omg woot


We have officially hit rock bottom.

Enjoy these sketches of some idea some twitter mutuals and I discussed XD Hehehe…

(And to clarify, I love PSG’s art style. The art style and music in the series for me is AAAAAH. Love it.)


casual reminder that Akiva exists and that we love him 🦊 ❤︎

9.8.16 // Last week’s spread, dedicated to my best friend on her birthday, Gene Wilder (RIP), and the kind kind soul at the bagel shop who let me come back later to pay for my breakfast when I forgot my wallet #PayItForward ✨

  • *If hedwig could talk*
  • Hedwig: Harry, yeah you fucking bitch couldn't you finally ask Draco out for the damned Yule ball. Or ask him out in general. We all know you're a gay fucker you little wanker. You can survive a killing curse from the damned dark lord as a baby but can't ask out the man of your dreams. JuST ASK HIM OUT ALREADY YOU SON OF A WOOT WOOT.

Mahabharat Valentines Part 1

I dedicate this batch to the entirety of Mahabharat fandom on Tumblr because you guys are the best. I adore crying together over this show we’ve all gotten way too involved in. 


Get on my level, Scrub. >wO *Thus Chara was born* (LOL not really)

An animated comic for all my animated followers. xD I wanted to go in a super silly direction with this one.. I tried to animate frisk in my own personal style a bit more than I usually do.. I think it flowed pretty darn well and I love the results :D

Also. Fart/Whoopie cushion jokes! /WOOT/ /FTW/ omg I am so Immature sometimes..