omg wut r u even talking about

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BTS reaction to you late night asking them random questions like "do pigeons have feelings?"

Admin Chai and I were cracking up about this she is still probably cracking up now this was to funny.

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She is.

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Jungkook: “Do you think horses have feelings too..? *gasps* DO YOU THINK ANIMALS TALK TO EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME!!!!???”

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Jimin: HAhaahaaaa wut?

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Taehyung: omg do they?…*is genuinely concerned about the pigeons feelings and rethinks his whole life*

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J-Hope: hmmmmmmmohmygod gurl go to bed *trying extremely hard not to burst out laughing*

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Suga: What?

You: *repeats the question*

Suga: You know I love you but pls stop wut r u even sayin get some sleep(✿◡‿◡ฺ)zzz

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Namjoon: I think that all animals have feelings to some extent or another. Their brains may be smaller than ours, but they still have neurons and chemicals firing back and forth, making sure they find a mate and care for their young. These are the behaviors on which all emotion are based to ensure the survival of a species, whether it be a bird or a silly hairless ape. They form pair bonds and attachments to other birds, including their offspring.Pigeons, as we know them, are actually Rock Doves. I used to work at a nature center where one of the resident birds was a Ring-Necked Dove. She was very friendly, and loved to be cuddled and stroked. If she wanted attention, she would call loudly from her aviary to be let out. So I would say that yes, pigeons do have feelings. (I legit looked this up shout out to Quora lol)

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Jin: well I mean I guess????????????