omg when they play for full team..


My god, I’ve just finished it but still feel its hand on my throat! 

I guess it was the hardest one of all released episodes so far, and also filled with lots of beautiful details, moments and impressions.

That moment about Clem’s period was so unexpected and touching, really. And very realistic, because seriously there were no one before to tell her about it because it was quite early but in current time it could happen anytime. And I was so glad to be here for her as an adult. 

Also I loved how Clem mentioned how she stitched her arm, one more of that heartwarming references to previous seasons which I’ve been noticing through all previous episodes. 

I so much regret I killed Conrad! Wonder what happens if he’s alive. I don’t blame Gabe on telling everyone though, just idk, I can’t. I honestly like Gabe, he is a good boy who really wants to be strong. I was quite indifferent to his crush on Clem but this episode got me. There were so many funny moments with all that looks, words and situations. Especially the moment when they went to get a car and Gabe didn’t want to stay on watch and then Clem asked him and he agrees in a heartbeat and that faces of Javi & Kate on the background, I laughed so hard :D Maybe Clem doesn’t have a crush on him, even definitely for me she doesn’t. She’s like more mature than him, but it’s so pure how he interacts with her on his level and you see Clem like being similar for at least some moment and can pretend that she wasn’t through everything she was, like she has a small break from her reality or something /here I cry, omg/. It doesn’t get me so emotional when I’m playing bc I’m fixed on the plot at the moment and stuff, but now I think about it and it drives me to same feels like that S2 trailer about raccoon in her tree house. 

I also loved to see Javi, Clem and Gabe in action together, they’re such a great team :D

I loved that we finally got an option to hug David!

btw I absolutely love how this game is full of hugs moments! Also loved their flashback. I was standing for David the whole episode. Whatever happened before and whatever I thought before, the ongoing plot changes your opinions so much, and it’s brother.

Lingard made me sad, I mean I absolutely understand him, but on the other hand I couldn’t kill him and didn’t let Clem do it. 

I loved Clem’s flashback and Ava in it showed up as a very good character, also she said David gave that AJ’s drawing and it’s very touching. I think it were his parenthood feels, like he saw how AJ is like a son for Clem and he also knows how it is to have kids, so you understand what I mean I guess. 

And of course huge thanks for listening to fanbase and giving all people who didn’t wanted Kate romance (including me) an opportunity to clearly reject her!

AND THE ENDING OF THE EPISODE WAS THE HARDEST PART because I was panicking and fucked up everything. I was trying to think my actions ahead but the events were turning by absolutely unexpected ways all the time and I guess it’s an example of great writing. And a great villain we had here because after it all I love Joan as a character even more. All that words of her, all her manipulation with people, everything she does is A+, you have my soul for developing such villains because that’s the one this universe deserves. 

@telltalegames congratulations on one more epic release and thanks for my unforgettable gaming & story experience, me and my cat who comforts me after your episodes both love you ♥

WOW that was SO much better than Thor 2

FINALLY a Thor movie where I feel I finally got to know Thor himself as a character. And I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t too silly (there were some timing issues but for the most part, pretty well done), wasn’t too melodramatic…there was enough heart and in my personal opinion portrayed family drama within a family of gods as realistically as it could. It even made me dislike Loki a little less. (Omg though when that play used the phrase “disgusting elves” I just pictured Malekith eyerolling so hard.)

Everything came full circle and okay, it wasn’t perfect but I’m content with Thor’s development. He really is a good guy <3

I loved seeing him and Banner/Hulk team up, the new characters were fun sidestepped falling too far into stereotypes, the action was SPOT ON and oh my gosh how awesome was Heimdal?? He stole the show, I swear.

Stan’s cameo was totally outrageous (poor Thor!) And DOCTOR STRANGE made my day because I am hopelessly in love with him and I can’t even.

Yes I did just say that.

I tell you though, guys it’s given me some interesting role play ideas!

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dude imma build off your last ask !!! what if lexark met before the apocalypse, in hs!!! and elyza is a transfer student from Australia and she's in matt's art class. and alicia and matt are broken up bc of things but they're stll best buds, and matt keeps telling alicia about this girl. and one day when alicia goes to see matt she just literally walks into elyza who's holding paint, and it just does everywhere!!

OMG that’s so Lexark dude:

- enemies to friends to lovers is definitely happening;
- Alicia totally not admitting she was the one to walk into Elyza
- Alicia thinks Elyza is after Matt but joke’s on her because Elyza is SO FUCKING GAY AND VERY LOUD ABOUT IT
- Alicia totally unfazed that Elyza’s gay nope absolutely no down-low tingles or lingering glances or confusing vivid dreams no ma'am
- Being constantly paired up for projects cause the whole school ships them
- Sneaky little touches and wearing each other’s clothes when they do get together
- Elyza defending Alicia even when they can’t stand each other cause she has a soft spot for this grumpy sassy teen right from the start
- Alicia tutoring Elyza and a shy first kiss at the kitchen counter that’s full of notes and school books omg aesthetics
- Elyza making it onto school’s softball team and playing so much better when Alicia is watching because “I gotta prove myself to this girl cause she’s so stuck up and I hate her and I’m better than her” which translates to “she’s so pretty and I’m so gay I gotta make sure she notices how my biceps flex”
- Mild gay panic and drunk confessions and Elyza getting Alicia home safe and sound; placing a passed-out Alicia on her bed and gently BRUSHING A LOCK OF HAIR FROM HER FACE BEFOFE SHE LEAVES LIKE THATS SUCH A HETERO CLICHE AND I NEED TO SEE IT HAPPEN WITH TEEN LESBIANS PLEASE
- stupid jealousy plays and some teen angst cause come on they are dumb teens in love but they work it out eventually
- someone write it ijsyrfavshdbdnkdjfc