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Sanji wanted some revenge after the gang teased him about his breakup (viola left him at a mc donalds lol) so he put sleeping pills to their dinner.
And soooooo, when everyone fell asleep…this happened



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Hey G, I think I asked a while ago but can you pls do another of the things harry does post? Part 3?

part one | part two

- will drink your coffee/tea and make a grimace for you because “there’s too much sugar here, pet”

- call on your phone in the middle of the day to ask what’s the name of the song you were listening early, because now it’s stuck in his head

- wakes you in the middle of the night just because he remembered the thing he wanted to tell your earlier but couldn’t remember

- put both hands between his thighs when he’s watching a scary movie, for safety of course

-  tries to persuade inanimate objects to do things in the way he want, like when the printer is too slow and he tries to convince it to be faster, as if it could hear/ answer him

- still get nervous when he has to talk with your father, calling him Mr and Sir all the time, even after your father said that it wasn’t necessary

- pull you to sit on his lap while he’s talking on the phone, kissing and biting your back/neck/shoulder while you giggle

- say “who yeh’re smiling at?” while you scroll down on your phone as fast as possible so he won’t know that you were smiling at the pics of him with his fans in his last trip

- put a pillow under his shirt while you complete your nightly routine, rubbing his belly, looking at you and saying “see? I’m having your baby” 

- Do a weird medley of songs while he sings in the shower, going from “twinkle twinkle little star” to “woman” and finishing with “isn’t she lovely?”, always thanking the ‘audience’ for having him

- hold you from behind after you shower and says “I’m gonna smell yeh till all the perfume fade away”

- will braid your hair while you’re siting between his legs on the floor, reading out loud a old poetry book he found in a book fair

- tries to twerk when he’s sure that no one is watching

- put his cold hands on your neck just to see your body shiver with it

- has a smug smile on his face after he listened to you talking with your friend and saying how much you love him and how good you feel when you’re with him

- pouts deeply when he’s thinking about something important and you feel the need to kiss the  wrinkle on his forehead, making him smile with that

- get embarrassed when you start to poke his dimple and teasing him about how pretty he is, and how seductive his dimples are

- loves when your mom tell him stories about your childhood, asking for her if he can take some pictures of the little you - in a bath, playing with a pink ball - with him, saying that if you don’t let him sleep on your arms tonight, he’ll post them tomorrow on twitter

- cries every time he watch “The Notebook”, hiding his face on your neck and asking you if “yeh’ gonna love me till I get old? Even if I don’t remember who yeh are?” as you promise him that yes, you’ll always love him, no matter what

-  smiles embarrassed when you look at this hands and say “ omg harry you’re naked!” because he’s without his rings™, hiding his hands behind his back

first, sorry for taking so long do to this! it’s been months since you asked me and i was procrastinating as usual. second, thanks to @theheadcanonsawakens (ridicula) and @stylishmuser for helping me! i love you both very much a lot!

edit: i felt the need of add a gif on this.

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Oh m god. Oooooh my god. I'm reading your Stay Lost on Our Way Home fic and holy shit. Your writing style is so fckin great. Lil Hal is such a hard character to write but you do it SO WELL OMG.

<3<3<3<3!! thank you (hides face in pleasure)

also, my extremely complicated strategy for writing various homestuck characters:

hal: how can i make this situation worse by speaking

kankri: what if i use a bunch of words that sound polite but are also really insulting

eridan: how can i phrase whatever i’m thinking as offensively as possible

dave: sorry wait i got distracted by my own words

karkat: sorry wait i got  distracted by the towering heights of my own angry metaphor let me start over again you bulgemongering shitbagel

If you wanna love Comic Negan and TV Show Negan, do it.

If you think the show is ruining him and hate TV show Negan, that’s fine.

If you have never read any of the comics, it’s okay.

And if daddy kink helps you get your rocks off, than by all means, call Negan Daddy.

We all celebrate Negan in our own ways.

Stop policing a fictional character. If you don’t like someone’s portrayal make your own.

here’s some more maia/alec brotp headcanons:

- they literally text each other all the time over nothing. like maia would be waiting for alec to show up at the hunters moon and be texting him about a shadowhunter who’s there and is being a dick to her. and when she’s finally had enough she texts him “talk to you later, im about to cause a scene” and alec is like “MAIA OMG” “WHATS HAPPENING” “AT LEAST WAIT UNTIL I GET THERE SO I CAN WATCH”
- alec is just as bad like he’ll get bored of writing out mission reports and text her like “im dying” “ I don’t deserve to suffer like this help me” and then two minutes later maia will get another text that reads “suddenly im fine” and it makes maia laugh as she texts back “magnus is there isn’t he?” and all she gets is a smiley face emoji in response.
- maia and alec always have friends nights and izzy and jace etc always assume they go out for drinks at the hunters moon or something when in reality they both sit on the floor in magnus and alec’s living room in their pyjamas, eating take out while dragging tf out of whatever book based movie they’re watching bc lets be honest they’re the biggest books nerds, they are so the type to do this.
- maia teases alec so much for having angel blood. like at christmas, when alec, maia, magnus and izzy are there putting up decorations in the hunters moon, izzy announces its time to put the angel on the tree and maia immediately jumps in with “alec’s too big to put on the tree, he’ll break it” and alec just rolls his eyes at her. magnus asks alec if he’s stopping over tonight and maia is instantly “he can’t, he’ll be busy starring in the nativity play. he’s been preparing all his life for it”. it’s not even just at christmas she does it, one time she bought alec a pair of shoes that literally had wings coming off of them and forced him to wear them for an entire day, she found it hilarious.
- alec and maia literally are the worst when they’re together like someone can be talking to them and they’ll both be sitting there with blank expressions, not saying a word. like the time clary stormed up to alec while he was talking to maia and complained about how the clave were forcing her to sit out on the mission and maia and alec literally didnt say anything for a good 5 minutes, they just gave each other that look like “really? see what I have to deal with?” “alec, sweetie, im so sorry” while clary is just standing there like “????”

If Jamie and Claire could text: Sleeping outside her door edition
  • Claire: doing okay out there?
  • Claire: How's
  • Claire: *how's the blanket?
  • Jamie: nice and toasty
  • Jamie: thanks again
  • Claire: thank YOU
  • Claire: still can't believe you're sleeping on the cold hard floor for my sake
  • Jamie: it's my pleasure, ssnch
  • Jamie: truly
  • Claire : 😊
  • Claire: are you *sure* you don't want to come in?
  • Jamie: notonebit
  • Claire: what?
  • Jamie: what?
  • Jamie: go watch this video of kittens
  • Jamie: right now
  • Jamie: dinna scroll up
  • Jamie: just watch the video
  • Jamie: and forget what an arse I am
  • Claire: 😊
  • Claire: never
  • Claire: you're a *sweet* arse at least
  • Jamie: /your/sweetarse
  • Claire: WHAT
  • Jamie: WHAT
  • Jamie: **after you delete all texts from me
  • Claire: **knowing smile**
  • Jamie: Christ claire I'm sorry dna ken what's got into me tonight. Shouldn't have said
  • Claire: !!!!
  • Claire: OMG
  • Jamie: shit
  • Jamie: can Ye forgive
  • Claire: no no no lookit their lil paws when they tag each other!!
  • Jamie: 😊😊😊😊😊
  • Jamie: thattagirl
  • <<< three hours later > >>
  • Jamie: think we should go to sleep?
  • Claire: nahhhhhhh
  • Jamie: 😊
  • Claire: cuz I just found a vid of 18 y.o. DOUGAL MACKENZIE doing DRUNK KARAOKE
  • Jamie: godiloveyou
  • Claire: _what_
  • Jamie: LOVE *KARAOKE
Day 7: Head injury - Shiro

I honest to God didn’t think I was going to write anything for today, because I couldn’t get past the first sentence. This is kind of a train wreck but ya know what? I’m gonna post it anyways lol. I apologize in advance. Also there’s a vomit warning.

Shiro has it all at his fingertips. He’s at the top of his class, he’s on an athletic scholarship for football and is about to lead his team to victory in their first game of the season.

This is his second year as starting quarterback, first year as team captain. He’s standing in the locker room right before the game is to begin, bouncing on his heels as anxiety and anticipation rolls down his spine in waves. He’s nervous, yes, but he’s also excited.

He’s been waiting for this game all summer, this is what he’s been training for, this is what he’s been waiting for. This is it.

“Ready?” Lance asks, clapping Shiro on the back.

“More than ready,” Shiro grins, shoving his helmet on his head. “Are you?”

“Absolutely, captain. Let’s go show these bitches who’s boss,” he says, a shiteating grin on his face.

Shiro chuckles, and then they’re all running out onto the field.

The other team is pounding them hard. It’s nearing the end of the third quarter, and it feels like Shiro’s been pounded on more this game than in his entire football career.

It’s the last tackle that really screws him over.

His head ricochets off the ground, and he’s not sure if he goes unconscious or not, but when he opens his eyes, the team’s athletic trainer and their coach is hovering over him, concern in their eyes and on their faces.

His ears are ringing. Everything sounds muffled, and his vision is fuzzy around the edges.

“-iro! Shiro! Can you hear me?” Hunk asks, his eyebrows furrowed together.

His head throbs. “Huh?”

“Are you hurt anywhere?” His coach demands, eyes running up and down Shiro’s body quickly, looking for any obvious injuries.

There’s a cloud settled over his brain, and he struggles to comprehend what’s going on. “I don’t…what?”

Then there’s a light shining in his eyes. He groans, the light causing the throbbing and pain to spike.

“Pupils are dilated,” he hears someone say. He tries to place who’s talking, but his vision is blurring, and his head hurts, and everything is fading in and out.

“Shiro, look at me. Look at me, can you move your legs?”

Shiro, through the fog, manages to move each limb slowly.

Hunk sighs in relief. “Good. Good. That’s good. We’re going to get you off the field and back to the locker room, okay?”

And then something is being strapped around his head and neck, someone rolls him on his side, and he’s being loaded up onto something.

He feels himself being hoisted up, and everything goes dark.

When Shiro comes to, his head is still throbbing, and he’s in the locker room.

“Good evening,” Hunk says, coming into Shiro’s line of vision. “Glad you could join us. How are you feeling?”

Shiro puts a hand to his head, squeezes his eyes shut and let’s out a moan of pain.

“Why…d-does…nnngh…my head.”

“What do you remember?”

He groans, struggling against whatever it is strapping him down. “I have to go…I have a game…I have to play.”

Hunk puts his hands on Shiro’s shoulders, soothing him, “you need to relax and stay still. I’m not sure if you have any neck or spinal injuries. That was a pretty bad hit.”

Shiro squints. “Did we win? Why…nnngh…my head.”

“The game is still going. You whacked your head pretty hard,” Hunk frowns, “we’re just waiting on an ambulance, I think you have a concussion. Do you feel sick at all?”

“A little.”

“Are you going to be sick?” Hunk asks, preparing to get him on his side.

“No…I refuse. I don’t n-need…nnngh…an ambulance. I’m f-fine.”

The pain is staggering and is coming in waves

Hunk rolls his eyes, “you do too. You also need a CT scan.”

Shiro’s eyes glaze over, “wh-when does the game…nnngh…s-start? Why does my h-head hurt? Can I have some Advil?”

“You were playing, you hit your head and have a concussion. You can’t have any Advil yet, not until they take scans.”

“Why am I strapped down? What happened?”

Hunk sees him begin to panic.

“Shiro, relax,” Hunk soothes, putting a hand on his cheek.

“I don’t…it hurts,” Shiro whimpers, voice breaking as tears fill his eyes, “what happened?”

Shiro is asleep in a hospital bed. Heavy pain meds have gotten dulled the pain significantly, and anti-nausea meds stop the vomiting so he can finally get some sleep.

As soon as he was loaded into the ambulance, he began throwing up. He didn’t stop until he got to the hospital and they were able to administer the meds, so on top of the concussion, he’s dehydrated as well.

Luckily, he doesn’t have any neck or spinal cord injuries, but he does have a severe concussion.

One that’s going to take him out the rest of the season.

Shiro opens his eyes with a groan. Even though the pain meds get rid of the pain, and he’s no longer nauseous to the point of vomiting, he’s queasy and can still feel a dull throbbing.

His entire body hurts from the tackles, and he just wants to go back to sleep.

“You’re awake!” Hunk says, “how do you feel?”

“Uh…tired…queasy…head hurts.”

Hunk sighs, “yeah, you’ll probably feel that way for a while. Go back to sleep.”

“How was the game?” He asks, fighting to stay conscious.

“We won.”

“Is coach mad?”

“Why would he be mad?”

“Because I was out the rest of the game…did I play? I don’t remember anything.”

“You played, but you have a concussion. Coach and the rest of the team are in the waiting room. Do you want to see them, or go back to sleep?”

“Sleep,” Shiro mumbles, darkness already pulling him under.

Tease (Namjoon)

Request: Namjoon with 18 + 166
18. “Tell me what you want.”
166. “They’re all watching the movie. They’re not even going to notice.”

Reposting this because I realized I used the wrong format. Sorry :/

Warning: fingering, suggestive themes at the end (it’s not too bad dw)

Word Count: 650

Genre: Smut

•·.··.·• •·.··.·•

“What about this?” Jungkook asked as he pointed to the movie cover printed on the television screen, which immediately made the corners of your mouth turn downwards and allowed your anxiety and paranoia to slip into your hesitancy of his choice.

“Silent Hill? Isn’t that a horror movie?” You complained, leaning back on the cushion behind you as you folded your arms.

“You scared, jagi?” Your boyfriend, Namjoon, teased as he slipped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “You can always hold onto me.”

“In that case, let’s watch it. I love seeing Y/N scared,” Yoongi laughed, snatching the remote away from Jungkook. Before you could protest, the film had already begun and you probably would’ve been murdered if you got up to leave. Namjoon always loved to immerse himself in films, so if there were any distractions around him, he’d lose his concentration and his blood would begin to boil.

You were actually enjoying the movie so far. It wasn’t too far past your comfort zone and the events didn’t seem as bad as you anticipated. However, when the movie’s tone switched from peaceful to baleful, you began to tense up. Namjoon decided to take this opportunity and rest his hand on your thigh, suggesting it would calm you down. Oh boy, were you wrong.

As much as you tried to focus on the movie, you found it hardly possible due to Namjoon’s hands rubbing circles your inner thigh underneath the blanket. You flinched once his hand moved directly between your squeezed thighs, his fingers teasing at your clothed womanhood.

“We can’t, the boys-” You began to whisper, but Namjoon cut you off with a soft yet aggressive tone.

“They’re all watching the movie. They’re not even going to notice,” He smiled innocently as he slipped his hand underneath your sweatpants and panties, pressing his thumb against your clit. You bit your lip to prevent any sound from coming out of your mouth, but Namjoon’s actions almost made it impossible to do so.

You thought you could keep your composure until Namjoon positioned his fingers in front of your core and thrusted them into you, causing a low groan to escape past your lips. You noticed that Jimin’s attention was diverted from the movie to you, his expression obviously displaying concern.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” He asked, slightly confused by your sudden outburst.

“Yeah. It’s just cramps,” You lied as Namjoon continued to slowly pump his fingers in and out of you, enjoying himself as you writhed in pleasure beside him. As soon as he began to move his fingers in a scissoring motion, you grasped onto his wrist and urged him to continue.

“Tell me what you want,” He whispered with a smirk plastered onto his face. Without words, you pushed him deeper inside you, allowing him to access your weakest spots, which he gladly took advantage of as you slowly unraveled with bliss. You didn’t expect him to apply pressure to your clit with his thumb, moving it slowly in circular motions. As Hoseok screamed from the graphic images on the television screen, you decided to take this moment to let out a moan, thinking it would be quiet enough, but once again, you were wrong.

“Y/N, are you sure you’re alright?” Seokjin asked as he looked back at you with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“I-I’m going to get some pills. Come with me,” You lied as you pulled Namjoon’s hand out of you and grabbed his opposite hand, harshly tugging him to the bedroom for him to finish what he started.

•·.··.·• •·.··.·•

I’m extremely sorry about the repost, but I realized that this format was much cleaner than the other. Nothing above has changed, and once again, I apologize for the inconvenience.


Request: BTS REACTION TO YOU (their girlfriend) CRYING OVER THEIR RUN MV!! cause i am pretty sure that all of army cried as well XD

admin k: hi guys! um, this is my first time doing a bts reaction (since admin r usually takes care of any bts requests) but she’s been busy lately and this request has been lying around for a while and i’m starting to feel really guilty so to whoever requested it i’m sorry for the long wait! and i’m sorry if it doesn’t live up to your expectations! i’m not as familiar with bts as i am with exo so yeah kkkkk


The “oh my god she’s crying what did I do whAT DO I DO?!?!” guy

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The “oh my god this is so embarrassing please don’t cry jagi” guy

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The “tries to cheer you up but looks like he’s going to cry as well because seeing you sad makes him sad” guy

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The “oh nooooo, is my jagiya crying” guy

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The “oh shit. she’s crying.” guy

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The “omg she’s crying. she’s so adorable. i love her so much.” guy

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The “she’s crying, that must mean it’s good” guy

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Since your writing is so amazing, and i love the last scenario you wrote for me, please can you write me one with BTS's rap monster with an orgasm denial and overstimulation kink? Maybe i misbehaved and daddy's going to punish his little girl by making her hold off then giving her lots of orgasms at once? I'm a kinky little shit sorry

omg thank you this was really sweet, and don’t apologise for being a kinky little shit :< why do you think i have this blog, huh? This one was definitely fun though, 1,751 words!! Namjoon must really get me going. I’m really sorry this took so long but thank you for the request and I really hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it xx

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ok but …….,,, like.. …. a plot where like muse a and muse b hate each other’s guTs omg they’re always arguing and saying the most saVAGE shit 2 each other but ???? they actually really care abt each other but would rather get shot than admit it out loud…….. and like one day they’re fightin in the parking lot after school or somethin and muse b goes too far w/ what he says and muse a just bursts into tears, and muse b is like ‘shit omg i’m soRRY i didn’t mean 2 make u crY u weak ass mf’ and muse b takes them on a date 2 like dairy queen or somethin to make up for it and aw turns out they’re real sweet on each other in private and it’s ugh idk

i changed my url a couple days ago; i used to be lovelyhans.

i hit 1k the other day, and i can’t even begin to explain how thankful i am. the last 4 months have been absolutely amazing, and the amount of wonderful people i’ve met is truly astounding.

in honor of this awesome milestone, i thought i would have a celebration to thank every single one of you!! <3

here’s what this celebration will include:

  • quick blogrates
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you’ll notice that i have a bit of a moodboard theme going on

formats/rules under the cut. please don’t let this flop! feel free to blacklist “gabby’s celebration” if you don’t want to see these!

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FMk: anyone in town. Go.

Um, this is too open-ended and too many people to choose from. I guess from the few people I’ve spoken with though, I would consider marrying Dex. He’s funny and handsome. We get along good, but we would end up having an open relationship as we live life on the road, playing in a rock and roll band. Of course, we always come back to Brighton, the place where we met. We always keep saying we’re going to finally buckle down and really tie the knot, make it official; we never do though.

Along the way, I might accidentally fuck Rae or Vivian if she’s into it; they’re beautiful women after all. But it’s okay, the relationship is still open, I know Dex is messing around also. But then there’s this big dramatic twist where it turns out I wasn’t even engaged to the real Dex. It’s a cyborg moonlighting as the man named Dex Ramirez. The real Dex died at fifteen in a tragic accident. I kill Dex. I end up marrying that sensible little journalist after we bump into each other at the old cafe I used to own. His name is Logan. Turns out life hasn’t gone exactly as either of us planned. Are we in love? The town says yes because we want them to think so, but behind closed doors, I mourn the man I once thought was named Dex. Logan is good as a husband, but he also longs for another, but he feels a sense of responsibility and our vows were made before God himself so we keep up the charade. We pretend to be happily married and it isn’t all bad, we have our moments until one day the woman he’s truly in love with comes back into town. She’s beautiful. I know nothing we have can compare and so I come home one night with divorce papers and I say, “sign them, Logan. You know you want to, now go. Go to her!” We share one last hug and then he’s out the door. I shed a single tear before I decide to pack up and leave. Maybe I’ll go travel the world once more, I hear Cancun is popping this time of the year. It’s what Cyborg Dex would have wanted.