omg yes baby give it to me

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*whispers hopefully* does chimchim have hpd omg my baby i will be his histrionic dad

Omg! Yes it’s very similar to hpd! It was created due to events that happened earlier in his life. He always have to be praised, loved and has a VERY high need for attention or otherwise something will happen and he will snap. But thinking about it, it sounds kinda like hpd or(?) good child syndrome 0;

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Same Alien Anon. Yeah, it gives that kind of Japanese feeling, haha. I mean yeah Cartman was the first one but Clyde looks like "Omg what no no stop dont put that tentacle there" and it was so cute! (⌒_⌒;) Can I ask why the aliens did that to Clyde? Was somekind of reproduction experiment? Or just bc yes? (i just discovered I like tentacle!yaoi lol I don't event feel ashamed of it)

yeah i drew Clyde because i love seeing he cry XD i love cry-baby Clyde. he is so cuuute. (this pic posted on twitter few days ago)

and you asked me why. actually i considered about it after finished that drawing. instead setting satellite(?) into his butts, reproduction experiment is a nice reason enough for yaoi. don’t feel any ashamed. me too lol

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Susa, kimura, kobori, okamura, eikichi reaction when a cute tiny adorable girl, the school most beautiful girl head over heels for them? She was so nervous and please make it fluffy! Is it okay for the side char? I think they need more love~

omg side characters are totally welcome, gotta love those babies too

KIMURA: Your confession was a bolt out of the blue. He was left dumbfounded when you finally gathered up enough courage to confess to him, blushing and stuttering. Forever grateful that you had chosen to keep him out of the spotlight, he smiled down at you. “Thank you very much for your feelings, I appreciate it. Would you give me some time to consider please?”

KOBORI: After the loss against Seirin, Kobori never expected to receive comfort from you. Yes, you were his classmate but you were also the belle of the ball. He cleared his throat and patted your head, freezing up when he heard the words “I like you” spill out of your lips. He cleared his throat, scratching his pinked cheeks awkwardly, “Ah, this is so sudden. I’m not sure what to say but I do think you’re sweet and thank you.”

NEBUYA: Nebuya had had a crush on you for so long. You were the only one he’d take out to eat with him and hold close whenever he felt protective of you. And then you fell for him too hard, too fast. “I-I like you.” His eyes widened as he wrapped his thick arms around you, crushing your lungs. “Ah, I like you too! Thank you! Thank you!” “N-Nebuya-kun, I can’t breathe.”

OKAMURA: While he had always been a compassionate guy, he was extra careful when he was handling you. Despite the charm you had on the rest of the school, no one caught your eye like this big guy did. He was sweet and thoughtful. So when you confessed, he wasted no time and twirled you in the air, “This is so great! I never thought this would happen and I’m so happy!”

SUSA: Embarrassed after having been caught scolding Aomine, he coughed a little when you said nothing and merely stood in front of him with a reddened face. However, when the words he never expected to hear came out of your mouth, his jaw dropped. He blinked several times and coughed awkwardly again, “Well, I, uh, thank you. It’s very flattering. I think I might need some time to think about this.”

What do you want to appear in Fallout 4?

Here are just a few things that I’d like to have:

⚫️ The ability to create and customize your own base.

⚫️ Pets. I freaking want the ability to catch an animal and make it a pet.

⚫️ Romance options with your companions. Not sex. I want he option to learn about them, gain their approval from actions and dialogue. I want them to worry about me if my health gets too low.

⚫️ Body sliders. I want to customize my body type, and have it change depending on my actions.

Drink too much? Beer belly.

Eat too much junk food? Chubby bunny.

Constantly jumping up mountains? Strong legs and an amazing ass.

⚫️ The ability to play or become a ghoul.

⚫️ More hair options. I want long hair. Curly hair, puffy hair, braided hair, etc.

⚫️ Rides. I want to ride those fucking motorcycles! God! I’ve been wanting it since New Vegas.

⚫️ More factions with armor, weapons, culture, territory unique to them.

⚫️ Camping options.

⚫️ Jobs. I would like to be able to become a roaming tradesman. NPCs coming up to you for random stuff. And you get a nice pack Bramin.

⚫️ Choices that effect the entire wasteland. You do good things, it helps people. Towns are being built, more people appear. You do bad, people are being hunted, towns are being raided. Etc.

⚫️ I want more children NPCs. And if the option to adopt them once you have a good base set up with a companion to watch over them.

And I want them to grow up. I know it doesn’t make sense, that would mean everyone else aging too. But I would like to see them grow up, meet a nice farmer, move out, get hitched, have or adopt a few babes for their own.

⚫️ I want empires that I can help, crush, or take over.

⚫️ I wan to to have the option to continue playing even after the final mission.

⚫️ If they could have just as much emotion in 4 as they did in 3, that would be great.

That’s all I got. But please tell me what you’d like to see or have in Fallout 4

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The sequel is kind of different. It's less good overall but it's set during the Cuban revolution so the plot itself is a little better? Idk. Patrick Swayze (is that how you spell his name? I suck at spelling) makes a guest appearance. And also omg, research for a fic? Please tell me this is a fic with Isak as Baby and Even as Johnny. Cause I think that would make my day

i might give it a shot!!! i’m always looking for new movies to watch anyway!! also yes that is how you spell his name heh.

aND I WISH. i don’t have enough talent to write an entire dirty dancing au. i happen to know SOMEONE COUGH here has written a snippet for one and it’s so good but she won’t write more because she’s dumb but she’s talented and i respect her wishes. maybe someday someone will bless us with one, anon, MAYBE SOME DAY

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i love so many animals, i couldn't possibly decide (but baby bats are super cute, the way they flop around aimlessly & crawl about lfjlddjbe 🦇)

omfgggg yes baby bats are so fragile, their big eyes, the soft bellies T-T

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