omg u cant just say that

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down

So apparently there was this one time, they were out shopping and jisoo pointed at a lamp, saying it looked interesting and jennie was like “why would you need such a useless thing” but in the end jisoo got it as a Christmas gift from her omg my jensoo feels I cANT, GET U SOMEONE LIKE JENNIE

first date | minseok

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  • hi so this is a thing again
  • definitely in a coffee shop
  • stares at u a lot with a soft smile on his face
  • finds everything you do really sweet and adorable
  • so he laughs a lot
  • but stops rlly quickly if he thinks u think hes laughing at u
  • kinda awkward tbh cos he isnt sure how much he should speak????????
  • so keeps the focus on u by asking a lot of v. vague questions so u dont stop speaking
  • wow………minseoks real…..people are seeing him in REAL LIFE!!!
  • a lot of eye contact but then also a lot of….looking away rlly quickly
  • idk why i wanted to write this i cant think anymore
  • says ur name a lot tbh cos it adds that PeRsOnAl toOOuucCChhH that spicy OOOOH he knows meeeee
  • imagine touching his skin i bet no wait i KNOW its like that feeling u get when u write on a fat stack of paper and ur pen is so smooth ur like fuc yeah this is so sexy
  • flirty but in a way ur like oh….wait is he flirting with me????

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Vader: [text] luke?? luke pls respond pls
Luke: i dont know what u want me to say
Vader: come back here and we can talk about it ill tell u everything
Luke: absolutelynot
Vader: im not the one who lied to u!!! that was obiwan!!! be mad at him i know i totally am!!!!!!
Luke: um u cut off my hand
Vader: ok so mistakes were made but also im ur dad and u were yelling at me 
Luke: 🙄
Vader: look just come here. the important thing is that obiwans dead and now that we both know the truth you and i can bond and i can explain all of it  
Luke: bens not dead u know
Vader: what
Luke: hes notdead. ive spoken to him. i mean hes not alive either though i think it’s sort of a greyarea
Vader: what the fuck are u talking about son did they give u a lot of pain pills 
Luke: i dont know what he did? but he’s like a ghost that can talk to me sometimes. with the force
Vader: he came back from the dead and he can talk to force users???
Luke: …apparently? anyways the next time i seethat guy hes getting an earful 
Vader: what ur suggesting isnt possible son. u cant cheat death. trust me.
Vader: also if obiwan was a ghost he’d come visit me first
Luke: look i dont knw what to tell u but ive heard and seen him. 
Vader: seriously? like it was really him?
Luke: omg why am i eventalking to u 
Vader: what did he say?
Luke: idk stuff about the force 
Vader: what else? did he mention me at all??
Luke: what is WRONG WITH YOU. youre trying to get me to join u and all u want to know is what ben’s ghost said about u???
Vader: im just curious!!!!!! im sorry but it literally makes no sense that hed talk to u first 
Luke: omfg
Luke: r u jealous??? 
Vader: no
Luke: right

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for real hc: michael n jer can NOT play video games against each other (like,,,,competitive games lmao) because they always forget that they're not playing together and try to help the other out instead of tryin 2 kill each other

evie u just cured my depression omg this is so sweet……….like they gotta build a pillow wall so they cant even be temped hfdjlfjlfdk

fave elder price moments
  • in two by two when’s he like socializing and talking to everyone and patting people on the back. what an idiot. 
  • crossing his fingers and mouthing “orlando” i fuckign
  • he answered your prayer. huh.
  • bye mrs brown!!! bye baby
  • when he smiles rly uncomfortably and politely after elder cunningham’s like “all my friends end up leaving me but you can’t”
  • that blows god’s freAKINNN MIINNDD
  • his dorkyass white boy dance after he says “the plane was crowded and the bus was late” Why
  • holding a baby and looking overwhelmed. me too kev. me too.
  • his face when he realizes what hasa diga means i jisujsksksk 
  • you have to stop saying that it means something very bad!
  • his confusion as to how he started tap-dancing and why he has a pink vest on 
  • when he stops undoing his tie bc he hears mckinley tap-dancing out of the room fkfkfkkf
  • i’m beginning to feel…. i dont wanna say ripped off…
  • i would do anything for you. i’m your best friend” “….well alright
  • when he just peeks his head out from under the blanket and says “i am here for you too”
  • goodnight pal
  • elder cunningham stealing the blankets from elder price dkkskkskkd
  • so uh. why don’t you just let me do the talking and you can sort of…. support what i’m saying by going oh wow and stuff like that
  • well of course that didnt work those were christian missionaries 
  • his fistbump with joseph smith
  • to heck with rules
  • fuck you kevin price
  • who is that ?? mickey??
  • i left my mission companion im way worse then youuuubut did u fuck a corpse. im
  • his squeaky little yeeahh when the elders r like omg hes coming back. this Bitch
  • “that would take something incredible” “something increeeedible something increeeedible” THIS OVER-ACHIEVING LITTLE SHIT
  • a warlord who shoots people in the face whats so scary about that
  • sensually stroking the general’s thigh
  • he invented getting the book of mormon shoved up his ass
  • well well well if it isnt super mormon 
  • poor sweetie :(
  • well that doesnt really make any sense
  • his sad orlando reprise. my poor boy. honey. i love u. you’ll be okay i promise. 
  • iconic. being coffee-hungover in front of the mission president.
  • “that play was the most miraculous thing i’ve ever seen” YES BABY GET IT 
  • elder price defending elder cunningham from the general when will ur fave
  • i’d do anything for you, you’re my best friendi can’t believe elder price invented being an angel
  • in conclusion, i love elder price. especially when it’s nic rouleau as elder price. 

i lowkey stole this post i love originality 

Vigilante Partner in Crime!Wonwoo Pt 2

LOOK WHO’S BACK WITH PART 2!! I WANNA THANK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO GAVE ME WONDERFUL FEEDBACK THE DAY I POSTED PART 1!!! Can you guys believe that was only my 2nd piece I posted on here?? And now look at how much has happened since then! IT’S BEEN OVER A MONTH!!! Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to write this!!! Writing this was a real struggle,,, my writer’s block for 3 weeks suddenly all disappeared TODAY and I couldn’t be happier!! Also,,, look out for that last bullet point ;)))  GET READY FOR A WILD RIDE AGAIN!!!! I MADE THIS TOO LONG LSJDFLJF I CAN’T CONTAIN MY FEELS FOR WONWOO HAPPY READING MY CHILDREN!! <3333 For a refresher, I recommend you reading Part 1 before continuing!

Part 1 | Part 2

  • “Hello?” a customer waved their hand in front of your face
  • Your hazy eyes focused back for the tenth time that same hour
  • “S-sorry, miss,” you stammered as you resumed scanning her items
  • Once she left, you sighed and shook your head for who knows how many times that week
  • Get it together, Y/N, you mentally scolded yourself and lightly smacked your cheeks
  • It already had been a week since that night
  • Can’t we just,,, keep it between us?” his words still rang in your ears, a constant mantra that continues to linger in your thoughts
  • “Ugh, nO!!!”
  • “Okay, okay! It’s fine if you don’t wanna,,,, i can just do it myself,,,”
  • You turned around to meet a bewildered Wonwoo, his eyes slightly bugged out and his hands raised in defense
  • “O-oh,,, Wonwoo,,,, i’m sorry what did you say?”
  • “I just asked you if you wanted to restock with me,,,,,,,”
  • Your expression had “mental facepalm” written all over it
  • You quickly muttered an excuse to stay at the cashier and he seemed to get the hint
  • All week you’ve been making it a lil too obvious you were on the edge and if wonwoo had caught on, he sure didn’t say anything about it
  • You trudge back home where your grandma greets you granny makes a comeback!!!

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first boyfriend | kyungsoo

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  • mr clean and mean oh my god
  • would care so much and be so soft that hes ur 1st boyf
  • BUT wouldnt show it at all cos it makes him shy
  • n doesnt want to embarrass u so he stays quiet
  • puts ur comfort first so even if he wants to kiss u or whatever wont do it unless hes 1000000% certain ur okay with it
  • look at him hes so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • plans a lot of dates
  • plans a lot of everything? cos he doesnt wanna be ?!?!!??!?!!? all the time
  • likes being with just you and talking so u become closer and that
  • literally just always ready to spend time with u or call u or anything u want
  • cos he thinks the way he acts with u shows u how he feels cos bby is quiet
  • i say this in every headcannon but hes reALLY SOFT
  • always just relaxed binch so ur never like omg whAt iF HE SUddENly taKEs me hiKInG i CanT WEaR thIS DRESS!!!! 
  • would do anything to keep u happy and let u know he cares for u and wants to be with u even if he might not say it

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Everything wrong with Guren haters

“You can’t just justify like thAt ughghgh!!11!!!”

“He manipulaets!!!”

“He tried to rape mito being possezd by a ddmen doesnt justify that!!”

“He is abusive and u cant support that but I respect the character”

“Guren doenst care others’ feelinZ!”

“This bitch a pervert omfg how can u support that”

“oMg Yuu prefers Guren ove Mika??? Nobody cares mika! Mikayuu :’(”

“i reject to isten ur opinioONS mika”

“Narumi is stupid for ughghuggh"

“how can u say that he ended World its his fault we r like that”

“but u all hate mahiru even tho u justify him”

“crazy bitch”

“I love shinya caNT believe gurrn hit him my baby!!!”

“gURN abuses his frends!”




“Everyoen justify him!111″



“he maniueapleats Yuuu”

“bein a namanari doesnt justify his charracterr coz namanari is not canonn”


“Omggg he is so tragic”

“he triacked yuu itno leafing miak!!1!!OneonEONEON!!!PEONEOENONE!!!”

“ew homophobe he forces hetenormativvsssssssss on YUUUU!”

“he fuckd underaegh”


“i kent belaaiv mahoro put up with his shit”






“doesnt jueastify”



Because being narrow minded and focusing the plot going around for 59 chapters, 7+ novels on a single character is fucking easy.

I bet its Guren’s fault dinosaurs went extinct. Who knows.

I hate when i see a gifset of bambam lookin damn good and ppl going like ‘omg he actually looks fine here’ as if the binch don’t be on point 24/7….like keep ur backhanded bullshit, he fine when he’s dabbing OR sitting down doing nothin….its not some conditional shit, he just Is??? or gifsets of jackson being cute and ppl being like ‘oh now i cant take him seriously in his sexiness’ like??? binch bye why do yall do that shit??? Kskdndkdkdj i rlly want some answers out here bc to me…sexiness is not some flat one dimensional lemme grip my dicc and grind on this floor kind of quality….like what r u saying lmao

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Could you do hcs for a jeremy x reader where jeremy is trying to get up the courage to put his arm around the reader while they're watching a movie and he's rlly nervous but them the reader puts their arm around him and he's like :000


  • so jer is a COWARD so when he actually asked u out he was fuckin SO BLUSHY
  • he also doesnt wanna like overstep his boundaries bc hes considerate and wonderful
  • uhh ok so he asks you at school and michael is like “U PUSSY JUST DO IT” so hes like :// ok
  • and ur ecstatic bc omg he mustered up the courage to do that!!!!!!!!! and for me????? good for him!!!!!!!!! yes yes i wanna smooch his face and hold his hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • but u also dont wanna overstep ur boundaries 
  • so he says movie date bc its a date but its dark and ur watching smthn so u cant see him get all red and he doesnt have to talk to you and stutter
  • yall prob see some dumb cartoon bc “eh why not” 
  • and yall are like that one scene in chicken little where yall share a big thing of popcorn and keep brushing each others hands. u also both have ur own slushie and some candy
  • every now and then u pour him some sour patch kids and he pours you some whoppers just silently communicating when you want the candy
  • he takes a look around the theater and sees all the couple like cuddling close, a few people are even kissing bc this cartoon is a couples movie and hes like “shit i gotta do that”
  • you were waiting for him to make a move so youre already like p close to him, like basically hip to hip
  • and he inches his fingers closer towards yours (bc your hands are already close) and he kinda brushes his fingers against yours, eyes locked onto the screen as if nothing is happening but his face is completely flushed 
  • youre looking at him, “is he actually doing this?????” … “holy shit hes actually doing this pffft but hes doing it so badly” so to make sure you dont smirk you shift yourself on the seat and wrap your arms around him, pulling him closer to you, and you kinda lie your head on his shoulder or chest depending on how tiny you are
  • you can hear his heart go FUCKING WILD and ur so happy bc hes so fuckin adorable look at this nerd
  • at the end of the movie you peck his cheek and get up w the popcorn and youre like “wanna sneak into another movie??” and hes BEAMING
  • ok thats it ;))
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ljfhrjfhrhgj ya the banner isnt that good i just made it rlly quick but hEY

hello there!!!this is jai and i just recently 1k followers so i decided to make a follow forever!!WHOOP WHOOP!!

on a more serious note,,,honestly i don’t know how to thank every one of u for being there for me and for loving me.if i deserve all of this love,idek but all i know is that im v thankful for it and i know that i love u all v much!!i rlly thank God for letting me meet such wonderful people and i just lhgruhjrhg im so emotional rn

but yes!!!thank u all v much and i love u all!!!i’ll put the rest under a read more~ also this is in no following order!! kfjhrhg it’s not alphabetic either

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[long half-question half-me-talking-about-how-much-i-love-ur-blog ask be warned] what are your thoughts on the overall dnp timeline (have they always been together, did they break up at some point, etc.)? and if u have already posted this and i just missed it could u link it? also i just wanna say ur my favorite phan blog, i love how u still admire dnp without ignoring their flaws and also ur fanfic was sosososososo good i cant even describe. i hope you've had a nice day x

omg thank you for the lovely words <333 im not sure how im your fav anything but i’m floored and honored to hear that. to answer your question, i think they’ve been fully together since late-ish 2009!!! and they may have gone through a couple of rough patches as most couples do but i don’t think they ever substantively ‘broke up’ or ended their romantic relationship for any significant amount of time. to me it’s just unrealistic that they could’ve continued being as close as they were throughout the years if they had had a romantic or sexual history and then ended it. before i get a slew of asks telling me that it’s very possible to stay friends with your exes, i do know this, i just don’t see how you can prioritize an ex-partner in every single way, build a life with them, continue to choose to live with them, and incorporate them into every aspect of your existence to the point that there isn’t really space for any other person to fill the role of being the most important person in your life. it seems extremely unlikely, especially in light of the last seven months and all that they’re showing us about how much they mean to each other–that they are each others’ family, that they are each others’ sanctuary and safe space, that they can only envision the future with each other in it, complete with corgi and forever home. i think the simplest and most rational explanation for their full story, given all that we know about it, is just that they’ve always been together and went through a period in which their relationship was under intense scrutiny and they were intent on remaining closeted/ambiguous to the public which therefore necessitated a lot of lying and forced distance for the camera. 

Here! Told ya I’d do something for ya. ^^ 

I dunno, I just felt it would be more fair since you drew 2 characters for me on our last Art Trade and I only drew one, and I also thought Pastel Cloud was adorable so have this! c:

Also keep making awesome art, I’m a big fan of your style, it’s soooo cute! /)^w^(\

OHMYGOSH SUNRISE IM IN CLASS RN AND I JUST CHECKED INBOX FOR MAUDERATE LIFE COMIC WHEN I SAW THIS IM FREAKING OUT RN ;;;;u;;;;##### omg u drew my babie;;;; ohmygosh look at her!!!! i adore it so much ;0;!!!!! i cant stop smiling im kicking my legs thankwooooo soo much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💚💚💚eeeeee!!!!! i dont understand why u keep saying u love my style XDD its like a babys drawing compared to urs !!! i cant belive it eeee;;;; u drew me pastelllll (/u\);;; im gomna crie i is so happies!! thankuuuu i will treasure dis forevers! u didnt have to and im usually more humble then this but THANKWOO SO MUCH FOR DIS (/;;;u;;;)/######## iwubu dis more then makes up for drawing two pones xP it did more then enuf now i feel like ME owe u! i love it thnku (/u\) sowie for rambling abitmuch on this;;; hhhappyyyy u drew her so amazingly wookit her such cute cloud rainbow pone;; @ask-sunrise-tune

I can’t stop smiling because i just realised how well even pretends to be surprised when noticing that isak is there and there’s no more paper left and how he smirks while asking isak if he needed paper like “oh shit, didn’t see you there even though i probably came to the bathroom just to ‘’’’’’’’accidentaly’’’’’’’’’’ bump into you” and then after giving isak that piece of paper he smiles again  like ”omg, i cant believe this is working, im a fucking genius” and then he takes his joint from his ear and says “come outside” and walks away like “okay, now act cool and leave hoping he follows you” MASTERPIECE PLAN.

I can’t believe this love story began because there were not enough tissue papers in the tissue dispenser.