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as someone with multiple mental illnesses it’s so refreshing being friends with other people with mental illnesses. It’s someone who naturally understands you and if you don’t get back to one another nobody gets upset.


19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Big Four In Storybrooke [14/19]


HICCUP HADDOCK III. Was raised in a family legendary for their skills in hunting for sport - something Hiccup has never excelled in. After disappointing his father once again when actually adopting an animal he finds in the forest (and naming him Toothless, of all things!), Hiccup is demoted to help run Gobber’s auto shop. One day Granny calls him in to repair a broken stove and (with much awkward fumbling and maybe a little deja vu) he meets a red-headed waitress named Merida.

MERIDA DUNBROCH. Works at Granny’s Diner to save up for the day she gets to see the world beyond Storybrooke’s boundaries (despite her mother’s disapproval). When not at work, she runs out into the woods and practices her archery. One afternoon, she breaks her compound bow and (having no where else to go) decides to seek the local mechanic’s help. Hiccup agrees to fix the bow, which in turn leads to an unlikely friendship (that seems to be a bit too familiar to both of them).

JACK FROST. Having no known relatives in Storybrooke, he lives with the Bennett family who was kind enough to take him in. Widely avoided in town (though no one really understood why they felt the urge to ignore him), he’s been known to be a bit of a loner. Currently part of the staff of the mental ward in which Belle was kept in secret. Was sometimes assigned to her cell, and found himself being especially nice and offering her extra pudding because she reminded him of a little girl he thinks he might have known (Hint: Emma). One day he goes to pick Sophie up from daycare when lo and behold he meets a blonde girl named Rapunzel.

RAPUNZEL CORONA. Adopted and raised by Mother Gothel, who runs Storybrooke’s daycare center. She frequently takes over the place when Gothel leaves to run errands. It is here where she befriends a boy named Jack Frost, who (since then) starts to visit the daycare more and more frequently …to help care for the children, of course. (Surprisingly, he is amazing with kids.) When not at the center, she mostly stays stuck in her room or by the house where she likes to draw the citizens who pass by or the wildflowers that grow by the water.

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WHY VOLTAGE? WHY? Why must you make me enjoy this event story so much? I had zero expectations for this ninja event story but after completing Hotaru’s route I’M SHOOK.

Just take my damn pearls already.


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I just read the gilded cage and OMG ITS SO AMAZING WTF I NEED MORE LIKE IT (I don't even really like alpha/omega stories wtf)

I know right!! It’s so great, I love it, it’s hands-down my favorite fic ever, I’ve read it about five times ((and can you believe it’s actually longer than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix???))

Anyway, I only know of two other fics where Sherlock is an Omega and his hiding it, but neither of them can live up to the beauty that is The Gilded Cage.

An Omega’s Territory: Sherlock has passed for a Beta for years, and even John Watson is unaware of his flatmate’s secondary gender. One day a potential rival shows up and Sherlock finds himself at a crossroads: shall he embrace his identity as an Omega and lose his work, or keep up the farce and lose John?

Unbreakable: Sherlock lives in a changed world where Omegas has been declared extinct. Twenty years ago a deadly virus ravaged the globe, but only the rare gender was affected and, over the course of years, the world lost its most precious treasures. Only a few survived, living hidden and keeping the governments in the dark about their existence. Too many died in the hands of scientists in search of a cure, and their faith has been shattered.
Sherlock is one of them, always looking out to not reveal his true gender when suddenly ghosts of his past catch up with him.

If you know a fic like this, please reblog or reply with a title and author or a link!