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Today is the day! A few hours away from Episode 18 ;-; .. check out this amazing charinina fan art by @amoressecos on twitter it's so beautiful. I swear the past two weeks felt like two months! We've been speculating a lot let's see how things will go xD and NEXT WEEK WE WILL HAVE A DANCE SCENE

You mean this??????
THIS IS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL OMG THEY’RE TOO SWEET and, like, if I hadn’t already 10+ sketches of Chari in casual clothes this would inspire me to draw more… but tbh it gets me inspired anyway lol!

Same, this two weeks break was a hard challenge, but we somehow nailed it! Now it’s only a matter of hours aND THEN YASS NEXT WEEK IT’S THE DANCE SCENE WEEK AAAAAH I’m so happy snb is back 😍

Guide to Borderline: #2
  • ((Before I start, I want to point out that there are other types of bpd, not everyone fits in this "guides" but if you agree feel free to like/rb the post.))
  • x
  • What BPD People Think When You Tell Them;
  • x
  • Let's go out sometime!: When? Everyday is a possible "sometime" so you gotta be specific. Also, should I call you/text you first? Because I will totally wait for you to do it.
  • x
  • Get ready! I am coming to get you! : No. Just no. When I have to go outside I have to prepare myself for days you ain't getting nothing friend.
  • x
  • Why didn't you tell me? : I probably hinted it and you probably missed it because it was a way too small hint so I still secretly blame you for not asking more so I have reasons but they gonna sound stupid.
  • x
  • What is wrong: If you don't want me to keep repeating my "I wanna die because" list then you should stop asking stupid questions.
  • x
  • You are overreacting: Ok I am not, but I can't explain that I am not overreacting because you would see that overreacting too but my settings are just higher then yours so my normal is overreact for you.
  • x
  • Do you miss them?: Honey I miss everything. I miss my fucking self what the hell do you think?
  • x
  • Calm down: Omg what is next? Get yourself together?? Go get your life and hopes and ambitions back?? Which universe you live in pal that ain't happening.
  • x
  • Wanna tell me? : I want to tell my whole life story to people that is passing by the street rn of course I want to tell you. The real question is, you wanna hear a real sad and fucked up story that is my life?
  • x
  • I love you: For now.
Girl bullies and beats up my sister, I make sure the popular kids hate her next year

Happened a few days ago, still grinning about the look on this girl’s face.

I want to start by saying that my little sister isn’t very popular. She’s not great at being social, she doesn’t wear popular clothes, she has blue hair. She’s very anxious around people, but she’s one of the sweetest girls ever. She’s in eighth grade. Kids are shits, so this year’s been hard for her.

One girl in particular targeted my sister. This girl had been spreading rumors about her, and after a while, it started getting around that she wanted to fight my sister. Being the anxious girl she is, my sister never told a teacher. (The school is terrible anyways, the teachers would have never stepped in.) Later that day, this girl attacks my sister. Everyone crowded around them while she suddenly started punching and kicking my little sister. One boy stepped in, literally throwing the other girl off of her. This has had a major effect on my sister’s mental health. Her grades dropped and she started panicking before each school day. If I could, I would have done far worse to this girl. However, my sister begged me not to, saying that she just wanted it to be left alone.

Fast forward a few weeks later. The eighth graders come to the high school I go to as some sort of orientation for when they’re freshmen next year. I was eating lunch with my friends, many of which happen to be very popular at the school (they’re on the student body, so they’re also involved in a lot of school decisions.) They’re well known at the middle school, too. A group of eighth graders come up to our table, and we’re supposed to help them out with any questions they have. They noticed that many of the people there were popular, and were trying to hang out with cool older kids I guess.

I recognize the group instantly as the girl and her friends who ganged up on my sister. For some reason, she doesn’t recognize me.

They start talking to us, and it’s obvious that they’re trying to make themselves sound cool. The  'ringleader’ girl asks, “Do any good fights go down here?”

I stared at her and said, “No, people here have better things to do. It’s sad when someone attacks another person for attention.” My friends agreed. “It’s disgusting,” one girl said. “I hate people who do that. It’s so disgusting.” I’m still staring at her when I say, “Actually, something like that happened to my sister down at (middle school). People that do that kind of thing are just sad. It’s not welcome here.”

That’s when she recognizes me. Her face went tomato red. Her friends chimed in, glancing at her every now and then. “Yeah, I heard about that, I can’t believe people still do that.” “I hate people like that!” Another one of the eight graders exclaimed.

The girl mumbled that she had to go to the bathroom and stood up, obviously waiting for her friends to go. They just kept talking to us, so she awkwardly walked there alone. After the eighth graders left, I explained what happened to my friends. Looks like she won’t be getting along here next year at all.



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I wish I could stop my zelink feels but as I go along and it builds up, it doesn’t stop. Espeicially after this scene when you find Zelda inspecting the Shrines. Like…omg, that scene.

So here I am, making my own assumption of what happened AFTER Zelda yelled at Link and putting in my own interpretation of his personality here too. Like, he never smiles and seems so bland all the time. Either he was going to be emotionless or had some real shit going on in his head during the whole time. Just gonna make him tsundere if ya’ll don’t mind~

Either way! I hope you enjoy this doujinshi…comic…whatever! Enjoy!! *flees*

Next Part!

Fortunate Mishap - Yuta (M)

A/N: Sorry I’m so late… I always do this UGH. It was pretty smooth sailing in the beginning but then I hit a point where I was kinda stuck and didn’t know what I was doing… ;-; hopefully it ain’t obvious tho

Also, Imma add an epilogue in a few hours or smth… I just wanted to get this up bc I know yall been waiting

-Admin Kay

Pairing: Yuta x Reader


Word Count: 3,673

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Some thoughts/theories for season 6

I think the 10 girls are gonna say they were Piscatella’s hostages or something so they don’t get in trouble. But when you think about it, Piper got like 3 months left so maybe not..
I think maybe there will be a time jump because right now they can’t stay in Litchfield and all the other girls are separated and we can’t follow them if they’re not in the same prison. Well I don’t want to.
Time jump or not, I hope Lorna will realise she loves Nicky, because I really think she does.
Also I liked Vauseman this season, it was healthy for once, and I want more so please, please let them be happy. I could deal with some fights but I can’t watch another break up.
I also hope that Caputo will stand by the girls and help them get what they want, need and deserve. Maybe Mrs “Tracy” Figueroa will help too. I mean, the bitch has probably a conscience somewhere?

I really liked this season, the girls may be fighting all the time but they have each others back when it’s serious. I love that. I want more.

Even though she’s gone, Poussey is still a big part of the show and I don’t want her to be forgotten next season. I liked how the season revolved around her.

I swear I cried a thousand times watching the episodes.
Nicky and Lorna, Taystee, the library scene with Poussey.. and the finale omg ! When they are all waiting in the pool holding hand in a Toy Story way, Flaritza (I mean, don’t separate my girls you jerk) and Lorna all alone and Nicky who let her go to protect her. Oh boy, all the feels.

Well my friends it’s gonna be a long, long year.

So yeah, some random thoughts that I needed to say somewhere, and if you have watched the season please let me know what you think about it or about what’s gonna happen in the next one.


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It´s My Birthday and I´ll Cry if I Want to (Part 4)

Author´s note: OMG I know this took forever but I´ve been quite busy (not really, I had a block and been proscatinating af) Btw next chapter is going to be a drama queen so make sure not to miss it.

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gimme ur best moreid headcanons i'm in a mood too

  • Morgan and Reid both getting into Game of Thrones but Reid speaks through out the ENTIRE thing both on historical facts and book facts
  • Meanwhile Morgan claps his hands and talks to the tv “Don’t do it, omg ARYA” and Reid literally guesses what happens next
  • Reid hates being late to anything and gets very annoyed because Morgan always dances on that line of being right on time or late
  • Reid sits through Morgan’s night games and lays his head on his lap while Morgan drinks a beer 
  • Reid helps Morgan build fantasy football teams that actually rock because Reid is very good at guessing who’s going to be having a good season that year
  • Morgan has a great sense of smell and notices small changes, like if Reid uses a new hair product or changes cologne. 
  • Morgan is the romantic, clingy sap while Reid is a bit more demanding and “shy” to PDA
  • They have healthy banter about where to eat and directions
  • Morgan will literally do anything Reid says even if he knows its dumb 
  • R; “Try prying open the Elevator!” 
  • (logically not possible)
  • M: “Sure, ok”  

Thanks to @aftgexchange for hosting this event, and here’s my gift for @dancyon !

Andrew had always believed that his business was his business only, so Nicky’s idea of creating a Twitter account for him was one of many that Andrew was not interested in seeing come to fruition. That is, until Neil joined Nicky’s crusade, of course. Matt helped Nicky convince Neil that social media would be a fun way to engage with fans, which would help make him more visible to pro scouts. Seeing as it came from Matt, Neil was pretty open-minded about it from the beginning. After about a week on Twitter, Neil took it upon himself to make Andrew an account too. The only reason Andrew allowed this was that Neil made the Twitter handle @aminyard03, which was almost identical to Aaron’s @aminyard05, simply to aggravate Aaron and make it that much more confusing for everyone else.

Andrew used it sporadically and infrequently, but he did use it. Checking out what the foxes were saying could sometimes stave off boredom, and it was also a good way to make sure they weren’t spreading any information about him that he hadn’t OK’d.

A while back, Nicky had tweeted a picture of Neil leaning on Andrew as they slept through one of the foxes’ movie nights with some stupid caption that basically outed them to the world. Andrew was going to kill him. However, Neil had calmed him down and, after some thought, they’d decided to take advantage of the fact that they wouldn’t be asked the ever-popular questions about girlfriends from the media. It worked out in the end, but Andrew made sure to keep tabs on his cousin just in case.

In his effort to do so, he noticed a tweet from Nicky about gathering the foxes from their summer vacations to take a day trip to the beach. Apparently, Dan and Nicky had planned the whole thing and just needed to find a day when everyone was free to go. Andrew wasn’t sure Neil would be interested, what with his history of beach trips, but Neil had reassured him that he’d enjoy it if they were with the team. And so the date was set for the next Wednesday.

“I’ll stay and wait with Andrew,” Neil told Matt as he helped load the truck. They’d packed towels, sunscreen, drinks and snacks, and beach chairs they’d managed to rent from one of the school clubs.

“No you won’t,” Andrew said, tossing a bag carelessly into the truck. “You keep an eye on Kevin until I’m finished with Bee.”

Neil frowned at Andrew, but didn’t argue. After both Matt’s truck and Allison’s trunk had been filled, the foxes began piling in. Since they were down a car, illegal seating arrangements had been made. Much to Aaron’s chagrin and Andrew’s amusement, Aaron was forced to sit on Nicky’s lap in Allison’s car with Renee, Dan, and Katelyn, while Matt took Kevin and Neil.

Andrew threw his half-hearted salute their way as the cars pulled out of the parking lot before driving himself to Bee’s office.

After a pleasantly uneventful session, Andrew took his time getting to his car. Despite his lack of protest, he hadn’t had any real desire to go to the beach. It would just be hot, sandy, and miserable. Settling himself behind the wheel, he was about to leave when a notification popped up on his phone. It was just someone tweeting at him, which he didn’t usually care about enough to check since people were always tweeting at their team, but combined with his procrastination of joining the foxes at the beach, he went ahead and opened up the app.

The tweet he was tagged in read “OMG I THOUGHT HE WAS DATING @aminyard03?!?!” with a picture attached that gave Andrew pause. The photo appeared to be Neil kneeling over someone on the beach. It was hard to tell what was happening because it was taken from behind Neil, but Andrew would recognize that bright orange shirt anywhere. Whoever Neil was with, they were definitely close to be kissing. Hence the caption.

Andrew sighed and dropped his phone into the cup holder next to him.

Neil “doesn’t swing” Josten is going to get himself into trouble if he can’t keep people from taking his actions out of context, he thought. Brushing off the photograph, Andrew started up the car and made his way to the beach. Despite his nonchalant attitude toward the tweet, he couldn’t help but notice the way his body stiffened as he drove, his grip on the steering wheel steadily tightening, his teeth clenching.

By the time he parked at the beach, Andrew’s whole body was tense. He slipped his phone into his pocket and massaged his shoulder, cursing his body’s reaction.

The foxes weren’t hard to find. They were set up close to the stairs, by far the largest group there. The chairs were set up in a semicircle with a few towels laying out in front of them, occupied by Allison, Renee, and Nicky. There was an open chair between Neil and Aaron, with Kevin, Matt, and Dan on Neil’s other side, and Katelyn to Aaron’s right.

Andrew walked over and plopped down into the empty seat next to Neil, who hadn’t taken off his now-damp orange shirt and black armbands. Neil looked over at Andrew and his lips immediately blossomed into a small smile. Andrew felt the tension in his body start to drain. Mustering up his most apathetic expression, Andrew pulled the tweet from earlier up on his phone and wordlessly tossed it to Neil. Caught off guard, Neil almost dropped the phone in the sand.

Upon seeing the picture, the corner of Neil’s lip quirked upwards. Andrew side-eyed him and the corner of his own lip quirked downwards.

Of course Neil would be amused. The picture was obviously not what the fan made it out to be.

“Next time, don’t let your obsessed fans twist the story,” he said in an attempt to sound more annoyed than relieved, but Neil could see right through him.

“Do you want me to tell you the whole story?” Neil offered, trying to school his smirk back to neutral.

Andrew shrugged.

“Matt and I were swimming and a big wave came and knocked this unconscious guy into me,” Neil started, gesturing at the photo before tossing the phone back to Andrew. “Matt helped me carry him out, but the lifeguard wasn’t paying attention and Matt doesn’t know CPR, so I did it myself.”

Andrew glanced over at Neil again.

“What a hero,” he scoffed.

Neil’s smile softened.

Gazing at Andrew, he murmured, “I’d save you too.”

Andrew held his gaze, his bored expression unchanging.

You already have.

His eyes flicked down to Neil’s lips and back again.

“Yes or no?”

Neil looked around at the other foxes and raised a brow at Andrew, but none of their teammates were paying them any attention, so Andrew didn’t move. Neil’s smile didn’t fade as he leaned in further and murmured his affirmation against Andrew’s lips.

The kiss was short, but Andrew’s body finally relaxed as his lips pressed into Neil’s. Neil ran a feather-light touch down Andrew’s arm that might have made Andrew shiver had it not been so hot outside. When they split apart, Neil’s grin had only grown. Andrew huffed, but didn’t say anything about it.

Later that night, Andrew received yet another Twitter mention. He’d about had it with social media for the day, so he planned to delete the notification and head to bed. Then he noticed that it was from his cousin, which was never good. He could already feel the headache forming. Rubbing the bridge of his nose with a sigh, Andrew pulled up the app and read the tweet by @nickyhemmick, which said “ah, young love! @aminyard03 @neiljosten.” Attached was a picture of the kiss Andrew and Neil had shared on the beach.

Since Nicky had been sitting right in front of them, the quality was really clear. Andrew took a moment to appreciate how Neil’s lips were curled upward in a smile and how calm his own expression was. He saved the photo to his phone—not that he would ever tell Nicky that—and went to track down his cousin. He was still going to kill him.

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You're my favorite artist on this site. I absolutely LOVE your art style and swan? best webcomic ever. I'm super excited to see whats going to happen next. But honestly i never know how to tag stuff on your art so i just put "hashtag love it hashtag fav artist" but irl im like THIS IS THE BEST OMG SHE BLESSES MY SOUL SO MUCH WITH HER ART I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART, LOOK AT IT, IS IT AMAZING??? YES OF COURSE IT IS CUS SELENA DID IT

hghdfjkgjdhkdjf anon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im blushin youre too sweet <3

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Can I have some hc of Bakugou and how he would react with a s/o that just can't be fazed by him? So every time he is screaming or threatening his classmates his s/o just goes and cuddles him and they won't let go until he shuts up. (He could just push them off but he doesn't want to hurt him so he gets super frustrated)


Bakugou Katsuki

  • The first time it happens, the boy doesn’t know what to do. One second he’s yelling at Izuku and the next his arms are clamped down to his sides because s/o wrapped themself around him in a bear hug!
  • Lots of blushing because no one really gets close physically to Bakugou other than fights and he’s so not used to this amount of affection.
  • “If you don’t stop yelling Bakugou, then I’ll have to think of a way to make you quiet.” Is what his significant other would say suggestively to him.
  • Wanting so bad to push them away because too many people are looking at him but being torn since he doesn’t want to offend his s/o.
  • Sometimes he’ll just admit defeat and hug back. It’s not so bad after all having his s/o so close to him.
  • The s/o kissing him to shut him up after yelling too loudly and he blushes so heavily.
  • Classmates hiding behind s/o or threatening to tell the s/o if Bakugou does anything to them.

Can you do a Bruce x Reader having sex after he saves her? Omg I’m so excited” - Anonymous 

It’s precious followers like you that keep me going, here you are love❤️

It was just supposed to be a simple run to the grocery store. Nothing more, nothing less. How were you supposed to know that some thugs were looking for a fight with Bruce, your husband. You didn’t know anything! 

It wasn’t your fault thought, it happened so quickly. 

One minute, you’re contemplating on what you should help Alfred make for dinner on Sunday and the next, you get knocked upside the head with what it felt like a metal bat and thrown into a van. 

Next thing you know, you’re tied up to a chair in the middle of a huge abandoned warehouse you were sure was way outside Gotham and guys with weird clown masks started taunting you about Bruce and then saying “"Batman ain’t gon save you know!” Or “ if your husband knows what’s good for him, he would follow the ransom”  

Of course you were scared. You were just a working wife and mother to four boys, you weren’t a fighter. You didn’t like violence. Hell, you still worry about the boys when they go out patrolling with Bruce every night. 

But, thank god for Bruce’s over protectiveness and him putting a tracker in your cellphone for situations like this because after thirty minutes, he was there to save the day….or night. 

You watched as he fought with ferocious anger and the way he handled every man was just……you couldn’t explain it. 

Bruce was all man. Through and through. 

A man with an intimidating demeanor , a man with beautiful posture and a man of such class, it almost scared you. 

But it shook you up. In a good way. 

Oh, you loved it when he took charge of things and just commanded things. 

Yes, he was all man. 

When he took you back home from that kidnapping, he did not stop until the both of you were in the master bedroom. You were fine with the way he swung you into the room and pushed you on the bed, not before locking the door, of course. 

Quickly taking off the top part of his suit, he tossed it aside, letting it bang on the floor loudly and climbed on top of you and kissed you like he never had before. Oh, the kiss was the match that lit your fire. You let his tongue wrestle with yours softly as his hands explored ever inch of your quivering body. Ripping open your button up blouse, gripping your buttocks, making you gasp in his mouth as your own hands slide up and down his muscled bare back and chest you loved so much. 

He moved his soft lips to your neck, sucking and licking your trigger spot just to hear you groan out in pleasure. He loved that sound you made. He loved how you let him control everything that was your body. It just made him want you more. Hell, he could go all night with you. 

Sliding both your panties and your trousers off, he kissed down your stomach, while giving you a seductive smirk as he ran his long you get up and down your stomach, watching you squeal and squirm under him. Oh yes, he was planing on going all night with you. 

Not even bothering to tease you, he went straight for your wet pussy, letting his toumge lick up and down and around your clitoris. That made you yell out and arch your back. Your hips would be bucking if he wasn’t holding them down with his big, rough hands as she went to town on you.

You kept moaning loudly, gripping his hair and occasionally, looking at him look at you with that same smirk, knowing that he does this to you. Knowing that he controls you. 

And you loved it. Oh, how you loved it. 

Sucking noises and moans filled the air as you were in pure bliss at the feeling he was giving you. And just as you were about to cum, he stops.

Just like that. He stops. You wanted to beg him to keep going and never stop but as soon as he took off his trousers and shoved his huge cock inside you, everything came back. 

All that pleasure filled you as he pumped in your physique. Going faster and faster as you kept moaning his name and leaving scratch marks on his back. 

He pumped into you as his head buried inside your neck, whispering “"You like that? You want me to go faster?” And “"Oh, I love your body so much,ahhh” 

The bed creaked, the room was sex filled and you were in great amount of pleasure. 

As all of that pleasure kept building up, your screams got louder and louder as his thrusts got harder and faster. He whispers. “ Let it go baby, let all go.” 

And that’s what you did. You released all of yourself on him as he released himself in you. 

Thrusts getting sloppier and slower, you both moan out your orgasm until it was over. 

Not even bothering to move off of you, Bruce stayed on top of you, sweaty as you are and out of breath. 

He rocked your world, left you sore, but you didn’t care. You were in too much of a good mood from your bedroom olympics to care about body pain. 

Hell, you didn’t care if anyone heard. All you cared about was your man that was on you, just as tired as you are. In pure euphoria. 

A/N: I’ll be the first to say this, I have written smut but never posted it. Now that I know people actually love my writing, I’m more confident on doing more of these. So thank you for this. 

Let me know what you think, I seriously want your feedback, it helps me become a better writer. Thank you love, hoped you enjoy ❤️

Do I Really Know You? (Jughead x Reader) *Part 3*


“Do I really know you” PART THREE PUH LEASE

A/N: You guys wanted a part 3! So Here you go. Let me know what you think. (Sorry it’s a bit short! the next one will be longer.) Requests are Welcome!


-Part 1 - Part 2 -

A few tears escape and you rush out of the room.

As you rub your face from tears, you run straight into someone

“(Y/n)?” His voice softens when he sees your red eyes. “What happened?”

You just shake your head. “What are you doing here?” Your voice still shaky from the tears.

He blushes a little. “I came to wish you good luck and to see if you wanted to grab Pop’s after the game?”

You nod and wipe the remaining tears from your eyes. “Of course. I need one of Pop’s burgers.”

He sends you a half smirk and clutches his chest. “A woman after my heart.”

You let out a giggle and shove him lightly. “Shut up, Jones.”

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Can you do the sexual tension hcs but for Steve

-Steve is not subtle about it
-but he’s not vulgar
-he’s very sweet and cute
-of course he uses cheesy pick up lines
- “can I get your insurance number?”
- “um no?”
- “because you just stole my heart”
- “Jesus”
-of course you laugh at all of them and end up blushing
-whenever you pass the DX it goes something like this
- “have my babies!”
- “in your dreams Steve Randle!”
- “I guess I’ll be sleeping well tonight!”
-and it’s utterly adorable
-but seriously the sexual tension is really intense
-Steve will just touch you lightly on your arm when no one’s looking
-and your heart literally starts racing
-whenever you guys are sitting next to each other
-he does that shit where he accidentally touches the tips of your fingers
-and heaven knows it’s no accident
-he’s always staring at you
-like he’s literally undressing you with his eyes
-and let’s just say everyone can see it
-literally these are all his conversations now
- “hey Steve”
- “…”
- “Steve?”
- “…”
- “y/n is naked”
- “what?”
- “there we go”
-soda literally ships you two until the end of time
- “just bang already!”
- “omg soda wtf”
- “oh my gah no”
-one day you go into the curtis house
-and Steve
-is looking
-might fine
-laying on the couch
-cigarette hanging from his mouth
-you guys make intense eye contact
-he literally drops his cigarette onto the carpet
- “wtf Steve”
- “shut up soda
-you somehow mysteriously bump into each other in the bathroom
-and well
-you can guess what happens next

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what happened in josephs ending im so concerned and anxious omg

Ahahahha. So basically, you go out on a couple dates, he’s a nerd and a sweetheart, you go out on his boat, the boat run out of gas, you get down and dirty on the boat after a few glasses of wine, plan another date in the afterglow, and then the next day he tells you he’s gonna try to fix things with Mary. No warning at all. It goes straight from “haha I really like you let’s go on a date” to “well it’s been fun but i’m getting together with my awful wife.”


“Aren’t you happy for Andi?”
“You can say girlfriend.”
it is time! Finally! Ahhhh! I am stoked! Ohboyohboyohgaygaygayboy!
Well, not straight.
Oh boy, i am FREAKING OUT

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(ahhh i would totally date u too btw) but the good days for isak and even are so so good (as isak tells eva) and its almost unbelievable, like they'll sit and cuddle for hours on end and be totally happy, then the next day go to the movies and isak loves hearing even talk about his favorite directors, and then even's watching isak and sana study for their exam, and it's all just so good no matter what it is. even when small things go wrong for one of them, the other is always there (i missed u)

(i missed u too!!!)

and what’s always incredible to isak is how rapidly some of the bad days can turn into good days with just a few simple words or touches from even.

maybe it doesnt work with the worst days, when his brain is pulling him down into a tempest of swirling anxiety and everything being too loud and too bright and too much, but then, even is still right there with him, and he’ll be there through it until isak comes out the other side and they get a good day again. it makes everything so much easier to know that he gets those good days after everything; he gets through it, and even is always there with him, loving him.

and isak knows, when he can get past the irrational thoughts, that even feels the same - that isak is always there for him, through every bad day, sometimes to make it better and sometimes just to wait it out. isak will always stay through the bad days - how could he not? as long as there’s a chance that he can make it better, turn a bad day into a good day, or just a vaguely bearable day, he will always stay. he will always stay.

the good days, though.

-snuggling in bed with warm mugs of tea and coffee, laughing softly in the morning light, nuzzling into each others necks and just existing in the same place, in a corner of the universe thats separate from everyone else, and entirely theirs.

-or being with friends, hanging out in the park holding hands, isak letting even braid yet more flowers into his hair, pressing summery kisses onto each other’s cheeks, laughing at their friends’ eyerolls (because honestly, they all learnt that skill from isak) and proceeding to act yet more in love because it’s so good, they want to show it off, because they can.

-or when even practically pulls isak down the street because he’s so impatient to get to the cinema, although it means they’re going to be so early, but even can’t wait for isak to see this new film because he’s going to love it. isak can’t wait either, he lets himself be pulled with only one obligatory grumble, and when they get there, and surprise, surprise, they’re early, he kisses even’s cheek and tells hihm how excited he is for even to show him this movie.

and the moments that they could miss, if they weren’t paying attention. the moments that maybe they wouldn’t treasure so much if it weren’t for how they feel about each other and everything they’ve been through together. the moments that make the good days into the best days.

moments that even sometimes captures on camera or on paper -

-isak, sitting at their table, studying with his cheek in his hand and nearly dropping off because he’s bored and tired and hee just wants to lie down on the bes next to even but he needs to get some studying done before his test.

-isak, playing fifa, with his feet in even’s lap, and he’s not really concentrating on the game, because even, but the look of concentration is still on his face and even is itching to kiss it away (which, soon enough, he does.)

-isak, across the room with the boys, throwing his head right back because mahdi just perfectly dragged magnus and he can’t hold back from bursting with laughter.

and maybe isak isn’t one to film even, or draw him, but there’s the little moments he commits to memory anyway -

-even, in isak’s shirt and a pair of old sweatpants, in the kitchen, singing along to crappy pop songs on the radio while he makes breakfast.

-even, sticking his tongue out as he sketches - usually he’s sketching isak, but that’s not important for the memory - it’s the way he looks down at the paper, brow furrowed and left hand tapping against the table in concentration, unaware that isak is observing him and adoring every inch, every millimeter, every atom, of him.

-even, being pulled into a hug by magnus and clapped on the back by mahdi and shaking jonas’ hand, because they’re even’s friends too, and isak feels so much warmth just watching them.

yeah, the good days, the little moments, everything they have together - its all worth it.

Boruto ep. 19 Recap

•that Uchiha crest & eerie ass music started playing right off & I swear, I started getting flashbacks. I had to pause the episode really quickly. Whew.
•Lmao! Sai asked Inojin if his drawing was graffiti! Ifuzhvsvshdjkx! Ok Inojin, your daddy’s super beast scroll might be old school but it’s 10 times bigger than your lil Pomeranian
•This lil boy tries to do everything differently so he won’t be like his dad but essentially, fails.
•Lol Shikamaru! Got his ass!
•Shikamaru still out here stating the organic facts. Boruto is Naruto’s son & Shikadai is truly his son. 😹
•*sigh* poor Sarada. She’s over here watching all these hot ass messes, father & son duos.
•Biiiiihhh! I can’t believe they have Sasuke wearing the Akutsuki robe framed in their house. Jcjxhvsvsjsiofkfk! I am DOWN! Omg.
•Sarada wants ALL the tea & she wants it now!
•My girl really went to the library to get the information she needed. I love her. Cause reading is what? FUNDAMENTAL!
•Information on Sasuke is restricted & that would raise a red flag for anybody. Sarada is not dumb.
•I’m so sorry, Sarada. Hmm. I wish you didn’t have to go through all this. It’s…a lot.
•Yamato could have built her another house but since he’s babysitting Orochimaru…
•Yass, Karui! She’s so sickening.
•it was so cute when ChoCho said Sarada is her best friend. I live for them.
•jxjxhsbajskdkkcch! MITSUKI, PLEASE! Mind your business! Lmao! He came outta nowhere & started telling them about themselves. Omg. 😹

Thoughts on next Ep:
•There’s a lot that’s gonna happen but I’m looking forward to seeing Naruto interact with ChoCho & Sarada.


Yasmin: So what exactly happened on your little outing? I know it went well but I need deets!

Knox: Well we really only talked for a little while before we were so rudely interrupted, and then we talked a little more outside. We’re gonna go out again, so that’s a good sign I guess?

Rhen: Awwwwww! When’s next time?

Knox: I don’t know yet. *quietly* hopefully soon..