omg why wont someone look or kiss me like that

How the moons are based on stereotypes// all jokes lmao

aries moon: i want to ride a motorcycle, go bungee jumping, throw a party. kiss someone. idek, just like get that THRILL

taurus moon: visit that lovelyyyy lake u saw the other day, that was SO nice!! lets bake, i wanna make that cake i saw online yesterday. lets listen to Love Potion nr 9 and dance while baking it!!

gemini moon: does she suspect me?? wait why would she??? omg maybe i should suspect her to make her look guilty so she wont suspect me!
knowledge is infinant!!

cancer moon: are they making fun of me?
im shy:(

leo moon: flashy!! glamorous!! fergalicious!! make a big scene about it if they ask, theyll love u. ohhh he doesnt like my nose?? maybe i should chance it:D i wanna be in loveeeee, no wait. i wanna be lovedddd

virgo moon: hard work!! my opinion matters! imma stay on it! . Say end of story after every sentence!

libra moon: why is mom so distant??:( i just wanna have like a partneeer like just stay with me all the timeee “this is too much, when i said ‘all the timeee, i didnt mean 24/7” person: “oh ok sorry” libra moon: “noooo come back im alone now”

scorpio moon: rejection rejection rejection rejection!! everywhere!! :( NO SCORP MOON, u gotta stay strong. put on a bitch face and be strong.

sagittarius moon: happy happy happy!! genuine feels only, im a lucky person!!:D traveeellll, anime

capri moon: bitter, learn. idek know anymore. humor!! dank!!

aqua moon: knowledge!!(just so i can rub it in peoples face tho) and bbbbb u gotta not catch feels, be u b. waaait venus do u have f e e l s!!??? fuck u venus!!

pisces moon: ooohhhlalalalala dreams!!! escape!! woowww a new show!! wow!!