A GIFT COUGH COUGH)
  • Hoshit: OMG no, I know exactly which mum I'd be. The embarrassing one that shouts encouragements at like sports matches. My son, getting ready to serve, me: "OH YES THAT'S MY BABY BOY SLAY THEM!!!!!!! CRUSH THEM ALL!!!! SWEETIE YOU'RE DOING SO WELL"
  • Wooed: Then the staff in charge goes, "M'am I’m gonna have to ask you to sit down"
  • Wooed: Soonyoung screeches from the grandstand, "BITCH YOU DON’T TALK TO MAH WIFE LIKE THAT."
  • Wooed: Then Hoshit & Soonyoung’s future son: "Oh my god dad please". They both get subsequently banned from all the games, and Mingyu and I take their place because we are actual civil human beings.
  • Scooped: Hoshit and Soonyoung are going to get banned from everywhere. Like, EVERYWHERE. They can’t even go out in public without people around to supervise them.
  • Hoshit: Yeah, but we’d be like, the life of the party… Until we get kicked out.
  • Scooped: Meanwhile Coups and I will be the complete opposite because we are lazy old people.
  • Hoshit: I’d be disturbing S.Coups all day to be honest. Wonwoo too. Wait, does Wonwoo factor into any of this shit.
  • Scooped: I honestly wouldn’t like it if this happens.
  • Wooed: Yeah, Wonwoo would chill at our house pretty often, so he factors in. BUT, Mingyu and I would protect this boy with our life, so disturb him and DIE.
  • Jihooned: Aren’t you supposed to be having a meeting.
  • Wooed: It’s boring.
  • Hoshit: It’s okay, I live to disturb other people. I’m a professional disturber.
  • Jihooned: You’d be the first to die. Hoshit, I wonder how are you gonna survive with Soonyoung. You two will have trouble operating technology.
  • Wooed: Yeah, just because Mingyu lives next door doesn’t mean you can disturb us whenever you all need a lightbulb switch.
  • Jihooned: Do you want Hoshit to fix a lightbulb? I don’t think so. The whole apartment will have a blackout.
  • Scooped: It won’t even be a blackout. It would be an explosion. Boom. Dead.
  • Wooed: Mingyu and I be cuddling watching television when the electricity blows out. “GODDAMMIT KWON SOONYOUNG.”
  • Jihooned: Guys.
  • Jihooned: It's 12AM KST.
  • Hoshit: Shit.
  • Scooped: Shit.
  • Wooed: Shit.
  • Jihooned: Shit.
  • Junnie: /Reads the entire long ass convo at 2:00am/ Guys when this happens, when I marry Jun, please remember to cook dinner for me every night and tell me which door to knock on because I might starve if y’all don’t. Thank you very much ok goodnight

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could you write abo jikook with alpha jk :((

jikook [abo, fluff]

ofc! ^o^ hope you like it~~ 

Jimin is quick to strip out of his clothes the instant he’s through the door, eyes watery and body weary from a long and exhausting day- all he wants to do is to cuddle up to his alpha, his Jungkookie, until the weary scent clinging to his skin fades away and the only scent lingering is Jimin and Jungkook.

He isn’t even halfway to their bedroom but Jungkook is already there with open arms, having stepped out of their room just in time to catch Jimin and hold him close, a low growl rumbling low in his throat as he trails the tip of his nose against Jimin’s neck, who melt into his arms and lets out a soft sigh. 

The rest of the night is spent with Jungkook showering Jimin with kisses and love bites, gentle hands leaving burning touches, their souls alight and wolves content by being beside their mate.

1) Give me a pairing.
2) Give me an AU setting.
3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

YES VERONICA SLAY MY LIFE. First off that fucking shower scene okay wow archie is just so fucking sexy and i want to lick him from head to toe and then we have v stripping and hopping in. fuck me this is a bisexual’s wet dream aka mine. THEN SHE GOES AND STAYS THERE FOR HIM EVEN THO HE YELLED AT HER. and he’s fucking crying omg baby kiss me it’s okay…. THEN V COMING AT HER MOM LIKE THAT IN THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL YAS YOU FUCKING QUEEN OH MY GOD I MISSED THESE CHARACTERS SO MUCH BUGHEAD ALSO HAS ME SHOOK. AND UGH REGGIE AND JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS SUPPORT AND CHERYL TAKING THE REIGNS YES BITCH. Taking control of her abuser and callin the shots, WHAT A QUEEN YES THEY ALL GIVE ME LIFE

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Markie loves butts. A little toooo much ya know? Always surprises his daddy when he squeezes his butt and has the most innocent smile when his daddy turn around. And always gives his friends friendly butt taps which sometimes makes his Daddy a lil on edge bc Hey! That's HIS baby boy!

okay so first of all YES !
second it made me think of this

so I hope you don’t mind if i make it markbum!! of course you can change it for whoever you like though
rIGHT omg imagine him just following jaebum around the house and poking his butt while he’s trying to do things and giggling and acting like it wasn’t him when he turns around, and sometimes if jaebum is lying on the bed after showering or something markie rolls him over and starts playing with his butt and jaebum is lowkey happy but also like “that’s my job baby” so mark just giggles and jumps on him !!!!!!!!!! so cute :((