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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: her intelligence
worst quality: she’s hella spoiled
ship them with: Y’ALL KNOW I’M A SLUT FOR RENESLEC x2
brotp them with: seth omg!! i wrote a fic where he’s one of her bffs i love the idea that they’re friends!!
needs to stay away from: J A C O B  B L A C K
misc. thoughts: i love fanfic renesmee that’s rebellious more than canon renesmee. i find her weirdness to be more of a fun quirk she’s proud of in fics, whereas in the books i feel like it implies that she’s going to be one fucked up being!

send me a character & I’ll answer the following about them!

The Bin, the creep, and the dryer

A/N: 3.1K of Sin Bin logistics, guys being dudes, and dudes being gross. I couldn’t stop laughing writing parts of this. It’s ridiculous. I’m sorry.

“Dex. Dex.”

Dex cracked an eye open. He’d been asleep on the green monstrosity, post-kegster. The light coming through the window was thin and gray, and he could hear Bitty in the kitchen, humming softly as he washed dishes. Ransom and Holster were not yet acting as cleanup crew, so they were presumably still asleep. Nursey was across the room, curled in an armchair. They’d rock-paper-scissored for the couch. The victor had surprised no one.

Standing over Dex was Chowder, his brows pinched and his hands fidgeting at his sides. “Dex,” he whispered fiercely.

“Huh?” Dex asked, tucking a yawn into his elbow.

“Dex, the dryer’s broken again.”

Dex sighed and sat up. He ran a hand over his face, wiping sleep away. “Sorry, Chow. It’s the best I can do.”

“It’s making… noises.”

“Yeah. It’ll work as long as you don’t put too much in it.”

“Dex, it sounds like it’s going to catch fire.”

“I know. We’re only $700 away from a new one. $400, probably, after last night.” After much debate, it had been the first kegster where they’d charged an entrance fee.

“This is the third day I’ve worn this pair of boxers.”

Yeah, they really needed that cash.

Dex blinked slowly, shook his head, breathed through his nose. “Ok. First, gross. Second, I – gross. Third, the washer still works. Hang up your laundry. I have a drying rack in my dorm. I don’t really need it, so I’ll bring it over.”

Chowder looked about to cry. “Thank you, Dex.” He grabbed the back of Dex’s head and rushed forward to kiss both his cheeks. By the time Dex could protest, he was already bounding up the stairs, hopefully to get his dirty laundry and fucking wash it. Dex personally hoped the others followed his example. There’d been a certain ambiance around the haus the past week.

Dex would bring over the drying rack, but a single drying rack could not handle the laundry of a haus full of hockey players. It would be a temporary solution, a bandaid over a bullet wound. He’d have to find a way to get the money soon.

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I want a fic where after the Falconers are out of the playoffs, Jack is feeling really low, so Bitty secretly organises a SMH sleep-over at the condo. Jack comes home from some media/team thing and there’s a pillow fort where his sofa used to be, and some nerdy historical documentary queued up on the TV and Rans and Holster are cuddling and Lardo is sketching and Shitty’s mostly naked and Bitty has cooked like 19 pies and is lounging in a nest of blankets holding his arms out for Jack. And Jack is just so gone for his boyfriend because he was certain nothing could make him feel better but suddenly he’s surrounded by the people he loves most and he finally feels HOME again…

Just. Uhg. I need it.

To Read List Updated

Life has kept me away from reading any fic over the last month-ish, and there have been SO many exciting fics published. I just did a massive update to my to read page, and I can’t wait to DIVE IN!!!

These are all the fics I added:

Day 1/100    -     Theme: Kiss

Well of course I have to start things off with Merribela because Merribela is the essence of my very soul. Also there’s the cheesiest fluffly fic in the readmore. Explore at your own caution. It’s embarassing.

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I Know You’re So Pretty

Summary: Blind!Dan and Phil go out to a bar and Dan gets horny when he’s drunk.

TW: alchohol, violence (a girl slaps dan), food mention

Word Count: 3k

Genre: fluff and smut

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Time travel

(A/N): Aww, I haven’t written for Charles in ages!

Request: omg can u do a charles fic where y/n came to like the past and shit in the start of first class and then after a while they find out how to go back,so charles is gonna miss them and stuff but theyre like hey!why dont u come with me to see how cool my universe is B) and they do that and they just chill in y/ns apartment and they show him a bunch of cool new tech and stuff (also explaining everything going on and being like “i mean 2016 is wild as hell but otherwise the 2000s are pretty rad”) 💕

Warnings: none

Originally posted by endingthemes

    Charles glared menacingly at the strange mutant before him, all clad in some outlandish clothing. 

  “I promise I’m telling the truth-” 

  “No, no,” Charles nods, pursing his lips as he does so. “I believe you It’s just- It’s just a bit crazy is all,” (Y/N) nods, agreeing to Charles’ statement. 

   “I know, I’m not supposed to be here, I was just testing my abilities and then-” 

   “And then you landed on my doorstep in whatever-” Charles’ gestures to (Y/N)’s truly strange outfit. “Whatever the hell this is,” 

   “They’re sweatpants, I’m lazy Charles,” 

   “In sweatpants, okay,” Charles sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. “Why here though? Why me?” 

   “I don’t know,” (Y/N) shrugs their shoulders as they begin to pick at the loose strings on the sweater they were wearing. “Maybe we just have this mutant bond or somethi-” 

   “I assure you,” Charles chuckles dryly. “We have no bond, I doubt that’s even possible, you just had the worst luck and ended up here. If what you’re telling me is true you come from a time decades ahead, what-when are you from again?” 

   “2016, nearly 2017,” Charles nods, humming a bit as he does so. 

   “The transition to this century will be hard, I presume, hopefully I can make it as hospitable as possible,” 

   And hospitable did he make it. 

   It had been hard for (Y/N) to transition into this life, the lack of technology, their own home and clothing, their friends and family, it had all been hard for them but Charles had made sure that they felt comfortable. Whether that be by just remaining by their side throughout the day or providing them with the best technology of the time. 

   All together spending this time with Charles wasn’t too bad, (Y/N) learned things no schooling had ever taught them, they got a first hand experience when it came to all the segregation and riots and they even got to experience the first x-men, the original ones at that. 

   (Y/N) had damn near squealed when everyone had decided upon a name given that throughout their entire life they’d been taught about the x-men and now here they were, seeing it form right before their eyes. And Charles had watched on fondly, smiling at this stranger with such love and adoration it nearly made him sick, nearly. 

   The two became very close very quick, after all, they were the only ones the other had. Charles had been abandoned by anyone he ever loved and (Y/N) was a mutant out of time with literally no one but Charles to keep them company in this strange and exotic world so it really was no surprise to anyone when the two had started to become so close. 

    It had been two years since (Y/N) had left their old life behind and in all honesty they didn’t even miss it, not when they had Charles by their side, literally. The man was constantly glued to (Y/N)’s hip and vice versa, they were quite inseparable so when one day an all too familiar silver haired speedster showed up at the mansion to reclaim (Y/N) it was a bittersweet to say the least. 

   “Wait, how did you even get here?” (Y/N) had asked Peter who was just casually flipping through cupboards, attempting to find some food to eat. 

    “Hank found a way for me to get here, guess If I run fast enough I can break time or something like that- God Charles, don’t you have any food?” Peter stopped to groan in frustration, slamming the cupboard shut. 

   “Well I don’t expect random mutants from the future to suddenly show up at my doorstep, which seems to be happening quite frequently,” 

   “You love it, don’t even try to deny it,” (Y/N) murmured, causing Charles to chuckle a bit. Peter stops at the chuckle, turning to look at the pair incredulously. 

   “You guys aren’t, you two don’t-” Peter trailed off, gesturing between the two a bit. “Are you a thing?” 

  “Oh my god no!” They both claim in unison even though (Y/N)’s heart was screaming at them to say yes. Truth be told they had a huge crush on Charles, it couldn’t be helped when he was so charismatic all the damn time, plus they lived with him and spent every waking moment by his side, it was hard not to fall in love with him. 

   “Yeah,” Peter eyes (Y/N) curiously, not quite convinced that their words were true. “that would be weird,” (Y/N)’s cheeks burn a bit and they hang their head, hoping no one would notice the deep red that had tinted their face. “But we’ve got to, I can’t spend much time here,” (Y/N) looks to Charles who was seemingly avoiding any and all eye contact with them, instead having taken up to looking down at the floorboards beneath his feet. (Y/N) couldn’t just leave him, not after everything, not after forming this deep bond. 

   “Peter, I don’t think-” 

   “(Y/N),” Charles begins, “You don’t have to stay here, I can take care of myself-” 

  “I know you can but I don’t- I don’t want to leave you behind, I don’t want to leave you,”

   “(Y/N),” Charles turns to look at the mutant, gently cupping their cheeks in his hands as he does so. “You do not belong here,” Charles thumbs rub small circles into (Y/N)’s cheeks, running over the smooth skin for what felt like the first time. 

   “You always made me feel like I did,” Charles smiles faintly, albeit sadly. He opened his mouth to say something when Peter just so rudely had to interrupt them. 

   “Why don’t you just bring him along? I’ve got enough energy to take you both there,” (Y/N) looks to Charles hopefully, their eyes twinkling with excitement and hope. 

    “I suppose I could,” Charles smiles down at the damn near beaming (Y/N), their eyes shining like he’d never seen them before. 

   “Then let’s get going then,” Peter speeds to their sides, gripping their shoulders tightly before speeding off, quicker than either of them had ever experienced. 

   The ride was quick and relatively painless, just a little bit of a headache afterwards was all that any of them felt. The three came to an abrupt stop on a strip of grass, their heels digging up all the neatly trimmed grass. 

   “I’ve done you the great pleasure of keeping your apartment clean,” Peter gave (Y/N) a cocky smile, jingling the keys that (Y/N) once used to own. “And continuously stocking the fridge and pantry,” 

   “Of what?” (Y/N) snorted, “Twinkies?” 

   “Perhaps, maybe some ramen on the side, I’m just kidding, Jean made me be responsible so I bought you actual food,” (Y/N) smiles a bit, snatching the keys from his hand, running their fingers over the familiar metal. 

   “Well thanks, remind me to thank Jean later on,” 

   “I better be off, Erik said he needed my help with something, You two kids have fun,” And with that Peter gave a small wink and sped off, leaving the pair all alone. 

   “Erik? Our Erik? Erik Lensherr?” (Y/N) nods their head smiling as they do so. 

   “Yep, you guys have this crazy way of staying alive despite everything you go through,” Charles chuckles lightly, shaking his head as he does so. 

   “Well, this is is 2018, huh?” (Y/N) looks around them, taking in whatever place they were at. 

   “I guess so,” They sigh, smiling softly as they feel as though they can finally relax for the first time in years. “Come on, let’s find my apartment,” (Y/N) reaches out for Charles’ hand, not even thinking about it when they intertwined their fingers together. Despite their ‘friendship’ it felt right, it felt right to have their fingers laced together, to be touching in an intimate manner. 

   “Where exactly are we?” Charles asks as he looks around, not even acknowledging their now interlocked fingers, it just felt so right he didn’t even realize that it was happening. 

   “New York City, best place in the U.S.,” Charles smiles a bit, staring up at the tall skyscrapers around him. 

   “I always wanted to come here,” Charles whispers as he stares a bit more, making it difficult to drag him along. “I’m glad I could see this with you,” Charles finally settles his head back down, smiling at (Y/N) softly. 

   “Me too Charles,” (Y/N) murmurs, giving his hand a gentle squeeze at their words. “Me too,” 

   “Wait,” Charles begins through a mouthful of Ramen. “That soggy cheeto of a man is president now?” 

   “Unfortunately yes,” 

   “What about that other guy, uh- Bernie! He seemed like a good candidate,” 

   “Anyone was a better candidate than soggy cheeto man,” (Y/N) chuckles, as they twirl some Ramen onto their fork. “2016 just wasn’t a good year,  but everything past that was pretty great though. We had the invention of iphones, laptops, flat screen t.v.’s, cd’s, itunes, a whole bunch of great stuff,” 

   “There’s so much I need to learn,” Charles’ brow furrows in thought as he continues to eat away, leaving the pair in silence. 

   “I could teach you,” (Y/N) whispers, “On everything you’ve missed, It wouldn’t be hard,” Charles smiles as he stares down at his Ramen, his cheeks dusting a light pink as he does so. 

   “I’d love that,” He whispers, mindlessly twirling some Ramen on his fork. 

   “Yeah,” (Y/N) smiles at their companion, truly thankful for his presence in their life. “Me too,” 



I can do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Pre-order information for the book is here!)

He can remember the first time he saw you.  With your Y/C/E eyes and your Y/C/H hair, flowing against your cheeks as you smiled into your drink cup.  You were giggling with a girlfriend, and he spent 20 minutes racking his mind over what could have peaked that beautiful giggle of yours.

His mind settled on a joke he imagined having the courage to tell you.

But a few days later, he saw you again.

In the library.

With your same beautiful hair and your same engaging eyes, and a smile that stifled that same beautiful giggle amidst the quiet atmosphere of the library.

He cursed the library for suppressing the most beautiful sound in the world.

And as he laid his head down that night, he dreamt of his joke eliciting your giggle.

You were everywhere.

And you were nowhere.

The sidewalk.

The swimming pool.

The grocery store.

You must live near.

Live within arms reach.

How he wished to have you in arms reach.

But he would settle for knowing your name.

Tom would settle for knowing your name.

The town was covered in you…the color in which you painted it was what he wanted the color of his walls to be.

The color of his home to be.

The color of his bed to be…

He wanted your colors splattered along his skin.

He wanted to fall at your feet and beg for your attention.

But as he continued to see you, in the coffee line or in the park, he settled for your name.

He settled for asking your name.

Because you were everywhere.

And he no longer wanted to settle for the nowhere.

He can remember the first time he saw you.  As he looks up, his chest painted in the slightest sheen of sweat as your beautiful hair tickles his abdomen, he swears he can feel you smile around his cock as an involuntary moan escapes from between his lips.

He can remember the glistening innocence in your eye that accompanied your laughter, and the light stains on your teeth from years of drinking coffee that bathed your tongue in a taste he wanted to drink for the rest of his life.

He began drinking coffee to remind himself of you.

As his hips buck up into your face, you reach up and intertwine your hand with his, gripping him for dear life as his sweat-soaked hair presses into the pillow underneath his neck, begging to scream the name he was finally brave enough to ask.

The name that was forever painted on his tongue.

But your mouth was so warm and your throat was so tight, and his mind flew blankly at one thousand miles a second as he feels his balls curl up into his body, throwing him over a precipice and landing into the warm, salivating water that was your eyes.

Those eyes that looked up and him and glistened with the same innocence even as he muttered his strings of obscenities.

You were everywhere.

And now you were somewhere.

And that somewhere was in his bed, painting it with your smell and your colors.

And now…as he comes down from his high as he hears you swallow his rapture, he smiles up at the ceiling as he feels you lay your head down against his belly button as you listen to the comforting sounds of him heaving for air.

The sweet, delicious air that was tainted with you.

Inhabited with you.

Shared with you.

And for the first time since he was granted the opportunity to wrap his succulent lips around your pert nipples, he found himself able to sigh your name.

“Oh, Y/N.”

And that giggle.

Oooooh…that giggle.

So as he rears up quickly and scoops you in his arms. He smiles at your squealing as he presses your back into the wall, his hands planted firmly on the surface as your big, bold, innocent eyes study him as you wrap your legs around him…and your soft pussy lips drip your essence down his curled little hairs.

You were everywhere to him.

And that’s exactly where he wanted you.

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

Pairing: Kyouhaba

A/N: For @kyouhabaweek Day 6 - long distance // travel (combo of both, I guess?)

(NOTE: this entire fic is in text message format. Bold is Yahaba and Normal is Kyoutani.) 

(10:31): dis is so stupid

(10:33): what?

(10:34): i miss u already

(10:36): ………

(10:37): you left 48 minutes ago

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remember when jimin got listed at the scariest member whAT how is that even possible that fluffball strawberry cheesecake cant even hurt a fly omg imagine a fic where jimin gets super mad and yoongi loses half his life span trying to calm him down bnmnaSAFJH Y ES

i always say about jimin being yoongis Exception, but can you imagine yoongi and jimin’s Exception? that jimin is a cute smol boy that forgives everyone in a heartbeat and butter woudnt melt in his mouth and he never gets mad…. and then it comes to yoongi, and he just cares so much that yoongi can spend just 1 minute longer with namjoon than him and “hOW FUCKING DARE YOU PRIORITISE HIM OVER ME? DO YOU LOVE HIM MORE? FINE LET’S BREAK UP” and yoongi sighs and tries to hide how cute he secretly finds it

(In which Harry tells Hermione and Ron about Draco.)

Harry swallows, forcing himself to look at Ron and Hermione as he continues.

“So, what I am saying is that I, uh, like blokes. Fancy blokes. I mean, one bloke, in particular, but I… Like them. Like you would a girl.”

Ron keeps looking at him expectantly and Harry looks back, awkward and unsure now that he’s come out with it. He thinks maybe he should panic, but his terrified brain can’t even decide that, one way or the other. He’s leaning toward panic when Ron nods.

“Okay, mate.”

Harry keeps looking.

“Is something wrong, Harry?” Hermione asks, setting down her wine glass.

“What? No! I just, dunno. Thought something might be wrong for… You,” Harry finishes lamely, not wanting to accuse them, but also not quite willing to let himself believe that his friends are okay with it, just like that.

“Harry,” says Ron slowly. “If I was going to draw the line somewhere, d'you think maybe I would’ve drawn it at, I don’t know, mad evil wizard wanting to kill you and everyone you love? Or the whole school hating you? Or you dating my sister?”

“Yes, but Ron, I want to date MEN now.”

“Better men than my sister, far as I’m concerned,” Ron says, and takes a deliberate sip of his butter beer, like the matter is closed.

Harry tries hard not to gape, he really does, but a feeling of such honest well-being washes over him that he can’t help but stare at the people who have known him the longest, and the best, still not quite able to believe he got so lucky.

“Harry, you said - I mean, there’s a certain boy you… Fancy?” Hermione says suddenly, in the same tone she uses when she’s just remembered some interesting fact she’s read.

Harry’s good feeling vanishes, faster and more completely than any of his spells have been able to vanish an object.

“C'mon, mate, don’t look like someone died. So long as it’s not Malfoy, or someone equally as disturbed, I think Hermione and I will survive.”

Harry grimaces, says nothing.

“Oh!” Hermione squeaks, tone not mad or disapproving, just surprised.

Ron takes a little longer. He sits, shell shocked, reacting for all the world like Harry had thought he would to the first revelation of the night. It goes on for a long while, Harry and Hermione looking to each other, then to Ron, then back to each other.

Finally, Ron gets up, quite fast and equally as shakily. “Fire whiskey, then, eh?” He says, and takes off into the kitchen, muttering “Still better than my little sister,” under his breath.

When you read stuff written by @ladyvegeets part of you is like “omg amazing, why is it ending, where are the other fics, I must read” and the other part is like “I can never post my stuff. Ever.”

I don’t know, that’s just me.

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omg please write something where after the war rick really starts looking ahead and he and michonne talk about having a baby and he's all in because he loves her and she wants it too she's just more practical and hesitant and eventually she agrees and then smut

lmao at “and then smut.” I was actually thinking of doing something very similar to this within the next few days, except I think it’d be in the context of 7x12. (My anniversary gift to the fandom.) So there will definitely be smut. 😄But I’ll see if I can work it out!

They Are My Melody

Sherlock One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Eurus Holmes + Sherlock Holmes

Warnings: Sherlock spoilers-ish

Request: “omg could u pleaaassseee do another eurus fic where u guys are in a relationship but it’s a secret and sherlock n that find out? i love youuuuu” - Anon

Word Count: 1,003

A/N: I love you for requesting an imagine for Eurus !! thank you so much !

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Heyyy I've been looking everywhere but I cant find a fic; what's the name of that fic in which Lauren bullied Camila when they were in Middle School and then Camila moves to California and then she returns during High School, but Lauren doesn't remember who she is and all the group become friends?

“does anyone know the fic where camila wants to learn how to mastubate so lauren has her grind on her? thanks!!!”

“Van the author of Shooting the moon write my Life? Is so good.”

“OMG SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME there’s this fic where camila gets a call from the hospital saying her wife got into a car accident but she doesn’t have a wife and turns out she’s married to lauren??? lauren is rich af but her parents are super anti-gay please help me what fic is this”

“can’t wait for shooting the moon to update it was good author keep it up u r doing great”

“The latest chapter of Shooting The Moon had me squealing internally so many times i felt like my heart could explode! It’s wonderfully long and so well written and so worth the wait!! i’m so excited for the next one! Keep up the incredible work :D”

“shooting the moon is reaaaal good. Can’t wait for the part where camila and lauren fall inlove with each other and get hurt. I hope it gets really angsty and romantic at the same time”

anonymous asked:

but can we also talk about the whole last name struggle if supercorp ever had kids? like Lena would be "no way my kid is being a Luthor, i'm not cursing anybody with that," and Kara trying to convince her that she has done so much good and should be embracing her family name and OMG where's the fic/???


Okay so I keep thinking of that thing where a fan handed Luke a fish and he’s like “I’m not ready to be a father” but imagine that you and Luke are out meeting fans and that happens and you get super sad because you had told Luke just last week that you were pregnant and of course it wasn’t planned but you both had decided to go through with it and do your best. But then you hear him say that he’s not ready and even though it’s about a goldfish you just start getting upset because you know that’s how he feels about the real baby so when you guys leave the fans he knows that something is up (I am adamant that Luke is the type to always pay attention to your moods and feelings) and you’ll be at the hotel and he’ll nuzzle his face against your belly like “baby, what’s wrong?” And suddenly you’re just wailing and sobbing about how he doesn’t want the kid and he’ll probably leave you and that he’s your everything and that you hated yourself for not using protection and he just calms you down and reminds you that it takes two people to make a baby so it’s his doing also and that he will stay by your side through it all. And then he starts talking about the fucking goldfish and he’s like “see, I said that because goldfish seem so much more difficult than actual kids. I can’t father a child that one day might get flushed. Can you imagine that? Having to flush your kid because we forgot to clean his tank or tried to take him out for ice cream and he suffocated from the fresh air? It’s just a lot of work babe, babies seem so much nicer.” And you’re crying but laughing cause he’s such a loser but you know that he’ll be the BEST DAD EVER and yeah I hate myself for this