omg white ppl

White “exclusionists”‘s opinion on racism in the ace and aro communities has never and will never be needed

Like if as a white person you for a second think you’re somehow less racist than white aces and aros let alone ace and aro PoC, your racism is already showing and you need to piss off forever.



traffic lights


We still don’t know the exact nature of their relationship, but here we see the ex-stormtrooper Finn (John Boyega) having a longer encounter with X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac.) What we now know for sure? These two have met before, and it was under particularly harsh circumstances.

  • white ppl: Omg it's so messed up how they killed that girl and set it up to make it seem like she hung herself on OITNB
  • white ppl: Omg it's so messed up how that police officer tried to strangle Karen Page in her prison cell on Daredevil
  • white ppl: you really expect me to believe there's foul play involved with Sandra Bland? Listen, it's just not realistic, she was suffering from depression and tried to hide it! The fact she said she wanted to go to court over the stop 5-6 times and could've used $500 to bail out makes no difference, she just couldn't take it anymore. That's definitely what happened, the police said so.

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Omg there are white ppl arguing that white people have the same hair texture as black ppl. Where?! I want receipts. They confuse frizzy poofy mess with kinky, hair thats naturally coarse, and naps.

Check the Afro tag cause there was a post that had anti-sjs whining about it.


Can some please point me to the pro-MK posts that explicitly deny the existence of KS? Please give me the links because I am not seeing anything. I haven’t seen anything since Bryke’s announcement.

There is a difference between not acknowledging the ship and criticizing a ship and I really think that this fandom is equating criticism to not acknowledging.

And another thing: queer MK shippers do exist. Idk why I keep reading “omg straight ppl” on anti-KS rebuttals. Can I start saying “omg White ppl” to combat Korra hate? /rolls eyes/ It’s March, guys. Roll it back.