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Astro walks in on you making out...


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Since you two had recently started dating, you decide to visit JinJin during practice. You arrive just as the boys are taking a break, so JinJin drags you off to a side-room for some alone time~ He tells you how much he missed you and, placing a hand on your neck, he kisses you sweetly. One thing leads to another, and pretty soon you’re wrapped around each other, soaking up the precious time to yourselves when you hear a certain voice pierce your bubble of intimacy…

“Are you two having fuuun~? Need anything??”

Needless to say, JinJin is mortified that MJ caught you two making out, and instantly springs apart from you as if he’s been electrocuted. MJ meanwhile, runs out of the room, giggling and shrieking as JinJin chases after him relentlessly~


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It’s rare that you get quiet moments with MJ, as he’s usually one for more boisterous bonding experiences. But during this particular jacket shooting, for whatever reason, he’s more subdued. You two are chatting about little things, and you notice he’s been gazing into your eyes more than contributing to the conversation. You take this as a sign, and lean forward to kiss him~ He doesn’t break the kiss and instead wraps his arms around and and pulls you closer, but just when things start to get heated…

“Are you guys kissing? Can I watch?”

You laugh and shake you head, amused at Sanha’s antics. But MJ whips around and starts play-fighting the maknae in frustration and embarrassment, all the while reminding him that you’re both older than him and he should respect your “private time” together. (Sanha promises not to interrupt next time….)


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You’re seeing Eunwoo off before he goes on promotion with the other boys. The rest of them are all in the car already, so Eunwoo leans down to give you a quick peck. But since you won’t be seeing him for a few weeks, you grabs his coat and pull him closer, deepening the kiss~ He’s surprised at first, but since the car windows are tinted, and no one else is around, he loses his inhibitions and kisses you thoroughly. That is, until…

“If Y/N got a kiss, do I get a kiss too?”

JinJin had rolled down the car window, and the boys were now whistling and cat-calling from inside. Eunwoo pulls away and gives you one last kiss on the cheek before climbing in the car to face the onslaught of teasing that is sure to follow him for the rest of the trip. But, to be honest, he couldn’t care less~ <3


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Moonbin likes to kiss you. A LOT. He’ll give you hello kisses, goodbye kisses, I missed you kisses, and everything in-between. Usually they’re quick and sweet, it’s just a way for him to remind you that he loves you. You’re saying goodbye to him the day before you go on vacation. True to form, Moonbin kisses you, but this one isn’t quick at all~ He lingers and deepens the kiss, his fingers twining through your hair as he sighs happily against your lips, missing you already…

“Aish, can’t you two get a room or something…?” 

Moonbin slowly pulls away from you and turns to see Rocky leaning against the doorframe, looking amused. Bin turns into a blushing mess and buries his face against your shoulder… The next day, you facetime the boys to check up on everyone, and Rocky assures you that Moonbin misses you terribly. But he tells you not to worry, and that they’ll all kiss Bin for you while you’re away, much to Moonbin’s dismay…


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You’re saying goodbye to Rocky in front of his dorm after your third date, and things have been going well. You two definitely have a chemistry that neither of you can quite explain, and Rocky feels this. So, taking a leap of faith, he asks you if you’d like to go steady with him. You agree, and he gazes at you tenderly and wraps a hand around your neck, pulling you in for a kiss~ You smile as you two get caught up in the moment. Your fingers start tangling through his hair, and his arms snake around your waist, when…

“Oh, Rocky~ I love you sooo much~” *smooching noises*

You two break apart to see a grinning Moonbin at the now-open door of the dorm. Rocky blushes, but plays it off, and gives you a quick peck on the lips, telling you he’ll text you later. He then heads inside the dorm, grumbling at Moonbin not to be such an embarrassment. Moonbin simply winks at you and follows Rocky inside, the barrage of teasing far from over…


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Sanha is a little nervous about his lack of experience in relationships, and the last thing he wants to do is disappoint you in any way. So one day, he shyly asks if you wouldn’t mind letting him practice kissing with you. You happily agree, and Sanha gently starts kissing your lips~ You two slowly get more comfortable and begin to find a rhythm. He pulls away and experimentally starts kissing down your cheek to your neck, checking with you if what he’s doing is okay, and whether or not you like it…

“Sanha-! Oh…” *cough* “Um… Sanha, your mom’s on the phone.”

Sanha lets out a strangled yelp and knocks his teeth into your chin somehow. Eunwoo awkwardly stands in the doorway, phone in hand. Sanha is a mess, apologizing and fussing over you. You assure him you’re okay and urge him to take the call. He reluctantly gets up and takes the phone out of Eunwoo’s hand, leaving the room and trying to calm his flushing cheeks. Eunwoo gives you a pointed look, and you know that Sanha won’t be hearing the end of this from his hyungs…

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BamBam as your boyfriend

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Request: I LOVE ALL OF THE “___ AS YOUR BOYFRIEND” THING OHMYGOD I was wondering if you could do bambam? If you already have I’m sorry for asking! could you link it to me? Thank you loves

Songs listened to (if you wanted to know): Fly - Got7, She’s a Monster - Got7, Take My Hand - Got7

A/N: Uhhhhnnnnggg Bambam is my bias this is gonna be the death of me, just like all of these have been… Help…

  • Oh where do I begin
  • He’s such a fanboy
  • No like he is your number 1 fan
  • You did something cool?
  • “Bambam please”
  • He’s such a dork around you
  • Like he’s already a dork
  • But you just do something to him
  • And he amps up like 200x
  • Teasing him about his debut hair
  • And cheeks
  • And everything about his debut look
  • “But babe, look at your hair.”
  • “Stop”
  • “Didn’t you want to dye it all pink?”
  • “Babe pLEASE”
  • Trying to pronounce his real name
  • Failing epically
  • Him laughing at you because of it
  • That turning into a tongue twister challenge
  • There is never a dull moment with him
  • Being bffs with Yugyeom
  • Video game tournaments
  • Practically living in got7′s dorm
  • Because he doesn’t want to be apart from you
  • “Bam stop, you’re gonna get hurt.”
  • “bambaM NO THAT IS NOT FOOD”
  • Whipping/dabbing every time you kiss him
  • And just in general
  • Like you’ll be at the store
  • And like the yogurt will be on sale or something 
  • *whip*
  • “stAHP”
  • But on a serious note
  • Sure he’s a dork and acts careless all the time
  • When it comes to your relationship he is incredibly serious
  • And if he loves you, he wants to make sure you know that
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Cheek kisses
  • Nose kisses
  • Date night all the time
  • He loves to take you out
  • Mostly to fun places like an arcade
  • Or an amusement park
  • Just because your smile means the world to him
  • And if he know’s that he is the cause of it
  • It just kills him
  • You’re his stress reliever
  • that’s not what i meant get yo head out of the gutter
  • But you’re the person who he talks about anything that’s stressing him to
  • Like if he couldn’t get the choreography down that day
  • Or if he felt like he wasn’t doing enough for the fans
  • He would talk to you
  • “Ooo nice legs”
  • “Awee, you’re so sweet, thank y-”
  • *points to mirror* “No no, I was talking about me”
  • “gooDBYE”
  • ^ that happens a lot, trust me
  • But seriously, he loves you a ton
  • And he wants to make sure you know that
  • He’d be the cutest boyfriend ever omg

Well that was long, hope you enjoyed! ^^

-Admin Yeonie


Wahh omg I finally finished some concept outfits for Tsu..Been working on these for a few weeks in between work/school and other things…oh and Pokemon go not working for me lol. I got stuck a few times too, and I don’t even know if these are 100 % finalized but these are the types of things I envision her to wear in game. Model based on my reference sheet:

1)     Her common/everyday outfit. A gift from Nicco when she moved to Grid :>…more details about that later. The earring design seen are also designed by @niccodai (based off the baron earring set) so kudos to Nicco for that! This outfit is also makeable in game, so if you ever see me in game being casual you’ll most likely see me in it!

2)      Her ‘travel’ outfit, a sort of thing she’d wear for long trips, as its function is meant to be durable during harsh conditions while also managing to keep her presentable. Inspiration comes from the Midas Chestpiece, and Melfina’s outfit from Outlaw Star.

3)      Songstress outfit – Tsu herself is a singer, and eventually stars to perform publicly. Though I don’t feel her songstress look is defined to just one outfit (I imagine her changing garbs depending on the song/scenario) I wanted a defaulted songstress look for her. This outfit gave me the hardest time personally, and it went through many changes. I initially based it on the in game expeditioner’s set cuz of the in game sash, but the final version just didn’t look right, so I scratched it and started over. Took some inspiration from ffx-2 outfits and Macross influences as well. I hope to work on more songstress/singing type outfits in the future!

4)      Training/Combat outfit – While her main in game ‘job’ is Astrologian, she wishes to become stronger physically, and decides to start training on Nicco’s tutelage while living with him, though more into knife wielding than hand to hand combat. Based heavily on my current ninja outfit in game, though I removed the overly large pauldrons generally found on that shirt. Also added bandages (bandages when se?? and not just for mnk pls). Also yeah, a bandana too, cuz yeah w/e gotta get all Narutoe up in hereyah. I may come back to this someday and edit it a bit, Idk…


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