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- we’ve got the world in our hands  : A mutants/superpowers AU. Louis and his friends attend the Cowell Institute for General Education and Mutant Training in London; when Louis meets Harry, the newest student at the Cowell Institute, he immediately recruits Harry to help play matchmaker for his friend Zayn. Harry and Louis are so caught up in meddling in Zayn’s love life, though, that they don’t notice that their own friendship is progressing into something more. Meanwhile, an ominous threat up north grows slowly until suddenly, no mutant - or human - is safe. (54k)

- Supernova  : It’s hard being a teenager. It’s hard being a teenager and at a new school. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school and also gay. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school, gay and a mutant. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school, gay, a mutant and who has no idea that he’s meant to be the world’s next super hero. It seems like Louis has a lot of catching up to do. (172k)

- My Love is a Fortress (My Love is a Louvre) : Harry likes to think he’s juggling the whole part-time uni student, part-time superhero thing rather well, strictly speaking, because despite the fact that he has absolutely no social life outside of uni lectures and clandestine, midnight crime fighting, at least no one’s gone and died on his watch. Yet.  A Superhero AU. (51k)

- Tell me what you find :        Harry wanted to kiss Louis. He wanted to kiss Louis, and Louis couldn’t get it out of his head. He didn’t mean to peek into his new friend’s head, but he was tired, and Harry woke him up at eight a.m. on a Sunday. Harry was talking some shit about needing help with studying for the physics test the next day, and Louis was trying to focus on his words, but he maintains that he’s not really a person until after eleven.   Louis can read minds, and Harry figures it out much quicker than he was supposed to. (3k)

- you’re cold and i burn : superhero/mutants au in which fire and ice are opposites for a reason (so are louis and harry).featuring: liam, niall, zayn, ed, perrie, jade, and sam (smith) (36k)

- Don’t turn away now : If a year ago you’d told Harry he’d team up with a gang of semi-criminal mutants to save his ass and the world while falling in love, he would’ve laughed in your face but, alas, it’s exactly what he’s done. (34k)

- Sparks, Flowers, and Fuzz : Louis’ a mutant with electricity running in his veins and Harry would love to just hold his hand. (12k)

- Mind Games : Harry Styles was just a normal teenage boy, a normal teenage boy who had a happy life and was quite content to live it the way nature had intended: completely normally, with no weird happenings or crazy adventures. Yet some things, it would seem, are destined to be, and it would appear that Harry’s fate was to be abducted by insane strangers intent on experimenting on him, and their four other hand-picked victims. Harry sometimes feels so alone, even when his best friends are only a few metres away - and he can’t seem to help but be afraid, because there are so very few things left in his life for him to control… (140k)

- Bye Bye’s Are Not For Legends (I’m Forever Young)    : A Superhero AU where Louis, Liam and Niall are immortal and have superpowers - Liam can clone himself, Niall can inflict pain at the drop of a hat and Louis can kill with the blink of an eye - and want fellow immortal Harry, who puts a twist on the term ‘mind control,’ to join their group in order to save the world.  (51k)

- restore me, restore life the way it should be  : Superpowers!AU. Loosely based on Sky High. (3k)

- Weaker without you : Louis and Harry have superpowers but that doesn’t really define their lives. What does is meeting each other, and school and prom and life and bullies. But they get through that together because they’re harryandlouis and they were meant to be, right from the start.Or, the one where they have powers and grow up together. (14k)


Bonus: The Misadventure of PB’s Poor Little Hat 

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I have this modern au where hiccup leaves berk at age 18 after getting accepted to MIT of course in the process breaks up with astrid. I just don't see hiccup sticking around in berk, living the small town life, being all suburbanin a modern setting. He would only visit maybe during holidays and come to care for his father or gobber if they fall ill or something and the town people would act cold towards him.

I am into a lot of this. You also just made me sludge through my modern httyd tag which brought back a lot of feels about it.

So, YES to MIT (or similar). I also like to think Hiccup studies abroad at every opportunity.

Double yes to Hiccup wanting to get out of the small town life. There’s a comfort to it he doesn’t appreciate until he’s out in the Real World™ but for the moment Berk feels like shackles (especially in motorcycle!au)

Breaking up with Astrid? I can kinda see that, actually, but (and I swear I talked about it once, if not, whoops) I feel like they would both say ‘we’re heading in different directions, maybe it’s for the best we put this high-school romance to rest for a bit’. I can more readily see Astrid saying that over Hiccup. Like, she sees him, he’s his usual antsy self, looking at the horizon, and she has this unsettling feeling that she’s weighing him down somehow. So she’s the one who suggests “maybe we should take a break, settle into college, see how things are over winter break, you know?”

And Hiccup’s thrown. He was willing to give the long distance thing a try, and in the back of his mind he has these lingering insecurities telling him that she’s been waiting for an opportunity like this to arise the whole time. He squashes it down, tells himself it’s just Astrid being practical Astrid.

Of course, the next thing he does is wince and say “Winter break? Yeah…” because he’s already looking at these month-long abroad courses and over spring break he was looking at maybe visiting his mother in South Africa and he’s starting to see a real problem because Astrid deserves someone who’s actually there.

So he sighs, ignoring the squeeze in his heart, and agrees. On the surface they’re trying to make it look pragmatic, but inside they both feel like they’re letting the other go because it’s what’s best for the other.

Finally, Hiccup coming back (Gobber had a heart attack?) and the town being like “Oh, sorry, who are you again?” because they saw Astrid over her winter breaks, volunteering at community centers and school plays and generally being involved with the town as she usually was, and they saw her heart broken when Hiccup never came home. And Hiccup missed every major even in town: yule festivities, his father’s birthday that one time, weddings…

So now he’s back, and he’s different, and they’re kind of annoyed that he doesn’t look to be coming back home after college (betrayal!) but instead moving straight on to this stupid unpaid internship at Stark labs?? like the corporate slave he’s clearly become

Love it. Just word-vomited all over this ask, but love it.

Idiot In Love

Fandom: Harry Potter (marauders era)

Pairing: Teen!Sirius Black x reader

Request: “Could you write a fluffy young Sirius x reader where he always tries to impress her and make her laugh and he gets all nervous and flustered around her and she thinks he’s the cutest dork ever and she kisses him passionately and he’s all dazed and blushing? I love your blog!!!”

Warnings: One innuendo?

A/N: Omg I really wanna know who you are, anon! I love this request and I’m really happy with how this turned out! Please message me and tell me what you thought, anon?

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(I don’t own the gif)

“Just go and talk to her!” whispered Remus, rolling his eyes at his friend’s behaviour. Sirius tore his eyes away from the girl sitting by the window of the common room, a scandalised expression on his face.

“I can’t just go and talk to her, Moony! She’s not the kind of girl you just go and talk to! If I were to just-“

“Say just go and talk to her one more time, and I will not be held accountable for my actions.”

“But I can’t-“

“Yes, you can,” said Remus firmly, pushing his friend towards where you sat in the window seat.

You looked up from your book, smiling warmly when you recognised Sirius Black standing in front of you. “Hi Sirius!” you said brightly, hoping you weren’t blushing.

“Err, hi (Y/N),” he started awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. You raised your eyebrows slightly; this wasn’t the Sirius you knew. The Sirius you knew could charm the pants off of Dumbledore without breaking a sweat, and he definitely didn’t get nervous.

“Are you alright?” you asked, concerned. “You’re looking a bit faint.”

He chuckled nervously. “I’m, um, I’m fine, thanks. I was just, um, wondering if you would like to, err…”

“If I would like to…?” you prompted. He sighed exasperatedly.
“I was wondering if you would like to help me with the Transfiguration homework. I’m really struggling with it,” he lied, cursing himself inwardly. He could practically feel Remus’ eyes burning holes in the back of his head.

“Oh,” you said, disappointed. “Sure, I’ll help you sometime.”

He grinned sheepishly. “Thanks, (Y/N).” He patted your shoulder awkwardly before disappearing up the boys’ staircase with Remus hot on his heels, leaving you to go back to your book, confused and disappointed.

“What was that?” demanded Remus as soon as their dorm door was closed. James and Peter looked up from where they’d been lounging on their respective beds, as Sirius collapsed on his own bed and pulled his pillow over his head.

“What happened?” asked James, looking slightly fearfully at Sirius. “Is he contagious or something?”

“This idiot-“ Remus pointed at Sirius, whose body was now completely hidden beneath blankets. “-just tried to ask (Y/N) (L/N) out, and ended up asking her for help with homework.”

James burst out laughing. “Seriously? If I can ask Lily out, surely you can nab (Y/N)!”

“She’s different,” came Sirius’ muffled voice. “She’s got these eyes, and lips, and her smile, and her hair…”

“That’s called a face, Padfoot. We all have them,” James pointed out. Sirius sat up, throwing a pillow at his friend.

“What I’m saying is, she’s gorgeous, and it messes with my brain,” he argued. “I kind of just lose control of my tongue when I’m around her!”

“Careful, Pads. Not all girls like a lot of tongue,” James smirked. “Not the face!” he added as Sirius charged at him.

“Target spotted,” whispered James. “Boy Who Cried Wolf, you have permission to engage. Repeat, you have permission to engage. Do you copy?”

“This is ridiculous, Prongs, I’m literally right next to you,” sighed Remus. James glared at him.

Codenames, Boy Who Cried Wolf! Use the codenames!”

Remus sighed again, beginning to question his choice of friends. “I copy, Bambi II. Advancing into the field, over.”

“Black Dog, remain on standby and do not let yourself be seen,” James whispered to Sirius, who was hiding behind the nearest curtains.

“Hello (Y/N),” smiled Remus, approaching you where you stood by the curtains. You smiled slightly.

“Hi Remus. How are you feeling?” you asked, keeping your voice low. You knew there’d been a full moon a few days ago.

“I’m better than I was,” he answered, a little sadly. You smiled sympathetically, hugging him. You frowned, hearing an indignant cry, seemingly from behind the curtains.

“Did you hear that?” you asked. Remus shook his head hastily, a bit too hastily to pass as normal. You narrowed your eyes. “Remus Lupin, what are you up to?”

He sighed. “Look, Sirius asked me to ask you if you fancy him, and if you would go out on a date with him. Please don’t shoot the messenger.”

You smiled slightly, feeling heat rush to your cheeks. “Yes, I do fancy him. And as for the date, Black Dog will have to come out from behind the curtains and ask me himself,” you added pointedly, folding your arms and watching as the curtain was drawn back to reveal a very embarrassed looking Sirius Black.

“So, err, would you like to go on a date with me?” he asked nervously, avoiding looking at you.
“Of course not,” you said, your voice dripping with sarcasm. He nodded slowly, starting to walk away. You raised your eyebrows at Remus, who shrugged. It wasn’t often that sarcasm was lost on Sirius Black.

You hurried after him, grabbing his hand and making him face you. Before he could say anything, you pressed your lips to his passionately. His eyes widened and he froze for half a second, before melting into the kiss and tangling his hands in your hair.

“Wow,” he breathed as you pulled away. You giggled at the dazed expression on his face.

“So just to confirm, you do want to go on a date with me?” he asked uncertainly. You rolled your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down for another kiss.

“Of course I do, you idiot.”

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omg you watch the office??? who do you think each member of bts would be in the office??

bro i fucking love the office!! but who doesn’t, really lol?? but omg i love this question so much, thank you for asking! and we can get off of some of the negativity from today lol

- Jin: Kelly (in that Jin is the confidence king sort of way lol)

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- Yoongi: Stanley (Stanley is my fav character in the office so a high correlation to my love for Yoongi lol)

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- Hoseok: Michael (this one was actually hard bc I feel like there’s no one in the office like Hoseok, but at Michael’s core (deep past the idiocy lmao) he just wants to make everyone happy / be the moodmaker just like Hoseok lol)

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- Namjoon: Oscar (they’re smarties so yeah lol)

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- Jimin: Jim (LMAO that was not done purposefully lol. I feel like Jimin has the most idk ‘’’’normal’’’’ personality in bts?? that’s not the right word lol. but it fits with Jim being surrounded by so much craziness in the office, as Jiimin is in bts)

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- Taehyung: Gabe (you know sometimes Taehyung just says some off the wall shit, so yeah totally Gabe lol)

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- Jungkook: Dwight (fucking meme king / prankster lmao)

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Nothing serious, just for fun. I don't sure if it possible without ooc) I thought about last names, and since Cody originally doesn't have last name, how about, he writes somewhere (on durapaper?) "Cody Kenobi". He hides it very carefully, because it feels like sacrilege. May be Rex finds it. Rex can't decide if he wants to be Rex Skywalker or Rex Tano)

Rex first notices when they’re on leave, and he’s completely sure Cody hadn’t meant for him to hear it. 

Corellia has more than its fair share of bars and pleasurable corners compared to the rest of the galaxy; it’s a place where you meet people, where names either don’t matter, in the heat of a brief moment, or you commit them to heart for the purposes of getting ahead of the need for a future act of revenge. It’s also one of the few places where Rex has been made uneasy at the simplicity of his own name: it’s not that he has any doubts of his ownership of it, or the way it suits him - but sometimes it doesn’t seem like quite enough, here. Not enough to be remembered by, perhaps, or at the very least, not enough to be tracked down by, to be recognized by or to be of complete use.

In this context, Cody’s solution seems - at first - helpful, and little more. It’s only when he’s thinking about it later that he realizes just how entirely shocking it is.

Cody Kenobi, he’d said, warily polite, as he looked down to make sure the very friendly Togruta who had sidled up to them wasn’t picking either of their pockets while she treated them to her brilliant smile. How about you?

They’re back on their transport up to the fleet before Rex gets around to asking about it, having already spent a lot of time wondering how on earth Cody had squared it with what he knew to be an unerring instinct for regulation and respect - despite the fact that damn, it had sounded so right

To his unease, though not necessarily to his surprise, Cody actually looked stricken; he spent a moment with his jaw locked and a flush slowly spreading under his cheekbones before he managed to look away from Rex and affect a sort of shrug. “Didn’t realize you’d heard that.”

“How long have you been using it?”

“A few months.” He was relaxing now, thankfully, now that he could see Rex’s curiosity and nothing of disapproval. “Since Rattatak.”

He doesn’t need to say why. Something to remember them by, Rex thinks, running through his mental catalogue of tattoos and etchings and decals. 

What he says, in the end, is: “It suits you.”

“Yeah?” Cody says, and he’s almost smiling, now, taking on that familiar aspect of personhood as recognized. “Thanks. You tell anyone else, I’ll kill you.”

“Yes, sir,” Rex snorted, and then leaned in with a grin. “Though hey, maybe you can offer me some advice - should I pick Skywalker or Tano?”

“The gods help you either way,” is all Cody can apparently say to that, wryly, and Rex, laughing, can’t but agree.

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Hey Rei, how would your friends feel if they found out you split your soul? That it was actually YOU that killed whom they held dear? Rhen is nothing but left over bits of your soul that you cast out. Admit it.

There’s a very long pause before the child reacts. She seemed as though she were going to tear into you, but then…she just laughs. Her laughter resembled someone on the point of delirium, complete with tears running down her face.

“gO aHeAd…ThEy ShOulD KnOw…” she says.

“You’re right. She is me. I am her. Her existence is all from my attempt to push that violent side away so that I may not take out my hatred on the people undeserving of it. No one shoved me down here. I jumped off that ledge cause I wanted to escape the wretches above.”

“and because it didn’t work…because i didn’t ‘die’…I lashed out at anyone I came across. My first run here wasn’t pacifist or neutral. I was full on genocide.”