omg why did i laugh so hard at this

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OK so same adulting anon here I know you're swamped with requests but imagine Tyler and reader both having laugh attacks at the same time during a stream and the rest of teamiplier just watch and laugh at their laugh attack and that's it really no substance to it at all just everyone laughing for like 2 minutes and at the end Tyler and reader just lay down on the floor bc they can't breathe anymore and mark is like "why did I almost broadcast your guys' deaths to the world via livestream omg"

Yesssssss, i do this all the time with no real reason to why I’m laughing so hard.
I totally understand this




EXO Reaction to You Waking Up with your Makeup Ruined

NOTE: This reaction is requested by otakugasm and I can’t post the picture here yet because asdfghjkl mobile just sucks.

Anyways, this took like forever and I really apologize. Aside from a hectic schedule throughout this year in school, next week will be our first examination. Wish me luck 😭 May the force of EXO, BTS and U-KISS be with me.


Suho: Omg, y/n. What have you done to your face?

Baekhyun: *Can’t help himself* You’re so cuuuute~ Like a panda!

Chanyeol: What just- *Laughs so hard* What- *Laughs so hard again* Oh god I can’t even- *Claps like giving up*

D.O: Tell me why. Did someone hurt you to make you cry so hard like that?

Kai: *Stares at you shocked*
You: Wha-what? Is there something wrong?
Kai: *Gif*

Sehun: *Laughs at you so hard/Gif*


Xiumin: I already told you to never sleep with your makeup on. Now look at yourself at the mirror.

Luhan: *Scared for life* (Lmao. I love this gif so much.)

Kris: Y/N, did you see my- OH SH@3T!

Lay: *Enters the room* *Sees you just got up from the bed* *Gif*

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Chen: So uhm. Are you trying to be some kind of a rockstar hardcore metal shit all of sudden?

Tao: (He thought you’re a killer psycho) Spare me please!