omg what are colors

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WaW! waet- so you used rEd color Den You cHanGe itz huE- liKe- change coLor or AdD an IdK whAt :O

Omg buddy did temmie got your tongue or smth xD and yes I do that (tho sometimes I get lazy to use the red color and then change the hue, so I just choose my desired color immediately).

But I do some more ‘little’ things to spice up the shading a bit. Pretty much just keep experimenting and try new stuff! 

you know what i hate? when white people in this fandom get praise for not having discourse on their blogs. like y’all think it’s hard for them to stay silent? no bish they couldn’t care less. and i especially hate when they reply all like “omgg i know this fandom is so full of negativity!!111!1″ implying that the valid criticism from fans of color is just mindless hate like… congrats on making your blog a safe space for racists Margareth!!!!

“Are you wearing my jacket?" 


"Are you wearing only my jacket?" 



Some fan art I did for @princedeadend and their fic Don’t Break Connection, Baby. This scene is just so funny and cute and so typical of Lance lol. Please go check out this fic cause it’s amazing and give the author some love as well

Something I found while cleaning out my computer files! I wanted to color it, but now I think it’s okay like this lol

I really love this part in Breath of the Wild~