omg why does this look so good


“I marvel at how someone can be so real in front of a camera. Every performance is natural and spontaneous. Her expressive eyes, charming smile and inner beauty always show on her face. She’s vivacious and genuine and lights up every room she enters. That’s why it’s so easy to fall in love with her. Kajol is one of the finest actors I’ve worked with and a great friend. All my Rahuls and Rajs thank you for making us look so good. Here’s to many more. Palat, palat, palat…” -Shah Rukh Khan (Harper’s Bazaar India, May 2017)

why does he look so good even without looking at the camera

  • Me: Ugh I am honestly so tired of people over analyzing every single ship. Like seriously?? What happened to platonic relationships and friendships? Why does everything have to be in a romantic context? Why can't two characters love and support one another without it being romantic? 'Omg they looked at each other true love!!!' My goodness. You're grasping for straws. Let two characters be friends.
  • Also me, looking at my OTP: Why I Think Them Standing Next To Each Other in This Five Second Scene Is Foreshadowing Them Becoming Canon: a 4000 Word Analysis by Me

People think fencing makes me into like this cool suave epic sword fighter but no. Me fencing is more like:

• ow ow my hair is caught in my mask help
• I smell like rust. Or blood.
• I don’t think I can smell sweat anymore
• no I didn’t take a shower I fenced
• dead knees
• more dead knees
• black toenails
• my nose itches but I can’t take off my mask
• is my butt really that unattractive or is it just the knickers
• that person smells nice. Why do they smell nice. We don’t smell nice. They’re weird.
• my majestic weapon isn’t even sharp
• my majestic weapon is bent at a 90 degree angle
• my majestic weapon is broken
• I am the human baked potato
• I only have one pocket why isn’t the other cheek special
• hair stays in place because of sweat
• bruises everywhere
• this lame didnt used to be green
• *crushing on squad mate* some real lannister shit going on here
• why does their butt get to look good
• I didn’t think that would be a stupid move but eff me I was wrong
• chin acne from masks
• my glove is wet ew
• oh someone’s bleeding again
• ooooo nerd drama time
• one thigh is bigger than the other wut
• I did not think counting was so difficult buddy
• no money
• oMg fOoD
• *takes mask off too fast* can someone see where my glasses flew off to this time
• please be the red light
• fuck no I meant green
• fuck it’s red
• yells that make cavemen uncomfortable
• sweat everywhere
• these are the most expensive shoes I own and they are also the smelliest
• obnoxious socks
• does this lame make me look fat
• beginner’s luck or experienced fencer’s stupidity
• death grip handshakes
• dead fish handshakes
• awkward leftie handshake
• that wasn’t even a handshake
• feeling like the Pillsbury dough boy right now
• “engarde.” I have suddenly forgotten everything about fencing.
• is that even legal
• there goes my shoe
• don’t look at the box don’t look at the box
• shit I looked
• Thor is jealous of my thunder thighs
• this jacket is warm and comforting but also wet and disgusting
• I hate fencing
• I love fencing
• it’s okay

Please, feel free to add to this list of fencing awkwardness

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OMG I LOVE THE VIETNAM AU. Finally, the reunion! So wonderfully written. But hold the phone WHAT happened to Jamie and why does he look like that and how is Claire gonna heal him? *sigh*

Vietnam AU

“Stuffed cabbage, Claire?”


Claire turned to her left, meeting the kind brown eyes of Ian Murray – Jamie’s best friend and brother-in-law.


“Sure – is it grown here on the farm as well?”


Ian served her a good-sized helping. Jenny – at her right – poured a bit more wine into the tall glass by her plate.


“Most of the simple vegetables come straight from the kailyard – always have, as long as we can remember. Nothing is as fresh to us. Or as rewarding.”


Claire took a tentative bite, keeping her eyes firmly on the gorgeous old dinner plate – clearly used only for special occasions – as Jamie’s foot silently nudged hers beneath the table.


Somewhere around three that afternoon, Ian had hobbled down to the barn – he had lost his leg in a childhood car accident, Jamie later explained – finding a doubly rare sight. Jamie Fraser was idle – and Jamie Fraser was in the company of a woman.


That he had somehow, sometime told Jenny and Ian who she was had been clear – but just exactly what they knew about her was not. She had helped Jenny and the kind housekeeper Mrs. Crook prepare dinner – over Jenny’s protests that a guest should rest – seeking the opportunity to quietly introduce herself to Jamie’s sister, and needing the time away from him to just reflect on her whirlwind day. She had had months – years – to prepare. He had had no notice, and yet had taken it all in so gracefully.


Had pledged himself to her, fully. Unequivocally.


Would she do the same for him?


She’d immediately accepted his offer of a place to stay for the night. Jamie had proudly shown her to one of the beautifully apportioned rooms on the second floor of the Big House – Lallybroch – sharing incredible stories of the many Frasers whose blood and sweat had been poured into the very stones and floorboards of the house since before the Revolution.


Light streamed through the windows of the room that was to be Claire’s – the hand-carved bed covered in a worn but exquisite blue bedspread that had been quilted by Jamie’s grandmother MacKenzie; two plush armchairs of a 1940s vintage cozily angled before a small fireplace; on the wall above the bed, a vibrant watercolor of the Big House amid the glowing orange leaves of autumn.


“There should be some spare clothes in the bureau,” Jamie remarked softly, remaining just inside the doorway as Claire quietly acquainted herself with the room. “And my Mam painted that when I was small. We have her drawings and paintings up all over the house.”


From her position at the window, admiring the kitchen garden and small orchard of fruit trees clustered near the old outhouse, Claire turned to smile at him. “Do you paint?”


He shrugged. “I’ve tried. But Jenny has the real talent for it – some of her pieces are downstairs.” He paused, licking his lips. “Well then. I’ll be down in the study with Ian. Have some orders to straighten out for tomorrow. Will – ”


“I’ll be all right,” she reassured him. “Thank you, Jamie. Truly.”


His smile – small, glowing – was absolutely beautiful. “Thank *you*, Claire.” Then he turned and disappeared down the hall.


“The apples in that pie you helped me with come right from the orchard – great-grandmother Fraser planted them, right after the War Between The States,” Jenny continued. Claire snapped back to the present as the toe of Jamie’s boot curled around the back of her shin.


“I’m normally not much help in the kitchen, but you’ve all been so incredibly warm and generous – ”


“Nonsense,” Ian insisted, tearing up a piece of Mrs. Crook’s thick homemade oat bread – a bannock, Jamie had called it – for his three-year-old son – Jamie’s namesake holding court at the worn but homely kitchen table between his father and uncle. “You’ve made Jamie smile again. Lord knows that’s been a rare sight since he returned from ‘Nam.”


Jamie withdrew his foot – and Claire looked across the half-empty portions of roasted pork and Brussel sprouts and corn bread. Meeting his intense blue gaze. Hoping her eyes could convey everything her voice could not.



Apple pie and whisky before the fire in the sitting room – lined floor to ceiling with books dating from the 18th century all the way up to shiny new editions of Slaughterhouse-Five and In Cold Blood. Comfortable silence between them when Jenny and Ian departed to tuck the children into bed. And then when Claire had yawned for the fifth time, Jamie rose, banked the fire, and helped her rise from the couch. Then gently led her upstairs to the room that would be hers for as long as she wished. Holding her hand the entire time.


They paused in the doorway.


“Will you be warm enough? There are extra blankets in the hallway closet – ”


Claire rested her hands on his solid shoulders. “I’ll be just fine. I’m not fragile, you know.”


He settled his hands on her hips, eyes creasing with happiness in the dim light of the hallway. The silence of the house buzzed in their ears.


“I know you aren’t,” he breathed.


Then drew her close – holding her. Enveloping her. Feeling her melt against him – her heart thrum in time with his.


After a long while she pushed back, kissed the corner of his mouth, and quietly slid out of his arms.


“I’ll be right here, down the hall,” he whispered. Eyes dark.


She blew him a teasing kiss, then quietly swung the heavy oak door shut.


On both sides of the door, Jamie and Claire rested their foreheads against the wood. And sighed.



Despite her exhaustion, Claire slept fitfully. Tossing and turning on the heavenly soft mattress and under the almost sinfully warm quilt. So many images flashing through her mind – the bullet-scarred palm tree on the helicopter pad at Chu Lai; the faded anchor tattooed on the forearm of her anatomy instructor; the checked shirt Uncle Lamb loved to wear when presenting his latest findings to a group of his peers. The graceful, invisible shapes Jamie had traced with his hands as he shared stories about himself and his Fraser forebears – helping her learn about all the gifts he would give her.


Did she belong here? Could she belong here – the lady of this great house? Sharing such a well-respected name? Enjoying dinner every night in the rustic kitchen built two centuries ago, surrounded by so many Frasers, alive and dead? Quietly at peace here on the ridge which Frasers had called home for longer than Beauchamps had been in America?








The house groaned and settled around her – easing into sleep.


Except the shuffle of steps in the hallway. Pausing outside her room, then continuing down the stairs.


At least she wasn’t the only restless person tonight. Jenny, perhaps? Maggie was still nursing – perhaps just another late-night feed?


Claire wrapped the tartan blanket – Fraser colors, Jamie had told her – from the foot of the bed around her shoulders, draped over the App State t-shirt and flannel pants that had been neatly folded in the bottom drawer of the bureau, gently pushed open the door, and stepped downstairs.


Only one room to visit at this time of night – the parlor, where books and the warmth of the fire could lull even the most restless to sleep.


But it wasn’t Jenny who sought solace, deep in the night.


Jamie stood after adding a fresh log to the fire, rubbing his face with his hands, clad in an olive-green Army-issued t-shirt and worn white long johns.


Claire must have made a sound – for his head snapped up, startled.


“Can’t sleep?”


His wide, sweet mouth twisted in a wry smile. “You could say that. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in three years.”


Claire blinked harshly in shock. “You mean – ”


“Yes – since Chu Lai. I – well.” He swallowed, grasping for words. “I re-live all of it every night.”


She crossed the room to stand in front of him. Rested a tentative hand on his elbow. “Tell me?”


He did. Terrible storied of men blown to pieces. Villages burned. Dead livestock floating face-down in rice paddies. The faces of men he couldn’t save. Memories of pain, and anguish, and isolation.


“And the worst one –” his voice broke.


At this point they had curled up together at the corner of the couch, her legs tucked against his, sharing the warmth of the plaid. She squeezed his clammy hand. Encouraging.


“The worst one is when the VC attack Chu Lai – and I can’t find you, Claire. I can’t protect you. And then I’m scrambling down the hallway and they’re firing at me and I trip over your body.”


He wouldn’t look at her – preferring to stare into the hypnotic flames.


She wiped the tears from his eyes. Stunned.


“Have you ever told this to anyone?” Her fingers twined in his hair, damp with sweat. Bringing his face to rest in the curve of her neck.


All he could do was shake his head. Breathing hard. Burrowing closer to her.


“Nobody here understands. I’m a war hero. The owner of this estate. I’m not supposed to be scared. I’m not supposed to have a back twisted with scars. I’m not supposed to be terrified of going to sleep every night.”


Claire eased onto his lap. “Shh,” she soothed. “I’m here. Just let go, Jamie.”


He inhaled deeply. Shakily.


“Let go,” she repeated. “I understand. I’m here. You don’t have to pretend.”


A beat.


Then –


“I love you.”


His awed, red-rimmed eyes lifted to meet hers. Smiling through the tears.


Then her lips found his – and they clung to each other in desperation and joy.

Pierce the Skies

Title: Pierce the Skies
Author: randomwriter57
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,836
Event + Prompt: @sormikweek day one - Elysia: Innocence/Beginnings
Summary: Archery has never been Sorey’s strong suit. Lucky for him, Mikleo has a knack for it.
Notes: Hello! I’m Random and I’ve been lurking in the shadows long enough. Here’s my first foray into the Zestiria fanfic world!
Actually that’s a lie - I’ve been writing sormik fic for months, but I decided to post now since it’s Sormik Week! I’m super excited to share my writing and to see what everyone else has created.
This fic came from an experience I had with trying archery, but that doesn’t mean everything in here is entirely accurate ^^“ I hope it’s still enjoyable anyway!

Also on: AO3

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HI, I just read all your fanon vs canon posts and I'm in love? I just wanted to see if i could ask for your take on Oikawa for that? Of course, no pressure, I bet those things take time to write so if you don't have it then don't worry. But thank you so much for the ones you've already written, they're great!!!

ok um. ajdfdkfddf i just wrote 100k+ of oikawa and still this is hard. oikawa is the most difficult character to get down in the history of characters. but lemme try:

fanon oikawa

  • Ego Central Inc
  • so many fangirls. must appease the fangirls. dating all over the place. lives for the attention
  • constantly babbling about aliens (ok i love this one and i live by it but it has to be here because… it is sadly… totally unfounded)
  • utter asshole all the time
  • overworking himself every day, every night
  • super obsessed with his appearance and fashion. so much hair product
  • diva
  • calls himself the great oikawa-san and grand king because he’s so amazing
  • 5000 selfies

canon oikawa

  • ok yeah probably enjoys the attention he gets but honestly just… is gracious and polite with his fangirls? it’s not like he ever tries to get their attention, and he lords it over iwa a single time because he knows it’ll rile him up
  • btw that’s at the end of a segment where he says something to get each of his teammates to their best so i think it’s fair to assume that’s not even a “lol look at me i’m so great” that’s just him knowing what’s going to get iwa on his a game (and if it’s teasing so be it)
  • actually super focused on other people. like… um. this was… a plotline. of a main character. kageyama feels inferior to oikawa because oikawa is spectacular at listening to people and freaking adjusting to them
  • even if they’re first years. like, kindaichi tells him he needs something. oikawa, since he’s experienced, thinks he’s wrong, but instead of being like “lol i know best shut up” he’s like “ok, i hear you, let’s keep trying it the same way, alright?”
  • his reaction to being called grand king is basically “wtf”
  • the self obsessed shit is an act oh my god
  • actually probably pretty responsible with not overworking himself when he’s thinking clearly. certainly does what he can to make sure his team doesn’t overwork themselves
  • calculated, smart
  • most of his pictures on his phone are of his nephew or… omg… sunsets? what a sappy lil nerd
  • ok yeah he’s a dickhead but he also helps kageyama in the end because he’s a softie
  • “plaid with plaid is a good look because it matches, right? that’s how fashion works, right?”
  • has never mentioned his hair ever and has the same hair as a child so honestly how do we even know he does his hair. maybe he fucking rolls out of bed looking like that.
  • ok no he definitely knows what a pretty face can get him and uses it to his advantage, so he probably cultivates his looks, but i don’t see why people think he’s obsessed with his own looks
  • childish, insecure, but also really focused on other people and how to be his best for them? he is a Good Boy
  • polite and kind with his fanclub and still gets broken up with. doesn’t know what he did wrong. is probably just a bit of a dork when dating, poor thing
  • crushed by the fear of losing. actually handles losing pretty well? keeps his team afloat, backs up iwa quickly. is at the match between his greatest rivals the next day, ready to learn. i’m so proud of him.
  • i really love oikawa tooru
I’m a Fan Now- Ryan Strome

Originally posted by leondraiisaitl

(Why does he look so good and his brother looks dead??)

Omg I had so much fun with this request so anon, I really hope you like this one (and that you’re still reading XD)! Enjoy guys!

Warning: I think a few curse words

Anon Request: Ahhhh I love your blog so much!!! Could you do an imagine where the reader is a giant rangers fan but becomes friends with an ny islander (Ryan strome maybe?) during the off season and doesn’t realize what he does/ who he plays for until the season starts? I love your writing so much that I get phone alerts when you post stuff and read it immediately 😉😉


              “Ryan” you laughed as he cannonballed into the pool, splashing you. “You jerk!”

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some of my favourite  joker  fan-designs ;;  WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD? ?  (click on the pictures to see who they belong to ;; ) btw excuse my trashy coloring (especially the first one omg it looks more blond than green)

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How would the UT and UF skelebrothers react if their S/O broke up with them, and then later they found out it was because they didn't think that they were good enough for them

I was so tempted to make one of the skellies have to wait more than a year to find out. But that would just be cruel.

UT!Sans: The breakup goes surprisingly well. He’s not one to beg or make a scene. But he will ask you if you’re sure, and he does want to know if he did anything wrong. He’s trying to drag the whole thing out, in case you suddenly change your mind. But he still accepts it when you don’t. He asks to hug you though. And he buries his head in your neck for what he think is the last time. It’s taking everything in him to not break down into sobs and hold on for dear life. So he quickly lets go again, and teleports away to make it easier.

He misses you a lot during the time that follows. And he’d do anything to get you back. But he’s trying to respect your choices. This is just another thing he’ll have to get through. That still doesn’t change the fact that it hurts so much, and he sees you in everything around him. Papyrus is having a hard time cheering him up. So he just drags him along to training.

That’s where he hears your reasoning for it. And he can’t believe he didn’t see that coming. God he’s stupid, he should’ve seen the signs of you entering a low period. But no, he didn’t. Because he didn’t bother talking to you. And now you’ve broken up with him because of it.

So he teleports over to your new apartment and waits for you to come home. He knows that he’s trying to get back together with you, and that you’ll probably say yes. But he can’t help but feel like the awkward ex who comes crawling back. It’s worth it though.

And he tells you that. He knows that he messed up if he made you feel that way. And he’s really sorry about that. But you are way out of his league, and he just forgot that maybe you didn’t realize that. So please come back, babe. And let’s just forget all of this.

UT!Papyrus: He doesn’t understand what it is you’re trying to say at first. Why would you want to split up? Are you looking for something around the house? When you rephrase it and tell him that no, you’re trying to break up with him, he really doesn’t know what to say. He wants to be calm and have a discussion about this, but he can feel himself start crying. He doesn’t want to break up! He… he loves you?! PLEASE DON’T GO.

*You leave anyway

And he is so confused. He thought the relationship was going well! And he doesn’t even know what he did to make you want to break up with him. It must have been something horrible. Why else would you do it. You were so happy together! …Right? At least that’s what he thought. Did he miss other things as well? Was he not listening to you enough? Not paying enough attention? These thoughts keep running through his head, and he can’t focus on training or anything really. He wants to talk to you about it. But you’re not there.

It’s Undyne who tells you that she heard from Alphys, who you used to talk about insecurities with, that you left him because you didn’t think you were good enough for him. And he is even more confused now. He’s always tried to make you feel like you were good enough for him, and teach you to be your very best. Did he really fail that?

He looks everywhere for you and when he finds you he pulls you in for a hug. It might be easy to feel like you’re not as great as he is. But stars does he love you. And even though he is very great, you might be even greater. Please let him show you that.

UF!Sans: He’s getting desperate before you’ve finished your sentence. But he can’t let you see that, so he tries to act cold. But that doesn’t last long. And he’s pleading with you within minutes. You can’t leave him. Please doll, please. You don’t understand how much he needs you, he loves you. He does everything he can to make you stay. Begging, pleading. He’s almost down on his knees. When he realizes that shit you’re actually going to leave he panics. ‘’Well FUCK YOU then,’’ he says and teleports out. That’s the last you see of him for weeks.

He avoids every place you might be. And if he ever catches the slightest glimts of you, he’s teleporting the hell outta there. He just can’t deal with it. It hurts and he hates that. But he can’t stop thinking about you. He honestly did love you, and that took him a while to admit. But he knew that he was going to fuck this up somehow, although he thought he’d at least know what he’d done. He spends his time in Grillby, until he gets thrown out for starting drunken bar fights.

When he finds out why you broke up with him he is so angry and exasperated. You are the stupidest person he knows. He literally facepalms because omg and then goes to find your stupid ass.

When he does, he starts ranting in front of you. Ignoring the shocked look you’re giving him. You are so stupid like what the fuck. Which part of him being a lazy bonehead did you not get when you started dating him? You think he’s too good for you? He doesn’t even know where to start but you are so wrong. So stop being so stupid and come home. You’re worth ten times as much as he is, and even if you’re not seeing that right now. He’ll make sure to show you how much he really values you. (He is so grumpy, please cuddle the skeleton)

UF!Papyrus: When you break up with him, he’s yelling at you to not be stupid. Eventually it goes over into threats and insults because you can’t do this. Then it’s like he flips like a switch because fine he doesn’t need you anyway. In fact you should leave right now. He’ll literally be using his magic to force you out the door, yelling that you shouldn’t ever come back because he doesn’t want you. He regrets it immediately, but he pushes those feelings down. He doesn’t know how to deal with them right now.

He refuses to acknowledge you during the next few weeks. Stubbornly refusing to tell Sans what happened, and why he’s even more mad than usual. His control issues are getting out of hand. Nothing can be out of order and he needs to know exactly what is going on at all times. The break up came out of the blue, and he can’t believe he didn’t see it coming. So this is him making sure he wont have to feel that shock again.

When he finally finds out why you left he’s horrified. You left under the false impression that you weren’t good enough? And he treated you like shit before you left. For the first time in a really long time he feels ashamed of himself. He was your boyfriend. He was supposed to make you feel like you mattered to him, and he failed that simple task.

He finds you and hushes angrily as soon as you open your mouth. He might be here to apologize, but he’s nervous and masking it behind being as formal and strict as he can. And he leaves you with basically no choice. He has to show you that he can do better. And he’s not leaving until you agree to give him a second chance.

john: do you have a gf?
sherlock: girlfriend? no not really my area
john: Oh Okay hehe sooo do u have a boyfriend then?
sherlock: (why does this guy wanna kn-)
john: which is fine btw
sherlock: *rolls his eyes into the back of his head* i know its fine (omg wtf i dont need your straight pity)
john: so you have a boyfriend?
sherlock: no (ugh wtf this is so invasive like leave me alone CLEARLY i dont)
john: good, so you’re unattached. just like me. good.
sherlock: (ok u weirdo….o-OH)…..uh….john im soo flattered but im not looking for a boyfriend right now
john: (SHIT) uh no no omg i wasnt asking you out
sherlock: (sure. uh huh.)
john: i was just. saying. its cool . (that you’re gay). its all good.
sherlock: th..anks………


Omg it’s a working fucking gif why is it a GIF I JUST WANTED THE IMAGE— *sobs* a challenger appears~

-Submitted by @stardustgalaxy-

Redraw of Ace like 5?



I’m happy. I love it. idec if no one else does okay maybe I do

BUT ugh… still salty about Ace’s decisions, but >.>


tbh though… I wouldn’t be able to cell color on my own so…

Okay so a little backstory first.

I’ve been going on dates with the same guy since I broke up with mister transphobic man. At first it was casual and I talked to other people too, but now I exclusively go on dates with him. It’s obviously not going anywhere, even though the guy keeps saying that he “definitely sees it going somewhere.” Aka it’s not going anywhere lololol anyway

My two closest coworkers, two older women who have kids around my age or older, that I’ve known for six or so years– are always giving me advice and trying to interfere with my love life and so on, (they have really great hearts and it’s pretty funny) OKAY so one knows a pharmacy technician that works next door and is connected to the same corporate company we work for right, so we clock in the same and everything blahblah SO

this is a family friend of one of the coworkers and a friend of the other one and they’re like bound and determined to set me up with this guy and okay???
He’s always dressed very nice and very serious and OK MAYBE IM JUDGING TOO HARD but whenever I am walking behind him and there’s a door and he goes through it he ALWAYS LETS IT SHUT ON ME HE NEVER HOLDS IT OPEN NEVER SMILES NOTHING
but they’re like omg date him he’s such a good man he has no family here and is super outdoorsy and has a good job
and they’re like oh he’s so fun at our parties and I’m looking at him like???? He has the personality of a burnt potato chip??? He is always angry looking??? His pink button up does not change that?????
Serious serious man????
And so I told them the other day a final big N O because I was like he is so grumpy and they were like what why!!!!
So I told them how he lets the door shut on me and that he seems grouchy and so TODAY

I’m walking behind him
Going to go through the doors as usual
And he stops
Turns around and looks at me and opens the door and makes like a sweeping motion with his hand and SMILES REALLY BIG AND IS LIKE
“Only after you”
And so I’m like???? What is happening this is an alternate universe and I go through the door lol oh ok thank you and he’s like
You’re very welcome
And I go to the bakery in shock and they’re like what what what’s that face for

And I’m like
He ??? Held the door open????

not happening guys YOU BIG BRATS