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the thumbnail for the new dapg video made me do a double take. why did they edit it so it looks like phil's leaning on dan's shoulder. why would they DO that. my poor demon heart

ahaha i see what you mean

to me it looks like phil is actually riding dan’s back

not sure this will help their gaming skillz but i’m not complaining

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If there was anything I expected to have answered in canon, it was how Hashirama discovered he could do Mokuton. Now, all I can think of is Tobirama hearing Hashirama screaming one morning, walking in to see a sapling growing out of Hashirama's navel, and going "well this isn't what I expected when cousin Akaashi told us about morning wood. Only you would be so literal, brother."

I am crying omg.

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is the ask box still open? i hope it is ; v ; after essys ask i had to ask bc similar happened to me. hw would UTsans, USpapy and UF bros react if their SO cut their finger on a mop, nearly ripping the finger and blood is pooling down their hand and arm. instead of crying they laugh and squish the blood while they say "well, cant be MOPing around ayy" they have to get stitches for it




AYYYYYYY. Red laughs at the puns, then tosses you a first aid kit to help you patch yourself up. If you’re able to crack jokes like this, then it can’t be too bad and you’ll be fine. But sucks for you because you’re going to have to mop the blood that you spilled. Red is rather unhelpful right now. 


Fell was gonna help you. He was gonna wrap up your poor wound while scolding you to be more careful, then kissing it to make it better. But no. You just ruined it with your pun. Goodbye now. You’re on you’re own. 



Eyyyy. Sans cracks a joke back. Then you crack another. Then so does he. You two both get into pun wars while you’re standing there, almost bleeding to death, and making a mess on the floor. On the plus side, at least you have a mop. Sans patches you up and kisses your wound to make it feel better. 



OH NO. Stretch is rolling on the floor laughing because holy shit, that was hella good. That was a fucking good, he’s dying. Stretch completely forgets about the blood until a few minutes later, where he’ll pop into the kitchen you to get some band aids, then patch you up, all while giggling. You’re the best. He loves you so much. 

sn*wb*rry shippers may 2017: IRIS DESERVES BETTER! She could be so much more than just a love interest, they need to give her something to do without Barry!

sdcc july 2017: Well actually, while Barry is stuck in the speedforce, Iris will be leading team flash.

sn*wb*rry shippers july 2017: *barely contained rage* WHAT!??!! Omg this is ridiculous. Iris is useless! She could never lead anything, she’s just a love interest!

  • Emma: omg. It's always dad, dad, dad. I mean, yes. I work. But when I'm home, we play, I take them to the park, I change their diapers, I read them stories. I DO EVERYTHING! But nooo, Killian walks into the room, and I'm suddenly chopped liver!
  • Killian: um... love-
  • Emma: no! It's not fair! I'm just as much fun as you are. Why do they like you better?
  • Killian: they don't. I just have cookies.
  • Emma: what?
  • Killian: cookies, love. *hands over a small bag* walk in with a bag of these and they won't even know my name.
  • Emma: have you been bribing them this whole time?
  • Killian: maybe...
  • Emma: ...
  • Killian: oh come on! They eat their vegetables! One cookie isn't going to spoil them!

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I love Eggsy too omg can you do 65 with him please?!

It was late when he came home. Although you weren’t sure what time it was when the door opened, the moon had been in the sky long enough to begin to disappear. You were sitting on the couch he’d bought the weekend he’d asked you to move in with him, staring at the door and waiting. “Love, I thought you’d be asleep by now.” He hung his coat by the door before walking over the couch and sitting beside you, his brow furrowing with worry. “Love?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” you said, your voice weaker than you wanted it to be. You cleared your throat before you continued, “Not until I knew you were safe.”

He set his hand on your leg, squeezing your thigh and pressing a kiss to your temple. “I’m always safe.”

“Safe like you were when Merlin called to tell me you were in the hospital last week?” you countered. He had been so pale lying in the bed hooked up to what dozens of beeping machines. His eyes hadn’t opened when you’d said his name, but his fingers had twitched at the sound of your voice.

Eggsy stood up, running a hand through his hair and taking a step away from you before he spoke. “What do you want me to do? I worked for this! I’m not going to stop just because—” he turned back to you, your lips moving and cut himself off. “What’d you say?” he asked quietly.

I don’t want you to stop,” you repeated, staring down at your feet and wringing your hands together. “You do good work, Eggsy. You save people, and you do it knowing no one will ever know what you do.” The tears you had been fighting since the sun set finally won. “I don’t want you to stop, I just want you to come home to me.“

The anger dissolved from his face and he crouched down in front of the couch, taking your hands in his. "I promise you, I will always come home to you.” He let go of your hands and held your face gently, pulling you close and kissing you softly. “I will always come home to you.”

Send in a number and character for a drabble

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a few more hours to jonerys references and jon's gonna mention dany vice versa and he's going away from the north to meet his soulmate and idk if im gonna survive or not pls help

I might not survive either, anon haha. You’re so right–she’s his soulmate. Omg now I’m teary-eyed agaaaiiiin. The hype is so damn intense right now. If we are like this TODAY, what the hell are we going to do for ep6? FOR EP7?!?!

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"What do you even see in me?" + Patater pleeeease

Hello hello! This is been so long so I’m sorry! I love writing patater though, so this was fun. I did an angsty Kent one, so I did this as angsty, insecure, Tater. 

Hope you enjoyyy

Alexei knew what he was good for. He knew he was good at hockey, he knew he was funny, he knew he was someone easy to talk to. He was a good friend.

So being with Kent was confusing to Alexei. Kent was sarcastic and bitter, often having to explain his humor to Alexei. He didn’t like to talk about his feelings as much, often falling silent when upset or emotional. Kent wanted him for a boyfriend.

It’s not that Alexei didn’t enjoy dating Kent, because he did. He felt happy with Kent, but something inside him made him wonder if he was good enough. Kent was so beautiful and so smart, where as Alexei was a little crooked and sometimes slow in understanding.

“Tater, what do you want to watch tonight? I don’t wanna watch another disney movie because it’s not as cute with us both crying. But we could watch-“ Kent pauses as he walks into the living room. Alexei’s sitting on the couch, staring at nothing. He quirks an eyebrow and says, “You okay babe?”

“What do you even see in me, Kenny?” Alexei asks softly. Kent snorts at first, going to sit down next to him. “I’m meaning it, I’m serious.” Alexei says pulling slightly. Kent’s stunned. Alexei was always so happy, so goofy and confident.

“What do I not see in you is probably a better question,” Kent answers after a while. “What do you mean? What brought this on?” He tries to give Alexei some space, but it hurts Kent to see him like this. Maybe Kent is a little closed off, but he works through his problems. He felt like their communication was much better than this.

“Just think about how pretty you are, how smart you are. You can have anyone, yet you here with me,” Alexei says a little stronger this time, “I’m worrying I put myself first instead of thinking of you. I am enough? No. What does Kent see?”

Kent thinks for a few seconds, sensing Alexei’s nervousness. He thinks he’s putting himself first, when he treats Kent amazingly.

“Alexei, you’re more than enough for me. You know how to handle me when I’m upset, you know how to make me smile. You can make me laugh with one word or one face, and you are one of the nicest people I know,” Kent starts, looking right at him. “You are so handsome, and just hot. I can’t believe you don’t see it. And maybe you don’t get all my jokes or references, but I love explaining them to you.” Kent finishes and they sit in silence for a while. Alexei takes a deep breath and pulls Kent into a hug, tucking his head into his boyfriend’s neck.

“Better?” Kent asks and gets mumbles and vibrations and response. He smiles gently and tugs his head up. “Plus you get along with Kit, no one can do that.” Alexei perks up and shoves Kent off of him and onto the couch. “What?”

“Have to find Kit now, is not movie night without princess.” Alexei answers and grins back at Kent.


“Well when I’m come back you can talk about how hot I am, I’ll do same,” Alexei says walking off, winking before he turns around fully. Kent only chuckles and goes to find a movie.

“That’s fine with me, but you better cuddle me when you get back.”


Send me prompts here! 

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wait omg how do you know the staff is livid??

listen I’m getting like third-hand intel so just know I’m repeating what I’m hearing

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I loved reading your James and Sirius argument flinching thing. May I possibly, please, kindly, beg you to write a Remus Lupin one? Pleeeeease? I asked nicely ;) (although I have a feeling I might regret this later. i already know its gonna be painful)

Anon: Hello I am a hoe for angst, esp yours, and since you did a James and a Sirius near abuse type thing, care to make it a set with our pretty boy Remus John Lupin? Bc I know that would be hella good and sad because of Moon’s lycanthropy. Thank you in advance, my dear writing angel. ♡♡

YES OMG ANGSTY MOON LET’S GO!  Just an author’s note though these aren’t meant to suggest actual or intentional domestic abuse and in no way do I condone that!! In all 3 I’m very careful to mention that this could be what happens if by accident one of you did something that made the other flinch.

  • Remus would absolutely hate fighting and he’d try to avoid it at all costs 
  • Mostly because he just doesn’t like even being in a position where he could potentially upset someone he loves but also because there’s always that part of him that’s afraid he might lose control
  • So you’d be that couple that practically never yells at one another, everything is just so easily resolved
  • He’s always so measured and calm that when you do get in arguments you just sit down and talk it out across the table from each other like it’s a puzzle you have to work through, not a huge problem
  • He’s definitely a kiss and make up kind of guy, and arguing makes you both more sad and tired than angry 
  • One day you’d have been in a bad mood all day and of course he assumes he did something wrong and you sit down to work it out 
  • And you just wouldn’t even know where to start because it’s not like you’re mad because of one obvious thing, you’re just kind of…mad? 
  • “You’ve got to talk to me if we’re going to work this out, Y/N.“ 
  • And he’s over there feeling sad and frustrated because if anyone knows how it feels to be moody it’s him so why can’t you just talk to him? 
  • You’d bicker for a little bit from your seats at the table about how he thinks you need to be more open with your feelings and you’d tell him how he’s one to talk about being guarded and stoic
  • and in a huff you’d just tell him "you don’t understand at all”
  • and he’d kind of snap and stand up and shout “because you won’t let me! how am I supposed to understand how you’re feeling if you just sit there?  I’m not an idiot, I can tell something’s wrong and if I did something or you did something you need to fucking tell me!”
  • And of course you had to have this fight when the full moon was coming up so he’d be super tensed up
  • He’d mumble something about how you’re acting like a child and push his chair in too forcefully by accident and the whole table would slide forward and you’d have to scoot backwards to get out of its way
  • His eyes would widen and he’d look at where you had jumped up in surprise and his face would twist up in pain because this is exactly what he was always afraid of, he didn’t know his own strength sometimes and he knew it, he knew it, he was too dangerous, he was a monster
  • He would look at you as if to say he’s sorry and go to leave the room but you’d quickly come up behind him and hug him and after a very tense moment he’d wrap his arms around you ever so gently and mumble “I’m sorry”
  • and you’d hug him tighter and rest your head on his chest and whisper back that you are too, and that it was a silly argument in the first place
  • He’d bend down and carefully kiss you and you’d spend the rest of the night cuddling and reading/talking because that’s all poor moony has energy left for right now </3

Cait :) 

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Okay, I just wanna say that how you characterize dark, anti, and made is like so friggin great. Every SINGLE time dark is trying to seduce the character to trust him it's so creepy and perfect and like I can't get over how well written these fics are like omg I love you writing with all my heart icantevenrightnow

Aw, thank you Anon.

There is still a little bit to go. Not sure what I’ll do with myself when it’s over.

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Isn't it just beautiful that Jon and Sansa, two characters had never interacted before prior to S6 and clearly their relationship meant little to each other, now they are each other's everything? And imagine if they got married at the end. I would find it amazing and kinda ironic.

OMGGG yes Anon! You took the words right out of my… keyboard. 

Isn’t it beautiful to see them reunited and finally working together and at home in Winterfell, trying to co-rule and do their best? I mean yeah, bickering and disagreements aside, they are hoping and doing the best they can. 

I mean a couple that rules together, stays together. And that is just beautiful! Not sure by what you mean by ironic - if you meant how these two characters that were never envisioned together finally become the poster couple for the North, then yeah, ironic for sure. But wouldn’t they make such a beautiful couple tho? And that chemistry omg, torrid! I feel sorry for the guards standing watch outside their door on their wedding night tbh..

And the wedding ooh! I hope I get an invitation to their wedding because to be honest, they’re my adopted children. 

Jonsa for life, definitely. xxx

Let Me Go (Dean x Reader)

Title: Let Me Go

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

warnings: angst all the way omg

summary: reader appears to dean as a ghost.

Originally posted by im-proud-of-us67

You would think that dying in the hunting business, you would get a proper hunter’s funeral. But that wasn’t what seemed to happen the many months ago when you did die.

“Dean, this isn’t what she would’ve wanted.” Sam warned his brother, looking at your lifeless body sadly.

“How do you know what she’d want?” The eldest Winchester challenged, sending an angry glare at his brother.

“Because Y/N was a hunter, she would want to be salted and burned.” Sam answered calmly.

He wasn’t trying to start a fight with his brother. He was just trying to state what he thought you would’ve wanted.

“Well she’s not here anymore, is she?” Dean sneered lividly, tears flooding his vision as he took another swing from a whiskey bottle.

Your death wasn’t easy for Dean. It took a toll on everyone, honestly.

You had always managed to keep everyone smiling despite all the shit that would happen. Now you were gone and so was the light you brought to the world.

You had begged to Sam to keep an eye on Dean. No matter how much it hurt, you did not want him doing anything to bring you back to life.

It was basically your dying wish.

And Sam did everything he could to keep it. It didn’t even matter how big of a wedge it drove between him and his brother. This was something he could not allow Dean to do.

There were very occasions where the hunter came close to it. To selling his soul in exchange for you.

“Dean, no!” Sam yelled, jumping out the car to stop his brother.

The demon knife gripped tightly in his hand as he ran up to his brother.

“You’ve got no part in this Sam.” The hunter grunted frustratingly.

He was drunk out of his mind, acting on pure grief and hurt.

“Tick tock Dean or this deal is gone.” The demon pressured, clicking her tongue as she looked between the brothers.

“Dean, no.” The youngest Winchester stopped him, pulling him away from the demon.

Though Dean refused, roughly pushing Sam away from him.

“Y/N will hate you if you do this,” Sam called out in a panic, not really knowing what else to do to stop his brother.

“At least she’ll be alive.” Dean responded in sorrow, giving his brother an apologetic look.

“Sorry Dean-o, deal’s off the table.” The demon grinned wickedly. “I’ve decided that seeing you suffer is much more entertaining.”

“You fucking bitch.” Dean shouted enraged, running towards the demon but it was too late. She was gone.

This is what his life consisted of now. Pure heartache and grief.

He had lost you, the only person who brought balance to his world. You were what kept him sane, helped him deal with all the pressure and guilt.

Dean was at a lost without you.

It was like he had hit the lowest of the low. He had completely turned into scarier version of his dad.

He spent the first few weeks hunting the thing that killed you. And when he finally caught up with it, he killed it.

He thought that would relieve some of the pain but it didn’t. It only brought more.

It was like the reality of your death was finally setting in. With his mind now unoccupied, he could feel every inch of your absence.

He could still sometimes feel your touch against his skin, the ghost of your lips on his. Or he would hear your laugh.

The hunter swore he was going insane.

Every night he would stare at the only photo he had of you. Every night wishing he would’ve taken more.

It was a picture he had taken of you without you even realizing.

You hair was thrown up in a messy pony tale and you wore one of his white shirts with nothing else underneath. You were sitting on the edge of the bed, your long tan legs folded beneath you.

He remembered that day so clearly.

“Wait, it’s probably my mom.” You giggled softly, Dean pampering kissed on your neck.

“Call her later.” He mumbled dismissively.

“Let me just send her a quick text then I’m all yours.” You laughed again, pushing Dean away from you.

You quickly got out of bed, picking up his white shirt off the ground and putting it on over your naked body.

Dean sighed softly, sitting up in the bed. A small smile played on his lips as he watched your brows furrow in concentration as you looked at your phone.

He grabbed his own phone, hoping to distract himself in the meantime.

Dean somehow found himself in the camera before he angled it towards you, snapping a quick picture.

The rest of that day was spent comforting you. It turns out that your mother had called you to let you know that your brother had died.

That was the first day he really saw you cry. He was sure you cried all those times he died but he never really saw. This day was the day he did.

And he was sure it hurt him more than you. His heart ached with each tear you cried and each sob that fell from your lips.

That’s when he vowed to make sure you never cried again. And he was sure able to keep it, until your death of course.

“No, no, no.” Dean whispered in alarm, dropping to his knees.

He carefully picked up your head and rested it against his legs. His hands caressing your hair and face.

“You’re gonna be okay. You’re gonna be okay.” He repeated quietly, kissing your forehead.

You coughed, blood spluttering out your mouth. Your insides were hanging on by a thread and you knew there was no way you were going to make it.

“Dean, baby, no I’m not.” You told him, reaching up weakly to touch his face.

He helped you, grimacing as you realized your usual warm touch was now cold and clammy.

Tears clouded your vision and you blinked them away, wanting to keep a clear sight of your significant other.

Dean gripped your hand tighter as he saw the tear roll down your face.

“I love you Dean,” You cried out. “I love you so fucking much, it hurts. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to leave you.”

The hunter choked back his own tears, pulling you in closer.

“I know baby, I know.” He whispered, his voice breaking. “I’ll bring you back.”

“No. Don’t your dare try Dean,” You sobbed, shaking your head. “I don’t want to come back if it means I’ll lose you.”

You pulled him down, your dry lips crashing against his for a desperate kiss.

You only lasted a few more minutes after that. At least you were able to say goodbye. To Dean, to Sam, to Cas.

Though when the reaper finally did come for you. You couldn’t go.

You knew it would ultimately lead up to you becoming one of the things you hunted, but you just couldn’t go.

Seeing Dean so broken after you drew your final breath. You just couldn’t leave him.

You stayed by his side, watching all his up’s and down’s after your death.

He wore your dog tags, the one’s you had kept after your brother’s death. You tethered yourself to them, pretty much knowing that Dean wasn’t about to stop wearing them any time soon.

As the time went on, the more you fell in grief. It finally got to the point that you appeared to Dean as a ghost.

“Y/N,” He murmured under his breath, his eyes widening.

He thought he had finally got to the point of insanity that he was imagining you. But when he saw you flicker, he knew you were real.

You were a ghost.

“Hey baby,” You whispered, your spirit sauntering forward. You braced your hands on either side of his face, feeling such a relief to be able to touch him again.

“You’re a ghost,” He pointed out, leaning into your touch involuntarily.

You kissed him with all your force, using whatever was left in your strength to stay touchable before disappearing.

You reappeared across from him.

“I miss you so much,” Dean told you, his green eyes looking at you painfully.

“I know baby, I miss you too.” You responded quietly, tangling your hand with his. “But you have to let me go Dean.”

“I can’t,” He whispered in response.

“You have too,” You urged, tearing up slightly. “It’s the only way I’ll be at peace. Only if I see you moving on with your life.”

“I love you Dean.”

And with that you disappeared again. Loosing all your strength to stay visible.

It was like his heart and soul broke all over again. Now that he knew you were a ghost, he knew he had to burn your body and all your belongings.

He had to learn to let go.

“I love you.”

A/N: i just spent the last six hours writing this and i have no idea how i feel about it omg

let me know what y'all think

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Omg what if 2Ds SO was also a singer but when she's on stage she acts like Damon? Running around doing crazy shit, constantly moving, just being a big ball of adorable/sin while she sings? What goes through his mind when he watches her perform?

(This now makes me wonder how 2D himself performs)

•"Hot damn"
•He honestly finds your performance methods unique and interesting because not a lot of people he watches does such a thing
•He literally cheers you on so loud from backstage that you can hear him over everyone else.
•Such a supportive and amused BF he is
•When you do it in private, he dances along with you to be just as crazy
•Those few times you perform together, you create a good balance of calm and wild.

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Hi! Can I get a headcanon please? With your headcanon of Sanji being a virgin, what if his S/O blind folded him so he wouldn't pass out but they could still screw and do much more? Thank you!

Omg I love this! Warning NSFW!!

• being blindfolded and laying down on his back is his fantasy.
• he doesn’t want to give you all the control, he’d grab your hips and rock into you.
• he is hella into body worship, so not being able to see you kind of bums him out.
• he still reaches up and connects his lips with whatever part of skin he can.
• he can get really sweaty And the blindfold might get uncomfortable on his face.
• “oh my Y/N! My sweet, lovely Y/N!” He cry as he thrusts up into you.
• afterwards he gives you one of his shirts, and the best aftercare ever