omg why so cute!

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"#question: if the entire hous is queer what do you hc as Linn's sexuality?" SKEEEEEEIV i mean linn totally has a secret girlfriend that loves her a lot. the others don't pay that much attention to her bc she's always in her room and all, but sometimes they think she's in her room when she's in fact at her gf's because she loves her flatmates but they can be a bit too much and sometimes she needs someone to take care of her. (of course, they eventually discover it and that's why isak says that)

Omg, this is so cute and I love it.
I personally hc her as aroace but I could totally see being skeiv and having a girlfriend and Eakild forgetting at first like when she says “as a member of the LGBT+ community..” and Eskild cutting her of like “wait what??” “I have a girlfriend Eskild! You have met her?!”
On that note Eskild would probably be their biggest shipper, constantly walking through the living room when they are cuddling being all “don’t mind me. So are you gonna hurt my Linn?”
Her girlfriend is probably the sweetest person ever and is Linn’s date on all the pregames and she jokes about having flashbacks to videregående and they make out❤

Bokuto should be getting restless right about now…”


Jaehyun was impressed by EXO-Ls fanchants 😂


TY’s cute reaction when he realized all their songs got promoted on the 1st radio appeareance