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Hi Emma! Did you ever failed in an exam? How did you cope with it? You are such an inspiration for me, best wishes from Italy!

Hello! I think I’ve failed some in the past, but more like year 8-9 when it didn’t reaaaally matter if I did or didn’t so at those times it didn’t have a massive impact on me. I’m sure I was stressed and sad at the time, but it wasn’t a “oh my gosh, have I just failed my entire senior year?” kind of moment! More recently, I’ve had exams that I’ve done lesser than expected and being disappointed with the results I achieved. Here are a few things that I did:

  • look back at the exam - it is so important to see what you did wrong and what contributed to you failing. Generally looking back at an old test and reading what you wrote will make you go “omg what the hell was I writing” and you’ll get why you missed out on the marks. It is usually an easy way to understand where you’re possibly going wrong.
  • talk with your teacher - asking for help can be hard but worth doing if you’re struggling! Most teachers will be willing to go through your exam and show you what went wrong, what they marked what they did, and areas for improvement. 
  • do some honest reflection - being self-critical is either really hard or really easy, there isn’t much of an in-between. But here, evaluate the lead up to your exams. Did you study properly? Did you focus on areas that you didn’t upstand? Were you distracted during your study time? When you look back and decide if you are a) 100% happy with how your study went or b) feel like you let yourself down in terms of not studying enough/effectively, you can start to move forward and change those habits.
  • identify what went wrong in the exam, beyond incorrect answers - again, be really self-critical. Was it that you couldn’t recall the information? Did you fail to understand the question properly, and therefore write the wrong thing? Was your time management terrible? If you can figure out these problem areas, you can use your time between exams to practice and sort them out!!!
  • have some time out - “I just failed an exam! Should I really take time out?” Yes! When you find out you’ve done worse than expected, there is a lot of emotions involved. I’m usually feeling sorry for myself and upset. It is sometimes best to take this time out - whether it is for some self-care, time with family or friends - before you start being critical of your performance. You should look back with a fresh set of eyes, not ones that are upset and defensive.
  • put things into perspective - failing an exam is a big deal, obviously more so if you’re in a penultimate or final year. However, in most cases, failing can be rectified - either in credits or resitting, but if not, it acts are a wake-up call. You can figure out what went wrong and how not to let it happen again. I started my studyblr because I was sick of doing poorly in exams and getting 66% in my English trial exam was a big wake-up call that I needed to take more care.

I hope this helps! Thank you so much xx

Favorite Record - Chapter 1

Title: Favorite Record

Genre: Celebrity AU, Punk!Phil, Pastel!Dan

Word Count: 2.6k

Summary: Dan Howell is an introverted songwriter who prefers writing emails to actually interacting with people. When he is forced to work with Phil Lester, the lead singer of a popular pop-punk band, he is petrified of screwing up.

Notes: I’ve wanted to write a pastel Dan and punk Phil AU for so long now, and I’ve finally done it! I’m planning on updating on the 14th and 28th of every month. Happy Valentine’s Day, and I hope you enjoy!

He stared as his boyfriend’s pale chest rose and fell. The light from his glow in the dark boxers shone through the covers, but it wasn’t enough to calm Dan’s racing heart.

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omg tell me you loved frozen what did you think


Okay, I will admit, Disney did white wash this movie considering it’s origins, and it didn’t quite sit right with me that they would use what i’m ASSUMING to be indigenous songs in the opening and closing when the characters don’t reflect the indigenous peoples of that region. I am not the sort of person that is not going to admit that this is a fault. I also couldn’t help but think they were using the “take me where I need to go” trope over again with Anna and Kristoff in the beginning of the film since they already used it in Tangled, but i’ll also say it became less about that trope as the film went on.

But it was still an absolutely incredibly film. The animation was stellar (i’m SO TIRED of tumblr trying to nitpick until the literal end of fucking time on this movie, i’m TIRED OF IT), the music was incredible, and I was blown away by the characters.

This honestly to me is one of the funniest Disney movies ive seen because they GET characterization. Like, I KNOW people like Anna. I’M like Anna. I KNOW dudes like Kristoff. I know people who say and do things EXACTLY like those two, and not just random people, to me they have managed to capture the mannerisms and humor of actual people and I think that’s what blew me away the most about it. Tangled was great for that, but wow, Frozen. And of course there’s Elsa, who was absolutely fantastic, and who I think they really succeeded with in capturing an image of a girl told to grow up much too fast, who missed her carefree childhood, and who is letting lose as a woman.

I also enjoyed the fact that Anna was completely looking for love, but they actually pointed that out as a flaw. She falls for a man she’s barely met and that’s never seen as an okay thing, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean her character is useless. There are people who have an idealized version of love that they are constantly trying to find in this world, there are people LIKE her, and that doesn’t mean that they’re useless people! Of course, they do through the course of the movie have Kristoff and Anna fall in love, but I enjoy the stark contrast between the way they fell in love and the way she fell for Hans. With Hans it was that rush-into-it zero depth ridiculousness, with Kristoff is wasn’t there until it was pointed out, it was sacrifice, and it was deeper. I also like that they didn’t actually have their first kiss in the middle of all the action of the movie, it was an ending note, an afterthought, not a main plot point. 

Then of course there’s the fact that it was a sister’s love that saved Anna, not a true love’s “kiss” because I think that kept the theme of the movie together, which are these sisters. In most movies, the last scene you see is the main couple kissing and a happily ever after. In Frozen, it’s the sisters ice skating with the love interest in the shot, but not the focus. It was their happiness. The entire time, Anna was fixated on her sister, so much so that the INSANELY LOVE CRAZY sister didn’t even give Kristoff a second glance or mention Hans until she needed “true love” to save her life. 

And then let’s talk about Hans for a second, because wow, good on you Disney. You took this guy, who at the beginning seemed like a beautiful, wonderful knight in shining armor, kind, considerate and loving, and he turned out to be a shitty person. Because you know what? We need more villains like that. We need more examples that sometimes the people that you trust turn out to be bad people. Sometimes it’s the seemingly nice guys who turn out to have the bad intentions, and the seemingly bad guys (Elsa) who turn out to have the best. I really, really enjoyed the ambiguous nature of good and evil in this film.

Overall, I give the film as it stands in terms of character development, themes, plot and relations a solid 8/10, I fucking adored it.

And of course I told myself “no i’m not gonna cosplay Elsa” and here I am looking up fabrics for her coronation dress, whoops.