omg what a dork hahaha i love it

sagilys  asked:

(So I was the anon that told ya I was downloading all out and to see yoI) AND LEMME TELL YOU IM LOVING ALL OUT A LOT (the bara tiddies are another matter) but ohmygoshhhhh

hoi!! :D im glad u like it so far!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE THE PART WHERE GION IS SMOL AND ANGRY SON HAHAHA AND IWASHIMIZU IS TOL (AND  BIG) AND SHY AND SO SWEET LIKE HE’S SO ADORABLE :3 and the scene where gion helped iwashimizu with getting back to rugby (since what happened to iwashimizu with his friend from the past) was very cute scene tbh like aaaahhaaa i cried.  im gonna love this duo. 


ok i want to adopt yuuri right now like right now, hello my new son. i love when Viktor flips his hair lmao what a dork. he’s sexy too. we got to see his butt ;)) so i am happy. and yuri is my angry son too :3 Viktor and Yuuri yessssssssss i will ship. ship hard. 

I kinda was sad bokuto wouldn’t be in this season ): but looking forward to watching Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa :D! (it was a long match, i had to re-read it again to understand some things :0).