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“It was 15 hours to Berkeley, at least that’s what we told each other; really it was 7. But when you drive slow and stop for gas all the time and grab dinner and hit traffic, oh thank God for traffic, the hours add up and the moments slip away. Matty and I still had a lot to figure out, but we knew that somehow we would. We jumped through too many hoops to let a little thing like distance come between us. We wouldn’t let it because deep down we knew that love would conquer all.”

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“… of course that’s not quite what happened.” 

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some of my favorite things about voltron: legendary defender are, but are not limited to: 

  • hunk’s recurring role as a leg/the legs in the most diverse occasions; 
  • hunk. just. hunk. his existence must be appreciated. 
  • no but seriously he’s really smart and perceptive, and even though he’s easily one of (if not the) character with most comic relief scenes/lines, his characterization is not limited to that and i love it so much. so damn much. 
  • pigde and shiro being the cutest friends/siblings ever (shiro basically adopted pidge do not contradict me i swear will fight you on this. this is really important to me.);
  • also, pidge being tiny and absolutely fucking brutal;
  • pidge in general;
  • the whole team in general tbh, i love all of them;
  • the designs for all the alien species omg seriously the balmerans are gorgeous and frankly refreshing as a species design (the arusians and those green lion planet sloths are really cute too) 
  • speaking of aliens: 
  • allura being not only a beautifully well-rounded character but also an absolute badass and an actual goddess; 
  • on the subject of strenght, have you seen hunk’s arms? Ripped. the boy is ripped. like, yes, he’s fat, but also clearly very healthy and really freaking strong? this is so good, seriously. when do we ever see that kind of thing? almost never, that’s when; 
  • on that note, how different everyone’s body type is, even with most of them being thin/fit; 
  • keith just. jumping into action and everyone yelling after him;
  • keith not remembering new names; 
  • keith not really getting jokes/being overall pretty awkward but still sassing the shit out of lance; 
  • following up on that other one, keith talking about having bonded with lance and cradled him in his arms like that’s there’s nothing weird at all with his word choice; 
  • lance thinking he’s hot shit and everyone just rolling their eyes; 
  • lance being overall obnoxious but also very sweet and caring a lot about his team?? i love this ridiculous kid??? so much???? 
  • also the fact that lance seems to be the most homesick of them all? it’s so sad  :( ? 
  • back to keith, “I AM YOUR PALADIN. I’M BONDING WITH YOU. HEY!”
  • “Good kitty,” like what the fuck keith where is your brain-to-mouth filter why do you just up and say weird stuff like that, like, do you know what that does to me;
  • talking about lions and bonds: that fucking twist at the season finale hagfsahjsfgkjsdhkk wtf no my heart omg i was not expecting that, holy shit, 
  • the fact that the druids tortured poor shiro but for some god-forsaken reason apparently were considerate enough to heep his undercut pristine;
  • on the subject of shiro: his eyeliner
  • shiro basically parenting a bunch of teens who are probably only about six or so years younger  (at least i think so? idk anyone’s age and that bothers me like hell tbh)
  • also, anything coran says or does at any given moment ever;
  • coran’s moustache; 

Teen Wolf Season 1:
Q: So Jeff any spoilers on Stydia?
Jeff: Well it’s a popular subject on the writters room. We’ll see.

Season 1 airs:
Fans: Where the well is Stydia???? Omg he saved her! Wtf why did Jackson took the credit for saving her? It was STILES OK? STILES!!!

Teen Wolf Season 2:
Q: Hey Jeff season 2 of Teen Wolf any chance of Stiles and Lydia getting together?
Jeff: Let me tell you, this season the writters have been talking a lot about Stydia on the writters room, you’ll see.

Season 2 airs:
Fans: Where the well is Stydia. Are you kidding Jeff? You give us that look on the field and then she runs back to Jackson?

Teen Wolf Season 3A:
Q: Hello Jeff, we are now on season 3 and we’ve been watching some moments between Stiles and Lydia. Is this the season for them?
Jeff: You know maybe it is. The writters have been talking on the writters room and they are amazing together so just stay tuned.

Season 3 airs:
Fans: Omg omg this is the Stydia year. Omg omg they kissed omg omg the music, the moment, the looks, the smile, omg so perfect, omg they have a strong conection, omg she’s the one pulling him back, omg “Lydia you go with Stiles” omg… Wtf just happened on this season finale, did she seriously ended up with Aiden?

Teen Wolf Season 3B:
Q: Jeff good to see you. So we saw on season 3A finale Stydia Kiss, and her being his anchor and all this amazing moments. Can you tell if this is the season when Stiles finnaly gets the girl?
Jeff: We did saw all of that on 3A, and I believe they are meant to be. Stydia really is one of biggest topics on the writters room, and he really loves her, and now their relationship is so much more then a boy crush. So yeah we will see.

Season 3b airs:
Fans: Omg Stiles dreams with Lydia in his bed, omg she tries to pull him back, omg detective Stydia, omg so many touches and them grabing eachothers hands, omg he saved her, omg he is holding her and she is holding him, omg Lydia is so scared of losing him!!! Wtf just happend??? Did…? Did stiles just slept with someone he knows for like 2 days on a old couch on the basement of a mental hospital? Wtf am I having a nightmare or something? Am I watching another show with Dylan O'Brien on it? Wtf?

Teen Wolf season 4:
Q: Jeff good to see you, tell me we are on season 4 and the fans want to know if they are going to have Stydia happen.
Jeff: Let me tell you something, Stydia is actually a big topic on the writers room. And I think the fans will love this season.

Season 4 Airs:
Fans: Omg Detective Stydia on the first episode!!! Omg Lydia jealous! I lived for this day. Omg Stydia arguing. Wtf was Stydia on the rest of the season or Lydia for that matter? The fuck??? Jeff is this a roast or something?

Teen Wolf season 5A
Q: Jeff new season trailer looks so good. Tell me and the fans, is there any hope for Stydia?
Jeff: actually this season there’s this episode on eichon house with detective stydia the fans will like it. And she will not end up with who you think at first on the season starts.

Season 5A airs.
Fans: What the hell is wrong with Teen Wolf? 3 episodes and no Stydia interaction? Omg did you see? He almost lost his freaking mind when he saw her on the freaking ground omg he was with tears in his eyes!! Oh mother fucking god #HeStillLikesHer omg omg he is still holding her omg. Wtf is marrish are you fucking kidding. Omg matching outfits! Wtf was Stydia on the rest of the season? Jeff are you serious? After almost 6 years? Still no Stydia? You killed Stalisson, you killed Sterek, you are breaking Sciles apart and no freaking STYDIA YET. I’M HONESTLY SO DONE! GOODBYE!