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Can I request a gif reaction of love at first sight for bts c:

ohhh this would be so cute….. *~* let’s do it!

Jin: Jin would just stare at her. Like legit admire her from a far, and he’ll just be in awe at her beauty. Like damn. He’ll legit be like, “woah, look at that beauty over there.” and continue staring until she notices, and he shyly looks away acting like he wasn’t look at her. but his heart would be uncontrollably beating fast as heol. 

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Suga: Suga would definitely be staring at her, and he’ll have the most precious and gummiest smile ever plastered on his face. I feel like when he’s in love, he’ll definitely really be wide awake and pay attention to whoever he’s in love with. It’ll be so cute and amazing. That smile in the gif will say it all whenever he’s fallen for someone at first sight. 

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J-Hope: Hobi not being so shy, but very (sometimes) confident around women, he would not hide his emotions, and really kind of give a reaction whenever he’s found love at first sight. He’ll give that kind of express (in the gif) when he sees someone he’s fallen for, and he’ll just totally be in awe and amazement.  

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would try to play the cool guy when he’s fallen in love at first sight, but he’ll be bad at hiding it. He’ll just be so happy that he wants to say something to that person. He’ll be uncontrollably crazy and wondering what the heol he should do because he can’t contain these feelings.  

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Jimin: Jimin would definitely try to make a move or make it obvious that he has fallen in love at first sight with someone. He’ll definitely want to make that person notice that he’s in love them, so he’ll probably smile to wide at them until they notice, but then he’ll get really shy. >3<

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V: I feel like Tae would give this kind of express when he’s fallen in love at first sight. He’ll want to be manly, but he’ll actually be a dork. He’ll make it too obvious and then be shy about it. He wouldn’t be able to contain his feels. But keep on lip biting because that person is such a beauty to him. :O

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Jungkook: My shy little bunny, when he sees me he’s just gonna - nah im kidding hahaha. but in all honesty, jungkook would definitely be so shy and adorkable when he’s fallen in love at first sight. he would really wonder what are these feelings he is having, and he’ll just smile to bright because he has fallen in love. >3<

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omg this was too cute…i hope you liked it ^^