omg whats wrong with


What is it that you’re so afraid of?

Parents: *yell at their children*

Parents: *hold their children to unattainable standards that they themselves couldn’t even achieve*

Parents: *project toxic feelings into their kids*

Parents: *are emotionally and verbally abusive to their kids*

Parents: *do not cater to the emotional needs of their children*

Kids: *get older*

Kids: *don’t want to foster a relationship with their parents*

Parents: OMG what did I do wrong? I’ve always tried to raise you right. You’re so ungrateful for cutting me out of your life.

*people call a system of mass incarceration that treats black youth as criminals by default and works to legally enslave them via prison labor violent*

Racists: Lol how is that violence?

*protester kicks a car*

Racists: Omg violence is wrong, what would MLK say if he were alive today


i am very passionate about south park siblings


pas de cheval // panic! at the disco

Bones and Jim accidentally find out what makes Spock laugh. Like really, truly laugh.

when it happens, Spock’s eyes go wide and he emedently bends over and slaps his hands over his mouth and of corse Jim and Bones are worried, like, “omg are you ok?! whats wrong?!” and Spock doesn’t answer, just bends over more, his eyes crinkling up and now Bones is like “im gonna go get my stuff he’s dieing fuck u Spock for dieing right here right now i dont get payed enough for this shit” but as he’s leaving Spock’s sholders start shaking and jims like “please Bones do something! oh no whats wrong, what’s going on with our boyfriend?”

And then Spock starts making noises and theyre quiet and muffled and his sholders are really shaking now and his hands start trembling so he lowers them and its then that Bones and Jim can see he has this big smile on his face and he’s LUAGHING and he keeps trying to cover up his mouth again but he can’t he’s laughing to hard so instead he just holds his stomach and just laughs harder.

Jim of corse just lights up and is so happy like “LOOK AT THIS HIS SMILE IS SO PRETTY OH MY GOD” and then there’s Bones who’s all “shit he really is sick” but is only saying that because shit Spock’s cute when he laughs