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Omg I didn't know I needed this, but I NEED IT!! “i thought you hated me but i just accidentally sent you a booty text and you accepted and i am seriously considering it” au

this is rated M for Mature 

Bellamy’s first mistake was not deleting Clarke’s number from his phone. That was what Miller told him to do, and he knew Miller was right, but there was just something so final about deleting her phone number. And then if she ever got in touch with him, he wouldn’t even know about it.

His second mistake was, therefore, letting Miller change Clarke’s name in his phone from Clarke to DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER, which was a good idea in theory, but hasn’t really helped in a lot of ways. He’s never been tempted to call Clarke, has always known that was a shitty idea, so when he sees the number, all it does is remind him that he wishes he could call her, and that he hadn’t fucked it up so badly.

The third mistake is deciding to text Echo to see if she wants to hook up, because, really, he doesn’t want to hook up with her again, he’s just kind of drunk and kind of mopey and in the mood to make some bad life choices. He’s not even really expecting Echo to take him up on it, but her shooting him down seems like the perfect ending to his mope fest of a night.

Which makes his fourth mistake not checking that he’s sending the message to the right person. It’s just that DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER and Echo happen to be right next to each other alphabetically, and when he’s scrolling through only half paying attention while he plays video games, well. It’s a mistake anyone could make.

And he probably wouldn’t even have known he made it, if she didn’t text back.

Me: Hey, you busy right now?
Want to come over?

DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER: Are you booty-texting me?

He nearly drops the phone, staring in shock and horror at the notification as it lights up his display. There’s no good response to her question, of course; he can’t tell his ex-(semi)girlfriend, whom he’s still not over, that he sent her a booty-text meant for another girl. He could try to say he just wants to talk, or something equally inane, but he doesn’t really think she’d buy it.

And then she adds, Because honestly, I really need to get laid.

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speaking of frankercy, i want to hear your thoughts on how they'd be as boyfriends like...i can just imagine their first date as something really lowkey and chill but they're both still super nervous. those butterflies never really leave even when they do start dating.

  • they’ve got the funniest relationship dynamic in the world they are such dorks
  • before they start dating they sit like 900 feet apart from each other and jump like they’ve been electrocuted every time they accidentally touch. NERDS.
  • but they’re so SO SO reserved about pda because they just don’t like being public about it and they don’t like to involve anyone else in their personal relationship dynamic
  • frank is so paranoid about being a Good Upstanding Boyfriend that whenever he’s at the jackson house and sits pin straight with his hands folded in his lap and sally’s like, honey, you okay??? percy is on the opposite end of the couch clinging to the armrest like a lifeline.
  • nobody sees their relationship coming. NO ONE. not even piper.
  • it happens a couple years later, they drift apart n all the couples are broken up and the only people who really see each other anymore are piper and percy (they’re roomies. everyone else is running from their problems burying themselves in college or touring the world.)
  • reyna takes a leave of absence for an undetermined period of time to travel the world with calypso.
  • she encourages frank to also take a break and he follows her cue and says, you know what, i think imma reconnect with some old buds. so he makes plans to travel to new york, and stays with piper and percy for the week.
  • it’s like no time has passed at all, in a weird way, even though absolutely everything is different.
  • he goes back to camp jupiter because he’s quite busy with it, but he and percy stay in touch, like a lot.
  • they realize they hardly know each other, they drifted apart and “hey, you’re funnier than i remembered” and “wow i forgot how easy it is to talk to you” but also “man i don’t remember you being so ambitious!” “have your social skills always been this bad?” and they get closer than they’ve ever been
  • piper thinks he has a secret crush on somebody and keeps trying to steal his phone
  • percy feels like a damned teenager, texting late at night and hiding his conversations from everyone. he feels so dumb because why should it matter if piper knows he’s texting frank???? but he wants to keep it to himself, so he does.
  • frank starts making more trips to new york. imagine him meeting percy’s little sister ;-; I’M DEAD
  • they get really super close and Feelings are happening but they’re scared to acknowledge it because like literally……. talk about an unexpected match.
  • piper continues merciless teasing about Mystery Boy
  • and then one day percy is eating cereal and he gets a text that just like makes his whole day and laughs out loud when he reads it and then all of a sudden he drops his phone and is like “FUCK!” and piper’s like? dude what’s up? and he looks at her with this shocked horror on his face and is like, “I really like him.”
  • she’s like…. “duh you like him, haven’t you been listening to me all these months???”
  • percy spontaneously leaves for camp jupiter that day and shows up with no warning at all. and then he stops in the praetor’s room and frank is like !! “what are you doing here?”
  • and percy’s like…. “um? this might be the weirdest thing i’ve ever done and i have no idea what’s going on but…. i think we should go out?”
  • frank is so funny askfja;skdjf;a imagine how confused he must look. “out?????”
  • “like, on a date.”
  • frank blinks a few times and then he’s like. “um. yeah. let’s do it.”
  • IT’S THE WEIRDEST THING EVER THEY BOTH ARE LIKE “WHAT IS GOING ON.” they’re probably in too much shock to be embarrassed or nervous, they’re both unusually calm and comfortable.
  • they feel so mature and like they actually have their lives together it’s the funniest thing ever because they really don’t
  • they do the classic dating thing like first date second date kiss on third date blah blah blah a;sldkfja;lskdjf;askdf it’s so unusually normal and they feel like mortals and it’s so strange and so surreal
  • and then they’re like… boyfriends. it feels like a novelty.
  • but they don’t tell anyone ;alksfl;askjdf;lk
  • percy comes back home and basically feels like he’s been whopped over the head and pretty much wanders around in a daze and piper is like. my god. i can’t take it anymore SPILL!! SPILL THE BEANS !!! WHAT’ S HAPPENING WITH YOUR LOVE LIFE WHO IS !! HE!!
  • reyna gets back with calypso and they also instantly know frank is seeing someone, but he is weaker than percy and gushes like immediately.
  • to be fair percy gushes a lot too he just casually doesn’t mention a name
  • piper is so bitter, like “percy i’ve been waiting 27 years for you to get a boyfriend and this is how you repay me.”
  • frank and percy miss each other a lot because they’re like “okay this is great and all but like this long distance thing is Difficult”
  • so frank makes plans again (reyna is practically kicking him out the door)
  • he takes a plane and percy meets him in the airport they’re so fucking cute i hate them
  • percy calls piper and is like “guess who i’m bringing home”
  • she shrieks over the phone so loud and frank’s like “SHIT ARE WE PREPARED FOR THIS? these rumors are going to spread like wildfire”
  • percy shrugs and smiles and looks at him with those damned Heart Eyes 911 911 i’m o n  th  e f l o o r and kisses him and is like,  “yeah, we’re ready”
  • piper is absolutely beside herself with glee and says “i can’t believe it” like 8000 times
  • they’re such fucking lovebird DORKS around each other too it’s like steven universe sparkle eyes ALL THE DAMN TIME they light up around each other they’re so obviously happy it’s blinding
  • percy introducing frank as his boyfriend to sally and paul ;;;–;;;
  • shaking hands and having dinner with the family as boyfriends i’m like actually dead
  • percy is so nervous he’s SOOO NERVOUS to go visit frank’s grandmother the first time. frank being like, look, chill out, if she doesn’t like you that’s okay, she doesn’t like anyone, including me (he doesn’t really mean it, he’s got a great relationship with her now but that’s not the point)
  • grandma zhang does love percy though she thinks he’s hysterical and he can banter well with her slightly crass style of humor
  • frank is such a Classic Good Boyfriend like he talks business and sports with paul and helps sally cook and wash dishes and percy’s sister adores him n climbs all over him like a jungle gym
  • when they move in together frank does all the cleaning always all the time
  • tthey’re so domestic idk something about them just strikes me as a “honey i’m home!” kind of suburban couple
  • i bet they have designated mealtimes omg
  • it’s so great because percy wants normality so much but he doesn’t have the temperament for that kind of lifestyle but frank makes white picket fences and laundry seem like an adventure can you believe what utter saps they are disgusting
  • imagine them being Juicy Gossip too (hazel sitting at a cafe in barcelona scrolling through instagram and spitting out her coffee and pumping her fist in the air and leaving them both ecstatic voicemails) (annabeth studying her brains out at harvard and she gets a text from malcolm who heard from mitchell who heard from piper and she’s convinced she must have read it wrong beause omg NO WAY) (calypso and reyna giving the whole scoop to leo while he just shakes his head in shock) (jason at college in new rome hearing that apparently frank and percy are a legit thing and dramatically whipping his glasses of his face and leaning forward like “WHAT”)
  • they’re so domestic !! they’re so domestic they wash dishes and cook meals together and fold laundry while watching tv omg omg
  • frank dropping by percy’s classes in new athens with coffee for him
  • it doesn’t make sense for them to live in the mortal world but seriously do yourself a favor and imagine them at block parties and barbeques with their neighbors omiGOD
  • they’re the Husband kind of boyfriends who look like they were born to be married

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“You’re the only other person in the theatre in this movie because my date ditched me, so why not sit together?” AU / THIS SO CUTE OMG

Clarke looked down at her phone again, her foot tapping with frustration as she reread Finn’s text that said he couldn’t make it because his cousin — she believes her name is Raven — made a surprise visit and his mother was forcing him to hang out with her. She was already seated in the theater for a good ten minutes before she had gotten his message and she could feel herself growing angrier with each passing second. This was the third time he had managed to ditch her in the last few months and she was no longer having any of it.

The movie was supposed to start any moment now and due to the fact it was released a few weeks prior, it seemed that everyone who wanted to see it had saw it already. She pocketed her phone and was about to get up when someone else walked into the theater. She stilled as he sauntered across the seats a few rows in front of her, popcorn in hand, before picking a seat. She stood there for a few seconds wondering idly if she should approach him or not.

She shrugged to herself after her choice had been made. She put the fact that he had popcorn on her pro’s list and all she bought was snowcaps. The credits began to play as soon as she made her way down the aisle, gaining the mystery guy’s attention. Clarke smiled slightly, hoping it came off friendly and not at all creepy but he merely raised his eyebrows in acknowledgment.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” she asked, a bit of hesitance in her voice as she took in his dark locks and sculpted jaw, “Unless you’re waiting for someone.”

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