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Nightlife Asks

I had this in my drafts, nows a good time to see if anyone likes it. Send me one! 

Candy Apple: Favourite color?

Go For a Ride: What’s a place you’ve always wanted to visit?

A Little Lust and Greed: You’re given $1000, how do you spend it?

Hey Boy Come Over: Which member of Green Day would you call over to talk with? 

My black heart beats: Have you ever done something you regret?

Crimson and clover: Favourite flower?

Operator, Operator: Age you got your first cell phone

Under Your Skin: Do you have tattoos? Piercings?

Cheap champagne stain: Favourite alcoholic drink? Non-alcoholic?

More in your pants than a bus route: Do you read fanfiction? Have you written fanfiction?

I already cut the brakes: Have you ever cut ties with a friend and not regretted it? 

This (Dirnty) city: Favourite bassline of Mr. Dirnt’s (other than Nightlife)?

I Know You’ll be my Clown: Favourite drum solo/section?

I’m a Ringleader: Favourite Billie lyrics?

Sounds Like Love: Have you ever fallen in love?

Heart Beats Fast: What was a very exciting situation you’ll always remember?

Explore my Vocal Cord: What song do you think you sing almost (or as well) as the original singer?

I Run the Show: Are you a ringleader in life or a member of the circus?

She is my nightlife: Who is someone you could call/text in the middle of the night and they would pick up the phone?

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Hello! Happy International Women’s Day!
I want to share something with you…

Do you see this image? It’s Chichi/Milk from Dragon Ball. This image/meme is about this day, that regardless what you are (a mom, a wife, a girlfriend, a sister, a good friend, a worker and/or anything else), you’re awesome and women are awesome.

What is this so relevant here? This image was uploaded by the Civil Registration Departement’s Facebook from my state (Nuevo León, in México), A PUBLIC DEPENDENCE ADMINISTERD BY THE NUEVO LEÓN’S STATE GOVERNMENT!

They chose Chichi/Milk over other strong female characters to celebrate Women’s day because two reasons:
1.- Dragon Ball is important and known by most of Mexican people.
2.- Chichi/Milk is strong, kind, loving, severe, tender, energetic and many other qualities… and she’s recognized as a worthy character by a lot of Mexican people.

I’ve seen a lot of anti-Chichi and anti-Gochi post about how Chichi is an “annoying, insufferable woman” whose purpose is annoy Goku and her children. I’m sick of them, sick of the negativity and sick of people who treat women poorly because they’re not “a hot, sexy lady who does whatever she wants”.

I feel so happy when I saw this in Facebook that I congratulated the admins. It makes me feel that Chichi/Milk is an actual cool and worthy character, complex and relatable. And that a government’s Facebook account creates memes and quality content like this (they make funny and relatable memes about current themes to inform the services they offer) it’s priceless.

Go Chichi!

Pretty Simple Questions
  1. Do you like roller coasters?
  2. What do you call your grandparents?
  3. Do any of your siblings have really good taste in music?
  4. Did you have a favorite Muppet when you were younger? Has it changed at all since?
  5. Post a picture of your oldest sketchbook/journal.
  6. How’s your spelling?
  7. Tell me about your earliest crush.
  8. Are you snobby?
  9. How often do you clean your room?
  10. Do you do a lot of chores?
  11. Did you go through any stupid obsessions in elementary school?
  12. What was your first cell phone like?
  13. Do teachers usually like you?
  14. Can you solve a Rubiks cube?
  15. Do you own a camera?
  16. Describe your back-to-school shopping process.
  17. Who’s taller, you or your mom?
  18. Did you attend junior high dances?
  19. Are there any keychains on your backpack?
  20. Who taught you to play chess?

i could have spared you, and you might have warned me

that glory is fleeting for birds in flight

now i am sinking, weighed down by regrets

i see clearly in this dying light

coatracktheirserver  asked:

OMG! yo quiero estar viva para pasar buenos tiempos con la reina no depresiva D: (ve? xD ya me esta haciendo cambiar de opinion con respecto a la muerte de Theme, pero aun asi, que se joda, dejare todo esto que quiero hacer para los hijos de Theme)

XD a mi me encantaría ver a los del 1 como se verían en el 2 X3 porque si, me gustaría que si saco el primer juego, en el segundo participen tambien  :D 

PD: si lo hacen tomen en cuenta que ya pasaron 8 años :’v