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favorite blogs?

Apologies for taking a few hours to answer this, I was distracted by things today.. And I am not too sure what to answer, because there are a lot of blogs that I like. Despite being a private blog run by a curmudgeon who refuses to talk to anyone unless they come bearing seventy-seven army ants, a jug of seawater, and three pit vipers, I love to stalk quality blogs. I am super selective about who I follow – I think I’m only following about 80 blogs, and a good chunk of those will all belong to a handful of muns – so these are people that can just effortlessly melt me with feels, and for whom I’d do just about anything, RP-wise, as long as I can manage to hold onto my slippery muses.

Female Characters – My top favorite two female blogs are @seesgood and @ladicsa Have written with both of them, and while I’m not currently writing with the latter, whenever she pops up on my dash I get a stupid huge grin.. and then the former, she’s an excellent Caroline Forbes. Oh!! Wait! Let me add @pinkneverlookedbetter because this mun is a huge sweetie and I adore her and her character so much! 

Male Characters – I don’t mean to leave anyone out, am just only going to list five, otherwise this’ll get too long: @allroundlostcause because this jerk has stuck with me since.. I think mid 2013, when I learned that indie-ness was even a thing people could do, and had no idea what the actual fuck I was doing. She put up with all my stupid learning and blunders and still talks to me for some reason. Then I love @moonoverbourbon because at first I thought she hated me although I hella admired her writing, but turns out she doesn’t want to skin me alive or anything, and now I know that OOC she’s one of my favorite goddamn people, whose ethics and politics I admire as much as her writing. I kind of like @kolblooded alright, I guess I miiiiight marry her, idk. @thebadsalvatore is bae as fuck, this is someone I genuinely trust with anything on an out-of-character level. And I am fucking head over heels for @lostkingofthequarter. Want to actually know what it’s like to talk to Marcel Gerard? Poke her for something! She knows her character inside and out, and I feel so unworthy and so damn lucky to get to write with her. *happy sigh* 

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What's your favourite hair colour/hairstyle of Mark's?



the first two is almost the same just flipped but daaaaamn
and in this fly dp he looks like a puppy and i LOVEEE
(Also in the My Home self produced music video he has an even more intense version of this hair style and omg its so cute wow)

send me “what’s your favorite..” asks 💫

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Nooooooooo but imagine if Harry gets with a girl from America and has a baby and she's excited cause she gets to show not only Harry but the baby her old "stomping grounds." And Harry is equally as interested cause "wow this is where you grew up?" And he's asking all sorts of questions and is so interested

Oh wow omg I’ve never thought about that but OUCH


“Everything is ‘terrible?’ Don’t make me laugh. So what about me…for me, it’s been terrible since I was born.”


I can’t believe I’m saying this but this will be my final analysis before the finale so I hope this is good.

Let’s start from the beginning! Yuuri after he touched down during his quad flip.

Heartbroken is the only word for this. Before this he was looking over his routine of what he did wrong. He thinks that he just lost his way to get gold. His self esteem has plummeted.

Next is this:

Victor was watching Yurio’s Agape. Many people did not know why he was so serious, but I believe that he seemed this way because a 15 year old just defeated his world record in his senior debut. That’s something I’d be angry about as well, especially after he mocked him in episode 10.

Yurio has now beaten Victor’s record so how could he lose? Well I’ll tell you. Yurio as we know has a really bad attitude thinking that he is better then everyone else and no one can defeat him. I love Yurio to death but I can admit that he sometimes acts a bit like JJ. He has a ton of confidence that he will win, and that will be his worst enemy. His confidence will tell him, “Yurio, you’ve already beaten Victor’s record so nothing can stop you! You will win!” The issue is overconfidence tends to have you mess up. You think too highly and the next thing you know you’ve failed.


Yuuri in this scene doesn’t look very convinced. He seems to be saying it for the cameras, but on the inside he’s worried. Worried that he’ll let everyone down. 

Next is everyone’s least favorite scene:

This is the scene I really need to talk about. “let’s end this,” now I am only saying this but don’t worry I’ll get happier but, Yuuri has convinced himself that after this season he will have Victor leave. I have actually spoken on this previously, but Yuuri never talked it out with Victor. Now he’s bringing is plan to light.

Yuuri has convinced himself that Victor will leave him after this season when he retires. He will leave him in the dust and never see him again.


Victor is shown to be extremely shocked. “What do you mean ‘let’s end this’ when I’ve already told you I’m not leaving?” Victor is not going to let him get away with this but Yuuri has already told himself it will.

These last two scenes are EXTREMELY important! He looks pissed. Yuuri has just told him let’s end all of what we have so you can go back to skating while I retire. There will DEFINITELY be an argument. And like I always say arguments are keys to healthy relationships. Victor will most like take him to a secluded place to fight this out.

Tears will be said and so will words. These two need to be on the same page. Victor is ahead of him saying that they’ll get married and be together while Yuuri is still behind thinking that Victor wants to leave. Victor will finally put some common sense into Yuuri once and for all. 

Maybe go along the lines of “I have been with you for this long, I will not let you go! You are my life! My love! I can’t lose you because then I’d be losing my entire life! I’ll lose myself so please, believe me when I say I want to marry you and be with you for the rest of my life!”

We will hear more about Victor, how much Yuuri means to him. We will see tears being shed. The two pictures will be before the fight. These two will FINALLY be on the same page.

I’m nervous and scared just like the rest of you but I believe wholeheartedly that Victor and Yuuri will come together and not break up. These two love one another way too much to just give that up. They love each other.

Next Wednesday will be the day that we finally get a happy conclusion. Kubo does not intend to let us down. She said herself that the episode will be chaotic and the next one will help clear everything else. The info she was speaking about was the thing that Yuuri was hiding.

Another thing is that Yurio did perfectly on his Agape performance. Which in YOI talk means that something won’t go right for his free skate. Yuuri has never messed up his Eros routine until now. Foreshadowing is key in this series. Kubo is foreshadowing a great routine for Yuuri. I feel it.

This was way longer than expected and I have full faith that these two cuties will be together and get married. Yuuri will DEFINETELY succeed his quad flip and win gold.

Until episode 12 my dudes :)