omg yahoo!

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Omg that yahoo interview! She is starry eyed head over her heels. Half her luck I say! Interesting to hear her say she doesn't think she has a technically good voice. I wonder what makes her so insecure abt her voice? I'm glad B is there to constantly support and reassure her (as he clearly does in all there/her live performances).

I almost spat out the non-existent drink I was consuming at the time when I saw that. She’s so far gone. 😂

As for that, I do think there’s an element of insecurity, but some of it is honestly just being able to recognise her strengths and limitations? She’s not the greatest technical singer in the world (though I think sometimes people mistake ‘tone or phrasing I don’t like’ for ‘technical inability’, tbh!) in the most traditional sense, and so she’ll say as much. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t think she’s capable and talented, but from what I’ve seen, she thinks her main strengths lay in different areas, specifically performance, conveying emotion and lyricism. 

Having said that, I rate her as a vocalist, and judging by Blake’s verbal appreciation during Waterfalls, he does too, lol. 

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Omg that Yahoo coach interview. Wow. Gwen wants Blake as a coach because she wants him. She wants to make out with him😂 Then Adam saying Blake changed her and when he goes to their house there are chickens running around. Blake's turned the place into a farm. They are a meant ri be crazy mess. I'm not over Gwen though. I WANT him😂

Gwen turned that interview from PG to R real quick 😂 Like ok girl… I see you.
That’s hilarious with the chickens and stuff though. Blake has to make LA livable somehow.

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Oh….. I love how Perry eating, talking, eating, talking ……

that’s what I call ‘cute’. :))