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Here it is! My blog’s first anniversary Art Raffle!!!

Please click the pictures to have a better look! If you want more samples of my art, just search the tag “my art” on my blog!

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BUT! Chosen winners MUST reply to me within 48 hours with the requested characters along with their reference(s), or a new winner will be chosen again. Sorry. :( I will inform you through both ask/PM and tagging in a separate post, please do take note!

Also if you don’t mind, send the references through PM, okay? Submitting is also fine, but I don’t recommend doing so.


Anyways, thank you all for supporting once again! Have a nice day, and I wish you good luck! :)

anonymous asked:

How do u draw bodies bc I am no good :^( ily 💕

ngl.. me neither xD idk why you’re asking me anyway cause I seriously doubt you’re worse than me (ALSO I LOVE YOU TOO ANON <3)

because im bad at explaining and constructing good proper advice.. here are a few tips/pointers from a bad anatomy artist ;P

there is so much more to ramble on about small details like how fat settles on the body, the bones and how it affects the curvature, and SO much more, but this is all I could fit in a simple and terrible tutorial (it isn’t even that) but hey!! here are a couple of links that might helpful and that I found useful:

also i thought I’d mention some artists that you might wanna look at for unique style for bodies!! (totally off of the top of my head rn):

@me-za-me-ro, @syrva, @thunderpot, @lackadaisycats!!

thanks for asking anon!! sorry im so late to replying tho haha ^^;

edit: don’t forget that bodies don’t have to stick to just one type of shape per body!! feel free to explore different shapes and sizes for the body ;P thanks again <3

Zak: miss me?

Francis: Not a bit

 Have your friends and enemy support you and your ex-agent bf tho. 

Seriously I have this weird love-hate for this otp like I ship and I dont and i do it again :<

hey what’s up guys?

so today i tried to draw cause I was looking at all the amazing art you guys are capable of, and I thought… i’m gonna give it a try (again). these are the very quick drawings… based on photos (yeah can you believe this?) that i came up with. as i never really draw actual human beings i really don’t know how to proceed with FACES. so i just went “ok let’s do this”, i took a marker and i scribbled those things.

if you could give me your impressions i’d be so sooo happy !

also if you recognize these people you’ll have all my respect.

sorry for having disfigured you people

anonymous asked:

Hey!! Your art is absolutely AMAZING!! I wanted to know how did you get your anatomy to be so perfect and fitting to a character, along with how animated each face you draw looks? Any tips or tutorials on how to improve our anatomy and expressions?

WOW OMG another ask I’m pretty sure I should have noticed/answered forever ago. I am so sorry, honestly!!! I need to check my inbox more often because I’m usually not expecting anything so I forget!Okay so ANYWAY, first of all THANK YOU. You’re too kind to me I cannot believe!! I am so so SO glad to hear such nice words like thank you so much sdhgadjkghadfjkg. These kind of comments really mean the world to me!

As far as anatomy goes and how I approach it…. I would say you’ve got to learn some basic anatomy before you start exaggerating it. It’s super important to get those basic proportions right and then you can know how and when to change things up! Usually when I draw a shitty skinny guy (Iyami, Thenardier, Rusty Venture, etc. omg I could make you a list) I go for elongated limbs and supreme awkwardness + unwarranted confidence. I’ll make them lanky and bony and I suggest not being afraid to give that type a bit of flab in the stomach area or some ribs sticking out. Don’t be afraid to get away from the no-nos of what’s traditionally attractive!! The “gross” and “weird” stuff really stands out and can be endearing. Also: Posture plays a big part in portraying a characters’ personality! If you want them to look confident, puff out the chest and cock those hips! For the opposite effect give them a good slouch, wrinkle those clothes, slump them shoulders.

I also suggest looking at the work/character designs of Stephen Silver (character designer for Kim Possible among other AMAZING THINGS). I think it was in one of the Penny Arcade collection books where they mentioned that he said something about “having a unique silhouette for each character” and that REALLY stuck with me! My work is nowhere near as fantastic and delightfully unique as his but I really REALLY suggest studying his lines! Every line counts and you gotta learn when and where to put/omit details.

For facial expressions I will always think about RUBBER. The face can stretch way beyond the bounds of your head shape and it’s SO MUCH MORE FUN THAT WAY!! I get a lot of inspiration from stuff like Looney Toons and Disney. Also the more comedic the character, usually the more exaggerated their expressions and proportions are. My favorite characters are never understated (though there’s nothing wrong with those types at all!) and I adore when there’s a lot of emotion or humor to be exploited there. Eyebrows are a big thing for me lol and I get a LOT of expression out of them. Lots of shapes, thicknesses, and fun to be had with eyebrows. Don’t forget about the eyebrows!! Same with mouths because there’s a lot going on there and you can stretch them and make them snarl or smirk and ahhh I just suggest drawing a lot of crazy and out there mouth shapes. Stay away from the anime “UnU” look all the time because while it’s not a bad resting face, it gets boring really quickly. Same-face is the enemy!!

I hope this helps! Sorry it ended up being super long (or was this too brief? I could honestly go on and on…) but I really hope it’s useful in some way! ^^; I’m not a pro but I’ve been drawing a long time. I’m a combo of self-taught and school-trained and I try to apply what I’ve learned and what I like in order to get something fun and interesting. Thanks for reading and taking the time to come into my askbox and say such wonderful things! :DDD


Thanks for your kind words, @hurriicanei! They mean a lot to me :) I decided to go with Kenma so hope you like it!!! I’ve tried something with the colouring that I never did before so it may look a little shabby. ANYWAY this ask came in a perfect time! I was in the mood to draw something and didn’t know what, hehe. Thanks again!