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I read Honenuki got in through recommendation like todoroki and yaoyorozu why do you think he ended up in class B instead of A?

Oh, I’m pretty sure the sorting is somewhat casual - I say somewhat because I think the classes are made trying to keep the overall strength balanced between the two groups, but that’s about it? It’s not like class A is inherently better than class B just because they’re called “A”, it’s mentioned more than once during the story that the potential should be overall the same and the only difference is the battle experience class A has

Anon said: holy shit I lose my shit bc of that text of yours. I mean I knew already how the case was between Baku and Kiri, but it still hit my heart to read that all in one text. I’m so blessed welp X’D

I nearly cried while writing it so guess what you’re not alone anon we can cry together ( ձ ̥̥̥ ヘ ձ ̥̥̥ )

Anon said:  I started watching BNHA because I love your art and I wanted to understand it (came for Haikyuu!! stayed for everything) and oh wow I’m only 7eps in so far but I really like it!!!! Thank you! Your art is incredible keep up the good work! : D

AHHHH THANK YOU!!!!!! I’m glad you’re liking it!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3

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This new instagram post, combined with the line "it's a good thing you weren't there" from last season has convinced me that even keeps telling the boy squad a little too much about his and isak's sex life. I mean he's not as bad as vilde but he's definitely the boy squad equivalent of her

hahahah omg omg omg “The Boy squad’s equivalent of Vilde” I am actually dying because that’s so….true? oh dear god. I love him so much. He has no chill and I can totally see him making a million sex jokes about their sex life and the boys laughing and Isak just being like “why….why am I dating this loser” but he loves it ahhhhh they are too cute. 

Emotions/Soulmate Jisung

A/N: requested by an anon for a soulmate! Jisung so hope you like it ~ Also all the soulmate! series are going to be in a story concept so hope you don’t mind ! Assume that you’re the same age as Jisung in this story !

* Y/N/I = your name’s initials


One day you woke up feeling utterly sad , unsure of what is happening , you brushed it aside , thinking that the feeling was only temporary . But yet the feeling stayed there for hours and no matter whatever you did , nothing could cheer you up - not even your favourite cartoon show .

What else could you do ? You were only 7 years old back then .


But as you grew older , it got worst . You’d have random breakdowns and outbursts , and at times where you wanted to sleep , something would get you all excited and hyper , as though someone was controlling your emotions .

Your mother would notice your sulky expressions that appeared suddenly and the random bursts of happiness when you were practically doing nothing and pulled you outside to talk to you one day .

“ Y/N are you okay ? This is has been going on for a while now … What’s happening ? ” she asked , her face filled with concern . Being the small 10 year old , you couldn’t help but cry out loud , simply because you couldn’t take it anymore too .

In between sobs , you said softly to your mother , “ I don’t know mother .. I get emotions i don’t want to feel at all and someone seems to be controlling them , is there something wrong with me ? ”

Your eyes widened and confusion took over you when your mother laughed at your words , patting your head .

“ My child , i didn’t want to talk about this with you yet because you’re still so young but since it’s happening , i have to . ”

As though you couldn’t process any of the words she just said , you stared at her with a confused expression , unsure of what to think .

Your mother laughed before saying , “ Your soulmate’s going to show up soon and you feel whatever he feels , same for him . For example , if he’s sad , you’d be sad too . And likewise , if you’re happy , he’d be happy too . This also explains why both daddy and i always have the same emotions right ? ”

Your mouth formed a small ‘o’ as you nodded your head , finally understanding all that was happening .

“ Oh and one more thing , ” your mother said as she stood up to get a marker . She drew a small stroke on your arm and said to you , “ If you write or draw something on your arm , it’ll appear on your soulmate’s one too . You can communicate with him much more easily like that .”

Your eyes lit up instantly as you saw writings on your arm .

“ What … is this ? ”

“ Can you see this ? ”

“ Omg am i crazy , why am i writing my arm but a stroke suddenly appeared on my arm , i’m scared . ”

Laughing at your soulmate’s silliness , you grabbed the marker and wrote back ,

“ Yes i can see this , you’re not crazy , i’m just your soulmate . ”

Soon enough , you saw writings on your arms again .

“ Oh .. I have heard about that before .. Nice to meet you , i guess ? ”

Why am i feeling so excited now … but i’m doing homework , i shouldn’t be .. “

You couldn’t help but giggle to yourself , you couldn’t wait to meet him .

” I’m actually excited right now because i’m excited as to when we’ll ever meet , i’m sorry .. “

” Oh .. No , no it’s fine , this is to pay back since you must have suffered alot since i cry … a lot “

The two of you spent the whole night talking to each other to the point where your arms were filled with marker ink . But yet you all didn’t share information about one another - you didn’t know his name , which school he went to and where he lived , mainly because you wanted it to be a surprise .


You laid your head on the table and sighed in frustration . Lessons and classes bore you out and the least you wanted to do was to sit in for a whole hour listening to your teaching going on about the history of Korea .

Puffing up your cheeks , you reached for your pen and scribbled on your arm ,

“ JS , You there ? ”

You knew nothing about his name but since you still had to address one another , he told you to call him ’ JS ’ since it was his name’s initials .

“ Yes , why ? I’m in math now … ”

You smiled to yourself when he replied .

“ Sigh i’m in history , i’m bored ”

Within seconds , writings appeared on your arm ,

“ You should be paying attention , what are ”

You waited for him to finish his sentence , but he didn’t . You quickly wrote a few ’ hellos ’ but he didn’t reply .

The silhouette of a young boy at the window caught your attention , his head was hanging low . You recognised him , he was that one quiet and shy kid who was embarrassed to interact with people but one thing you knew , you admired his dancing - Park Jisung .

As soon as he walked past the classroom , you felt a sharp pain in your chest , your breathing became unconstant and you felt the need to cry - the same feeling that was there whenever your soulmate cried .

Then it hit you , the class beside yours was math , you swore you heard a teacher shouting at a student just only , and your soulmate had mentioned about how much he loved dancing . JS was Jisung , and judging from his facial expression before , he was clearly sad .

Without caring about your teacher’s yelling at how rude you were , you dashed right out and headed to the corner of the hallway to the toilets .

Hesistantly, you knocked on the door of the boys’ toilet and shouted , “ Jisung it’s Y/N/I here , i know it’s crazy but i’m sorry if i caused you any trouble from my scribbling please come out . ”

The sadness you were feeling turned into confusion and you knew exactly what he was feeling .

The door opened and his head peeked out from behind . Giving him an assuring smile , you held out your hand , “ Y/N here , who knew we’ve been in the same school all along … It’s just really mindblowing .. ”

Jisung shook your hand and you saw his face flush up , unable to speak . When he saw you smile again , he loosened up , “ I-I’m sorry i didn’t mean to cry … It’s just the teacher thought i was cheating during the test when i was writing back to you , ”

Guilt took over you as you couldn’t help but hug him . He was as frozen as a log and didn’t move , his hands placed awkwardly at the sides of your body .

“ No i’m sorry , i didn’t knew you were having a test … I’m sorry omg . Wait , i have to explain to your teacher . ” you said as you pulled away from the hug . You held his hand tightly and pulled him to his classroom , ready to face the consequences .


You rested your head on your left hand , letting out a sigh as you took out your phone and scrolled to his contact number . Just as you was about to call him , a pair of big hands covered your eyes and you knew exactly who it was . You smacked it lightly and the person removed his hands , and you were greeted with a smiley and happy Jisung infront of you .

“ Sorry our teacher held us back again , ” he said while rubbing the back of his neck . Shaking your head , you held his hand and stood up , “ It’s okay , come on let’s go order our food , i’m starving . ”

His smile returned as he intertwined his hand with yours , shyly and quickly stealing a peck on your cheek before looking away , too shy to look at you .


* i sincerely apologise that this is so bad omg i’m sorry

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is that a raccoon? no, that’s ROCKET RACCOON. they used to be known as ROCKET RACCOON but now they are just a FRUIT STAND OWNER . if I’m not mistaken HE/HIM are UNKOWN and they were AGAINST the hero ban. (Sara/she & her/23/EST)

❛WELCOME TO STAR CITY, SARA. send in your account within TWENTY-FOUR HOURS or your role will be reopened. please let us know if you need an extension!!!


This photo made me laugh so much omg why is he making me love this so much 😂😩

Broppy One-shot: NO!

OK so I saw this prompt and I HAD to write this. But I put my own twist on it. Hope it’s good ^-^


OK SO absolutely DO NOT imagine something mildly catastrophic happening to the Troll tree, like a limb getting weak and falling off, something like that. And of course no one gets hurt. But as the dust is clearing and everyone is regrouping suddenly someone calls out, “Hey, where’s Queen Poppy?”
AND CONTINUING, DO NOT imagine Branch freaking out, running to the downed limb and frantically calling for her and asking where she was seen last, and trying as hard as he can to not to imagine the worst (but who is he kidding he was always the best and imagining the worst) all while desperately hoping that she’s ok.
AND DON’T THINK about him finding her, limping out of the dust with the little troll she had run back for when the limb first started collapsing (no troll left behind, right?) and running up and holding her as tight as he can, trembling and trying to not cry. And even when she laughs and tells him that she’s fine he still won’t let go because he honestly was so scared that he would lose her.
ALSO DON’T imagine Branch checking her over for injuries and not letting her out of his sight for the rest of the day, making sure that she rests and has water and doesn’t hurt her leg more (But she’s the Queen and she has things to do so he just ends up carrying her around all day while she checks on everyone.) And at that night he just holds her super close and she just sighs and leans in because honestly she was pretty scared and she’s just so thankful to have Branch there.

Ok here we go -knuckle crack-


The whole tree shook as the limb of the Troll Tree came crashing to the ground.

After the first crack, Branch and Poppy had worked to move every troll onto a safer part of the tree. Branch was helping move everyone when a large snap sounded and the limb fell to the ground below. Thinking the worst was over, Branch ran with the other trolls out of harms way before looking around at all the trolls around him.


Poppy wasn’t in his feild of vision. He didn’t worry at first. He worked his way though the crowd helping those who needed it as he went. Still no sign of Poppy.


As he went along, he asked those he saw if they had seen her. They all said no.


He became more frantic and finally shouted out, “Has anyone seen queen Poppy?!” No one answered.


Realization hit him as he ran forward to the edge of where the limb broke off. He remembered her running in there to save a small troll but that was long before the limb actually fell. She had already made it out… hadn’t she?


“POPPY!” he shouted out as he used his hair to whip his way down to the rubble left at the bottom of the tree. He despritally scrapped at the debry under him calling her name over and over again. Tears threatened to fall as he screamed out her name one more time before diving into the rubble even more furiously than before. The color started to drain from his hair tips and worked it’s way down as he screwed his palms into his eyes and wept. He fell onto his knees as he curled around him. His sunshine was gone. The color was almost completely gone when he heard a groan from a few feet away. His head snapped up and the color drain stopped.


Another groan of pain was heard and he bolted over to the spot. Dropping on his knees he dug, throwing rubble and splintered wood left and right. Finally a small tuff of pink shown through the rubble.


He clawed at the remaining rubble covering her and finally saw her face. He laughed a sigh of relief and let the tears fall as he carefully pulled her out of the rubble and into his arms and onto his lap burrying his head in her neck and nuzzling close. Only then did she finally open her eyes.

“B-branch?” hearing her say his name just made him cry more. She brought one hand up to cup his cheek. His head snapped up and he just looked at her still crying happy tears. He stood up with her in his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist so he could carry her properly. He just held her close, slightly shaking from how scared he was.

He almost lost her.

His light.
His color. His love. His queen. His happiness.

She just held him close, still not fully understanding what had happened and why most of his color was gone-wait a minute!

“Branch!” he looked into her eyes, a small bit of his color coming back. “Where’s your color? Why are you grey again?” He smiled and nuzzled her as the rest of his color came back.

“You’re okay… you’re okay…” She just smiled nuzzling close to him again. He grabbed on of the higher limbs of the tree and slowly climbed the tree with her still securly in his arms. After they reached the rest of the trolls they all cheer as they emerge from the dust below. They touched the ground but Branch refuses to let Poppy down. He insists on carrying her as she folds down her hair to reveal the small troll she saved sitting there protectivly wrapped in her hair.

She gives the troll to her parents and snuggles back into Branch’s arms, secretly loving being so close to him. But she needed to check on her people. “Branch you have to let me down. I have to-”

“No” he said plain and simple.

She looked at him. “Branch I have to.”

“No you don’t.” After waving to the other trolls he walked Poppy and him to a secluded area of the Troll Tree.

“Branch yes I do. You can’t carry my forever.” She tried to get down but his arms just tightned around her holding her to him”

“Fine you could. But right now I can’t let you go. Not after that.” he swallowed avoided her gaze. “Not after almost losing you…”

Poppy’s gaze softened and held his cheek again. He sat down on a flat part of the tree and nuzzled into her hand closing his eyes.

“I love you Poppy… so much…”

She smiled and kissed his nose. He opened his eyes and looked into her’s, once again with tears in them. She started to tear up as well. She laughed as she pressed her forehead to his crying now as well.

“I love you too Branch.”

EXO’s reaction to their GF having big cheeks (GIF reaction)

EXO reaction to you (their gf) having big cheeks like a certain baozi boy please?

(Okay, so I did as a gif reaction if that is okay with you? I just wouldn’t be able to write something adequately long otherwise. I hope you enjoy it)

None of these gifs are mine. Credits go to their rightful owners.

Luhan: He would stare at you in pure adoration, with a smile that would reach his eyes and make your heart explode. In his eyes you are the cutest thing in existance, and no matter how many times you complain about your cheeks he would list all the reasons he believes make them perfect.

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Kris: His trademark cold, distance appeal would disappear the moment he sees your adorable chubby cheeks raise with the curl of your smile, and he would try to keep his cool appearance while sending you a heart across the room.

Originally posted by incrediyeol

Tao: Tao would shower your cheeks with kisses, finding them completely irresistible, the more space, the more kisses he can get on your face right?

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Xiumin: This cutie pie would be incredibly excited about this

“Look babe your cheeks are just like mine! We are meant to be!”

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Lay: Yixing would probably die of cutiness overload. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling like a fool whenever he saw you, kissing your face, and poking your cheeks.

“Ah, Baobei, you are too cute!”

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Chen: (this gif probably speaks for itself) Chen would be so so happy! Every now and again he would tease you a little, asking if you and Xiumin are related somehow, but he would genuinely have to fight the urge to bite your cheeks whenever he saw you.

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Suho: Suho would find your cheeks so adorable, they’d be the first thing he noticed about you before he asked you out. He would tell you this later on in your relationship, and you would tease him about this often, making him get shy.

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Baekhyun: “No no no Jagi, you cannot be cuter than me” He would comment with a laugh, after having pinched your cheeks, making them puff out in annoyance.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Chanyeol:*Constantly showers you with kisses because your cute puffy cheeks are too much for him to handle*

“You are going to wear your lips off” You will warn him with a laugh

“I can’t help myself princess, you are too beautiful for me to resist.”

Originally posted by wooyoung

DO: *pretend your face is between his hands*


*Proceeds to caress your face and pinch your cheeks for a good hour*

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“I just don’t understand why you complain about them, they are soft and cute and overall beautiful… AGH YOUR CHEEKS I AM TALKING ABOUT YOUR CHEEKS!” *gets a little flustered and embarassed, making you laugh*

“I just love you a lot Y/N, and in my eyes you are perfect the way you are”

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Sehun: “Yes babe, you are very cute, but I am cuter, just look.”

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Monsta X reaction to you being weird during a Skype call with friends

SHOWNU: Shownu would walk in and blush, fighting back a smile. He’d walk straight up to your computer/phone and talk to your friends. “Did you guys make Y/N do this or did they decide to do it just for fun? Does this happen all the time? What else have they done?” As your friends began to spill more embarrassing Skype stories about you, Shownu would walk away, hold you back, or hold the phone up higher so you couldn’t get it back from him as he listened to your friends and laughed.

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WONHO: He’d open the door as you were mid-drop. He would try to contain his laughter as you turned around, startled, quickly trying to explain the situation he just witnessed, but he’d just smile at you and joke about it. “Why am I even dating you?”

Originally posted by monstaxs

MINHYUK: Minhyuk would burst out laughing and practically scream making the high pitched dolphin sound before wrapping his arms around you, picking you up, and tackling you onto the bed. “wHAT are YOu doing?! THis is ToO Much!! YOu’rE so cUTe! WHY?!? OMG! I LOVe yoU SO muCH!!”

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KIHYUN: Kihyun would walk in on you, staring at you in disbelief, unable to process what he just walked in on, but he knew that from then on, he wouldn’t let it go. He’ll bring it back up whenever he wants to tease you or embarrass you. “Hey…remember that one night when I walked in on your little Skype call? Now what were you doing again?”

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HYUNGWON: *walks in* … *gif* … *walks out*

Originally posted by yuhwan

JOOHEON: Whether you were in fuzzy pants or not, or whether you were just joking or not, he’d definitely watch you from behind you (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as you did the sexy drop. As you turned around, his eyes would shoot up to meet yours as both of your cheeks turn bright red. While you attempted to scramble out any words to explain what was going on, Jooheon would just walk out laughing. “I don’t think I need a explanation.”

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I.M: He would just stand there, looking at you in silence, showing no expression on his face whatsoever before letting out a long sigh. “Babe……you’re doing it wrong.” He’d then prices to do a sexy drop, mimicking you.

(Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoyed it! This was so much fun to write!! Happy New Year!!~)

- Admin Ven 💕💕


Why am I laughing so much omg 😂

How words/ actions affect someone

So idk why but I thought I’d share this. Not that big of a thing but when i was in 9th grade, one day i wore a tshirt and it had like very small sleeves and it kinda got ridden up. So, I’m fat and i know that, people have always been very good at reminding me. So my best friend pointed at my arm and laughed saying “omg you shouldn’t wear sleeveless top ever, your arms look fat and funny ha ha” and my other friends that were around me kinda joined in the laughing too. And I know it’s not that big of a deal. It seems like a harmless comment but it isn’t. It’s been 6 years since this and I didn’t wore sleeves that were even up to my elbow till 4 years after this. 4 WHOLE YEARS, I didn’t wear what i wanted just because of this stupid thing. And when i got out of school I realised how stupid of me it was to get affected by this. Because it happens, it always does. And no matter how sad it is we can’t stop people from being like this. I still don’t feel comfortable wearing short sleeves because I’m always terrified that someone would comment on it and laugh at me.

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I have my Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan tsum tsums sitting on the headboard of my bed so they watch over me while I sleep and I say hello to them every morning they're so cute I am never sad when I look at them but Qui-Gon's angry eyebrows make me laugh like why did they make him so scowly he's so sweet and their noses are so precious and little I love them so much

OMG AWW THAT’S SO CUTEE!!! AND YESS THEIR NOSES!! Im going to take pictures of my tsum tsums soon and post it!! I love them a lot…

And I hope you don’t mind but your comment about angry eyebrows just kind of inspired me to do these random doodles….! 

lol qg is totes a tsundere– telling ow he can’t have one but ends up getting his own later

Day off.

-Hanbin x reader

-Images and Gifs are not mine. I credited where everything was originally posted.

-Fluff + smut

-Please skip if mature content offense you. Some cuss words were used, mostly F bombs.

-You were both enjoying the rare chance your day off coincide with each other when a simple banter turns into something more.


It was rare that you didn’t have to rush out the door in the morning for work but today was one of those day. You had decided to just spend the morning bumming around in bed after sleeping in till almost midday. It was even better that Hanbin also had a rare day with no schedule, even though he did came home at almost 3 AM last night. There was no real plan for today, you both wanted a day to just chill and relax. Still in PJ, hair in a messy bun, you were laying on your belly surfing tumblr waiting for Hanbin to be finish with the bathroom so you can get ready for lunch. You had gone on tumblr with the intention of checking out what they did in their last tour. A handful of old college friends had gone to the concert and your phone had been blowing up with comments about the show all last night and this morning. Something about your boyfriend was practically half naked prancing around caught your attention. Ever since you guys got together, the Ikon content on you dashboard had increased exponentially. Sure you were always a big fan girl of them since the Win day but it was never this bad. 

- ”Yah! B.I ssi, do you have to take your shirt off every time you perform? I mean what’s with this unbelievable amount of half naked pictures and gifs on my feed? Not only that, people i know had been blowing up my phone too.”

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Are You My Dad? (spoilers)

this title makes me slightly concerned

i would probably shop at The Distinguished Boy tbh

magic beans like from OoT?


INSIDE the vending machine? his office??

well at least Barb’s got those two figured out

*x-files theme plays*

“MAMA’S COMING FOR YA BABY GIRL” why am i laughing so much at this

awaiting new challengers to validate me

oh… okay hi that wasn’t really an introduction but she’s tiny


connie u weeb


garnet wtf omg???


“yup there’s wind” omfg

stib it’s probably an act tho



wait what… they were fused… and the humans were fused INTO their combined mass???


okay so like… does that mean they’re after Greg because that’s probably who would be “my dad”