omg why am i laughing so much

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Just wanted to let you know that once, I was scrolling down my dash too fast, a pair of your posts kind of blurred together, and for a moment, I thought you made a post about why Elizabeth Midford might be the One Eyed King.

….I actually meant to write that post long ago ‘cause it makes perfect sense so thanks for reminding me because it is 100% an accurate thought of mine. 

I mean look at what happened during Kuro ch116/117 Anon…

Lizzie revealed she actually was a ghoul thanks to Bravat being Kanou’s equivalent in England and doing the ghoulification operation on her so she could become even stronger in order to protect Ciel (and that’s why Bravat needs all this blood, to feed his new OEGs).

And in fact, it is also one of my beliefs that Kaneki’s dad (you know, the one who died long ago) is Tanaka, because the physical resemblance is on point…

 …Tanaka, who seemingly was chased away by the CCG and somehow arrived in England some time between 1850 and 1875, leaving Kaneki with his abusive mom back in 2000-ish. 
And since Tanaka is basically Lizzie’s grandpa ‘cause he half raised Vincent and Frances after Claudia’s death, that definitely explains why Lizzie might become the next One Eyed King once Kaneki will realize that he should scram away from this business.

Thus have the Queen leading the rebellion…

while Eto wonders what exactly happened to Kaneki. 

Yep. Makes perfect sense. 100% the most accurate post I’ve ever written. 👍

………..By the way, did I also ever mention that I have the strongest feeling about Undertaker, Uta and Mephisto Pheles being actually the same character all along? 
Yep. They’re all Johan Liebert from Urasawa Naoki’s Monster who, during psychotic breakdowns, becomes Griffith/Femto from Berserk.  👍 👍


Why am I laughing so much omg 😂

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Dodie Clark and cats make me so happy omg

Ahhh, I truly began loving Dodie all of a sudden just like a month or so ago and I have been having fun learning how to play Sick of losing soulmates! Such a good song :) And cats are great!!!

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ADDITIONAL COMMENT: Honestly, your url was the first thing that won me over :’) And then the love for Dodie and cats! <3

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I WANT SHITTY VALENTINE CARDS. THEY’RE MY ULTIMATE WEAKNESS. Why am I not seeing shitty valentine cards in my dash? It’s only ten days before Valentine’s Day -which I don’t celebrate except for the cards lmao- and this is the time when people start going like crazy with freaking Valentine’s day. I love those cards, guys. THEY’RE THE BEST THING EVER BYE

I am litterally laughing right now, omg. I’m re-reading aftg, primarly anything revolving around Renee for the fic I’m currently writing, and also to get a better grasp on the prose. I’m currently on tfc when this scene popped up:

Neil meant to say no, but what came out was, “Why does Kevin trust Andrew?”

Renee smiled. “Because he knows he can.”

“With so much at stake,” Neil pressed, as if she didn’t understand what was going on as well as he did. Maybe she didn’t. Maybe she couldn’t understand what Kevin was risking and what he would face if Andrew failed. She wasn’t like them. She was normal, or as normal as the Foxes could hope to be. Gangs and blood feuds were things out of movies. Neil hated that she couldn’t understand, but he hated more that he did. “With so much at stake he honestly thinks Andrew is enough?”

Renee held out her hand to him. “Neil,” she said, so gently he wondered if she’d even heard him. “Neil, please wait for us.”

“No,” Neil said, taking a step back. “I know the way. Thank you.”

And by laughing, I meant crying. 

But yeah, Neil, there’s a reason Renee unsettles you, maybe you want to think about why that is? (well, he gets told by Renee later, but u know.) But he hated more that he [understood]. …I’m not crying, you are.

I wonder if Renee felt any kinship with Neil from the beginning? Like, did she find him unsettling? Did she feel like she could connect to him somehow? I mean, other than the way i think she just feel empathy for any bleeding souls, I guess. But like, did she think there might be points in their pasts that were similar?

I guess it’s my job to kinda answer that, but man. The more I read about her in the books and how gentle she is, the more I figure I have some work cut out for me.

this made me think so much whAT IF

the butterfly song episode where they flashback to ally in kindergarten is actually present day Austin and ally’s daughter in kindergarten playing a song her mother aka ally wrote. like all the episodes since the beginning were just flashbacks leading up to present day which is the ending episode of them all together and old but they were all just reminiscing the whole time and all those flashbacks in the show were actual present day things happening but we thought they were flashbacks when really it’s thEiR ChiLDReN