omg why have i edited this

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You have so many edits omg, do you keep count on them??

Yes dear anon, I actually do.

I know that I have made 2731 edits in total until today. 1815 have been published and 916 are still finished, waiting in my drafts to be published one day. And I’m still counting because sometimes I do spontaneous new edits or projects that I add to the drafts. I might have a little problem.

misdial | pcy

park chanyeol. reader-insert. 5,6k words. fluff/angst. au

—it all started with one misdial, then a second and a third and…

this one is for Sasha @floofyeol

3.12 a.m: missed call from Park Chanyeol

“You called me?” 

“Oh, did I? I’m sorry, it was a misdial.”

“Oh, I see.”

3.14 a.m.: incoming call from Park Chanyeol


“Actually, I just wanted to hear your voice.”

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my bias in wanna one is Dipsy 


Hi my amazing assassins😊I saw yesterday pirates of the caribbean 5 and now I have a new aesthetic= THE YOUNG JACK 😍 omg he is so awesome and so badass😍 I want more young jack😍 the movie is very great 👍
Edits made by me :)

Why aren’t fanfic audiobooks a thing yet.

Just imagine listening to fanfiction while cleaning up. Being out for a jog. At work. ……..While drawing? Or maybe you already read so much that your eyes hurt and an audiobook would be a nice change!

Am I the only one who’d love that? xD And is there no one interested in starting a fanfic reader career? 😂 I’m sure you’ll be loved by thousands. You’ll certainly be loved by me ♥

edit: omg so they do exist, but we still need way more! 😂

Rukia: You still have exams tomorrow.
Ichigo: I’ll let Kon take them.

Killing Stalking fandom ..

Normal Fandom: *just reading the manhua for entertainment *

“Correct” fandom : “Sangwoo is a psycho and need to pay for his act. Yoonbum may be a stalker but he do not deserve this! Nobody does! ”

Fangirl/boy fandom: “OMG! Yoonbum is so cute! How dare you hurt him!? ”

“Crazy” fandom: “Sangwoo and Yoonbum are so cute together! OTP goals! ”

“Deep web"fandom: “Sangwoo is just so cool. Why people hate him? I love him! I want to have his babies! ”

The wtf fandom: “Wft is going on here? ”

EDIT: I just read chapter 19 and… I am not sure about this post anymore

Someone asked me to do Javi in a realistic way.

I don’t know how to feel about this painting… 

I think I’m gonna delete this later.. EDIT : OMG I don’t know why my painting have a REALLY weird color on my phone but not on my computer, I hope it’s not the same for you guys :s

Pharmacy bitch has to wait.

I took a day off work today due to being sick and going to a doctor appointment. No fever, but I’m stuffed up, coughing, and wheezing when I breathe. My doctor prescribed me some pills to help with my inflamed lungs.

I get to my pharmacy, pay for my drugs, and I’m told by the tech I need to talk to the pharmacist about the meds. As I turn to step over to the consultation window, a Pharmacy Bitch (PM) rushes over to be first in line. The tech looks over to me and I tell her it’s fine, I’ll wait. She says it’ll be a moment.

The pharmacist is busy for a couple minutes, grabs my prescription and starts talking to the PM. She says it’s not hers and I wave to say it’s mine. He moves over to the registers and waves me over.

Pharmacist- So you’ll take-

PM- Excuse me, I have a few questions for you and I was first in line!

Pharmacist- Ma'am, this will take 30 seconds. Please wait.

PM- Scoff

I thank him and I swear he gave me a smile and slight eye roll. Not sure if the tech told him I was technically first, but I’ll definitely writing/calling in to compliment him on his consistent politeness.

Edit- not sure why I named her PM instead of PB. Keeping it.


Round 2 Guys. And maybe the last of this kind.
So, after the Stans travelled through Canada, Iceland and Sweden, I would kinda image that maybe…Ford wanted to see the old man’s grave.
So back to New Jersey, the Mystery Twins investigated about the famous Jersey Devil. (the thing was a  anger-issue fellow and Ford lost his favorite gun in the process).
After so many feelings they go to Mexico, in time for Dia de los Muertos celebration. There they encountered La Llorona (thanks @yemiprotector for the infos and the idea <3 )

And then, after a royal hangover, they go back to adventure and met a Selkie (the design is greatly inspired by @fluffy-raccoon awesome Selkie) 

After that. 

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I honestly haven’t think about it. Maybe…I dunno…I’ll do a comics about it-

And then…i drew pages. Again. Of course.

So again, thank you all for the reblogs, the awesome tags (which entertained me more than I could have imagined.) and the love.
This fandom is awesome. You are awesome.

EDIT: omg…I made typos…so many typos…Why oh god why