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I just want to say that yours headcanons and interactions with everyone here just crack me up so fcking much, honestly, you guys are a true blessing. And, if it's okay, could I request the RFA+V+ Saeran falling hard for MC but they just don't notice, like, at all, and, God help them, they are trying their very best, what the actual fuck MC (it's okay if you don't wanna do the request, I hope you guys have a great day!)

A/N: omg you’re such a cutie thank you <3 ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”and did you mean like mc doesnt notice that they’re completely in love with them??? (soRRY im so exhausted lmao) but dude i’m completely mc in that case ripperoni  ~Admin 404


               - I thought…losing his eye was like… enough to show how much he cares about you

               -He’s always making you food and snacks in cute little shapes (especially hearts)

               -When the two of you play LOLOL he’s always giving you the best loot and diving in front of your character to make sure you don’t die

               -Always joining new clubs that either you’re in, or they cover a topic you’re interested in

               -That way, he can spend more time with you and enjoy some of the same things!

               -Not to mention it he actually really enjoys it all and learns something new about you every time

               -He’s even managed to hug you close for long periods of time without turning red or stuttering!

               -But you still! Don’t! See it!

               -You always think he’s just being really nice and a great friend! Sure you secretly like him but you don’t want to ruin the friendship if he doesn’t like you back!

               -Saeyoung’s made it his personal mission to get the two of you together because Yoosung just won’t take initiative and you’re just oblivious as hell


               -He’s always hanging off of you, how are you not even suspicious?

               -Always has an arm around you, hand on your shoulder, even on your knee when the two of you are sitting

               -For fucks sake MC, he kisses your cheek and holds your hand when the two of you walk anywhere are you DENSE??

               -Always bringing you flowers, chocolates, you name it


               -He’s so dramatic about everything. Every time you don’t react to his romantic gesture, he’s practically throwing himself to the floor in a sobbing fit

               -He’s even held you by the shoulders, looked you in the eyes, and told you how much he really likes you

               -You just responded with a tilt of your head, innocently asking, “Like…. you like-like me?”

               - hoW HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED BY NOW?????

               -EVEN AFTER THAT, YOU’RE STILL OBLIVIOUS. MC, why. Just, why. He loves you but wOW


               -She’s not exactly surprised that you don’t realize her feelings

               -More subtle with her emotions than the rest of them

               - even jumin is more open about his feelings for you, who would have guessed

               -She’s always inviting you to attend new cafes, or to show you her favourite ones!

               -Also makes you a lot of coffee/tea and cakes!

               -The two of you spend a lot of time discussing books the two of you have read, and theorize about those that abruptly ended

               -Always looking you straight in the eyes, smiling, and will constantly turn a light shade of red

               -But you don’t get it?? Is she getting a fever? Is it even hot enough in here to make her red like that? Is she alright?

               -You’re always putting your hands on her cheeks, trying to see if she’s ill and it just makes her blush 10x more

               -Dammit MC she’s gonna pass out at this rate, get your hands off of her, just notice that she likes you so the two of you can cuddle and she can get over turning as red as she does!


               -You’d think it’d be really obvious

               -I mean the man has next to no emotions but when you come around he’s practically a puddle on the floor- how in the world don’t you notice?

               -Always making sure you’re comfortable with anything the two of you do

               -If he invites you to lunch and you don’t like the restaurant, he’ll cancel his reservations and find a new place immediately

               -AND HE DOES EVERYTHING HIMSELF. Not once does he ask Jaehee or another employee of his to set up plans or grab something for you

               -Listens to your opinion more than anyone else’s. He’ll take it to heart and do whatever you suggested (that is if it isn’t drastic)


               -The dude tried to move you into his house almost immediately, seriously MC how can you not tell

               -Completely showers you in gifts all the time. If you aren’t there to physically receive them, he’s telling you what he got you and sends you pictures

               -He thinks it’s absolutely adorable that you have no idea, but at the same time it lowkey drives him crazy because he juST WANTS TO KISS YOU, MC. PLEASE. JUST, P L E A S E



               -This lil brat tries to hide that he’s completely in love with you until he just can’t take it anymore

               -Come on he’s built you Robo-cat, gone over personally to protect you, and a lot more, what do you waNT FROM HIM

               -Sends you memes in the middle of the night because he thinks you’ll find them funny

               -Calls you at night just to talk until he can hear you fall asleep on the other end of the phone

               -He’s also buying you a lot of little things because he thought of you when he saw it, and couldn’t bring himself to just leave it

               -You’re the only one he’ll let drive his babies. HIS. BABIES. MC, COME ON

               -Always looking at you like a love-sick puppy. Whenever you do something completely adorable he gets as red as his hair

               -He’ll lightly brush his hand against yours when the two of you are walking close together, and watch to see if he can actually grab your hand

               -Gives you the Flynn Rider smoulder more times than you can count but all you do is giggle because it’s your favourite movie. Your giggle is like heaven but MC whY CAN’T YOU SEE HE LIKES YOU

               -HE EVEN SINGS THE LITTLE MERMAID SONG “KISS THE GIRL”(or he changes the lyrics to boy, depending) TO GET THE POINT ACROSS BUT ALL YOU DO IS JUMP IN ON HIS MUSICAL NUMBER. One day MC, one day.


               -He’s gentle with everyone, but you??

               -Well, he’s gentle but he plays around a LOT more

               -Playfully pushes you, pinches your cheeks, he even does gross shit like lick your cheek okay but i do the same

               -Leans close to you all the time. When the two of you talk, he’s leaning into you, staring into your eyes

               -Y'all even spend the night at each other’s houses watching movies or just talking about life

               -How the hell can you not tell that this giraffe loves you??

               -Always taking beautiful photos of you! Well…almost always

               -His favourite photo album is full of pictures of you being goofy, and packed which terrible candid’s of you, but he lOVES THEM SO MUCH MC LOOK AT HOW AMAZING YOU ARE

               -He plans trips for just the two of you so he can take pictures and you can see the sights! Takes you to romantic dinners! Y'all even go to festivals and carnivals together.

               -He’s always holding your hand because he doesn’t want to lose you in a crowd. Or that’s what you think. In reality he just wants to hold your hand; MC please he’s so cute just kiss him already


               -He just plain sucks at sharing emotions

               -But he thought he was pretty obvious?

               -Like there are times that you’re the only one he’ll even acknowledge? That’s pretty self-explanatory there MC

               -He takes you out for ice cream all the time, walks around town, whatever you want. He hates people, he doesn’t willingly go out for that. Unless you want to

               -Always invites you over to just hang out and play some games, watch some movies, or sometimes just to nap

               -Even asks you to teach him how to cook/bake, so he can spend a lot more time with you!

               -Sometimes you give him this dazzling smile that just makes his heart flutter and he can’t even look at you

               -You also like to hug him and he practically passes out every time. It scares you a little bit because you can’t figure out why?? Is he okay??? Are you dead??

               -But he steps out of his comfort zone and hugs you back?? You’re so happy and you absolutely love it! You think that maybe he’s finally becoming more social! You have no idea that he only hugs you because??? It’s you

               -Please just admit you like this man so he can get comfortable MC, he’s too awkward to ask you out himself

  • Tony: [cough]
  • Bucky: OMG, what? Are u okay? Do you feel weird? I'll take you to the doctor right now! Please don't die on me! Don't leave me! I love you!
  • Tony: The hell?
  • [because living with pre-serum Steve definitely was traumatizing]

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Hey, I was wondering; what do you use to a key your animatics? Like, equipment and stuff. And if you use a drawing tablet (Is it called Wacom??) how in the world did you get one in the Philippines?!

1.) my laptop is Aspire One (acer) (a notebook laptop)

2.) A very cheap tablet JW (but i still love it, my mom work hard to buy this for my 17th bday okay!?) Wacom?! omg im not a rich artist thank you. XD

3.) My only animation thing is MS Movie Maker (the gb is kinda smoll for a huge animation app)

(i’m an artist for fun )

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wonder if you could do a nct 127 reaction where they by accident confess to their best friend


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

[Johnny: “OMG”]
“Wait- I didn’t mean it like that!”

I think he may try to backtrack, explaining that his words came out in the wrong context.


Originally posted by nakamotens

*slow realization as to what he just said*


Originally posted by taeilmun

He’d realize his ‘mistake’ immediately and grow bashful, bringing his hand to his face quickly.


Originally posted by nctinfo

Although he’s a confident man I think he’d backtrack a bit similarly to Jaehyun, but use a more serious tone.
“I mean- I love you as a friend.”


Originally posted by neotechs

Johnny’s goofy and uses humor a lot to get out of uncomfortable situations, so I see him as doing something comedic so you will take his words lightly as a joke. He’d feel it was too soon to follow up with a sincere confession.


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Mark is all about honesty and no regrets kind of life, so I don’t think he’d backtrack. I think he’d just let his words hang in the air. He’d be a bit bashful, but he’d keep his mouth shut.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.


Originally posted by angel-johnny

I think his immediate reaction would be to cover his big mouth with his hand, shocked he let that slip out.
He’d have a weird reaction, neither confirming it or denying it, just letting his words sit in the air as he laughs.


Originally posted by donghyukslee

*fuck it, decides the time to confess is now*


Originally posted by neotechs


Liam’s to do list for him and ryder that you get at the end of the game is so sweet. He wants to get the two of them real wine and pets and even a new couch and right in the middle of this beautiful little list he says “write the question” (as in THE question). The best part is he sends a follow up email where he’s like “I SENT THAT ON ACCIDENT DONT OPEN IT” and right after he sends another where he says “actually keep it we can both add to it together” and just omg what did we do to deserve liam kosta

morning  glitter bombs.  observe my son on  this billboard.  i’m crying  ; A; 

Park Hyungsik Acting Appreciation Post

Hot damn, Park Hyungsik just kills me in SWDBS [Strong Woman Do Bong Soon].. I mean, how did our precious guy go from this:

Adorable Jo Myungsoo from Heirs

To this arrogant, less cute more manly CEO Ahn Minhyuk?

Arrogant, less cute more manly CEO Ahn Minhyuk from SWDBS

Like? How omg he’s just so handsome.. Just the two characters are almost polar opposites if you look at the visuals above.. that’s what i call great acting (though i like fall in love with main leads and second leads like a lot.. lol) 

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5, 11, 19, 24, 31, 33 for nessian bc these two destroy me on a daily basis as do your headcanons for them lmao

OMG NO-ONE EVER ASKS ME FOR NESSIAN STUFF THANK YOU. i love moriel and elucien i doooo but it’s exciting to shake things up, I hope you enjoy these OKAY LET’S GO. 

5. Who usually has nightmares?

Oooooh right off the mark with the angst/hurt/comfort. Hmm. I think Nesta’s are possibly more frequent? And they usually don’t wake her up, Cassian has to watch her thrashing in her sleep for a little while before he manages to rouse her. And if they do wake her up she never screams or bolts out of bed or really shows any sign of it outwardly? It’s all very very contained and kept within herself?

 But sometimes Cassian wakes up and she’s not there and he knows exactly what’s happened. He takes the blanket off of the bed and pads into the bathroom where he inevitably finds her curled up on the cold stone floor trying to calm herself down. He sits down beside her and wraps the blanket around her shoulders then he sits a little apart from her. He doesn’t touch her or speak or do anything to disturb her peace until she shuffles closer to him and puts her head on his shoulder. Then he wraps his wing around her and tucks her in close. 

Sometimes she cries. Sometimes she talks to him about it. Sometimes she asks him to talk to her. Sometimes she just sits in silence and lets him hold her and be with her and that helps. Cassian lets her dictate everything, he doesn’t try and push her into talking or touching him or any of it. He just sits and is there for her. When she’s ready she takes his hand and leads him back into the bedroom and they curl up to sleep together. Some nights she can’t face that and instead she takes his hand and leads him out onto the balcony. Then he scoops her up into his arms and they fly for a while until she falls asleep against him. 

Cassian’s nightmares are much less frequent but they’re far more violent and intense. Sometimes it’s his wings being shredded all over again. Sometimes it’s worse and it’s him being too slow, or not acting at all, and instead he’s watching Azriel die right in front of him while he does nothing. Sometimes it’s people he’s slaughtered on the battlefield - in some cases hundreds of years ago - that return to haunt him. But no matter what it is he lives every one of them. He feels every bit of them all over again as though he was there. 

Nesta hates them. She hates what they do to him, how sick they can make him, how much they hurt him and how that pain is one that she can’t easily take away. When he wakes up it usually takes him a moment to realise where he is and sometimes he tries to get away from Nesta when she tries to comfort him, still trapped in the dream. The times he does that ruin her even though she knows it’s not rational. But she helps him a lot. She’s very, very calm and very grounded, her voice is cool and soft and low and it helps to anchor him. 

She rubs his back and holds him and reminds him that he’s okay, he’s safe now, he’s here with her, those things are all in the past. They can’t hurt him anymore. She won’t let them. She says this so fiercely that it never fails to draw a little smile out of him and then he’s kissing her forehead and she’s pressing their brows together and he’s okay again. 

Some nights he needs to just get away. and get away now. That used to destroy her. When he would just lurch away from the bed with his head in his hands and launch himself into the air and away from his pain, from his past, from his memories…but also from her. She understands him more the longer they’re together and a lot of the time he takes her with him but…She knows when he needs space and she gives it to him. She makes sure she’s waiting for him when he comes home and she has a glass of water and a blanket ready for him and there’s a fire burning in the hearth so that he never has to come back to darkness. 

once he crawls back into bed with her she wraps her arms around him and cuddles him so tightly and doesn’t let him go. She watches over him all night and only once he’s been asleep peacefully for a long time does she let herself fall asleep again too. 


11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?

Hmm…I kind of want to be Difficult and say that…neither of them really like either??? Nesta doesn’t like horror movies because…they’re predictable and dull for the most part and she doesn’t have any time for them. Cass doesn’t much like them because they make him jump. And then he has to spend a month insisting that it did not make me jump, Nes, you’re imagining things. Nesta just -_- over romance movies and Cass is too busy teasing her for her repeated huffing and eye rolling to actually watch the thing. 

Nesta is a total Nerd I think she likes sci-fi things and fantasy things but her favourites are documentaries. She’ll just curl up in one of Cassian’s oversized sweaters and sit and stare at them for hours and hours and hours. Cassian likes them too and they sit and snuggle and watch them together. Right i have no idea why like there is no justification to this but I can see Cass having a guilty pleasure thing for like old westerns as well as old black and white movies? He doesn’t let this known to many people and he doesn’t indulge in them very often but..he is fond. 

19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?

Ahem, “Nesta ‘Sweetheart’ Archeron” - Courtesy of Captain Pet Name himself. Cassian. The answer is Cassian. (I feel like if Nesta is calling you a ‘cute’ name…you have fucked up. Like big time. And you’re probably in public with her. and she needs a way to alert you to the fact that you have fucked up big time and that your death is fast approaching but in a way that is socially acceptable? And so she just like, ‘that’s nice, dear’ and Cassian just WELL I have somewhere very important to be. the other side of the country. actually no, no another country entirely, I have to put an ocean between myself and what’s coming to me) 

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener?

Oooooh interesting. I actually think this is pretty mutual when it comes to important stuff? If one of them has something they need to tell the other then they take on the appropriate role? Cassian is actually a really good listener like he’s a great person to tell your problems to he will just absorb them all and listen so intently and you know that he cares so much about whatever it is? Like he never makes a problem feel small or stupid or insignificant? If it’s important to Nesta then it’s important to him. Nesta is a very good listener too, she’s more intense than Cassian and sometimes people wonder how much she’s taking in because she doesn’t react that much? But the wheels are turning in her head and she’s already coming up with a half a dozen plans and suggestions and ideas for what to do. She just doesn’t emote as much as Cassian does when he listens? 

When it comes to just casual every day stuff though Cassian is definitely a prattler and Nesta is quieter? If they’re just doing stuff around the house Cassian will chatter away while Nesta nods absently. It always looks like she’s not actually listening to him and is absorbed in her work but…She’s taking in every word her mate says to her. 

31. Who is more affectionate?

Cassian is much more kind of ‘typically’ affectionate? In that he’s much more sort of emotionally/verbally/outwardly affectionate in that squishy loving kind of way? He gives her lots and lots of kisses and makes her beautiful breakfasts in bed and lavishes love and praise on her at all hours of the day and night and he will do anything in his power just to tease a little smile out of her (he lives for her smiles and her laughter is like the fountain of youth to him (I KNOW HE’S ALREADY IMMORTAL, SHUT IT AND ACCEPT MY CHEESY METAPHOR)) 

Nesta…It’s kind of like the talking/listening thing again? Nesta’s is..much quieter, much more reserved, much more subtle and much harder to see? It’s the way she always knows exactly what time he’s going to be home and makes sure there’s a cup of tea sitting waiting for him on the table beside his favourite armchair (even if she’s upstairs pretending that it’s not a big deal) And in the way she’ll lift his book off of him and carefully mark his page when he falls asleep reading because she knows it takes him forever to find his place again. Or the way she can see through his big smiles and false laughter if someone says something that’s upset him and how she’ll look after him afterwards - a soft touch, her hand slipping into his, a gentle squeeze, she’s there, she loves him, she understands. It’s little kisses in public that she uses to surprise him when she knows he needs them or how she’ll go out of her way to find information on this one incredibly obscure topic that’s important to him and then brush it off like it was easy. 

So I think they’re both..equally affectionate it just manifests itself in extremely different ways. But these two were made to love and be loved with every single piece of themselves. And they give and expect nothing less in their partner.

34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt?  

See you’d think because Nesta’s technically more serious and practical and put together that Cassian would be returned to her? But nope. Nesta gets the ‘if lost’ t-shirt and Cassian gets the ‘I am’ t-shirt because he is both the commander and the mother hen in this relationship (and Nesta has a tendency to wander - like she just vaguely starts ambling because oh look, a rare book stall…oh! they have interesting paints over there I should get some for Feyre, oh flower arrangements- wait where is Cassian? so she gets lost more and is therefore in need of returning) 

ask me for ship headcanons and I’ll answer!

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Heres my thing. I love the meme you made because tbh. People trying to tell an artist or author to CHANGE what they do for saod person is kidn of bullshit...Like man thats so silly and childish?? Just unfollow that person??? Omg. Like okay so I ship lams ye ah but I also ship jamilton (tbh its your fault and i thank you for it). I also find it stupid when people say you can only have one ship with one character l well Serio u s ly. But its fun that you can take that bs in stride and make a meme!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

okay like i’m okay with taking hate comments like bitch,,, meet me behind wendy’s at 3 because then we are getting serious,,, LMAO i don’t take comments to harshly because 1.) it’s the internet, someone is bound to be a dick 2.) i had worse ngl, y'all are actually nice compared to people in real life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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omg i finally understand why you said "please don't only send a ship name" for your requests because i just got one that only says yoonseok and i have no idea what to do with it. like yoonseok is at the top of my list but ???? what do to ??? ~ ask-abstract-bts

YES!!! I RELATE!!!!! like I really don’t know how to answer to this type of asks eugugeigliugh @ask-abstract-bts

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Yours and Jefferson's son doesn't like mushrooms but doesn't tell him, one day after you were reading to him and Grace, he asks about the book's theme: honesty. When Jefferson comes home with extra mushrooms for dinner, your son looks at him all serious. "Daddy, I need to be completely honest with you because mommy says that's what good boys and girls do. Mushrooms are yucky!" Jefferson can't help but laugh because the kid has been eating them for years without saying a word.

omg i giggled 

Daddy Wednesday™

Accidentally in Marriage - Chapter 1

Series: Yuri!!! On ice

Pairing: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov

Rating: Teens and up

Link to AO3 here

Summary:   Yuuri Katsuki, one of the dime-a-dozen top figure skaters certified by the JSF, ends in last place at his first Grand Prix Final after bombing his performance. When he thinks things couldn’t get worse, he wakes up absolutely hangovered in an unknown hotel room with no recollection of what happened the previous night.Next to him is his idol Victor Nikiforov, now legally his husband.

Notes:  So I was inspired by an anon ask sent to @randomsplashes that said:
“do you know if there’s an au where Viktor and Yuuri at the banquet and, in their very drunken state, decide "omg this person has got to be the love of my life! let’s go get married!!!” and they just head off somewhere and no one stops them cause they are thinking “they are probably going to bed”. and the next day they wake up married and confused in front of some chapel like “wth…” “
As soon as I read the post I knew I had to write something and this came out! I hope the aforementioned anon finds this and, if they do, they enjoy!! Thank you so much Anon, I’m having a lot of fun writing this :DBefore you star reading, please have in mind that Yuuri is a very unrealiable narrator, so don’t believe everything he thinks. Also, I know in most parts of the world you need several documents to get married and you can’t just drunkenly bribe a random priest in the middle of the night but. This is the yoi world so let’s pretend spontaneous weddings under the effect of alcohol are a thing in Sochi.

Keep reading

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Omg Sian. Please tell me there's not going to be a lovetriangle with Richonne and Jadis. This is bs.

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

Dear Followers, I am not looking at spoilers this week and this influx of Asks about J-Bangs has to have something to do with spoilers, yeah?

The answer is obviously NO to any kind of love triangle *insert confused expression*, but I cannot discuss whatever it is that’s going on because I don’t know what anyone is talking about.

I don’t know what the spoilers are, people.

Please stop!

Thank you.


221B Con 2017 Intro!

ahhhh it’s next week omg

Name: Rachel

Pronouns: she/her

Age: almost 26 ayyy

Located: Northern Kentucky

What do you do in fandom?: All day err day I’m part of TJLC and basically I just read/write fanfics, make shitposts and memes, etc

How long are you staying?: Friday afternoon-through sometime Sunday

How are you getting there?: Driving

Cosplays: Sherlock’s Shirt Janine, with a Jealous John™ posterboard lmao (pictures of which should hopefully be up tomorrow) and also maybe some yuri on ice cosplay?

Roomies: @vanetti and @librarylock 💕

Where to find me: No idea yet! It’s my first 221b con but I imagine I’ll be buying tons of stuff from artists and just hanging out!

Drinks: Probs not, I pretty much never drink, but I don’t mind it!

Hugs: Fo sho. Bring it in fam.

Pictures: Please!

Anything else?:

I’m super looking forward to my first time at this con! I’m excited to make friends with anyone and everyone, I don’t bring fandom bs with me anywhere and I don’t tolerate pettiness or arguments, especially in person, so there won’t be any negativity! And I’m pumped to meet all my tjlc friends that will be there and eat katsudon with them. XD

Contact info: Tumblr is great! I am willing to add anyone fun to Facebook as well :)

Reblog this intro: If you want to lmao