omg when he scrunches his nose

What They Were Thinking

Yuuri: Viktor’s staring at me; his eyes are as cold as the ice we both skate on. I’m sure he is tearing me apart inside his head to find my weaknesses. To Viktor I am no more than a pathetic, arrogant, talentless skating reaching beyond my abilities who needs to be knocked back down into my place.

Viktor: OMG he’s so cute. His nose scrunches up when he laughs. How adorable <3 I hope he watches the routine I made about him. He’s so talented and beautiful and sweet~

I Failed (Mike Wheeler x Reader)

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Request: pls do #37 (from the prompt list or whatevaaa) with mike wheeler omg ily

37.”I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”

Authors note: I hope you like this!! Feedback is appreciated!!!

Mike knew that he felt different for you as high school began, he started to notice little things about you that he hadn’t before. Like the way you scrunched your nose when you didn’t like something or how you counted on your fingers. Mike knew he was in love with you.

He tried to push those feelings away, you were his best friend and he definitely didn’t want to lose you, not over some stupid crush.

He started distancing himself from you, not coming over to help with homework or to watch a new movie. He only talked to you if the whole party was there, and only then it was lingering stares and tight lipped smiles.

You thought he didn’t like you anymore. He didn’t joke around with you or try and make you laugh. When ever you got close to him, he would walk away or avoid you. It hurt, knowing your best friend didn’t want to be friends anymore.

You were pissed, why couldn’t he just tell you? Why couldn’t he say it to your face? You got on your bike, making your way to the Wheeler house. Dropping your bike in their front lawn you knock on the door.

“Hello.” Mike’s dad answered the door.

“Is Mike home, I want to talk to him.” You asked, annoyed already by Mr. Wheeler.

He shouts at his wife, asking where he was and calling him down. You see Mike make his way to the door, his eyes going wide when he saw you. Stepping outside with you, he closed the door. His cheeks were flushed red and his eyes on the ground.

“What’s your problem Wheeler? You couldn’t just tell me you don’t like me anymore? You don’t talk to me anymore, hell, you barely even look at me!” You ranted to him, arms flailing by your sides.

Mike scoffs, his eyes rolling. You give him a bewildered look, about go off on him when he look you in the eye and spoke.

“I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.” His voice was loud, eyebrows knitted together.

You didn’t know what to do, Mike Wheeler has feelings for you. He had been ignoring you because he likes you. You open your mouth to say how dumb he was, when he cut you off.

“Whenever im near you, my heart races and my throat gets tight. God, I don’t know what’s gotten into me but… but even looking at you or… or seeing you smile reminds me that I can never have you…”

All of the anger left your body as he spoke, his words seeped into your mind.

“You can never have me? What do you mean?” You shake your head lightly.

Mike scoffs, “Why would you ever like me Y/N, I’m… I’m nothing special and you are just…” He trails off, his eyes looking into yours, a sad smile on your lips.

You take a step towards him, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek.

“Don’t underestimate yourself Wheeler.” You watch the blush rise on his cheeks, a half smile on his lips.

You could practically hear his heartbeat in his chest, all of his worries disappeared. It was just you and him on his porch late at night, the moon casting shadows on your face. Beautiful, was the only word Mike could think of as he looked at you.

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SFW Alphabet: Guanlin

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A/N: so if any of you don’t know what this is, you can refer to this post that i made a while ago. pretty much i go through the alphabet bc each letter represents a word and i have to write 2-3 sentences for each word!

A/A/N: I’m also tagging @laji-101 bc I know she loves Guanlin~

AU: Werewolf!Guanlin would be such a puppy. He’d trail after you whenever you have food and even if you scold him (“No, Guanlin, you can’t have any of my ice cream bc it’s mINE”) he’d just unlease his puppy dog eyes on you until you caved in. He’s also the type to just lay on your couch for hours, but the moment he hears you say you’re headed to the park, he’s running after you. 

Best Friend: tbh i feel like Guanlin would be such a chill friend. He’s the type of friend that just kinda goes along with the flow for everything, so when you mention going to McDonald’s at 3am, he’s doWN. He’d also be a lil shit too, bc he knows he’s freakishly tall, so he’s the type to hold stuff high above your head, just to laugh at you struggling. 

Cuddles: Guanlin is a lil bub, okay? And lil bubs need their cuddles. Since he’s so obnoxiously tol, I feel like he’d want to be the big spoon, like, all of the time. He’s the type to like it when you press your back against his chest so his arm can just protectively swing over your waist. Plus, he’s not against pulling you by the waist against him whenever you try to get up and get water or some shit lmao

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"I get to love you" - Ivan Martinez imagine

“hi there darling! your writing is amazing omg!🙌💖 i hope it’s not too late to ask for 9,12,&49 together please? With Ivan Martinez?(: you can choose the plot.(:”
9. “your hair is so soft”
12. “i love you”
49. “no. i’m not letting you go. it’s too early to get up.”
Waking up to the sound of bird’s chirping you smiled as you yawned and rolled over

Grinning when you were met with your boyfriend’s gorgeous face

Smiling softly you ran your hand alsong his jaw

Then his eye’s witch twitched

Then his nose which he scrunched up

Then his lips which smiled a soft smile

His eye’s still closed you smiled and leaned into his lips kissing them

Pulling away you smiled when you saw his eye’s open

“Well that’s an amazing way to wake up!” Ivan said ina deep and husky voice

“Morning” you replied softly

You soon felt his arms around you and then his body on top of you

Laughing you squirmed trying to break free from his hold

“Ivan! We have to get up!” You giggled when his head met your neck

Feeling him kiss it you smiled

“Not yet” he said rolling iver so you were now on top of him

Smiling you tried to get up

“Let me go” you whined

“No. I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get up.” He said causing you to laugh

“If you don’t let me go you wont get any kisses for the next week!” You said

“What?! Fine.” He said as he let you go

You giggled and gave him a kiss before walking downstairs and into the kitchen

You were always the first up and it was now a routine that you got up and you made enough breakfast for everyone

As you looked up at the clock you gasped

It was already 7:30am and you were half an hour behind schedule

The other’s usually woke up at around 8:00am so you had to move quick

Throwing your hair in a long ponytail you washed your hands and began making the feast

It was now around 8 and you heard footsteps start stomping down the stairs and wooden floors

“Morning!!” Jake, chad, chance, Anthony, kade and Emilio yelled as they began devouring the food

“Morning!” You giggled

“Yasss!” Ivan said as he sat next to jake eating like a pig

“What about us guy’s?” Erika and tessa said looking at the fiod trying to get some but being denied

“Here” you said softly handing them their own plates full of food

“thanks babe!” They both said hugging you

You smiled softly as you watched them

They were like a family to you have been since you met them

“Thanks y/n!” They all said as they finished and began leaving

“We’ll be back soon!” Jake and kade yelled as they walked out

You sighed as you began cleaning the dishes and floor and benches

You Suddenly felt arm’s wrap around you as you dried the dishes

“Hmmm thanks for the best food ever” ivan said kissing your cheek as he began playing with your hair

You smiled knowing it calmed him down and he loved playing with it

“Your hair is so soft” he mumbled causing you to laugh

Finishing the last dish and putting it away you turned to ivan

“Can i braid your hair one day?” He asked as he held his arm’s out

You walked into them and yawned and nodded at his request

He then caught you off guard with what he said next

“I love you” he whispered softly

You looked up at him, that was the first time either of you said that

“I love you too ivan” you said smiling and bringing him into a kiss.

The song - I get to love you by ruelle kinda goes with this imagine as its what i was listening to when i wrote it.

Forgotten Problems


lams fic (#47: “Shut up and kiss me.”)

trigger warnings: none

requested by anon

send me a prompt and a paring (I also do character x reader imagines!):


Alexander was always talking.  Well, he was always talking, or writing, or arguing, or expressing his opinion. LOUDLY.

John thought it was adorable.  He loved how Alex’s nose scrunched up when he was trying to prove a point, and he loved even more how strongly Alex believed in his ideas.  However, sometimes John just wished he would stop talking long enough for them to spend time together peacefully.

One day, Alex came home and practically stomped into the apartment the two shared.  John could already tell he was about to go on a rant and mentally prepared himself, sighing.

“Alright, what happened?” he asked, walking over to Alex, who was throwing his keys onto the counter.

“Dumb Jefferson,” Alex grumbled.

‘Of course,’ thought John, realizing now that this was going to be a much longer rant that he had thought.  “What did he do this time?”

Alex started his presentation-like description of some other reason Thomas Jefferson was an asshole, but John wasn’t really listening.  Of course, he cared; but he had discovered a long time ago that Alex wanted someone to talk to more than someone to listen.  He just had to say everything out loud for his brain to process solutions.

This time was no different; John stayed completely focused on Alex as he spoke, but he paid more attention to his features than to his words.  He admired how his eyes would light up when he thought of something he had left out, and how he would occasionally run his fingers through his hair in exasperation.  Even now, as he was all flustered and irritated, John couldn’t help but think how beautiful Alex was, how much he wanted to hold him, to smell his hair, to kiss him-

“Alex,” John said, interrupting him in the middle of a sentence.

Alex snapped out of his rant-mode, turning to look at John with a confused look on his face.  “What?”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

Before Alex could even process what was happening, John had pulled him closer and kissed him, softly at first.  Alex melted in his arms, forgetting about Jefferson completely and losing himself in John.  Just as he had forgotten what he was talking about, John pulled away, leaving Alex flustered.

“What was that for?”

A grin spread over John’s face, giggling at his boyfriend’s confusion.  “You’re just so cute, I can’t focus on what you’re saying.”  John leaned back in, kissing Alex swiftly, and then pulled him under his arm, Alex resting his head on John’s shoulder and closing his eyes, smiling softly, all of his problems from the day forgotten.

hconcepts  asked:

I bet when harry cums he clenches his fist, and his nose scrunches up. His eyes are squeezed together. All his muscles tighten... maybe his mouth is open in a gasp or maybe his mouth is closed, his teeth clamp down on his lip, hard. He cant even form sentences. "fuck... oh my...." so breathy, gasps and short moans escaping his lips. his breathing irregular, sweat adorning his forehead and shimmering on his body... toes curled... omg


annabookchase  asked:

You should write some happy Evan headcanons 💙💙 (this is @sincerelythree-hc's other blog!)

¬Happy Evan is best Evan okay???
¬ His smile reaches his heckin ears
¬ He is The Giggle Master
¬ The. Nose. Scrunches.
¬ When he gets all happy and excited he runs his hands like up and down his sides and his upper thigh like a little kid
¬ He’s definitely someone who literally jumps with joy
¬ Gets happy over the littlest things ever omg
¬ Like one time, you brought him his favorite ice cream just because, and his eyes just lit up and he clapped his hands together and cupped his own cheeks while saying thank you and I love you over and over
¬ Precious
¬ His happiness his so contagious Oleg
¬ When Evans smiling it’s hard not for the world not to smile back at him
¬ Honestly the most cutest bean to ever live

Hoseok, frantically shaking Jin: hyung help! I have a serious problem!!!

Seokjin: hobi! Calm down. What’s the problem?

Hoseok: I think I love him..

Seokjin, confused: love!? Love who????

Hoseok, covering Jins mouth: Shhhhh! Hyung wtf?

Jin, mumbling: alright, ok I’m sorry. But love who now???

Hoseok, looking over at Yoongi dreamily: Yoongi hyung~

Jin: Hoseok. Omg. That is adorable!

Hoseok: No it isn’t its ruining my life! All I can think about is his cute little face, his svelte, pale body, his voice, his smile, the way he lights up when I give him coffee, the little pout he does, oh and the nose scrunch, oh my god the nose scrunch! And then when’s he’s focused on working hard…ugh! Let’s just say I be working hard too-

Jin: Oh! Woah OK OK I get it… Why don’t you just try and unlove him?

Hoseok: Unlove him? I mean I guess I can try…. No, you know what? Fuck this. I got this in the bag! Operation unlove hyung is now underway!

Jin: There ya go! Hope-ah fighting!!!

Yoongi: *Sneezes cutely and scrunches his nose*

Hoseok: I am so fucked…

bingewatchingmylifegoby  asked:

Okay, but consider this: Tickle fights with Remus. Like, he would probably look so cute while you tickle him. His laugh would give you life. And you can be sure he would get his revenge in a not so subtle way later.

Originally posted by professorlupins

Oh my goodness, yes! He’s bent over papers to mark and large textbooks (we all know that he knows all the answers but he’s going to double check anyway) to cross-reference and he’s all concentrated and that little furrow between his brow as he scrawls constructive criticism in the margins of poorly-written essays. It’s the summer holidays but he should be relaxing and he’s not, so you wander across the Library in Grimmauld Place. Sirius slips out, unseen and grinning wolfishly because he knows better than anyone how ticklish Remus is.

You climb into Remus’ lap, pushing his work away and taking the quill out of his hands (look at his fingers in the gif omg). His hands go to your waist and he unconsciously holds you there, a small smile on his lips. Your hands creep forward, fingers folding in the seams of his jacket. You tickle him lightly and he chuckles but tries to push you away. You keep on tickling him, your grip getting stronger. He laughs then, his nose scrunching up and his eyes closed. He’s so beautiful in this moment and if you could make sure that he stays laughing forever, you would do whatever it took.

Later, when he’s finished marking and you’ve fallen asleep on his lap (somehow he managed to work around you), he chuckles lowly as his fingers creep to your sides and he tickles you away, quickly catching you before you slip off his lap and fall.

It becomes your way of making each other laugh when it seems as though all hope is lost.

itslittlegiggle  asked:

Omg okay so I've had this headcanon and I.. need to share okay. So like, Denki is super ticklish, right? And he's so scrunchy when he's tickled. Like his nose and his shoulders and everything just scrunch up?? And Todoroki and Bakugou think it's so cute. BUT like when D's super tired after training or something, T and B will sit on either side of him on the couch or something and tickle him.. but like, super gently because when D is tired he becomes super sensitive to soft touches (1/2 hold UP)

itslittlegiggle said:(2/2) But certain places become sensitive when Denki’s like this. Like his cheeks and ears and UNDER HIS CHIN and his shoulders and collar bones and stuff are just SO ticklish to these light touches. So KIRISHIMA (I meant him not T, I’m so Tired) and B just sit on either side of D and tickle him in those places all soft and D gets SUPER scrunchy and giggly and just scrunches himself and moves his head to side to side really slow and sweet cause he’s tired. He’s so giggly, K and B just Love him


esp the collarbones omfg…… sleepy worn out denki curled up on the couch between bakugou and kirishima and kirishima has an arm around denki’s waist and bakugou has an arm tossed around denki’s shoulders and his hand is just idly scratching and tracing along denki’s exposed collarbones and denki is shivering and trying to hunch up his shoulders but he cant because bakugou’s arm isnt letting him

and kirishima leaning closer and kissing denki’s temple before reaching up and tracing super lightly under his chin and up his jaw, behind his ears, and denki is vibrating with his giggles and pulling his legs up to his chest  and bakugou has one of denki’s wrists in his hand and kirishima has his other wrist so denki can’t push their wandering hands away from him and denki is!! so relaxed and scrunchy!! and the ends of his fingers and tips of his hair are just lightly sparking and its so fuckin cute Kill Me

Seventeen reaction: Watching a scary movie with them

S.Coups: He would be very brave at the start. “This isn’t even scary.” He’d say before putting his arm around you nonchalantly. You roll your eyes knowing what’s going to happen. A jump scene comes up and he screams right into your ear before trying to play it off.

Originally posted by swaghao

Mingyu: He’d cuddle up to you, leaving no space in between but you were more scared than him. You’d bury your head in his shoulder every 5 seconds and he’d chuckle softly every time. He would love the fact that you saw him as a source of protection and would have a smug look on his face throughout the whole movie.

Originally posted by mingiant

The8: He would also try to act manly in front of you by never flinching away from the screen. You didn’t really find the movie that scary but maybe that was because you were focusing on his cute facial expressions every time a scary scene popped up. He’d squint his eyes and scrunch up his nose slightly trying not to make it visible that he was scared. You reach up and peck his nose smiling at the fear clearly evident on his face.

Originally posted by minghaon

Wonwoo: omg Wonwoo would be such a sweetheart. If you were scared he’d triple check that you were okay with watching the movie and when it’s finally on he’d pull you close paying more attention to you. He’d shield you from all the gruesome parts of the movie but he’d also smile slightly at your face, secretly liking the attention he got from it.

Originally posted by wonshi-17

Woozi: This was like a ritual for you both. You’d always sit down and have a scary movie marathon when he’d been away for long. You’d both find the scenes really funny and end up cracking up at the parts that were supposed to be scary. “ What’s wrong with us?” He’d say smiling over at you and pulling you closer anyway.

Originally posted by mountean

Joshua: He would be an absolute gentleman of course. You would both be sitting underneath a blanket, covering your eyes at even the slightest sound. He would be scared but no where near as scared as you are. He’d put an arm around you and help shield your eyes whenever he needed to, occasionally giving you forehead kisses. Jun’s face lmao

Originally posted by amemericans

Dino: I feel like he would love to tease you a little bit, like slowly using his fingers to walk across your arm. You scream and hit him out of fear causing him to pout at you. You end up consoling him even though he’s the one who scared you. After that he doesn’t scare you, instead he holds you close laughing in his head.

Originally posted by livelovelunch

Vernon: He’d have a scared look on his face as you suggest it but he didn’t want to say no since you seemed so excited to watch it. As you started the movie he has to mentally prepare himself, sitting in silence for the beginning of the movie. “What’s wrong?” You ask, totally oblivious to the fact that he was about to pee his pants. “Nothing.” He says shaking his head. You shrug your shoulders and turn back to the screen but you realize he’s terrified so you act scared and cuddle into him allowing him to bury his face in your hair.

Originally posted by hansoltheist

Seungkwan: He would get so scared. You probably had to force him to watch with you and the entire time he’d be complaining and when a ghost jumps out onto the screen he shouts but tries to disguise it by full on serenading you. You forget all about the movie as it turns into a mini concert with you both singing at the top of your lungs.

Originally posted by yoscoups-hasmoved

Jeonghan: You’d both love having movie marathons and when he suggests horror, you agree not thinking much of it. As it the movie goes on you get more and more creeped out and Jeonghan does not help. He leans in and whispers “boo” into your ear causing you so jump slightly and squeal in fright. He starts laughing so hard and every time he stops, he looks back at you and starts laughing again. You playfully push him away and he feels bad, finally pulling you in for a hug and letting you hide your face in his chest.

Originally posted by wonshi-17

Jun: He picked a horror movie on purpose because he wanted to show off his manliness. He sits there not concentrating on the movie but hoping you’ll get scared and look to him for protection. When you don’t he pouts and tries changing it to something even scarier. You catch on and try to act scared for him but he sees right through you and you end up changing the movie anyway.

Originally posted by wonyeols

Hoshi: He’d be so excited to watch movies with you and you knew he wouldn’t watch a horror so you lied and told him it was something else, so when a jump scare came up he screamed and clutched his heart dramatically. Wanting to make you feel bad he falls to the ground and lays there, his hand still on his chest. You laugh and pull him up. “ I’ll only forgive you for a kiss.” He says pushing his lips outwards. You shove him playfully at first but then bring him in for a kiss.

Originally posted by mountean

DK: Haha I don’t know why but I imagine him to be all smiley and happy like his usual self when the movie begins, not expecting what is about to happen. As soon as a scary part comes out he’ll scream high pitched before grabbing you to use as a shield. Once he realises what he’s done he’ll blush and avoid eye contact with you as you proceed to make fun of him causing him to hide his face with a pillow.

Originally posted by mountean

Appreciation post: Jimin nose scrunch

Because, how can you not love his little nose the way it curls up and makes his face a tiny fluff ball 

Like the way he looks like a chipmunk and the way his chin just wrinkles ‘heart eyes’ 

Especially when he does it when he’s nervous, like OMG 

How does this boy not think he’s cute…he’s practically seducing me to grab his cheeks 

He doesn’t even need to try his button nose is so automatic and the way the rest of his features also get smaller like his eyes and mouth…

Boy you know exactly what your doing to our hearts, do you even realise? 

And when he kills us with the sexy nose scrunch….its like a double attack 

Or when he pretends to be angry, and still manages to make a little bunny nose

Or when he closes his eyes and scrunches up his nose at the same time ughhh

Like there is a reasons why Jhope and Jimin are the sunshine duo, their a scrunch nose duo

I mean I could go on, but Park Jimin you are the definition of Ageyo…your cute and you know it 

anonymous asked:


He keeps scrunching his nose because “the powder smells weird” and he keeps making fishy faces when you’re trying to do his contour and let’s not even get into how difficult it is to put fake lashes on him.

He keeps crinkling his eyes and blinking because, “I can’t help that it tickles, okay?!” and “Glue doesn’t belong this close to my corneas!”

SITS: High School Reunion And Bullies

“Anonymous said: Would it be possible to have a scenario with Iori, Kota and Takashi where they go to MC’s high school reunion and MC’s bully shows up and tries to steal her man?”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

A/N: I don’t want to use a name for the bully (I don’t want to offend anyone or anything) so I’m going to use B/N, which means bully name. That way you readers can make up any name you want (I can be the name of the person you hate the most.. I don’t really know it’s your choice.)

A few weeks ago you received an invitation from your high school. Your graduating class were having a reunion. Thinking to yourself if you should go or not. You also thought about your old school mates. How were they doing? Are they married now? Questions swirled your mind.

Your boyfriend saw this and said that you should go. “Why don’t you come with me?” You grinned at your boyfriend.  “I can introduce you to my friends as well. But I’m sure they already know you.” You chuckled nervously.

He was happy to hear this and gladly accepted your invite. It was a good thing that he had a day off on that day. “I can’t wait to see your high school graduation photo.” He pinched your cheeks.

Upon arriving at your old high school it didn’t cross your mind that you’ll also be seeing those who’ve bullied you in the past. You couldn’t help but wonder how they turned out to be. Are they still mean as ever? Are they doing well? You scanned around the gymnasium and found your old friends. They waved you to come over and you guys tried to make small talks and caught up with each other.

Iori Enjo
“Well, well, well. You actually showed up.”
B/N said as she crossed her arms in front of her. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at her. You wanted to avoid her the most this evening but fate wasn’t on your side. it even brought the two of you together. “B/N.” You stated.

Iori was in formed of B/N. He knew that she bullied you back in high school and hated her for doing that to you. “Oh my if it isn’t Prince Iori.” B/N batted her eyelash at Iori. He gagged inside but faked a smile and greeted her. B/N then started to flirt with Iori but he just kept his emotion still. She didn’t have an affect on Iori and he didin’t even think about looking at another woman but you. “Why don’t you leave Y/N for me. I’m way better than her.” She started to touch Iori. He slapped her hand away.

“Keep you filthy hands off me. How can you say you’re better than Y/N when you bullied her in the past. And it looks like that hasn’t changed at all. I know what type of woman you are. You are the type of person who would just use me for fame, don’t you ever try to be friendly with me. Got it?” He was pissed. You and your friends were quite surprised by this. It wasn’t nice for him to say that to her but your friends thought that B/N got what she deserved.

At the end of the night you thanked Iori for doing that. He knew you were capable of defending yourself but he wanted to do it because he can’t let other people hurt his love ones, mainly you.

Kota Igarashi
He excused himself to go get some beverage for the two of you. You nodded at him and kept talking to your friends. Turns out that one of them is getting married and everyone asked for an invitation to the wedding. It was a good thing that your friend still values you as a good friend of hers even though you lost contact after high school.

One of your friends nudged you to look over to her line of vision. There you saw B/N and Kota having a conversation. In your point of view, it looks like B/N is flirting with him and Kota just kept his emotionless face. He seemed uninterested, you decided to rescue him. “Hey Kota everything alright?” You asked. Kota just nodded his head and walked closer to you.  

“No way, don’t tell me she’s your type. You know in high school all she ever talked about is that actor.. Joey Wanabe.” She laughed, this not only irritated you but Kota as well. He admired him very much and wouldn’t let anyone insult him. “Joe Watabe.” Kota corrected B/N. “Yeah whatever his name is. Man Y/N is such a loser!” B/N snickered, little did she know that she just insulted the actor that Kota admires.

“B/N right?” Kota said in a boring tone. B/N’s eyes lit up. “Let me enlighten you. Y/N here is an amazing woman, I knew from the very beginning that she was different. Unlike you who’s boring and has a loser personality. Also the actor you were making fun of happens to be my idol. Joe Watabe is the reason why I wanted to be an actor myself. And personally, I don’t like people like you who bully others just for fun because they’re jealous of them.” B/N jaw opened. “Let’s go Y/N.” He grabbed your hand and walked towards your group of friends.

Your friends were shocked to hear him say something like that to the bully. “Sorry but I’m not going to let anyone insult the ones I admire and love.” He said as he blushed. Your friends teased the both of you before calling it a night. You gave Kota a kiss on the lips and thanked him for doing that for you. “Don’t get me wrong.. I did it for my idol.”

“Mmmm suuure my tsundere boyfriend.” You grinned at him. Certainly that wasn’t the reason why he did that but you just let him be.

Takashi Ninagawa
Your friends started to question Takashi about how long does it takes him to compose the music. Takashi happily answered their question and by the looks of it he was enjoying the party itself.

You whispered to your friend, “Do you know if B/N is coming?” You asked and she shook her head from side to side. “Nope I haven’t seen her.” In that moment the door opened and B/N made a dramatic entrance. “Speaking of the devil.” The two of you whispered to each other and laughed.

B/N scanned the gymnasium and spotted you. There was a smirk on her face as she walked towards her group. She saw who you brought to the reunion and when she recognized who he was, she flung herself onto him. Takashi scrunched his nose, he was disgusted at how she just flung at him like that. “OMG What’s a superstar like you doing here? Are you looking for a partner because I think I would be qualified for that.”

Before B/N could even keep going and embarrass herself, Takashi prevented that. “Someone like you isn’t qualified to be my partner. I don’t think I’ll be ever compose music ever again if I were with you. You give me bad vibes.” He pushed her away and held you close. “There, much better.” Takashi smiled. You could see how furious B/N was because she was embarrassed in front of a large crowd. Never once in high school did any try to embarrass her and by the looks of it, this is the first time she’s even been humiliated.

After that happened, she walked out the gymnasium. “So it looks like our Y/N here is the one giving you the inspiration to compose music huh.” They teased Takashi. “If Y/N isn’t with me, I would lose my ability to compose music. She’s the only person who can bring music to my world and no one else.” The women in the group awed in jealousy, while the men said that he was smitten.

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I just noticed this thing that wonho does w his nose like he scrunches it and its a lot like a bunny and im like :O also idk if this has been asked before but what ur fave hairstyle/colour for mx ? I personally love brown haired wonho and ppl dont talk about it enuff

:0000000000 ur right omg he has a really cute nose scrunching habit ……. its really like . endearing ? nd makes him look super soft :-( also jhfjkas i dont remember if that’s ever been asked to me !!!! but hMMMmM okay let me think abt this ,,,,

  • shownu: i will Always Always be that all in!era enthusiast when it comes to his hair …. like … it was long,,, messy nd so boyfriend… nd it was bLACK TOO …. i loved when they gave it a little texture too ?? it was truly his Best era in terms for hair :0
  • wonho: if u watched right now ,,,, thats my favorite wonho hair … it was so thick nd fluffy nd brown !!!! it made him look so cute and soft hgkjshd plus he really let it grow out over filming so 99% of the time it covered his eyes nd its kfhdjk !!! i lvoe it :DDD
  • minhyuk: itS A HUGE TIE BETWEEN FIGHTER ERA AND DRAMARAMA ERA ….. the black/brown looks ??? huge nuts …. nd i absolutely love the styling for both eras …. also special mention to beautiful era bc the red hair nd the Forehead …. she saved me …
  • kihyun: stuck/dramarama/all in !!!!! those were personally (for me) his best hairstyles …. stuck had that Sexcii undercut that ruined lives ,,, miss dramarama w those Long messy looks nd the grey dye and the wAVES ….. AND ALL IN … ALL IN W THE FOREHEAD !!!!! THINKING ABT IT IM :DDDDDDDDDD
  • hyungwon: all in … mr comma chae when will u make a comeback and save aria’s ass :// plus the black hair was just like …. u know … big nut …. alSO special mention to rush era hyungwon that was truly …. he was something . he was a Look ! nd trespass era hyungwon too :D
  • jooheon: ok i honestly …. its hands down the end of fighter era where he was growing it out nd it was Long nd so like ,,, h*t . like when they went to kcon mexico ??? thAT WAS TRULY HIS BEST LOOK YET !!!!!!! im so sad it didnt stay it was so !!!! wowie u know !!!!
  • changkyun: FIGHTER ERA ND BEAUTIFUL ERA !!!! HIS BEST LOOKS !!!!!!! im sorry but nothing will ever top the browns nd blacks w the Peek of forehead nd the long, wavy-ish styles like these were truly …. his best looks …. anyone who says otherwise ? u are incorrect nd u owe fighter/beautiful era changkyun 20 dollars

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Love your account, bruh. Head canons for Nico getting a concussion, how he'd deal with it and recover, and then the same for Will

nico would be sO PISSED omg. “what so im just supposed to sit here and,,, do,, nothing?” and will’d be like “well yeah pretty much.” when nico would refuse to sleep bc “i just slept for twelve hours what do you want from me” will would do his best to entertain him but god nico would get so fed up and grumpy from having to sit around and not do anything that required too much brainpower. the only upside to this is that when nico gets frustrated he furrows his eyebrows so that the skin right above his nose gets all scrunched up which is pretty much the cutest thing. will loves to kiss him there, which results in the wonderful grumpy-and-blushy nico.

and will. oh my god. as soon as will gets hurt, nico’s all over him, refusing to leave the infirmary and trying to help him. honestly, nico’s such a sweetheart to him (admittedly with a few “you idiot how could you get hurt what were you thinking” comments) but unfortunately, will just stresses the whole time about having to get back to work. and nico’s like “but we have time to just talk now this is good WAIT HELL NO GET BACK IN THAT BED” but no matter how much will drives him crazy nico refuses to leave. by the end of the day nico’s so exhausted that he falls asleep in the chair next to will’s bed, making will smile.

i wonder what kevin laughs about :( what makes him smile :( does he like memes??? what’s his favourite vine??? what movie made him laugh so hard he cried?????? is he smiling right now is somebody making him laugh what does he watch or do when he gets sad idk I just love kevin’s laugh and smile so much like his awkward laugh when he’s talking and also when someone does something weird n he scrunches his nose and also when he smiles big n it reaches his eyes and when he’s singing and closing his eyes!!!!and smiling!!!!!! and it looks so serene and relaxing i’m emotional

edit omg i was abt to sleep but i’m awake thinking abt kevin anD WHEN HE DOES A LITTLE SMILE AND HIS SMALL DIMPLE SHOWS UP OH MY I AM SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're Ripped at Every Edge (But You're a Masterpiece) {Chapter One}


Jimin x Reader Spy!AU

Summary: Feelings always seem to get in the way of things. Good thing beasts have none.

Word count: 2,549

Notes and content warnings: Substance use, sMUT, and strong language

This is my first smut ever omg help I’m so sorry

Happy reading!

Jimin’s nose scrunched up in distaste as the smell of alcohol hit him, but his mood immediately lightened when he saw that you looked even better in person.

The bar lighting was shit, your hair was pulled back in a messy attempt at a ponytail, and you looked like the late shift you worked was getting to you, but you were still undeniably pretty. Jimin smiled, preparing to approach you. It had been a while since he’d done something like this, and he was a bit nervous, but he knew he couldn’t afford to let it show.

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Kiss me, you Drunk Strawberry~

Anonymous asked: may i request a scenario on which a drunken kisumi plants one on his crush at a party after they’ve said his name (what? you SAID ‘kiss me’!) and the aftermath of this after he’s sobered up? (ilu 

 You have no idea how much I loooovvvee Kisumi like omg he’s my precious baby. I’ve gotta do this in second person. AND COLLEGE AUUUU!!!! ~Chihiro 

“Ah, Kisumi… I think you’ve had too much to drink…”, you put a hand on his shoulder and shake him a bit. You scrunched your nose when you smell his alcoholic breath.

 "Are you even listening to me…“, you sighed. “Kisumi, you-" 

 You’re stopped when an alcohol taste reaches your tongue. And then you realized that Kisumi had just planted a kiss on your lips. When he pulls away, your tongue still had that taste of the drink and you just stared at him with wide eyes. Kisumi, however, was just smiling with mischief on his eyes. "What, you did say ‘kiss me’, so I did. You’re welcome, ____!" 

 After that, he walks away, most likely trying to get another drink. Though, you snap out of your surprise easily and chase after him, intent on getting him back to his dorm.

 Once you get to his dorm, you open the door and made Kisumi stumble in. You gave him a drink of water, but when you tried to leave, he grips onto your wrist like it meant dear life.

 "Nooooo, staaayyy!!!”, he whines.

 You sigh and texted your own roommate that you were staying somewhere else. The two of you hobbled over to his bed and Kisumi sunk into the mattress, out cold. 

 You pull up a chair and sit, glad that you no longer had to stop him from doing stupid things. 

 You just watch him sleep, listening to his small snores and incoherent sleep talk. Then, your eyes shoot to his lips, the memory of him kissing you back in your mind. Your face heats up and you sigh in sadness. Did he only kiss you cause he was drunk? 

 The next morning, you woke up from a tickling sensation on your forehead. Once your eyes opened, you were met with very familiar violet irises. You gasp and push the figure away. Turns out that it was just Kisumi and his floofy pink hair.

 "Kisumi!? Sorry, sorry, I was just surprised to see you that close…“, you apologize in a frenzy. You hoped to hear his sweet chuckle and voice say that it was fine, but you didn’t. He just looked at you, his face filled with guilt. 

 "Sorry…”, he mumbles and looks down. You raise an eyebrow and stand ups from the chair, concern washing over you.

 "What’s wrong?“ The pink haired boy looked up android could see a red blush form on his cheeks. 

"I… Got drunk… And kissed you didn’t I?” You blush, thinking that he wouldn’t have remembered the incident since he was drunk. “… Uuurrr….”

 It was like a Korean drama or that one dramatic moment between the protagonist and their love interest in anime. You gulp and remember that this was usually the scene in the climax where the two love birds finally become a couple. First, the love interest would explain their feeling and the protagonist would cup their face and kiss them to shut them up. The typical dramatic confession…. And it would happen between you and Kisumi. 

 All of a sudden, Kisumi grabs onto you and nuzzles his face on your neck. “IM SORRY, ______!!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! SORRY!!! IM SO SORRY! IT WAS YOUR FIRST KISS, TOO! IM SORRY!" 

 You sweat drop. Or maybe you two were not in a dramatic scene and were really in a romantic comedy where Kisumi didn’t have any feelings for you at all. 

You smile and hug him back. "It’s okay, Kisumi. You were just drunk and did some minor stupid things." 

 He lets go of you and pouts. "You thought that kiss was stupid?" 

 Your eyebrows raise again. "Eh?" 

 Once again, Kisumi looks down. ”… I liked it.“ You bite your lip. W-what is happening?

 "I like you, _____-chan. I like you… A lot.. That kiss was a token of my feelings…”, he murmured and inched closer to your face. “And… I don’t think I could get enough of your lips… So…” His eyes close and you can feel his breath on your face.

 Before your lips even touched, you overheated and fainted. Yup, a romantic comedy indeed.

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Jean + Marco for the thingy

1.who tickles who more?

marco tickles jean more cause jean’s stupidly ticklish and marco, believe it or not, is a lil shit who loves to tease jean. precious sweet innocent marco? uh no actually marco is a conniving boyfriend who uses every chance he gets to tease the fuck out of jean. it’s gotten to the point that jean is literally afraid to even raise his arms up to grab something because marco is most likely standing around to surprise attack him w tickles

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