omg why am i laughing so hard

7x12 review and thoughts

How is no one talking about the secret passageway on the game map?! They do no analysis of this board game at all!!!

“Her help is dead, his head rolled over your feet remember?” - Hanna

‘What about Sidney? ‘- ‘Oh please let’s not go there’ - Emily

‘Em you’ve already been there!’ - Spencer. Omg this made me laugh so hard

Emily is the one that wants out this time..interesting.

“I may have been the one driving this car but we have to be in this together  ”- Hanna

I bet A.D didn’t know that the only new information being given this episode is to A.D! Obviously the game is insane and has a recording device, they know A has always stalked them, why do they talk right there? Why not ditch their phones and talk somewhere out in the open?

“Nicole Gordon was never his fiance, I am! ” - Aria. Oh Aria you wonderful crazy thing

Addison Derringer is not A. She probably got manipulated or bribed by Jenna, or another A minion, even the minions need minions in this A game.

Addison is just like Alison in high school, and Alison now.

I am loving Spencers dress and Arias’ hair!

I can’t believe Veronica still backs up infuriates me.

“Wow, so only you and dad could appreciate the bitter irony of me checking into the same mental hospital where I was born ”- Spencer-

I really feel bad for Veronica, I do. She adopted a child who was born because her husband was cheating on her, she covered for his ass all these years and Spencer never felt like anything but a Hastings, I think Spencer is being pretty horrible to Veronica. I get that she hurting but she’s in her twenties not she isn’t a child. What did she want Veronica to do? Discuss the fact that Peter is a cheating bastard and that Spencer is the result of an affair?

So..does Hanna make her own clothes to wear? Hence the ‘you went through my closet!’

Does she sew them? Design and send them somewhere to get made? Does she buy the materials?

Emily benches Addison for missing a practice, Addison is pure attitude, not even looking up from her phone.

“My head was throbbing, listening to your rusty whistle wasn’t going to help” - Addison, reminding us of old Ali.

Alison is in pay attention to me mode…what if I have one like her..or me… She has not decided if she is keeping the baby

So are Spencer and Marco together?

Spencer tells Marco about Mary and shows the letter, changes one detail..she found the letter rather than she was given the letter after playing a crazy board game

Hold up…if the beading, the belt, the collar was Hanna’s bosses idea that Hanna took then what did Hanna design? A plain black dress with a tutu skirt?

Addison is a little psycho, she goes to Paige, accuses Emily of hitting on her and other girls on the team then shows Paige a photo of Emily being’inappropriate’ with Alison, hoping to anger Paige. Addison’s eavesdropping has paid off, she’s overheard Emily and Paige, and Emily and Alison.

I find Holden really attractive this time, also he’s so damn normal, and nice, and sweet.

Aria taking off the ring, foreshadowing?

“Did Ezra propose to her first?”- Aria

Holden reminds Aria that everyone has a past, that even Aria has had other men tell her they love her, and she doesn’t talk to Ezra about that so maybe Ezra wouldn’t tell her if he had proposed to Nicole before she disappeared

“Just because you met him when you were in 11th grade doesn’t mean he’s frozen in amber” - Holden. Holden is so anti-Ezra but not in a tell Aria to ditch his ass way.

Emily tells Paige she will go tell Hackett about what Addison is doing, Paige tells Emily she will handle it before it gets worse and Emily is accused of hitting on students

Marco has a lead in. Mary..Lead out of Scranton! Mary Drake works at Dunder Mifflin!

Spencer has enlisted Marco to help find Mary

Tap tap tap Jenna is coming!!!

Jenna can identify Spencer by her breathing? Come the fuck on now. Jenna can see, at the very least she can partially see

So we know Jenna has been told to say all this, she does it convincingly, so convincingly that I question all the other times I’ve felt bad for Jenna when she has a sob story.

I think Jenna has always wanted revenge for the liars blinding her, and Noel for him getting suspended for cheating, and perhaps other things we don’t know about.

Jenna tells Marco that Noel was the psychopath that lured Jenna to the blind school to kill her, and he had her work for him so she could have money for eye surgery.

Not sure why Marco didn’t take Jenna aside, to begin’s unprofessional and ridiculous to let Spencer stand there as Jenna makes her statement

Hanna tries to call Claudia about the dress…

“She has balls the size of church bells.” - Omg Spencer..just omg.

She hasn’t told Marco about the game but seems to want to.

Sparia discusses Spencer wanting to find Mary. She wants to get to know Mary, not as someone to fear but to forgive.

Jenna walks in with 2 other blind people, flanking her on either side..or..’‘bookends’ -  as Emily would describe it.

Jenna sends a text and Emily hears Addison’s phone go off at the same time

Spencer tells her Veronica she won’t be working with her anymore. I’m really disappointed with Spencer right now, Veronica does not deserve this treatment, I get that she is upset but to take it all out on Veronica instead of Peter is unfair. Veronica continues to tell her she loves her and has never felt they were not a family and Spencer is just cold. I really feel for Veronica, and find Spencer irritating and a little much right now. I usually love Spencer but she’s 23, not 13. This woman adopted you and raised you as her own, not telling you you’re the product of an affair her cheating husband had with a mentally ill woman sounds like the safer thing to do.

Spencer has the audacity to sound upset about the house being sold after she’s outright said Veronica isn’t her mother and after she’s been nothing but cold to Veronica since she found out Mary is her mom and she seems to want to forgive Mary but punish Veronica.

Arias dress is cute

Aria gets an article on Ezra reuniting with his fiance Nicole Gordon. The article talks about Nicole’s kidnapping and being held by guerrilla forces. They show pictures of Ezra and Nicole before and after the reunion. I am low key shipping Aria and Holden. I get the feeling that Ezra won’t be able to leave Nicole. He will tell Aria this in a way that makes him seem like some white knight to Nicole and how Aria would always feel guilty for Nicole not getting Ezra.. he will make it seem like he’s doing her the favor. He’s everyone’s white knight.

Mona seems to be working like crazy on this fashion business and Hanna is too busy waiting to eat with Caleb to even look at jewelry designers Mona is showing her right this minute? She asks Mona to forward them to her. Hanna this is your business, get yourself into it, Caleb can eat by himself, you can see him later. I don’t get this too busy for a career and relationship thing.

Catherine is going to BORROW shoes from Hanna? Why wouldn’t she buy a pair like them? Hanna is having these shoes fixed.It’s not like Hanna designed the shoe, it’s just strange to me.

OMG Jenna walks in wearing Hanna’s dress but in white, and I must say it looks better in white, and great on Jenna

Mona flips out, more so than Hanna, who acts rather meekly, wtf where is crazy Hanna right now? Mona confronts Jenna with a..’Yo Jenna! ‘ Omg Mona is amazing

Jenna claims the dress was a gift, Jenna says she and her posse have an uber waiting and she tap taps the fuck out of there

Hanna says it’s all part of the game and Mona is left asking what game.

Mona is getting left behind again. I don’t want A to be Mona again because I feel Mona has gotten past that and is a strong and confident woman now.

Emily wants to get into the barn to see the Game to play it because she is convinced Addison is working for A.D

Emily reminds the audience A.D took a final exam for her

“I’m living proof, once you invite the devil in, horrid little seeds start to sprout” - Alison.OMG

Jenna and her posse meet at the cobbler place where Hanna’s shoes are
Caleb wants to handle Jenna

Jenna smells Hanna on Caleb, and guesses it is Hanna behind her. Caleb questions why she is here, and where she got the dress. He even grabs her by the cane and threatens her. She reminds him only Noel could contradict the story she told the police and he’s dead.

Hanna gets locked in a caged off room at the cobbler’s place, someone obviously closed that door, it didn’t swing randomly closed on its own, and someone shut off the lights.

lol @   #benchme lol Addison is taking bong hits with her boyfriend in a car behind the brew.

Aria the greatest liar convinces a nurse to let her in after visiting hours but telling her she’s brought her good friend Nicole some salt water taffy.

317 is Nicole’s room number.

Holden stops Aria from going in to see/confront Nicole. He’s such a sweetheart and really mature!

The sander thing is going off, something swings from the ceiling tries to punch Hanna, she’s having pure flashbacks of being tortured in the barn with that cattle prod. She gets a text from A.D and A.D really seems to hate Hanna, like a lot.

‘Wait your turn, Bitch, It’ll come. And you’ll be ready - A.D

A.D seems to hate Hanna more than anyone, Spencer gets clues about her mother, Aria just has Ezra drama and Emily gets help from A.D in dealing with Addison. Why the major Hanna hate? Spencer twin would hate Hanna for the Spaleb mess. HMM.

Caleb rescues Hanna

Emily confronts and threatens Addison with the bong video, Paige intervenes and tells Addison she’s in trouble for gloating about getting rid of Emily in an email they found. Her parents and principal Hackett have been informed

‘Why? you gonna smack me? “- Addison. 

“No I can’t do that, but somebody should have a long time ago”. - Emily

Aria asks Holden if she should give the ring back and Holden tells her not to expect Ezra to be on her timetable, if he needs time give it to him and that he’s probably more torn up than she is.

Emily is given another puzzle piece, still black and white, still scrawly lines and an abstract feel. Spencer theorizes it’s a map but I still think it could be a sonogram or a collage that includes a sonogram picture.

So that’s my live watch review..I’ll try to post some more thoughts later!

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did you mean waterearthfireairlongagothefournationslivedtogetherinharmonytheneverythingchangedwhenthefirenationattackedonlytheavatarmasterofallfourelementscouldstopthembutwhentheworldneededhimmosthevanished100yearspassedandmybrotherandidiscoveredthenewavataranairbendernamedaangandalthoughhisairbendingskillsaregreathehasalottolearnbeforehe'sreadytosaveanyonebutibelieveaangcansavethe -- world? the guy with the pink mustache?

it’s only 12 am and i have no idea why this one made me laugh so hard omg bless you 💙

  • James Reynolds: </b> I hope you're rich enough to realize you fucked my wife and that shit don't come free. Like at all, so pay up or say goodbye to like your entire career.
Fanfic Ideas From My Life

I recently came to the conclusion that my life is one long string of bad fanfic tropes, so I decided to share with everyone. If you make something based on this list, please let me know so that I can see it!

  • I’ve been flirting with this barista at the local coffee shop for weeks and he’s been flirting back, but I just noticed the wedding ring on his finger abort mission abort mission
  • excuse you my friend is far too young for you to be grinding on her at this school dance, however I am two years older and also gay as hell, please come over her and dance with me
  • what do you mean I’m going to be stuck in this car for the next three days with my parents and two large dogs and my cell signal is shit so I can’t text my friends??? Oh nooo the person working the counter at the gas station next to the hotel is super cute
  • I’m really sorry that my dog knocked you over but you’re holding a frisbee and she loves frisbees more than life itself and even food so really you were kind of asking for it - oh no you’re hot
  • “wow you two are such a cute couple omg!! Wait, what? You’re not together?? Why not???? Oh, your roommate is his girlfriend, I see.”
  • we’re the only two people who showed up to this study group and wow you’re even worse at math then I am, do you want some help? also how dare you be so attractive that isn’t helping with the whole study thing
  • I just accidentally made a really sexual joke in the middle of class because my mouth is faster than my brain sometimes and you’re the cute girl who sits next to me and you laughed really hard and are smiling at me and that’s not helping my blush damnit
  • Look I just want to practice my instrument in peace okay that’s what practice rooms are for but you’re apparently under the impression that you’re in a concert hall that seats 1000 and your deaf grandma is sitting in the back can you please play a bit quieter and also not be so attractive damnit I just want to work on my Bach piece
  • I swear to god I’m not trying to flirt with you this is just how I talk please stop dropping innuendos like they’re going out of style we’re on a field trip to a museum and I’m actually interested in what the guide is saying
  • this snorkeling class might be getting me my phys. ed. credit but I did not take into account the amount of cute people in swimsuits that would be present or apparently how cute I am in this pink and purple one piece??
  • I’m like 87% sure I broke my little toe last night while trying to keep my dog from chasing a cat and you just stepped on my foot and I yelled but I can even be mad because you’re super cute when you’re sheepish

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Me *enters in my mum's room while she is watching tv and suddently there's a lesbian scene in her film* Mum: what..?! Why..?!how- you enter in this room and a lesbian scene starts Me: it's non a coincidence mum I SWEAR I NEVER LAUGH SO HARD OMG I AM STILL CRYING JUST AT THE RIGHT TIME SEND HEL P AHHAHA

hahahaha omg it’s your vibe

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Ok I don't know if this has been discussed before but I thought you would appreciate the idea that flashed across my mind. Please tell me someone has made a stripper playlist for Edward Kenway titled "Pirate Booty" Why am I laughing so hard? I haven't made a edward playlist yet, perhaps this should start it...

Omg I would love this and Pirate Booty is the perfect name for it! I have a few songs in mind as well so if you end up making it, let me know and I’ll throw you some song ideas! Btw, my favorite snack is called Pirate’s Booty and I always have a little laugh when I see the bag lol.

I’m two minutes into the Makoharu Mook Drama audio and i am laughing SO HARD omg. They’ve changed quite a few things in the script so I’ll be translating it all over again. Stay tuned!

Here’s a preview of the beginning until where Cop Rin shows up. It’s hilarious. XD

Makoto: I’m home~ Phew, there were so many emergency call outs today.. I’m so tired… there are so many fire accidents lately. Ooh! I’ve got black soot all over me! *strips* Well then, time for a bath… (Mako-chan are you naked here…)

Makoto: Phew…

Haruka: What’s up.

Makoto: HUUUUH!? Who are you!? Why are you using the bathtub in my house!? More importantly, how did you get in!?

Haruka: Shut up…

Makoto: EEEEH!! You have a tail! A mer… merman!?

Narration: Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story

Narration: Bubbling of the Starry Sky!

Haruka: I’m not a merman. I was born between a fish and a human.

Makoto: So like… a half-fish man?

Haruka: Yeah.

Makoto: Is that even possible? But, you do have a tail… eeh, so, um, how did you managed to get here? I mean, you couldn’t have walked here, with that tail…

Haruka: I do have legs…

Makoto: You’re kidding!

Haruka: If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you. Once all the bath water is drained, you’ll get what I mean.

*gurgle gurgle*

Makoto: Eh? Wait, if you do that, would you get dried up if you’re out of water. Will you be okay!?

Haruka: Shut up. Just watch, and you’ll understand.

Makoto: Woah! You really do have legs! (Okay Haruka is DEFINITELY naked here XD) Even though they were a tail before…

Haruka: As long as I’m not touching water, I can take the form of a human.

Makoto: So, so you really are a half-fish man!?

Haruka: *sigh* That’s what I’ve been saying the whole time.

*ding dong*

Makoto: Who could it be, in the middle of the night…? Ah, stay here for now and don’t move.

*ding dong*

Haruka: Should you hurry and answer the door?

Makoto: Aaah, oh fine. Just make sure you don’t come out, okay?

*ding dong*

Makoto: Yes! Just a moment! I’m opening the door now!

Rin: Hey, I have a few questions for you.

Makoto: Huh!? The police?

Rin: Your pronunciation is all wrong! It’s POLICE.

Makoto: Eeeh!? What’s with this guy?


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I'm so horny for you professor Joe! I keep having this recurring dream where I measure your cock with a ruler but your dick is so big it's bigger than the ruler! Omg! You think it will fit inside of me?


Well, why don’t we find out?

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Omg have u seen Upgaytion's My Strange Addiction vid I'm laughing so hard rn

Honestly that video is so wild and so funny I can’t handle it

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I originally said Hufflepuff for Momo, but I am still not sure. The hardworking is definitely a good fit, but I think her creativity and dance would lump her into Ravenclaw, I mean look at her dance with Mina on Sixteen. Though her boldness to put on such a dance is very Gryffindor and to risk it is also Gryffindor. That is my logical as to why I originally said she’d be a Hufflepuff for not fitting any or too many of each house. Felt it was a cop out and decided to maybe reason a house for her.

Momo is so hard to sort for. She’d definitely be a Hat stall I think. Either side has a really good argument, it really just boils down to personal opinion I think. I might be more partial to saying Hufflepuff though so I still don’t know

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I looked at some pics and Chaeng has the softest lips istg

Beautiful soft lips, I want to kiss her lips, WHAT, WHO SAID THAT