omg white ppl

Me: “I hate white ppl”
White: “omg not all white ppl were all humans I’ve never done a racism in my life”
Me: “I meant to say I hate the capitol from the hunger games”

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You annoying ass white ppl omg Gotta be skinny got SOOO many mental Heath problems poor me ugh trying to romanticise being skinny and anorexic so you can moan about your "your life struggle" ugh get over yourselves and eat a sandwich Yh?👌🏽👌🏽💯💯

Did I moan about my life struggle ?😂😂 nah I think your just whining on public media like a petty bitch. Jealous much? Pay attention to yourself Felicia 🖕🏻 I’m livin my own life 💋

I get some of the “omg white ppl” jokes.. But.. Some of them are so.. Dumb? The last one I saw was about the bay leaf.. And the reason it’s dumb is that the bay leaf is actually used in traditional “white people” cuisine. The laurel bay is used in Mediterranean cuisine.. Which is.. White? Unless we don’t consider Spaniards, Portugueses, Greeks, Italian ppl white anymore?


We still don’t know the exact nature of their relationship, but here we see the ex-stormtrooper Finn (John Boyega) having a longer encounter with X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac.) What we now know for sure? These two have met before, and it was under particularly harsh circumstances.

  • white ppl: Omg it's so messed up how they killed that girl and set it up to make it seem like she hung herself on OITNB
  • white ppl: Omg it's so messed up how that police officer tried to strangle Karen Page in her prison cell on Daredevil
  • white ppl: you really expect me to believe there's foul play involved with Sandra Bland? Listen, it's just not realistic, she was suffering from depression and tried to hide it! The fact she said she wanted to go to court over the stop 5-6 times and could've used $500 to bail out makes no difference, she just couldn't take it anymore. That's definitely what happened, the police said so.

Can some please point me to the pro-MK posts that explicitly deny the existence of KS? Please give me the links because I am not seeing anything. I haven’t seen anything since Bryke’s announcement.

There is a difference between not acknowledging the ship and criticizing a ship and I really think that this fandom is equating criticism to not acknowledging.

And another thing: queer MK shippers do exist. Idk why I keep reading “omg straight ppl” on anti-KS rebuttals. Can I start saying “omg White ppl” to combat Korra hate? /rolls eyes/ It’s March, guys. Roll it back.