omg wedding

Some more details via Rosario3
  • “The liaison of Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo will be formalized at 7:00 pm on Friday, June 30 with a civil marriage. At the end of it, the couple, accompanied by their guests, will access the great hall where the party will take place”, said the wedding planners.
  • The wedding, ceremony and subsequent celebration will all take place within the City Center Rosario complex.
  • There will be an exclusive hairdressing service for all guests.
  • "The little ones will also be entertained during the afternoon, there will be an special area designated for them with games where they can have a good time doing different activities.“
  • Approximately 150 journalists have been accredited to cover the event. They will be in a special hall within the City Center where they will be able to carry out their work in the established hours but they won’t have access to the party because, as they remarked, "this is a totally private act.”

Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainer III of Monaco, April 19 1956.

“The Swan,” starring Grace Kelly, released April 25 1956, a movie of how the young Princess Alexandra falls in love with another man while her family urges her to marry the Prince Albert.


  • Voltage guy: yeah I'm not interested in dating or falling in love with anyone.
  • Me: ( aww why tho? U hot and I know I'm ugly but who the fuck cares man oh well *sigh* )
  • Voltage guy: I am interested in a certain someone..
  • Me:'s me.